Title: Come to my Horror Show
Featuring: Starlight
Date: 07/13/2019
Location: My Own Realm
Show: Paradise 2019

Come little children…


The cameraman walks down the street looking around, he had become paranoid, as most do when it came to the mad angel, and she was accustomed to it.  The smoke billowed as the cameraman looked seeing the demon faces around him of those who followed him.  He shivers, as he continues forward to his house, where he sticks his key in and the key gets sucked into the key hole.  The cameraman looks into the hole where the key had been taking, pushing the door open, as the red lightning cracking is heard.  He sees the darkened world, as he steps through the door immediately slams behind him.  A cackle is heard through the wind and the storm falling as the cameraman sees a lantern sitting on a stump.  He goes over and picks it up, as it illuminates the path for him.  


A respirator is heard, as the cameraman looks around.  He hears the cackle once more then he hears faint whispering behind him.  He keeps moving forward as a large hand grabs him on the shoulder, followed by a large woman moving past him, he doesn’t say a word as he recognizes the familiar respirator and the woman’s glowing red eyes.  She looks at him curiously, as she circled him.  He begins to tremble, as she whispers softly to him.

“the Mad Angel” Starlight

Do not be afraid, you have nothing to fear, in the land of shadows, in this land of death, I am the ruler, and most people say what they say goes, but in truth, in my world, in my domain, their penance is the fact that I say what goes on, I say what happens.  CWF does not know what it has opened

itself up to, it has opened Pandora’s box really… It’s let the monster in and is not currently embracing it.  They’ve given me the opportunity to show them that even in hardcore death, my opponents don’t know me, they don’t know my suffering they only know that I am their target and I look forward to their destruction.


She cackles as the flame inside the lantern changes from orange to green.  The cameraman begins walking again, as he hears the respirator looking around the forest for her.  She is sitting above him watching as he stumbles his way through the forest as she drops something behind him forcing him to turn around hearing the faint voice coming from her respirator.


“the Mad Angel” Starlight

People only see me for what I am, a crazy person.  But the truth is Isaiah and PJ your going to come to learn that there’s more to me than meets the eye.  I may not be the fastest or the quickest, but I make up for it with my tenacity and my hardcore prowess.  Maybe study, or don’t I do not care the fight will come and the silence broken over your screams.  PJ, Isaiah welcome to your reckoning!


She lifts her arms up and the lightning cracks. Her Axe falls from the sky before the cameraman, the red lightning coursing through the handle, and the metal blade itself.  Starlight appears before him picking up her glowing blade, as the lightning begins to course through her, she smiles as she turns away from him.  She slams her axe into a tree letting the tree become part of the infection as the red lightning courses through it.  It screams loudly as the cameraman covers his ears.


“the Mad Angel” Starlight

Each person who has come and tried to face me, tamed the cure or they thought they did, but the disease continued to spread through each of them. Consuming their souls in a matter of disease and flames, but I brought each of them the cure.  Was I accepted for my plight of bringing them such a delight no… I was ridiculed and shown that even in the darkness that there can only be light if those who are around accept it.  PJ Blake, about a month ago, you faced the Impact Champion, congratulations you won.  You haven’t faced someone like me before, I’ll bring you your cure, and you’ll thank me, and the end of my axe, there is a price PJ, I hope you will learn as everyone does that the cost for my sacrifice to protect you all is my own blood.   PJ You may have been here a while, and I the newcomer threaten the throne of having my first match.  But in Falls Count Anywhere, you don’t need to be in the ring, hell you don’t even need to be on the ramp, you can literally be anywhere.  I do not wish these circumstances on anyone, especially to a person who has just met me, but you’re going to be a victim of war.  Crushed, demolished, forgotten, left to the way side so that those who do remember you, will remember the chaos.  Your salvation is a minute away, all you have to do is beg for mercy.


She cackles as she pulls the axe from the tree the light fading from it, as the cameraman watched the tree die.  She vanishes, as he looks around the flame changing to blue, as he holds it up.  He sees her a bit farther down the path, she is conversing with the shadows before swinging her axe at the tree.  Again, the tree coursed with red lightning, as it screamed in pain.  She cackled loudly, as she turned her eyes glowing with the light, as she goes over to him.


“the Mad Angel” Starlight

Isaiah, you’re relatively like me, sort of new but you have at least had one match.  It’ll be your first singles competition, but the question has become are you ready?  You see my poor unfortunate soul, your going into the warzone with a woman, who has had nothing to lose for a long time, death tried to come for me, but he failed.  I am just a plague to his existence and instead of sacrificing myself to the cause, I sacrifice those who come into the ring, and fight me.  Isaiah a six-man tag is relying on the others around you to be helpful, I am not a tag team competitor, nor have I ever been.  The title has been in my grasp, but that was to complete a triple crown.  I AM the first triple Crown Champion in my other place’s history, and that should worry you.  I may have lost my titles, but the path before me is clear, and your execution, your cure will come at the blood of you.  Interesting to note though, that you and our other sacrifice for the evening Ms. Black was also in the eventual fold.  Isaiah, I only offer the cure, if you take it then your given a chance of survival.  That’s all I can ever offer you.


She cackled as she snapped her fingers, the axe vanishes and the tree dies once more.  She is down the path as far as she can standing in an open area as she looked down, she snapped her fingers again, the lantern flares up as the cameraman throws it over the edge, creating a beautiful design over that had been created there over time.  Starlight’s eyes change to green, as she grabs him by the throat pulling him closer.


“the Mad Angel” Starlight

The end is here, and you threw your salvation over the edge.  But fear not, the key to your safety is also there.  Isaiah, and PJ, you’re only coming to me, the violence will be raised and the death you hoped to have will no longer be willing.  The disease is coming, and the cure imminent just be prepared for war!


She throws him over the edge, as she looks at him fall.  He screams as the portal opens beneath him, dropping him back at his front door.  The door is ajar, as he steps in creeped out by what he has seen, slamming it shut locking the door.



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