Title: Memory lane and Mandated Poo
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: This one
Location: That one
Show: Paradise 2019

Post Evolution #57 - The locker room of everyone’s favorite Party Favor Extraordinaire - 

As one might expect, Mia is icing her various scrapes and bruises after her run in with The Inner Circle. While “Brandon Youngblood” sounds completely made up and a bit on the wimpy side of things, dude hits like…

It felt like, at least in Mia’s expert opinion, that she was hit with a Christmas ham. One of those obnoxiously big ones from movies and cartoons that were often used in warfare of the cuisine. She flexes her shoulders and adjusts the ice on her shoulder, shivering slightly as she lights a bowl for herself. Of course she was cold. She sits in her leggings and jean shorts, her sports bra the only thing keeping her upper body warm as she sits with ice on her shoulder. Wouldn’t Dan and company enjoy knowing which one that is? She shakes her head slightly and exhales the smoke through a paper tube, enjoying the scent of the laundry sheets the smoke is filtered through. While weed was a hot button topic almost everywhere one went, Mia was never too careful with her habits. Obviously afraid of the smell, the tube is a harmless looking deterrent.

And who really doesn’t enjoy the smell of fresh laundry as they’re getting high? Regardless of the reasons one has for smoking, pleasure, relief from mental and social stigmatas that threaten to explode and implode simultaneously leaving Mia twitching in a pool of her own insanity that…

Whoops, see? That’s what happens when one plays too closely with The Madness. Anxiety, depression, whatever kind of mental disparity someone had going on, if they didn’t learn how to harness its power, well… They’d become lost. And ex/imploded at the same time. An end that while seemingly impossible, one that Mia would like to avoid. So she smoked and toked. She enjoyed it and it keeps her crazy at bay. Break open that dam and who knows what one would find? Think of it as Mia’s version of Pandora’s Box. 

Ha, box. Mia snickers at the thought and flexes her shoulder with the ice again. She takes another hit as she jumps slightly at a knock on the door. She wasn’t expecting visitors. She quickly lets out her breath through her tube of magic smelling awesomeness and puts things carefully in her bag. The knock comes again. She loosens up a bit. If it were The Inner Circle, they were an incredibly patient beatdown squad. She had expected them to break the door down had they come calling, but that still doesn’t prevent her from grabbing Lynk.

Oh Lynk. Mia’s cast iron skillet of yesteryear. She smiles fondly at the memories, the dent that Azrael’s thick skull made on it as she planted his head on it last year to walk out of the first and to this day, the only Hope on a Rope match that the CWF has held. Maybe she got too violent with him. But the dude had it coming, he was the one that tried to get Mia to, “see the light.” To realize that Mia had been duped by Shadow and Ataxia all along…

That they meant to hurt her…

She pauses at the memory and looks hard at the skillet she holds tightly in her hand, ready to wield it against the patient soul still knocking on her door. Their death? Who knows? They’re definitely not knocking on heaven’s door, far from it. Nostalgia aside the knocking was getting more urgent, which makes Mia jump out of her reverie of thought and crack the door slightly. She opens the door fully to reveal the one and only Duce Jones. She relaxes slightly but still keeps a handle on her skillet. Duce notices and he holds up his hands to show that he comes in peace. Or peas. The schematics always confused Mia. She shakes her head slightly and allows Duce to come in. He takes a seat on a bench and looks at Mia, who is still holding Lynk and looking at Duce somewhat confused.

Duce Jones: Figured we could work on some kinda strategy'a somethin’. Tha Inna' Circle ain’t nothin' t'mess wit.

He looks expectantly at Mia who still seems to be considering the consequences of hitting something with Lynk. For Duce’s sake and for the sake of their match at Paradise, she may want to reconsider. Finally, after several tense moments, she relaxes.

Mia Rayne: You never know any more dude. Last time we saw you, you had the shiny that we’re currently in line for. Last time we saw you, you called us a cancer that needed to be eradicated from the CWF at one point and…

She looks at Duce, who hasn’t moved aside from rolling a joint using stuff from…. Mia didn’t know, but what she DID know, the best people always shared. She sighs and gets her stuff out as well. They spark up respectively and pass between the two, Mia only getting up to put a towel underneath the door. Magic tube of smell good aside, TOO much laundry detergent smell was sometimes a bad thing. Silence falls over the two of them, each getting more and more relaxed with every pass. With a nice haze of laundry smoke in the room, Mia finally breaks the silence.

Mia Rayne: Alright fine. You come in peas. Or peace, pick one. We have to ask Duce, do you really believe those words you threw in our direction the last time we met before Golden Intentions? 

Duce takes a long toke of the joint as he stares intently at Mia.

Duce Jones: Serious conversation… It ain't too much dat I believe nowadays.. But whether'a not I believe ya cancer.. 

Duce takes another hit from the joint before passing it to them.

Duce Jones: At dat time.. dat was what I felt. I saw my stock dwindlin' while y'all was risin'. Y'kno' I put in tha work an' tha time t'be tha best round here. But tha recognition wasn't reciprocatin'. I saw CWF slowly begin ta crumble an' I needed someone t'blame. An' since it seemed at tha time y'all was all ova' tha screen. Scapegoat I guess..

Mia nods understanding. She takes a hit of whatever she was on and passes it before exhaling.

Mia Rayne: Fair enough. To be fair though, we lost our first title defense to you and Freddie. Don’t sell yourself short, when it comes to Duce versus Mia, you have the advantage.

He squints at her and she counts it off on her hand.

Mia Rayne: Our first meeting for the tag titles, Shadow and Mia beat you and Freddie at Golden Intentions last year. We lost them to you during your rematch. That’s one and one. But god damn those matches…

Duce nods as he looks back at his favorite moments, Mia doing the same. The headbutting ritual that the two shared in their first meeting almost first and forefront on their minds for obvious reasons. Mia absently rubs her forehead where she traded head blows with Duce, Duce watching her carefully. Duce passes back to Mia, she repacks then does the same.

Duce Jones: There was tha formation'a Tha Glass Ceilin' and tha birth'a Loki…

He stops and looks at Mia as she goes from rubbing her forehead to the back of her head, where Duce and Freddie sandwiched it between two chairs and a leg. Or some combination. The details were hazy to Mia. She swaps with Duce the smell of vanilla lavender fields in the summer lingering in the haze. 

Mia Rayne: Right. But the numbers weren’t really on our side at that point. You and Freddie against lil’ ol Mia Rayne, what was a girl to do but succumb to the beating? Granted, you and Freddie were responsible for our first taste of what we’re truly capable of. Jarvis may be our creator, but you two were the actual catalyst to our current inception. You two were the closest, you two were the ones that actually got to FEEL the old Mia get squished away into nothing but the dust of the past. You…

She stops and looks at Duce through the haze. He stares at her with a blank look on his face doing his very best to look like he knows what she’s talking about. It doesn’t change him from replying with…

Duce Jones: Wha…?

Mia shakes him off, gets up and begins to pace.

Mia Rayne: You were pretty dominant then, and let’s not forget that you took Shadow out for the World Title, which is no small feat. Our record where he is concerned isn’t that good, yours is once again better. Heck if memory serves you had Dan reeling. The only reason he got the better of you was because he played the numbers game better, no offense to whatever the mini you is called…

Duce looks like he’s going to respond, but Mia doesn’t seem to realize as she makes another swap with him and barrels on.

Mia Rayne: And of course there’s the last time that we met. You brained us pretty good and got the official win…

Duce Jones: Don’t sell ya’self short though. You’re the one that beat MJ and took the title from her. She was almost unbeatable at the time…

Mia’s mind wanders back to what she remembers seeing through Loki Synn’s eyes. MJ had won their first match in a demonic barbed wire ropes match. The bloodlust that Loki introduced Mia to during that match was intoxicating. She can almost smell it in the air, remembering the blood flowing down her face, her mask becoming more of a detriment than an advantage. But it was so… Exhilarating. The smell, the taste, the look on your opponent’s face as they see you, a demonic red visage of violence and rage coming down upon them. What do they do? MJ fought and she managed to squeak by barely the first time. The second?

Duce smiles as he watches the memory flood back into Mia’s eyes.

Duce Jones: You sent dat champ on a journey that ended with her being on the shelf for all dat time.

Mia nods. The second meeting between Loki and MJ Flair went a bit more to plan. MJ had the advantage in a 2 of 3 falls match, and they both had a fall a piece. Loki had just threatened to end the life of a ref to make MJ pause and reconsider her life choices. Milenko interjected, restarted the match, Loki gained a quick advantage, picked MJ up and threw her over the top rope with a military press. She landed, hard, on the floor and ended up on the base of the entrance ramp. Loki picked her up, tossed her into the ring, and scored the deciding fall with a finger on top of MJ’s unconcious chest. MJ ended up being out of action for months after and until that point had been a force to be reckoned with. She had put many a challenger down and this time, it was Mia and Loki putting MJ down.

Duce Jones: Ya got Cali as well. But if we gonna be fair.. It was D-Ry who ended Tha Shadow's reign.. pinned me t'do it by tha way.

He takes a puff and lets out an exhale as Mia does the same and they swap again. 

Duce Jones: Which is why I'm here.. It's bout dat time tha Inna' Circle recognize who's tha real lifeblood'a CWF is.

Mia pauses and considers this.

Mia Rayne: We do have a lot of history here don’t we? 

Duce nods and offers her the last of the remains of the jay he started. She stirs the bowl and does the same for him. They take final puffs and take turns exhaling through the magic scent tube.

Mia Rayne: The Inner Circle… They talk a lot about what they did in other places to get them to where they are. You and us? Everything leading to this moment, this match, anything that anyone could possibly want to know about the history of this match; is all right here between us and in CWF. No where else. We don’t have to rest everything on something that no one can be bothered to go back and research, because everything you and we have done? Has happened all under one roof. Inner Circle may have experience and tenure, but you know what we have Duce?

Duce Jones: What’s dat?

Mia smirks as she takes the now, mostly melted ice pack off her shoulder and tosses it into a nearby sink. She shrugs into her tshirt and picks up her bag beckoning Duce to follow her. 

Mia Rayne: No clue. And that’s the best part, because how do you prepare for a question mark?

She giggles at Duce’s face but he quickly understands where she’s going with this. He follows her off into the night.
The inner most of circles and here we are, stuck right in the middle of you.

That sounded a lot cooler in our head in all honesty, but then again, there's not much that sounds the same coming out as it does inside here. Catch our drift?

Listen, here's the thing. We kind of dare we say, have some sort of modicum of respect for the two of you. We don't have to like that fact, but we can't help but realize that you two haven't gotten to where you are by playing by the rules, doing things the way other people expected you to do things. Nah, you played by your own rules. Your own moxie, your own... We don't know what, but whatever it is, you have it. Both of you. That's why you hold the positions that you do in the CWF currently. 

But there's something wrong that we can't quite put our finger on. Ryan, you've been here half a year and accomplished the same thing that we did in the same amount of time. You captured the World Title, held it aloft for all to see in your infinite glory. You have a resume size that we think even Jarvis would be jealous of and you're not shy to flaunt it around. We're honestly surprised that you haven't gotten yourself a lifted pick up truck to show off and carry that "resume" in. 

Unless, you have already, in which case this conversation just took a rather unexpected and awkward turn. 

Anyways, you come into the CWF seeking whatever it is that arrogant people seek. "The next level of competition" maybe? Try to do something that hasn't been done before and hope for the golly darn best that you come out on top. And why wouldn't you? You're Dan mother truckin' Ryan, the man, the myth, the legend; The Ego Buster. Now, if one such as yourself were to ask us, which you haven't, but if you WERE, do you know what we'd say Ryan? You're nothing more than a hypocrite. You claim to bust egos that need busting, but who busts the ego of the ego buster? Oh, and let's not forget about Ms. Troy over there...

We see you hiding over there Troy. We see you following in... What is he to you? Brother in law? Wasn't that a match made in fuckin' heaven?! What, did you two have a match at one point and afterward tell Mr. Ego Buster about your hot ass sister who needs something more than her ego busted? You say Lindsay, You SAY WE TALK a lot and when you bring the fight to us, we respond in kind. But when things started turning south on you, what happened?

What fuckin' happened Ms. Claims to be Honorable and "by the book" but allows your ape in law to ambush us from behind? Did... Did you throw this mysterious code book, your... Code of conduct out the window for that short stint and forget that we were supposed to have a match? Were you that intimidated by our presence in the ring, across from you; the one that destroyed the last "superwoman" that graced us with their presence, that you would ambush us? Then orchestrate some sort of mugging to what? What was your end goal with that Troy? Soften us up for Ryan? Afraid he can't cut it come Wrestlefest? Afraid that we're going to bust HIS ego for once, because believe you us, it is in DESPERATE need of some busting...

You come in and whine and complain, just like Dan did with your, "look at this exaggerated resume of awesomeness I've accomplished in life, bow down before me!" Then what did you do Lindsay? You lost to Paradine, you beat a former student of yours, and then you targeted... Silas Artoria, of all fuckin' people. Like... We thought you wanted some form of competition? Granted, by some virtue he had the belt that now holds your britches high, but come on... You're really not going to come at us and tell us about how you beat Silas are you? That isn't going to be your only claim to fame is it? Or is that why you came after us? Is that it Lindz? You want to make a name for yourself, add that notch that you can hang your proverbial hat on that isn't just beating Silas? 

You both came looking for competition. You both proved that you are a force to be reckoned with.


Our question is now this, what are you going to do that you have found more than you have ever HOPED to ever handle?

CWF HQ - Locale, wherever that big building is that proudly displays the fact that it is indeed the CWF headquarters (7/13)

Mia clambers out of the taxi that was hired to bring her from the airport she had just flown in from Evolution 57, to good ol' HQ. Lately, Jaiden had been making Mia's life a hell. Or at least trying to, forcing her to endure frequent travel plan changes, last minute and otherwise, as well as unnecessary trips to go see J. Rish as he flexed the almighty boss muscle he managed to inherit from dear ol' dad. During any "normal" day, Mia would be annoyed and on edge, being dragged through the public eye like some puppy meant to be punished.


Mia is far from "normal" and has grown up in life appreciating the small people around her. The people that hold the door open, the people in the service industry, any kind of service. Retail people, she LOVED going to random stores unannounced, just for the employees that never seem to get a chance to interact during events they have to work. So when Mia started to notice a pattern in the people that were being sent? Why not make friends? Not that it was difficult, working for Jaiden was apparently akin to "hell on Earth," big surprise right? Mia scratches her head as she pictures the look on Colton Mace's face when he heard the news that Jaiden was the new boss. Last Mia heard, Jaiden was Colton's bitch...

Then again, last time she met Jaiden in the ring, she carved her calling card into his chest for allowing her name to be spoken by those unqualified. Call the thunder and one better be ready to receive what they get. Jaiden? He wasn't ready. Another big surprise from the Jaiden camp. 

Half skipping, half walking across the street, Mia proceeds through the familiar path down hallways and up elevators to get to Jaiden's office. The path was familiar at this point, since Jaiden had been in power, Mia's visits to HQ had become more and more frequent. Usually it was just to tell her how poorly she was doing in his eyes, which she personally saw as a success. The even better part was that most of Jaiden's staff, the ones he hand picked to staff this building with, all loved Mia for the most part. Usually this only meant that Mia would only get stiff nods and the occasional wink if the coast was clear, mostly it means that some form of gourmet meal, paid for by Jaiden himself, or at least his accounting department, would find its way to Mia's hotel room. Sometimes her coach ticket would be mysteriously upgraded to first class on a long flight. 

And all it took was the occasional autograph and maybe a picture or two. Why not take advantage of Jaiden's arrogant obliviousness?

Mia pauses in her musings as she finds herself unexpectedly about to enter the foyer that leads to Jaiden's office. She stops dead in her tracks sudden anxiety rising up in her brain and telling her to run, find safety, GET OUT OF THERE NOW! Mia looks to either side and finds the closest door, whipping it open and slamming it behind her. She didn't understand what just happened, she didn't know what she had been warned against, but she was happy to have found a slight reprieve from whatever lied in wait. She thanks her lucky stars that the office she ducked in was unlocked during her time of need, and she opens her eyes, immediately cursing whatever bitch she was just praising.

The urinal flushes and the person standing at it shakes himself, to... Why speculate, he shook though. He walks over to the sinks, washes his hands, and turns around. Mia curses the gods and goddesses again. Jaiden smiles.

Jaiden Rishel: Mia! Didn't know you still frequented the men's room?!

His voice is loud, condescending. Mia sneers in response but doesn't respond. 

Jaiden Rishel: Listen, it was good of you to stumble in here anyways, I have some people in my office and I don't need you to infect them with your...

He pauses and looks her up and down.

Jaiden Rishel: Sick. So I'm going to make this short, sweet, and to the point since you were kind enough to come in here to me.

He gets closer to her and swoops in close, their noses almost touching.

Jaiden Rishel: Don't think about it Mia, in here, you're my bitch. In here, I rule, you play by my rules and if I want to do something? I'll do it.

Mia raises her hand and Jaiden rolls his eyes before nodding.

Mia Rayne: So... What you're saying is that as long as we stay out of the men's room...?

He slams his fist next to her head and she smiles, knowing that she got in his head.

Jaiden Rishel: Whatever, whatever Mia, make your jokes. The only joke in here is you and we BOTH know on how many levels that hits.

His gaze lowers, lingering on her chest and even lower. He smirks knowing what he just did. Rage is the only emotion on Mia's face, her fists clenched to the point of almost drawing blood.

Jaiden Rishel: Do something about it Mia. What are you going to do? Hit me? Touch me and lose your shot at Ryan. Now, be the good little dog you are and bark. Go on, BARK or... No Wrestlefest.

Mia growls and Jaiden laughs.

Jaiden Rishel: Good girl! Not quite a bark but I'll take what I can get. Now that I've had my fun...

He bounces off from where he had Mia pinned against the door and saunters away to check his reflection in the mirror.

Jaiden Rishel: You're doing a fan meet and greet for Paradise. It's tomorrow and it's at the venue. Your flight leaves in an hour, so I hope you have your go bag ready.

He sneers as he notices the backpack.

Jaiden Rishel: Guess so. Better hurry, I may have forgotten to order you an Uber.

Mia glares and throws the door open behind her, slamming it shut and holding back the angry tears that threatened to overwhelm her. There had only been one other time in her life she had felt so violated, so... Dirty. She hurries to the front desk, signing an autograph and regretting it when she sees the look of guilt on the guy's face. She can't blame him though, he was doing it for his sick daughter who needed someone to look up to. Someone like... No... Not us, Not.... Fuuuuuu…

She turns and scurries, rapping her knuckles against her head rapidly and finding no relief from the inner torrent of emotions that threatened to overtake her. Luckily, the front desk attendant, having been a Mia fan since last year around this time, and is used to these meetings between Mia and Jaiden already called Mia an express airport carriage, charged specifically to Jaiden Rishel. She smiles and gives Mia all the information she would need to get through the airport quickly, badges indicating that she was a VIP, and made sure everything was ready in a manilla envelope for Mia to open at her leisure. Mia tries to smile, but only whimpers instead, barely containing the tears. The attendant understood, they all did. Females didn't fair well in the offices of Jaiden Rishel. She makes sure Mia is tended to safe and sound, on her way to what was sure to be a flight filled with uneasy sleeps, but at the very least?

Jaiden had made sure Mia was flying first class the entire way. His personal front desk attendant had seen to that.

Semi colon, right parenthesis.

Welcome to the mad house Lindsay. 

Listen, we know what you're about, we know your on again, off again weird thing you have going on with your brother in law, but we have to wonder exactly what has he done for you lately? Let's think about this logically ok, because we respect you WAY too much to allow you to wander into this all blind like you have been doing. 

Dan Ryan came into the CWF first, boasting about his past deeds, and how that made him the be all end all, best on the planet. He came to the CWF to look for new competition, something fresh, something he hasn't seen before. He makes a name for himself, not only by relying heavily on his past to illustrate what he can do, but he PROVED it. He proved everything he said he was going to. Being dominant, being a champion within a year, maybe, we don't know we don't keep that close of tabs on the guy. But let's chat chick to chick and leave him out of it for now shall we? Honestly surprised he hasn't crept up sooner and shoved his massive ego where it isn't wanted.

So let's look at YOu LT. You're ferocious, a real tigress honing her craft. But...

You came in, and you tried to let your past win the matches for you. Didn't work out so well did it? We suppose we could ask Paradine, but we're sure that you'd be willing to tell us all about it.

Oh right, you don't like talky talky.

That's ok. You see Lindz, when we talk, people either listen and hear us, or they don't and they regret it. We have come out and proven everything that we have said, and while we don't necessarily have the resume you do to compare against, we come ready to fight, every time. When we lose? It isn't that unexpected to us, it's usually against people worth our time that did well to cut the cancer out of their lives. The ones that looked at us and said, "Yeah, we don't need you anymore." The ones that we looked at and recognized as our betters which as one might imagine, doesn't happen often. 

The Inner Circle. Lindsay goddamn Troy...

You came in here like fire, blazing a trail that Dan Ryan had already cleared a month before you arrived on the scene. You tried the same tricks that propelled him to the top and where did it get you LT? No where. So then you decided to what, ask bro man for some help? Try to get people to take notice of you again? You join forces with Ryan and then you go and attack a manager from behind and make Silas out to be even weaker than we already thought he was. We can't fault you for picking your spot, the champion to go after, and rob of their title belt, but...

This entire story involves a massive turning point in our thinking about you Lindsay. We always heard that you were a person that fought with honor, dignity. You didn't take any kind of shit from anyone, World Champion or not, BROTHER or not. You were once upon a time your own person who won matches by your own hand, and rarely lost, but when you did, it was in some epic fashion that won't soon be forgotten.

That is unless one takes a look at the LT of late. You join the fed, you lose a lot, you attack a guy past the point he breaks so he'll award you a shot at a title you had no business challenging for, and what? You won the match with some help from Brandon Youngblood. So far Lindsay? We think we've seen more The Inner Circle win your matches for you, rather than you being able to win anything on your own.

Did we strike a nerve with all of our talking yet?

And for all of our talking, look at us LT, LOOK. AT. US. We are three parts of a whole puzzle. We are an enigma peppered with puzzles with more wins under their belt than matches in the CWF under yours. You want to intimidate us based on past federations, past feuds, past weapons... PAST, PAST, PAST!! 

What about our presence? Presents? Either way... When we faced off against the fake super person, we quoted you as saying that one doesn't just wake up and become a superwoman of wrestling. It's a moniker that is earned, honed through time, and aged to perfection. At least, according to you to a certain degree. We have to wonder though, what exactly have YOU done lately to warrant you keeping that title of "Superwoman?" 

Are you going to throw a bunch of random nonsense at us about what you used to do, about how you're going to prove how awesome you are in comparison when you make Duce and us go squishy squishy?

It isn't happening. It isn't happening Lindz and it isn't happening because of US. We are the gatekeepers of the CWF, the ones that say, whether or not a person might be worth to keep around if they find themselves here during an invitational. We are the CWF loyalists, the ones that will go down with this ship or die trying to ensure that it stays afloat. And as gatekeepers, Lindz, bella morte! You have NOTHING to sling at us. You have survived on nothing more than cheap tactics up until this point, and we know it isn't "you you" but if it takes us knocking some sense in you? We'd be more than happy to.

But seriously, what has that title done for your career so far? How about having the blackmark that is Brandon Youngblood in the fine print of that match saying that Lindsay Goddamn Troy couldn't get it done against Silas Artoria without the help of Brandon Youngblood.

Sounds embarrassing and like that belt hasn't done all that much at all for you. Wouldn't it be a shame if Youngblood tried to stick his nose where it doesn't belong and costs you and Dan this match? What a career move THAT would be...

Cancun, Mexico

She was doing the best she could. Sign the picture, get a picture, smile for the camera. The repetition was somewhat relaxing for Mia, and the long flight in first class provided her with enough sleep to feel somewhat up to this. Still, there was a reason that she tried to avoid places like this. The crowd, the noise. One would think being an entertainer this type of thing would be easy, but there was no mask to hide behind. The fan boys were all lined up, pointing and laughing. Were they laughing at her? Could be, why wouldn't they? She is after all a freak among little Hispanic people running around.

She forces a smile, but can't help but zero in on the broken English of a couple of the boys. Comparing her to... Some Spanish words. "Chica con polla." It had been a long time since Mia had to rely on her rusty Spanish skills she learned all that time in high school. However, she remembers enough to know that they were talking about her and her... Condition that shouldn't be public news. She can't help but think Jaiden tried to release news to the press to turn her into more of a freak attraction than the type of roster member she was trying to be. 

Her head begins to spin, the walls close in, and no one in front of her offering her any kind of respite. The room spins, maybe she does, it was hard to keep track, but she knows this feeling well. She is spiraling, people reach out to help, injure, make fun of her some more? She stands up suddenly startling the line in front of her. Kids and adults alike jump and react to her suddenly standing up, her head down. With a roar akin to Loki's when she got frustrated with trying to keep MJ Flair down all those months ago, Mia grabs the table and flips it, spewing pictures, sharpies, and various bottles of water over the fans in attendance. She stands breathing heavily before storming back and away, ignoring the cat calls, the pictures being taken, the rumors being started.

It didn't matter anymore. THEY didn't matter anymore. No one was there for her, no one was going to protect her from the world, the people, the rumors, the awful things that awaited anyone that dared to go out and say, "THIS IS WHO I AM AND FUCK ANYONE THAT SAYS DIFFERENTLY!" Over the last year she had forged friendships, relationships, and when the time came to stand up with her to face everything as a whole... She was abandoned. MJ was supposed to be different and where was she now? Imagine the line of people swarming to see MJ and Mia Rayne teaming together and forging a path to a new tomorrow. But no.

Mia is alone. She looks up finally and finds that she's breathing heavily in an alley behind the comic store she was supposed to be in signing autographs and being a happy lil' Jaiden Drone. Her hand absently reaches into her back pocket and feels the little envelope made out of sticky notes she found in her cheap hotel room. The feeling brings with it a sense of euphoria, freedom, the only thing that could make this feeling that was leaving Mia reeling go the fuck away. She unwraps the razor blade and rolls up the sleeve of her hoodie on the left arm, feeling the numerous scars there. Squatting down, she starts making cut after cut, an almost frenzied fervor taking over. Seconds pass, minutes. Finally, a pool has started to form under Mia's arm. She contemplates the mess she has made briefly before standing up and allowing the sleeve to fall, tossing the blade into a nearby dumpster.

A passerby sees her and points in recognition, his words lost in Mia's current mindset. He's all smiles, says something about his daughter, but stops as he sees the pool of blood and the path of red drips that lead right to where Mia is now standing in front of him. He offers her a picture and a Sharpie and Mia looks between him and the little girl, afraid for whatever reason. The blood? A stranger? Her idol? Mia winces at the thought, feeling the familiar after effects of cutting showing up and with it, the panic. She signs the picture as fast as possible and heads off in the opposite direction, cradling her arm as she makes her way through the busy Cancun streets desperate for respite and hoping against hope that no one else was going to force her to endure the public until Paradise.

Well fuck us right Ryan?

You are the epitome of the top dawg in this company right now. The very definition of the best that CWF has to offer, but we have to worry if you really and truly are... The best?

Granted, you've gone through everyone and anyone that the CWF brass has put you up against, multiple times even. You don't believe that this place has anything left for you because up until this point, everything has been pretty much routine. The same thing week in and week out. One, maybe two matches for you a month since winning that title belt right Danny Boy? 

Someone, please, quickly fetch Mr. Ryan a bottle of water for straining himself. 

The fact of the matter is Dan that you have suffered the fate of so many champions before. You're new, exciting, DOMINATING. You take situations by the balls and you twist and pull until you get your own way. You're the alpha male and because of that the brass happen to be scared of you. They keep feeding you people instead of presenting you with actual challenges. They're after the money of a big feel match like Dan Ryan versus The Shadow version 362, thinking that fans will just... Forget about the previous times the two of you met in the ring. They feel like the two of you can earn them a pretty penny by name alone and they completely overlook the fact that the only unique act in this entire roster, has been making waves.

Evolution 50 what happened Dan Ryan? You enjoy trips down memory lane a lot, so let us refresh your memory. We were in the main event against MJ Flair and Caledonia, two power houses in the CWF world, more so than your chisled physique could ever hope to become. You're familiar with Flair, but Caledonia might go above your head. Before you plagued the CWF with your existence, Cali was a staple in this place. Unbeatable until she relinquished that belt you hold so dear and went searching for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. She came back for that event and put a record on the line, NO ONE ALIVE Danny BOY had pinned Cali up until that point, and... Wouldn't you know it? 

Mia Rayne walked out of there as not only the winner, but the only person alive to have a pinfall over Cali.

Not even the great Dan Ryan can claim that. You want to be the best, like no one ever was? Get up a bit earlier in the morning Trash Ketchum. Your so called accolades that you've accomplished since making it here don't hold a candle to anything that has been done by any of the previous people holding that title belt. But... We know how thick your skull can be, so we'll continue.

Want to go even further back in time? Let's talk about MJ Flair. After Cali left there was one other force inside the CWF that was spunky enough, enough of a trendsetter to really give being champion her all. That being of course MJ Flair, who won her second championship reign at one point after Cali had dropped the belt. MJ is probably one of the most, if not THE most dominant champion this company can boast. Obviously, she was chasing after the belt when you showed up out of whatever refuse pile you crawled from. Do you know how her reign ended Ryan? It was by our hand. We picked her up high into the air and used her as a javelin. The sight of CWF's resident hero lying motionless on the ground after we chucked her from the ring! It would have been more symbolic if we left it at that, but no... We rolled her into the ring and we pinned her with one finger.

One. Finger.

Can you say that you've pinned someone and won the big one, with just one finger Danny BOY? No? Or are we going to be forced to endure another Dan Ryan video package detailing highlights from a career in a different place showing how many people you've beaten with... How many fingers Dan? 

Oh right, you needed all ten. Our bad.

But let's keep going shall we Dan? We're sure you're sitting at home, wishing that we would just SHUT THE FUCK UP right?! However, at this point you're still reading the transcript of this package, watching our eyes as your face gets redder and redder. We wonder how angry we have to make you before you lose complete control. Does your wife at home worry about being just another one of Dan Ryan's victims? How about your kids? 

Whoops. That probably cut a nerve. Let's do you a favor and sever that completely eh?

For all the posturing, you LOVE to point out the fact of how damaged we are. How we don't belong in the same space as you. However, at the end of the day we have something that you have to go out of your way to actually PROVE. We have the love of our significant other. You want proof? Look at Golden Intentions '19 since you love your history lessons so much. That night, not only did we win the opportunity to shut your fucking mouth once and for all, something that people in the back are chomping at the bit for mind you; but we also forced Ataxia, Bagman, or whatever affectionate term of endearment you have for our boy, to declare his love for us. Granted he had to be held at fork point to do it, maybe he just said it to make us go away, but the fact of the matter is, he said it out loud.

How many people have actually admitted to loving the great and powerful Dan Ryan? You might say that your family loves you Ryan, but do they really? Where have they been? If roles were reversed I wouldn't be able to be any prouder of our accomplishments, I'd want to show them all off in front of the people that matter most to us. Yet...

According to the basics, you have a wife. You have at least one spawn. Where are they Dan? Do they not support you or are you just afraid to show them the person you truly are? Are you afraid that your wife might actually, maybe...

Well, do you think that your wife has a thing for crazy chicks? Asking for a friend because any chick that is dumb enough to marry someone such as you has to have some sort of derangement going on. Trust us Dan, it takes one to know one. WE're three crazy people in one and your wife would have to be absolutely bonkers to get in bed with the likes of you, let alone spawn offspring.


Maybe we're just trying to get you angry. Maybe we want you to come out the gates swinging so we're taking all the pot shots we can to see just what makes you tick. For far too long you've hidden behind champion advantages and unsavory tactics. Now? Now....


Oh Danny BOY... We're looking forward to bringing you into our den of craziness, our Rabbit Hole. Does the great Dan Ryan have what it takes to survive and climb out the other side? Only time will tell but one thing you have to be sure of now dear boy...

The game is afoot and you are nothing more than someone that serves as our toy, our plaything, our... Entertainment, for the next couple of months. Congratulations! You found us! You found the one person on the CWF roster that is crazy enough to go toe to toe with you and smack you before asking you to return the favor. You're looking at the person that put the indestructible MJ Flair on the shelf for months. You're up against the only person ALIVE to own a pinfall victory over CWF legend Caledonia. The 2019 Golden Intentions winner, lover of Ataxia, and all around insane chicka extradinaire. 

The three and only....

Mia Rayne. 

Enjoy the ride because we can assure you that it's going to be an incredibly bumpy landing for you.

A cheap hotel in Cancun. 

Jaiden wasn't going to spare any kind of expense for Mia and she wasn't going to complain as she stares at herself in the mirror, absently twisting her trademark ponytails in the mirror. Not even his staff had enough reach to get her into accommodations fit for her stature, but it didn't matter. Maybe if she survived going up against Dan Ryan and company, because let's be honest:

Draw the ire of Ryan and you have to go through Youngblood and Troy as well. 

The cuts from earlier have since stopped bleeding, Mia's arm now a mess of bright red cuts littering her entire forearm. Puffy, red, she snapped a couple of them with a rubber band, the welts apparent in a couple places. She stops with her hair and rubs her arm next absently, almost crying as she feels the bumps, the crevices that she made on herself. She didn't understand what happened, her compulsion to do these things, but they happened and she often times ended up paying dividends for it. She sighs and picks up a pair of scissors on the sink. She breaths deeply and lets her hair down on one side, leaving the other with a ponytail. Carefully contemplating the scissors, she stares at them intently before yelling at them. 


A ponytail falls to the floor and the scene comes to an end.

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