Title: Te Dan Pon Y Quires Guiar
Featuring: Byson Kaliban
Date: July 13 2019
Location: Cancún, Mexico
Show: Paradise 2019

Cancun, Mexico, homesite of Paradise presented by CWF. However we find ourselves poolside at the luxurious Moon Palace Cancun resort. Byson Kaliban lies comfortably on a chaise lounge, legs crossed, his floral print shirt is opened so he can enjoy the light breeze that gushes through the area. Other tourist surround him, enjoying their stay at the resort. He enjoys the sweet taste of a margarita, taking moments to glance at any bikini clad bottom that passes by. His moment of bliss is suddenly interrupted by the ringing of his cell phone. He sits his glass on the pavement as he sits up and gets his phone from his pocket. Tilting his shades to get a better view, he answers.

Byson Kaliban: Bro! Are you here?

Byson listens to the other end before responding.

Byson Kaliban: Just come straight through the building and out the back door…

He listens again.

Byson Kaliban: Do you see me?

Byson throws his free arm in the air and begins to wave frantically.

Byson Kaliban: I'm waving my hand!

His expression changes from glee to confusion in a split second.

Byson Kaliban: Why I gotta stop waving my hand?

Byson's fraternal twin brother walks up, hanging up his end of the call.

Duce Jones: Cause ya look like a damn fool..

Byson smiles as gets back comfortable on the chaise, grabbing his glass from the pavement and taking a sip from the straw.

Byson Kaliban: You worry too much.. no one's paying attention to me.

Duce Jones: Ya sho? I had ta prove I was a wrestla' on mo' than one occasion.. Almost got locked up twice.. Apparently black dudes wit tatts is frowned upon here.

Byson's brow furrows.

Byson Kaliban: I've been treated like royalty since I've been here.

Duce chuckles.

Duce Jones: Probably cause ya bitch ass keep throwin' money at em!

Duce playfully but forcefully slaps Byson's legs out of the way so he can take a seat.

Duce Jones: Fuck all dat though.. Yo ass been duckin' an' dodgin' me fa tha longest. What's tha deal wit you an' those V.E.N.O.M cats?

Byson Kaliban: Most Known Unknowns…

Duce Jones: T'fuck eva.. Ya bop me upside tha head an' cost me tha World title, then you dip? No phone call, Facebook message, IG, FaceTime, none'a dat shit. Just a ghost in tha muthafuckin' wind. Then when we finally get togetha', otha' shit pop up so we can't eva' fully talk bout it.. What's tha deal bruh?

Byson takes another sip of his margarita, staring intently at his passionate brother.

Byson Kaliban: Bro.. chill.. when the time is right. Everything will make sense..

Duce cuts him off.

Duce Jones: Make sense? Hell I'm tryna get yo ass t'make it make sense right now..

Byson Kaliban: You should really start back meditating Duce.. Ya seem to be on edge a lot lately..

Duce Jones: I'm surprised you're dis calm!

Byson Kaliban: Because I choose not to stress about anything. But I do need some tips on these Winchester boys.

Duce's face twists in a puzzled fashion.

Duce Jones: Winchester boys? Who t'fuck is dat? I thought y'all had Sam an' Dean..

Byson smiles and nods.

Byson Kaliban: Exactly! The Winchesters!

Duce rolls his eyes.

Duce Jones: Whateva'.. Don't take dem boys fa suckas. They some tough muthafuckas but.. I'm sho y'kno' dat already..

Duce gives Byson a shit eating grin as Kaliban rubs the back of his neck. Byson has flashbacks of The Lost Boys putting him through a table this past week on Evolution. He soon snaps back, staring Duce directly in his eyes.

Byson Kaliban: That's why I called you. I need leverage.

Duce Jones: Leverage?

Byson Kaliban: Yes! Leverage!

Duce Jones: You bein' at ringside isn't enough? Y'kno' what.. don't answer dat. But ya got that one cat who's basically a fuckin' machine. There's ya leverage.

Byson Kaliban: Yeah.. but you always gotta have a just in case. That's something that I've learned quickly. Especially dealing with you and The Glass Ceiling.

Duce Jones: I guess so..

Their attention is both diverted to a caramel skin goddess who strolls past looking beautiful as ever. Byson gleefully smiles like a kid in a candy store. Duce however, slumps his head and sadly shakes it.

Byson Kaliban: How's my niece and nephew doing?

Duce Jones: Ya would brang them up.. but they good.. givin' Si tha blues. Where ya boys at?

Byson Kaliban: There off getting ready for The Winchesters.. I'm scheduled to meet with them later.

Duce Jones: I guess ya takin' ta dis business like a sponge?

Kaliban smiles yet again, his pearly white sparkling in the sunlight. He throws his arms out to the side.

Byson Kaliban: I can't help it.. it's in my blood baby!

Duce Jones: Hmph.. I hear ya..

Duce looks around as more beautiful women dressed in bikinis walk by.

Duce Jones: Yeah…. I gotta go..

He focuses back on Byson.

Duce Jones: But dis shit ya got goin' betta' start makin' sense real soon..

Byson Kaliban: I promise it will.

Byson extends his hand, Duce accepts it as the two one hand hug. Duce rises from the chaise and departs allowing Byson to get comfortable as the scene fades out.






The sounds of an unsteady foundation echoes through an abandoned warehouse. As the scene opens, Espinoza can be seen striking a pillar with a closed fist.


Left punch.


Right punch.


The punches would shatter the bones in any person's hand but the focus that Espinoza displays proves that this is an exercise that he's practiced for years. Each punch hitting its mark on the pillar with each swing. Martinez does his own personal workout as he hangs upside down from pipe curling upwards to work on his midsection. He soon finishes up, grabbing hold of the pipe as he flips down to the floor landing on his feet. Vince throws one more punch before looking over at Omar. Martinez walks up to his partner and begins to speak in his native tongue. Thankfully for us, we are allowed subtitles to join in on the conversation.

Omar Martinez: {Look it.. Can we trust him?}

Vince Espinoza: {Yes.}

Vince masked face displays no emotion as Martinez tries to get a read on him.

Omar Martinez: {Are you sure?}


Vince strikes the pillar again causing Omar jump. Espinoza pops his knuckles as he turns to Omar.

Vince Espinoza: {Yes.}

Omar still seems unsure.

Omar Martinez: {Ok, my friend. I trust him because you trust him.}

Vince nods in approval. Omar phone rings, he walks to a nearby table to answer it. He looks at Vince with a joyful expression.

Omar Martinez: {It's Nina!}

Omar's wife, Vince's sister hadn't been seen on CWF television since the Girl's Night Out, Evolution special after being viciously attacked by Xander Daniels. Omar walks off to speak privately with his wife as another voice catches Vince's attention.

Byson Kaliban: Fellas! How's it going? You guys ready to win some tag team gold!?

Vince only stares menacingly at Byson as he walks up.

Byson Kaliban: Calm down big guy.. Save that energy for Dean and Sammie..

Vince continues to stare, his attention soon caught by Martinez who walks up.

Omar Martinez: ¿Que es la que hay?

Byson Kaliban: Right!

Byson happily claps his hands together. Omar rolls his eyes as he looks over at Vince.

Omar Martinez: Check it out homie.. We need the chavo up front...

Vince clears his throat causing Omar to cut his statement short. He looks to his partner who shakes his head in denial.

Omar Martinez: My bad.. Tag titles.. That's what we're here for. Those two gringos need to be set straight.

Byson Kaliban: That's what I like to hear! Do you think you guys can get the job done this time?

Omar Martinez: ¡Mira! We've been holding back for too long. It's time we step up and take our spot as the top team around here. I mean mierda.. we've been stuck watching as those two comemierdas have proclaimed to be the greatest tag team in CWF. But who have they faced for that statement to hold weight? Kendo and the Crimson Ghost? Scourge and Thomas Roll? Give me a break.. the last time they faced a real team. It ended with one of em walking out on the other. But with us chacho..

Omar pats Vince across his massive chest.

Omar Martinez: This is mi familia and we never turn our backs on each other. We ride until the end!

Byson gets excited from the amped up Martinez, displaying more fire and passion than ever seen before from him.

Byson Kaliban: That's the shit, i like to hear. As long as you guys allow me to guide you along this journey. Everything will work out fine..

Byson gives a sky grin as Martinez gives a chuckle before exchanging glances with Vince.

Omar Martinez: Don't get it confused, we're not taking Sam and Dean lightly. They are very capable champions.. But they're time is over and it's time for some real champions to strut around with those belts. And we damn sure gonna make em matter again.. Because in Puerto Rico.. we have a saying..

Byson Kaliban: What's that?

Omar Martinez: Te dan pon y quires guise.

Byson Kaliban: What does that mean?

Omar Martinez: It means that they can give us a ride.. But we're gonna want to drive.

The statement is still lost on Byson. But the muffled sounds of Vince's raspy voice echoes through the mask.

Vince Espinoza: The Lost Boys wanted to give any team a chance.

Byson looks on nervously as Vince continues to calmly speak.

Vince Espinoza: Well we're taking that and then some…

The ominous tone of his voice sends chills down Byson's spine as he forces a smile. But he still somehow musters a stifled laugh.

Omar Martinez: After we're done with em, they'll be more lost than refugees after Hurricane Maria..

Byson Kaliban: Table for Four anyone?

Vince violently strikes the pillar one last time, forcing both Omar and Byson to nearly jump out of their skins. A huge chunk of pillar cracks and crumbles to the floor. They all look down at the rubble and soon share an uncomfortable laugh amongst each other as the scene fades out.

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