Title: Abandonment? What else is new?
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: Right about then
Location: There
Show: Evolution 56

History is weird.

People say that's it's often written by its victors. The people who have raged war throughout time, fought through many battles both bloody and wordy to make it unto the next day, only to wake up and do it all over again. Every day is a battle to most and Jarvis King would be more than happy to show you all of his cuts, bruises, scars, and historical documents when it comes to all of the battles that he has survived throughout the years.

History will show a person that MJ Flair holds two wins over Jar-Man where his cheating and conniving ways have only netted him one against her.

King says he won that war, because of course there is only one King, and as such; he's a pompous ass.


For every pompous ass "King" that arises throughout history; a hero or in this case a heroine arises to thwart whatever plans this "King" (in name only) has in store. Whether it be to regain former glory at the cost of... It doesn't matter to him, he's a King, he does what he wants and his motivations are his alone. But for once, just for freakin' ONCE...

We aren't here to talk about Mr. "Walks in a room and expects all to bow down to his name alone..." We are here to talk about the heroine of the story. She's no "superwoman," she isn't so arrogant. She isn't going to go around and call herself unbreakable, because in all honesty? She's pretty broken. But, she hits like a train.

Zach van Owen made video game references popular, so why wouldn't we pick up on the trend, especially since it annoys Dan Ryan oh, so much; that's right Danny Boy... We see you over there. But what so many people have failed to realize, is that there is one number throughout history that is repeated more times than... Well, more times than even Jarvis can make a given situation about himself.

The number is three. We are three. The Mia, The Loki, The Cheshire. There is power in three, it's half evil, it's the number of the holy trinity, and who doesn't enjoy a good threesome? Don't be coy, now is NOT the time to be shy! Everyone and their grandmothers know the history of Zelda, how Link, the kid in green, was imbued with a third of some mystical power. A power that signified courage. Zelda, the princess and Link's love interest, was wisdom, and Link's antagonist was passion if memory serves. Together, they can call forth The Triforce, or some sort of schtick like that. Neat huh?

Now, unlike Zach, we're not going to let that be our end game. Do you see where this is going Jar? We do... You should, or at least you will. You did after all have a major hand to play in our own history.

And we all know how much you love to insert yourself on other people's history.

It is a day like any other outside the CWF corporate offices. Birds chirped their songs happily to whomever had the ears to hear it. The sky has a few clouds dotting it, giving passerby enough to look at and imagine what sort of figure it could be. Essentially it was almost a perfect day and it could have been screaming it in Mia Rayne's face for all the good it would do to get her to notice. She is parked on a bench opposite the building that holds her future in the company she loves so much. She is staring a hole right through it, hoping that she is getting the office of CWF's newest CEO, Jaiden Rishel correct. She wouldn't want to harm any innocent bystanders with her death glare.

She takes a couple puffs from her e-cig and holds her breath, closing her eyes; going back to the night she got the notice she holds in her other hand. Golden Intentions. She had just won the main event and gone to the back to celebrate. Shadow was gone and why would he stick around to congratulate her? Ataxia was also MIA and she couldn't really blame him for it. She honestly wasn't sure if he said the words because he meant them, because she forced him to, or if it was just some bit plot that Mia wasn't yet aware of. It wasn't the first time the veil had been pulled over her eyes and while she has done her best to ensure that it doesn't happen consistently; it can and does happen. So when Mia returned to the back for much needed medical attention, there was only one person that she was expecting to be there. A... What did Jarvis call them? Frenemies? It didn't matter though, MJ wasn't there. She disappeared after the rumble without a word, dust in the wind.

Mia takes another puff of her cig and enjoys holding her breath, the taste of the smoke almost intoxicating, almost. Maybe that's the lesson for her to learn from everything that has happened. Trust in people in this business and trust in people in general is a weird and stupid thing to have. It's proven science that everyone and anyone will always look out for themselves before making sure a compatriot is ok. Mia tries to put friends and family first in her life, but up until recently it had only led to heartache. It felt GOOD to stand up to Shadow and pursue Ataxia. It felt amazing to get him to utter those words, to hold that power over him, but was it the truth? Did it matter?

She nods her head with confidence. Resolute in her thinking, her head rocking so hard her headphones almost fly off of her head. One might think she was headbanging to the loud music within. But alas, Mia is just acknowledging that yes, what Ataxia truly thought of her mattered a lot. If there was one thing that she hasn't done, it's lied when in a promo, in the ring, or whenever. She lies when she's asleep, or if it's to herself, but let's not go there. No, Mia knows for a fact that the way Ataxia has been behaving as of late hasn't been the one she remembers and she hasn't gotten any kind of acknowledgement from him since, unless for the occasional CWF related thing. Business aside though, he hasn't been the same and the fact that he isn't has driven her even more crazy about his allure and what it means to her now more than ever.

Mia interrupts her pontificating by taking a couple more puffs, holding her breath, checking her CWF notice indicating that she has a meeting with Jaiden Rishel at precisely two o'clock, and exhaling as she calmly looks at her phone, and the time that it declared.

Mia Rayne: 2:10. Right on time.

She giggles to herself, because that's what she does best, and proceeds across the street; letting herself into the massive building.
Well Jar, due to fear of legal ramifications, we have decided that we're going to just call you Jar. Sure you won't mind Jar? Not like your ego can't handle the shortening of your name at all. Look at all those accolades you have to choose from to hang your considerable hat collection on! However...

Last week we proved to a certain upstart of a champion that the past can only get one so far in their career. There comes a time where they are going to be asked to put up or shut up, and Jar? NOW, is that time for you. We're anticipating you coming at us with all of your past victories, your one victory (out of three) against MJ (for the record WE beat her clean... Twice), or that shiny Hall of Fame ring that you claim to hold so near and dear to the black hole you call a heart. The history books don't lie and certain chapters do indeed say that they were written by the then victor, Jarvis King... But Jarvis, that was all THEN. We're living in the here and NOW, and you're going to come at us waving the history books? What, you want us to raise an eyebrow and bow at your very presence because you beat a chick that we've beaten twice, without needing to pull any tights, strings, favors, or anything of that ilk? At one point Jarvis, your words were scathing, if memory serves, you even beat us out for a shot to be in a cage for the World Championship. But now?

Now we don't think that you're as sharp as you would have us believe. You want everyone to focus on Jarvis from yesteryear, that we don't focus on the fact that you can barely keep up as a competitor anymore. Newsflash Jar! It's like Pepperidge Farm up in here! We ALL remember your past accolades and out of all the people that remember? Not a single one of them cares. Duce didn't care as he beat you and offered you a friendly hand up. MJ didn't care when she beat you twice without caring. WE?! We don't care. We will say that last week, Duce showed us the light when it comes to the history books and Jarvis King are concerned. You like history Jarvis, how about we take you on a quick lesson?

Once upon a time, Mia Rayne was on the rise. She confronted some cowards who were running around in masks, attacking people from behind. She doesn't play those games. So she's in the ring right? And she's calling for them to show themselves, do you remember what happened Jar? We finally do. The lights went out, The Aces attacked with chairs, and they addled poor little Mia's brain into three individual pieces to which we will get to sooner or later. But this is about you isn't it? The Aces didn't pull the strings to take out Mia did they Jar? Duce said it himself, what happened to poor Mia was just "business." In a business there is always the head honcho, the boss, the go to dude, the man who always claims to have the biggest... Ego in the room, but can't often prove it; unless of course one quantifies these things with flashy sports cars, big trucks, loud noises, and that lovable oaf like nature of "man."

Why you were so intimidated to take us out of commission all those months ago Jar? Was it something Mia said once upon a time that got under that skin of yours? That thin veil of deceit and lies that you're busy watching unravel as you desperately grasp at straws. Is that what this is Jar? You want one last time to shine at our expense? Do you expect us to lie down because of the weight of your... What, your past? Your accolades? Your shiny trophy case?

No Jarvis. Like Duce, you are being fed to us for our pleasure. For our... Retribution. We used to be just a Mia, Sir Jar. We used to be sweet and innocent, unsure how the world of the CWF worked. You, for whatever sick and twisted reason that your massive... Brain could come up with, decided to rob us of everything that we once were. We used to be one Mr. King in Name Only. But you decided it would be a good idea to rob us of that.

Yet what you did Jar, isn't destroy us. Oh no. We realized that we needed to evolve into something... More. Something better than what we were. So one... Became three. Eventually.

Who do we have to thank for our creation? The Mia Rayne of the CWF, destroyer of Superwomen, the One Woman Party Favor, and the woman that made the once thought of as "invulnerable" MJ Flair realize the limitations of her own humanity? Well, King in Name Only, that would make YOU our creator, wouldn't it?

How about it? Wanna be our Daddy?

Jaiden was annoyed and Mia was ok with this. She was shown into his office promptly, enjoying the looks she got from the upper brass of the company she worked for. Sure, she should put her best foot forward, prove that she is a person worth to be their champion, show up on time for meetings with the CEO, but did she care?


Anyone who makes eye contact with her knows who she is. She smiles at them, they deserve it. They don't enjoy working in the corporate structure and Mia can't really blame them. Been there done that, got the t-shirt, cut it up, and use it as a pj shirt.

Jaiden Rishel: Space cadet Rayne? You going to join us here in the real world?

Mia's focus is drawn back to the unpleasant face of one Jaiden Rishel. New found CEO of the CWF and all around ass. She smiles and nods, urging for Jaiden to continue.

Jaiden Rishel: Right, so anyways. Gonna make this short and sweet because to be frank, I don't want to deal with you. Turns out, as much as I'd LOVE to do so, C$J made your contract pretty iron clad, so I can't just... Fire you.

Mia Rayne: Alright! Everyone in the room go woohoo!

She jumps up and raises her hands. A couple of the interns try to give her a high five but they are given stares of death by Jaiden. His legal team stands steadfast behind him, none of them amused.

Jaiden Rishel: While that might be the case, that doesn't mean that I can't add certain, addendums into your contract. I've partnered with the CWF legal team and we feel that it is in everyone's best interest that if you want to keep your title shot at Wrestlefest, and yes, even your contract; you will now be mandated to go to a CWF approved therapist at least once a PPV block.

Mia's eyes narrow, though she tries not to allow her smirk to falter.

Mia Rayne: Therapy? Us? Is it because of the calling card Jaiden?

Jaiden shifts uncomfortably in his seat and a couple of his legal team shift uncomfortably from foot to foot. Mia's smile grows and she gets up out of her chair and proceeds to crawl across the desk to lay hands on Jaiden.

Mia Rayne: It is isn't it? You couldn't touch us when you were on the roster, but now that you're sitting high in your ivory tower...

With a sudden motion Mia rips open Jaiden's shirt, throwing designer buttons everywhere. Jaiden's face is of course enraged but there isn't much anyone can do as Mia traces the scars that are on Jaiden's chest. A semi colon and a right parenthesis.

Mia Rayne: We can't do stuff like this anymore. Pity... If you want us in therapy Jaiden, then that is fine and we will see the shrink-y doctor. Who knows? Maybe we'll get prescribed some amazing things that help us see all the facets of the rabbit hole we continue to dig oh so deep.

She looks sadly at the scars and traces them one last time before hopping up off the desk and heading to the door. Jaiden tries to regain some of his composure.

Jaiden Rishel: Her name is Phyllis Sophicle and your first appointment is as soon as she can get you in because I'll be DAMNED if I let you behave like this in my presence! I'm your boss!

Mia stops at the door, hand on the brass handle.

Mia Rayne: Yep. You're indeed the boss. But what kind of boss would you be if you didn't have any of your own... Hurdles to jump over? Oh Jaiden, don't you see?! You open up this Pandora's box and we promise you that we will do everything in our power to ensure you regret coming after us... But you keep doing you home skillet. See how far you get yourself. We'll be over here, continuing to beat every single blockade that you put in front of us. We warned you before and you bare the mark of being warned. Heed it before you regret it.

She leaves and skips through the hall, stopping only to get the paperwork for her future appointments with Dr. Sophicle and leaving Jaiden to try and figure out how to refasten his shirt with only a fraction of the buttons from before.
Hello Faja, can you hear us?


History shows that you like to turn back time more than Cher on a Pride float. You love to remind everyone of your past accolades and then blind them with whatever inadequacy that you show yourself in the mirror, and squeak out a victory when it matters. We're almost positive you're going to tell us that you chased MJ away from CWF. We're also positive that we don't really care what you come at us with.

History also shows that you are responsible for turning us into the violent and sadistic Loki Synn. She had her way with you didn't she DaDa? You got scared, squeaked by but barely, and then ran away with your tail stuck between your legs.

Or was that your penis?

Either way. We never really got a chance to say thank you in our own personal way. You are the one we can credit for truly being the Dr. Frankenstein to our monster. Guess we really can't choose our families. So now we really and truly get to see if the good doctor can truly overcome the monster that he helped create. Maybe not directly, but we know now that you are the one that pulled all those strings, the one that set everything in motion. Your motivations might be a mystery at the moment, but history is definitely a weird thing.

Because history also tells us that you'll eventually get around to coming back off the shelf, making yet another fleeting attempt at a title belt, and in that time tell everyone about how you created the great and powerful Mia Rayne; conveniently leaving out the part where we beat your ass left, right and center.

And just so we can wrap everything up in one nice, small, neatly bound package... We are the three in one Father. We aren't just young Mia Rayne, naive in her career. Oh no. We are Mia Rayne, Loki Synn, and Cheshire, all rolled into one fecking adorable package. You want one more chance at glory? You want a chance to prove that you still have what it takes? Well come on and take on the freak show that you created Jarvis King, in name only! The only footnote in the history of Mia Rayne that you will EVER lay claim to will be the fact that you pulled the string to create us and we wield the scissors that will forever sever that tie between us. We LONG for this moment, the time when you look into our eyes and realize all of your past misdeeds, your wrong doings, and most importantly Jarvis...

The fact that when you even TRY to compare to US? Your resume means NOTHING when we beat you to a pulp and laugh as you finally face the nightmare that you unleashed upon the world.

See ya soon... Pops.

The office is just like any other kind of therapist office. A touch of personal influence here and there. Either bland neutral colors or warm colors throughout and littered with the smell of potpourri. Phyllis Sophicle, PhD looks over at her new patient, Mia Rayne, who is lazily laying back on the couch and looking up at the ceiling with a detached grin on her face. At Jaiden Rishel's request, Phyllis had made room for an initial appointment for Ms. Rayne, so far it had gone... Well, much like this. Phyllis sighs heavily and Mia's gaze falls briefly on her. It goes almost directly back to the ceiling though and she mimics the sigh.

Mia Rayne: Fine. We don't like the initial appointments because it's always an ice breaker thing. We didn't even want to be here to begin with but if we want to keep doing what we're doing, it's what we gotta do. We've had therapists in the past and each one has moved on in one way or another, personal lives, professional lives, whatever. Trust was there and it was broken.

Phyllis Sophicle: So we'll start easy? You're a wrestler right? And you seem to have a pretty, unique mindset on things. Why not begin there and let the rest fall where it does? You don't want to be here, but have to be here, which means that I have to be here as well. Why not make the best of it and at least try?

Mia's foot stops bobbing for a moment and she considers it.

Mia Rayne: Fine. We have a match this week against one Jarvis King, a man who thinks he can have one last hurrah at our expense. If he wins, he gets a shot at the World Title at the next PPV, if he loses, he... We don't know, rides off into the sunset never to be heard from again, at least until he thinks he can make the cut again?

Phyllis Sophicle: Well...

Mia Rayne: We mean... We have a promised title shot already, guaranteed on the biggest stage of the year, for that same title. Regardless of what happens, we still move on, we still get our shot. So we COULD lay down for Jarvis and not feel bad about it. But why should we? We worked hard to get to where we are right now.

Phyllis Sophicle: But Jar...

Mia Rayne: Laying down for Jarvis would be like... We don't know, it just doesn't feel right. Granted, we could be responsible for retiring him, but why should that matter to us? He's nothing more than a dick with a massive ego, that cheats to get to where he is today. Granted, he got to where he is today and he's successful, but what's the point of it if you turn yourself into a hated person in the meantime?

Phyllis Sophicle: ...

Mia Rayne: ...

The two sit in silence and stare at each other.

Mia Rayne: Any thoughts?

Phyllis Sophicle: Well Mia, it certainly seems that you have a lot on your plate this week. However, have you thought about the guilt associated with retiring Jarvis? Granted he's a hated member of the roster, but what about looking at things from his perspective?

Mia Rayne: Let's stop you right there doc. We've seen things from his perspective and we don't understand why he did everything the way that he did. He turned a lot of good people away. We wish it were different, but it is what it is. We won't sacrifice anything to him just so he can have one last time in the sun. It wouldn't just be losing the match, it would be allowing him to mark us into history as just another person he was able to walk over at one point or another. We are so much more than that and this is our chance to prove that we aren't just another flash in the pan, that we're something that the CWF can build off of. Jarvis enjoys taking everyone on memory lane and say, 'Hey look at everything I did! Lay down before me and worship how great that was!' We... We don't do that. We say, 'Yeah, we did that, but that was then. Here's what we're about to do,' and then we do it. We prove everything we say. We don't go out and blatantly lie about what's going on, we go out and change it.

Phyllis Sophicle: Well Mia, it looks like our time is up...

Mia blinks and looks at the clock on the wall, sure enough, an hour had passed. She blinks again and exits, leaving Phyllis Sophicle to make her notes and start her file on one, Mia Rayne.
In conclusion Jarvis, we know everything that you're going to come at us with. You've gone back to the history books far too many times to catch us by surprise by your wily antics.

You aren't special. You're cheap. You're an act. You have come to us seeking a way to make your name relevant one last time, busy touting off all of your past accomplishments and ignoring the fact that you just tread upon the biggest fish in the proverbial sea. Did you believe that we would just lay down and let you walk over us, another bookmark in the anthology that is Jarvis King's long list of accolades?

We weren't going to allow that to happen Jar. Not without a fight. And a fight is exactly what you will get.

You might be busy shouting about your accolades but we're here to remind you about that one misstep that is going to come back and cost you in the biggest of ways, "Dad." The very creation that you brought unto CWF is going to be the very thing that takes you out of World Title contention. We're looking forward to the experience. Too bad it couldn't have happened on Father's Day though, right?

Oh Jarvis... We'll see you oh so soon. Keep smiling and stay salty. Without you, fries everywhere would just... Well Jarvis, they would suck, almost as much as you.

Semi colon. Right parenthesis.

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