Title: Half of my heart is in Havana
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: 6-29-2019
Location: Cuba
Show: Evolution 56


I feel like singing that song now that I’m in Havana...you know which one I’m talking about.  #vacationtime #hustle #impactchampion (Autumn Raven via twitter)




Havana, Cuba

Habana 1791: The Perfume Shop


Autumn’s nose wrinkled as she lifted a bottle of...god know’s what to her nose and smelled the liquid contents within.  It smelled like wet dog mixed with leather or something like that. Not at all attractive. She definitely didn’t want to smell like that, god no.  After a few more smell tests, she approached the counter, talking at random with the lady behind the thing about what bottle she wanted and what exactly she wanted in it.  Orange blossom. According to the small card, it causes peace and relaxation. Very revitalizing and gives joy to the body and mind. Sounds like a winner.




She tapped her fingers on the counter, watching the white bottle with its flowers on the sides being filled up with her perfume of choice, listening to the banter between the clerks in their own native tongue.  Lucky for her, most of those she had encountered spoke a moderate amount of English or knew part of what she was trying to get to. Otherwise, she was gonna head back to LA scared out of her mind, waving the white flag.


After several minutes, the bottle was handed to her in a cute little white bag, and she of course handed over the right amount (with a bit of help), leaving the store with a smile and a nod, slipping her sunglasses over her eyes without another word.  Holding up her cell phone, she started to record, swiveling her phone around and showing the audience what exactly she was looking at. The city had a lovely feel to it, and the people were interesting to talk to. There were only a few fans she had run into, and she had signed a few things, taken pictures, the whole thing.  All to further her image and keep things moving. She started walking, still filming with her phone and talking the whole while, describing the best she could at what people were seeing.


“Going to see Tien Tan restaurant, since it was recommended to me by a patron in another store.  Said they had the best Chinese food, and I had to try it before leaving the city. Of course I can’t pass that opportunity up.”

The buildings loomed high ahead of her, each with their own distinctive style all their own.


“I’m excited about the fact that we’re going to be in Cancun for the Paradise pay per view that’s coming up in a few weeks.  Never been there. Ever. Not even for some college spring break. It just wasn’t my thing to throw a bunch of money to go to some party town way down south and drink myself stupid.  Now I’m living my dream, and I get to go visit for real...booze and stupidity aside. Trust me, you won’t catch me on the front cover of some dirt sheet magazine.”


People would pass her by, smiling into the camera or just curiously looking at it as she got ever closer to the strip of Chinese restaurants here.  Some with their own Cuban flair, she guessed. Hanging paper lamps, lights, and music could be heard as she scanned the shops, looking for the right one.


“But I’m giving you guys, yes the fans out there, a first hand look at where I’m at.  Better than the travel channel, honestly. Ah hey, there it is! Tien Tan. Finally I can sit down.  Y’know, food and all. Plus the people watching.”


The owner greeted her, bowing and everything, giving her a menu and showing her to one of the few empty tables left outside, seating her with a smile.


“A sprite, please.  If that’s not available, I’ll take a lemonade.”


They said sprite was fine, and they would be back shortly.  Autumn watched them leave before turning the phone back to her as she leaned forward on the table, looking serious for a moment.


“I should have invited Lindsey Troy along for this.  Have a meal, a few drinks, and talk about our hatred for Silas...or whatever else happens to come up.  Gotta give mad respect to her for her words, and for winning that four way last week. She definitely showed her worth out there, no doubt about that.  I ain’t even mad I lost, shit. She did what she had to to win, and it shows. Maybe somewhere down the line...nah...no time for that now.”


Autumn waved her hand slightly, ignoring the idea.


“We showed ourselves out there, all four of us, showing why we are some of the top talent in CWF.  Doesn’t matter who won or who lost, it just matters that we went out there and showed each other and the world why we are who we are and how much we bring to the table every time.”


The waiter assigned to her table came back with her drink, asking her if she was ready to order.  She shook her head, saying to give her a few minutes more and she would be.


“But there’s no stopping and mourning for what was lost or whatever.  Paradise is coming in a few short weeks, and everyone’s gotta keep marching forward, including me.  I know I’ve got a title to defend then, against who...I’m not sure. Brandon Youngblood, PJ Blake, and Tom Marrow battle it out again in a triple threat match to see who will gain the right to face...me.  Sorry I didn’t get to make it out to the ring to watch first hand the last time. Maybe, just maybe I’ll make an appearance. You never know.”


She takes a sip of her drink, glancing around her before continuing her speech.


“I could go on and on about lots of things, but who the hell wants to hear about that?  I could talk about that triple threat match, but that’s not what people want to hear about.  They want to hear about me talk about Jimmy Allen. One of the people involved in that four way match last week.  I’m surprised a guy like him with a showing like his in the rumble, didn’t get any farther than he did. But hey, lots of things surprise me lately.  Who knew...who knew it would be the two of us.”


The waiter comes back and asks for her order, to which she politely gives to him, handing off her menu as she watches him walk away.


“You’ve got your problems, and hell, I’ve got mine.  We all do, but for just one night, can you put them aside and focus on this….this one match.  Come on. I promise you I won’t bring the chair. I know you’re probably sore about that still, but seriously drop it.  That was then, this is now, and we’ve gotta focus on one another, not some stupid chair shot I gave you. Am I glad this is non-title?  Yes and no. I’d love to give you a shot, but unfortunately there’s three other guys viying for that one spot right now. Sorry dude, a little too late.”


Autumn shrugs, sighing.


“I’m as confident as I can be right now.  Don’t know what else to tell you. Overconfident?  Not really. I’m just being cautious about everything, taking everything in stride and not running head first into anything.  That’s where mistakes are made, and I won’t make the mistake of losing this title to something really stupid. Am I gonna be champion forever?  No. Nothing is forever, but I’m gonna enjoy the ride and buzz down the highway for as long as I can. Question is, can you keep up with me?”


A pause.

“Can you show the audience, that you can run with the Psychopath once again without worrying that a chair’s gonna slam into your back?  I’m sure you won’t be worried, right? Nah. This isn’t about that, this is about going out there and just being...us. No fears...no nothing.  We do this, and do it right. I want you at your best and your top condition. Otherwise, you’re going to get dropped like a bad habit, tossed aside never to be heard from again.  I’m not showing any mercy out there, and neither should you.


To the three in the triple threat match, good luck.  I’ll be waiting for my opponent to reveal himself at the end.


To Jimmy, I’ll see you soon.



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