Title: Free Fallin
Featuring: Jarvis King
Date: Today
Location: Amherst
Show: Evolution 56

I've been listening to this classic rock station that my cabin can pick up. It's about the only non-country station I can get out here… the weather is rainy, which means that even the talk radio's racist rhetoric barely comes in through the static. 


I should explain. 


This Monday is Canada Day. Think the Fourth of July, minus the war, slavery and genocide. I know, the Americans in the audience will have a hard time imagining a celebration of the birth of a nation without those things, but here we are. A celebration of a nation that has been here for over 150 years and isn't inextricably in decline, unlike certain neighbours to the south. 


But I digress. 


I decided to rent a cabin in the Northwestern corner of Nova Scotia on the Northumberland Strait. It's a little two-room shack at the end of a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. My only neighbours here are deer. My front lawn is a beach. It's isolated. It's remote. It is perfect. 


Anyhow, I got up here and started listening to the radio, and this song comes on that I hadn't heard in forever. 


She's a good girl

Loves her mama

Loves Jesus

And America too


It's pretty amazing the way music can transport you to another time in your life. As I sat in the dark, sipping a scotch and smoking a cigar, the crackling radio brought me back to the mid 90s.


She's a good girl

Crazy 'bout Elvis

Loves horses 

And her boyfriend too


I'm on the carpet in my grandmother's living room in Quebec. She lived in this tiny town, where the only English on TV was the PBS affiliate from Boston. It's the middle of a rainy day, and I'm listening to the radio… Free Fallin' comes on. 


My parents had just split up. It was that summer that Petty took me back to. That's what that song reminded me of… but, of course, it means different things to different people. That's the thing about a real piece of art; it can be all things to all people. 


Honestly, Free Fallin' is a pretty amazing piece in and of itself. Tom Petty, a rock legend, has a near 20 year career with The Heartbreakers. He releases a solo album and ends up writing one of his most iconic songs at a time that statistically he should've faded away. 


… Remind you of anyone? 


Anyhow, I'm gonna be honest - I rented this cabin because I forgot I was booked this week. But that's fine, Mia, because let's be honest… Some of us are legends, and others are one hit wonders. 


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