Title: Sunshine and apples
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: Puerto Rico
Show: Evolution 55


~ 1 week post Golden Intentions... ~


Autumn continued to throw clothes into her suitcase, wincing as the breeze from throwing her clothes in hit the still healing wounds she suffered in the street fight.  The tank top she was wearing hid the marks that the barbed wire bat had made on her back, but the other ones that were made were slightly visible and still able to be seen on her.  She wasn’t ashamed of covering them up, and more or less considered them badges of honor. She had survived the street fight, and the literal war against Bryan Ford to retain her belt and walk away somewhat unscathed.  The battle royal didn’t turn out so well, but in her mind, who gave a flying fuck. The belt was still in her possession, and all was right with the world.


The replay of Golden Intentions was blaring on the TV behind her, just starting with the Nathan Paradine vs Xander Daniels match..  She glanced over her shoulder once, watching for a few minutes before looking back, determined to finish this before her ride showed up.  Puerto Rico was just over the horizon, and Evolution was stacking up to be action packed already which excited her to no end. Having a chance to face off against 3 other talented stars was exciting.  A chance to stretch her literal wings and have some fun roughing up some other people. The idea of...Paradise...was a long memory away if you got the idea.






“Finally done.  Christ….” Autumn muttered, picking up the suitcase and the duffel bag that contained her wrestling gear then strolled out of her room with confidence.  Shoes were slipped on and the front door was opened, a blast of cool air hitting her.




Front door was locked.   Now there was no chance of any crazy people sneaking into her house.


Dark red taxi pulls up in front of her house and she grinned, tossing her duffel bag over her shoulder and strolling to the trunk which popped open.  She tossed those in and shut it with a loud SLAM, throwing open the door to the passenger side shortly after.. There was a simple nod, and the taxi pulled away from the curb..


Now the journey begins.


A small glance at her phone revealed a pop up to watch the trailer for the reboot for Child’s Play.  The idea of Mark Hamil doing the voice of that creepy doll gave her nightmares. Maybe Puerto Rico would have better things to watch than killer dolls and possessed dolls.


“Going on a long trip ma’am?”  The driver asked over the music.


“You could say that.”




Sorry things had to turn out the way they did bud, but I had a yard to defend.


I’m willing to do it again...and again...over and over...




“Autumn, Autumn, sign my t-shirt!”


The few fans that had gathered at the airport were smiling, asking for pictures or the simple autograph.


They were happy, cheering her on, giving her courage to take with her on her flight.  IIt was nice to exit the country with the fans behind you and all that. Before disappearing down the long tunnel to the plane that was waiting, she turned around and lifted up her fist in the air to the cheers of those that were there.


Then that was that.


All thoughts turned towards the future.




~ Somewhere in Puerto Rico ~


Autumn sat in the shadows of a small little eatery, dark sunglasses perched over her eyes.  She was watching a replay of ‘Double or Nothing’, chewing on her bottom lip in concentration.  Oh sure she could have watched another replay of Golden Intentions, but where was the fun in that?  People could say whatever they want about what she was watching, but again like earlier, who gives a flying fuck.  People would walk by, chattering away in their own language, not bothering to pay any attention to some tourist sitting there,. Watching something on her laptop.

“I did it.  I defended what was mine against Bryan and all of his posturing against me.  I kept my title safe from the hands that would seek to take it away from me, away from my yard.  I wish I would have left a few more scars on him, as a small reminder of the dangers of opening and closing your mouth like that to me, especially.  Call it a little big of ego leaking through, but when you have to fight and claw your way up through all of the bull, then you at least get a little leeway to boast about things.  That belt that’s sitting at my place is just one of those things that I’m gonna swing around in front of people whether they like it or not.”


She clasped her hands in her lap.


“If anyone else from Carnage wants a taste of the belt, they are more than welcome to come knocking on my door.  I will have no problem introducing them to the business end of my foot. Ask Bryan how that felt getting knocked the hell out by it.  It comes out of nowhere and can strike anytime, anywhere. I will not hesitate to use it to guarantee a win, and hey if you want to get up, I have a second one coming.  What more do I have to say about this? I didn’t win the battle royal, but I defended my title and walked out with my pride in tact. Which is more than I can say for some people.”

She sighed softly.


“Jon Stewart’s gone.  No surprise there. I mean, really.  That’s not a surprise. I know this has nothing to do with Evo or whatever, but I thought I’d throw my two cents out there.  I don’t care who they get to put in his place, just as long as they don’t decide to open their mouth and get stupid.”


There was a shrug, and a slight adjustment of her sunglasses.


“Now, onto Evo.  This powderkeg of a four way match is going to be...interesting to say the least..  Extremely interesting. A gathering of the four most talented stars in this company right now with two of them holding gold?  Just a knock down drag out fight if I’ve ever seen one. I don’t think the story would change if you stuck anyone else in this picture, to be honest, but I’m happy to be facing off against the other three.  No qualms about it I guess.”


A commercial for a new flavor of lays potato chips popped on.


“But they’re probably saying ‘Autumn, what about the other match that’s happening?  The double jeopardy match? Someone from that match will have a shot at your title?’  My response is...in due time my dears. Of course my eyes are on those men who are in that matchup, someone’s gonna get lucky and get to face me for my title.  I want to concentrate on that and this at the same time but some things have to come first.”


AUtumn laughed, tilting her head.


“Everyone’s got their reasons to do well in this match.  Everyone wants to go into this and come out of it squeaky clean, but just look at the powderkeg we’ve got here.  That ain’t gonna happen and if you guys think this is gonna be smooth sailing, then you need to pull your heads out of the sand and look into reality..  We’re all hurting after the golden event, all of us. It’s just gonna boil down to who can grit their teeth and bear it the longest. I dunno, that’s how I see it.  You guys have your own opinions, and that’s cool.”


A pause.


“We have Lindsey Troy here, the new Paramount Champion.  Congrats darling, you tore that title away from Silas’s slimy paws.  I didn’t ever think he was gonna let that thing go. I guess he did. Wonder what it was.  The pretty face, or the dismantling move that sent him crashing to the ground. You’ll have to share your secret., and I’ll share mine.  Trust me, it’s fun. We can compare titles, and then we can see who hits harder. A spitfire, geez. I’m liking this already. How long do you think you’ll last out there against three other people?  I mean, SIlas, aside, really, ask yourself that. You’ve got this far, you have a title, now think about how you are going to plan for the future beyond this.


Ataxia is just...odd.  That’s really all. I’m still not sure what to think of him even after all this time.  Interesting to watch, but god only knows what’s going through his mind. It changes like the seasons.  Hey if he wins, yay good job for him. I mean, what do you want me to say about him that hasn’t been said by about 5 other people.


Wow, Jimmy, are you still sore about all of those chair shots I gave you?  Drop the past dude. I had to do what I had to do. At least it was after the fact and not during.  I mean if you want a firm reminder, I can definitely show you when you come face to face with me.  Doesn’t matter if this is the new or the old Jimmy, you’re still gonna come for your revenge for me hitting you with a chair.  I expect it., but don’t expect me to sit back and watch it happen. The deal between me and SIlas is over. His stain affected me for a long time, but now, I’m my own person with a title to boot while he has nothing.  That makes me happy. What will make me happy now is busting your face again. Poor Jimmy fails to catch the bird again. Watch what happens next time on CWF-Z!”


Autumn leans forward.


“So that’s it.  There’s not much more to say, except….


Ahh yes.


That double jeopardy match.


Management’s throwing together you guys to team up, eliminate each other, and figure out who’s gonna face me at Paradise for the Impact title.  I’m gonna be watching the match closely, and next week too. Who knows, I might take a seat at ringside to get a closer view. Doesn’t matter which one of you ends up winning it, just matters if you can survive the aftermath at Paradise.  I’m not letting this go without a fight. That’s all you have to know.”

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