Title: Short and Sweet II
Featuring: Nathan Paradine
Date: 23/06/2019
Location: Companion, Minnesota
Show: Evolution 55

The scene opens on Nathan Paradine standing in the middle of his living room, a framed photograph in his hands. He buffs the frame with the cuff of his sleeve before returning the photo to the wall where it joins the others documenting his career, a wall we've seen previously. This is a new image however; his victory over Xander Daniels at Golden Intentions. He takes a step back to admire his handiwork.

Nathan Paradine: "Bloody beautiful."

It's a moment of self-satisfaction for the Australian Submission Machine, who has finally put to rest nearly eight years of mind games with 'The Phoenix'. But alas, you can't spend too much time focused on the past... it's time to look towards the future.

Nathan Paradine: "When the going gets tough the tough get going, or so they say. Time and time again, the odds are stacked against me and I overcome them. Xander Daniels made the mistake of assuming I was some washed up has-been and he paid the price for it; I still have a job and he doesn't. Anytime someone steps into that ring with me, they'll know they're getting the very best of Nathan Paradine."

He places his hands on his hips and smirks.

Nathan Paradine: "I've fought The Shadow before, and Lindsay Troy chose to get involved. Did her interference contribute to the result of that particular match? Undoubtably. Will the result be the same the second time around? Well, that remains to be seen. He's one of the finest competitors in the CWF but if there's one thing I've proven during my time here it's that everyone taps out the same way."

Paradine slaps the palm of his hand three times, simulating a tap-out.

Nathan Paradine: "That's all it takes. Just a few seconds and it could all be over. Everyone who steps between those ropes against does so with the knowledge that all it takes is an opportunity for me to lock in the Mark of Judas and victory is all but assured. It'd have to be a little... unnerving, surely?"

Paradine rubs his chin, seemingly mulling over his own question.

Nathan Paradine: "It's only a few days until Evolution... see you there, Shadow. Think about what I've said, eh mate?"

The scene comes to an end as Paradine turns back to face the wall, a wide grin of pride on his face.

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