Title: [CD] Tit for Tat... Dost Stacy feel attacked?
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: Meow
Location: Over there!

Really Stac?

You're going to come into our domain, OUR home, and say that you were going to give us all the praises in the world. You were going to build us up into something bigger and better than what the world has EVER seen before. You were going to do this for us out of the kindness of your heart, or something, but decided against it because...

We were MEAN to you? What kind of "grand" champion shows up in another federation, invited for an opportunity to prove that you're just not a flash in the pan, run of the mill, arrogant punk who got lucky ONCE; and cries because we went on the offensive to stave off people who trespass and have no business here in the first place? Seriously Stacy? How old are you? Hopefully at least eighteen. Mia wants to avoid the jailtime she'd get for beating up a minor...

If we wanted a history lesson on how big of a "resume" one has, we'd go to Jarvis. At least he can make us angry with his barbed words. You? You're just a silly child that has no idea of the mess that she stepped into. One has to back up their words with more than just, "Well, once upon a time I won this match and got this scar." What did you LEARN from the past Stacy? Did you learn anything? Are you going to remember the lessons we beat into that thick hat rack you call a head?

WE didn't do research minus your most recent show? You're right, we didn't. Your shining beacon of "be good until you puke rainbows" was a bit too much for us to swallow. However, what research did you do into us Stacy, hmm? It seems like you wanted to show off each and every one of your battle scars from previously, but...

Do you want to check out our scars Stacy? Want to see the impression one gets when they get stabbed in the head by a fork, wielded by their boyfriend? Do you want us to spell out every facet of our career in the last year and a half, so that you can fully grasp the amount of poo that you have stepped in? Don't worry Stacy, we won't bore you with the details. We're just here to make you look silly for trying to burn us with flimsy words.

Our most FAVORITEST part of your... "Promo" if you can even call it that, was asking us if we would still call it a worthless battle royal, had we won. You assuemed you knew the answer, a resounding, "NO..." if memory serves. However, once again, you seem to have failed in the research department. You might want to fire whatever person your mommy and daddy have hired for that portion of your career, princess.

When we say that it was a "worthless battle royal," we meant that it was indeed a worthless battle royal. If we don't cross paths with this particular chick sooner or later, someone is crazy, but Lindsay Troy said it best... And we're paraphrasing here: "One can not be a 'superwoman' based on winning one battle royal alone. A moniker like that takes a long time to build up a foundation for, to earn that title."

Well Stacy, you got lucky, once, and won a title. Come Evolution in a couple days time, we show you just how worthless of a title it is.

Last but not least Stacy... It appears that you have misinterpreted our words unto you. A gift from the "madness." It's ok, not a lot of people understand our words or their intent. You can join the masses.

However, it appears that you don't think that we understand that you've been through your own battles. We get it. You went through a war games type match, you've suffered battle after battle, win after win, biting, scratching, CLAWING... THROWING YOUR BROTHER OFF THE PROVERBIAL CLIFF, to get to where you are today. You "deserve" the "Unbreakable" moniker because here you stand, ready to take us on.

But what you fail to realize, is that we understand that you've gone through many a battle to get to this point Stacy. We understand that you're on some disillusioned crusade to prove yourself. We get what you're bringing to the table. However, you're coming at us with your resume instead of giving us a reason to even consider you a legitimate threat to our well being. You want to tout all your scars as medals of honor? Alright, come Evolution we'll come barring all of OUR scars, and we can compare. You won't BELIEVE some of the stuff that we've gone through, or put people through for that matter, to get here.

You are not scary Stacy. You are not intimidating. Your rhetoric to attack based solely on what we say? Laughable at best. However, a wise person once told us that words slash talk is cheap. Actions speak WAY louder. We know what you're going to bring to our little Pot Luck event Stacy. You bring a shiny title, your name, and your perky... Attitude. You bring a long history of victories against opponents that have left you bleeding and wondering why you do this to yourself. You have made it to this very moment, after making the concious decision to retire your own brother, and you can be bitter at us all you want about bringing it up Stacy; we want you to hurt. Family doesn't turn their back on family and that is exactly what you did. Pride? Titles? Be damned.

But... We digress.

Stacy. Listen closely, because the next thing you hear from our lips, and this we promise unto you, will be the ever blessed sound of our laughter as we stare at your beaten, bloody, and of course BROKEN visage after we right the wrong from Evo 50. You are not everything you think you are. Open your eyes. Accept your weaknesses and enjoy your demise. We know we will.

Semi colon.

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