Title: 3 Blind Mice
Featuring: Jimmy Allen
Date: I'm judging you bitchacho
Location: Texas
Show: Evolution 55

3 blind mice

{Post Golden Intentions}

I didn’t leave ringside immediately, I watched Mia win the shot at jackass unfold. I was conflicted because of what she had done to Shadow. I was still mostly proud of her even if she was misguided in her efforts. While she celebrated in the ring I made my way up the ramp. An anniversary of sorts was coming up and I had to get home for that. I made my way past the gorilla position only to run into my father. Literally. 

JImmy Allen: Oooof….

I grunted as I rebounded off the old man.

Mac Bane: Easy there kiddo, slow your roll just a bit. 

I laughed out loud, him talking to me about slowing down was hilarious. If the rumors I had heard were true he was going back to work over at Carnage.

Jimmy Allen: You first?

Now he laughed, but only briefly. Since mom passed, he didn’t laugh often.

Mac Bane: I’m sure you’ve probably heard by now.

I hold up my hand to forestall his statement. 

Jimmy Allen: Carnage? Yes I’ve heard. Going to go hang out with Trent huh?

Mac Bane: Well, he’s one of the few left around that gets where I’m coming from anymore. So it makes sense to me. You  never know, I might be able to pull your Uncle Ken’s sorry ass out of retirement. 

Jimmy Allen: Meet you at the ranch tomorrow?

He nods solemnly, her first anniversary. Mom would have been what? 44 this year I think. 

Jimmy Allen: Alright pops, I’m going to go get a shower and we can go. 

He gives me a curt nod as I make my way past him towards the locker room.



See how they run……

{Crooked M Ranch - Port Arthur, Texas}

My brother Aeric and I stand by the old man’s side. I knew this would not be easy, she had died exactly one year ago today. Lung cancer had claimed her young life. She had never smoked a day in her life. Dad had never smoked in the house or any of the vehicles for that matter. It made no sense but cancer never did. So, now, now we get to put the pieces back together. Over the last year I had seen dad retreat further and further from us. I could tell he was getting back into ring shape and he was itching for a fight. Carnage seemed like a natural place for him to land. I actually felt bad for whoever his first opponent turned out to be. So much rage was in his heart. I know he felt cheated as well all do. We all just process it differently. Mom, it turns out, was quite the whiskey girl in her youth. So, in her honor, Dad had brought a bottle of turkey with him. We all held our glasses up.

The Banes: To Melissa, rest in peace.

With that we downed our whiskey in her honor and stood there in silence for a while. Still digesting it, still processing it, still hating it. Finally it was me that broke the silence because it’s what I do.

Jimmy Allen: Aeric, have you found a place yet?

Aeric Bane: To live or work?

Jimmy Allen: Both.

Aeric Bane: I thought I’d hang out here and help run the ranch.

Mac Bane: No sir, you’ll not be doing that. I’m not going to have you waste your time on this place. 

Annnnd….here we go….round two of this is my home not a waste of time. This time though, Dad wasn’t having it. He invaded Aeric’s personal place far more quickly than my broh was ready for. He grabbed him by the goatee and pulled him down so he could speak to him nose to nose. Gotta remember, Aeric is seven foot tall and Dad is six feet six inches tall. 

Mac Bane: Come over here James.

He lets go of Aerics goatee and wraps his massive arms around both of us. 

Mac Bane: I know this has been your home, your entire lives were dedicated to running this place and wrestling. There’s no shame in that, not at all. This has been a successful ranch, and that in this day and age is something to hang your hat on. 

He doesn’t give us a chance to respond.

Mac Bane: I want you to both dedicate yourselves to your craft. Either of you has the potential to be something special in the business of professional wrestling. 

I smile at Dad, his pep talks were traditionally epic….epically bad. This was different though, this is something he believed. His heart was talking now.

Mac Bane: This place will always be here. The Bane’s though, they got asses to kick. 

Aeric seemed taken aback by this revelation. The look of shock on his face finally registered with Dad causing both myself and Dad to laugh. 

Mac Bane: That’s right, I signed a contract with Carnage.

Jimmy Allen: Attention to detail lil brother, attention to detail…..



They all ran after the farmer's wife
Who cut their tails off with a carving knife

{Dallas, Texas - A few days later}

I had a lot to process, a lot to think about the last few days, but it was time to let it out. I sat down in front of the camera. The red light flashes as it records my expressions, breathing and red eyes…..tough week indeed. 

So, now it’s two times that I’ve been duped by Mia. You should have shot me straight chica, this would have gone so much differently if you had. 

I spread my hands out to the side, indicating a certain helplessness I felt in my heart. 

I could have helped to minimize the damage to our friends. For some reason only known to the thirty six different personalities in her head, she’s decided to alienate the rest of her friends for the sake of her heart of hearts. 

I bring my hands back in, clasping them at first and then bowing slightly at the camera. 

I do understand that completely and more fully than you can possibly imagine. We all make sacrifices for those that we care for but in this case Mia, no sacrifice was necessary. The family could have been complete, but now it’s been sundered. 

Again, I drop my hands to my side and bow my head in thought.

You’re not only selfish little miss, you’re also delusional. Your bag buddy, he’s still under the influence of  Jon Stewart, you know as well as I do that there’s no helping him until we find the origin of that programming. 

I allow the tears to flow as I bring my head back up.

I came back here to help you specifically, at the first opportunity, you do what you always do. You throw Shadow and me by the wayside. If I know you at all, you still have him tucked in your pocket somewhere. You know which he I’m talking about. You fed Zach to the wolves, without a second thought. 

The tears have stopped, I guess I’ve run the ducts dry as I try to sort through my emotions. 

Taxi, we could have been such great friends, you and I. I know that Stewart did something to you, what I don’t know is if you’ve broken the programming. I don’t think she knows either. That being said, in this match, there’s only one solution. I think it’s one that your father and mine would find amusing and beneficial. I’m simply going to kick your ass, from pillar to post. I don’t give two shits about who you are under that mask. Unmasking you is the furthest thing from my mind. My intent is going to be to unmake you. Ataxia once told me that he would wear my face, my real face, as a cod piece if I ever fucked with his family again. I wonder if you even know, the level of hypocrisy and fuckery that’s being exhibited at this moment bag man? I won’t allow you to destroy them. They are my family too.

Autumn Raven. If it had not been for the numerous times you’ve hit me with a chair, I would have no issues with you whatsoever. You’re association with Silas marred your reputation for a long time. People said you couldn’t even exist without him. Look at you sweet girl! You have a belt and he doesn’t! Good for you Autumn. About those chair shots though. See, the old Jimmy wouldn’t have let that go. He would have tracked you down to your family home and returned the favor in front of your mom and dad. Me now? Nah, I’d rather do it on national television. It’s not anything personal but I feel in my heart of hearts that you deserve it. 

Miss Lyndsey Troy, the queen of the ring, the Paramount Champion. You’re quite a big deal aren’t you missy?  Yes you are, and if I don’t believe you I could ask you and get a completely unbiased report I’m sure. It would likely be more impressive if you held the Impact Championship instead. The Paramount Title is not….paramount…..see what I did there? Yes, I held that title too, I think by now everyone has at some point. It matters about as much as our tag team titles do right now. At least the boys from Australia have a little class and don’t associate with Jackasses. Yes, he’s the world champion and your brother in law or fuck buddy or whatever. Don’t care. What I do care about?

What I care about is the fact that I finished in the top three at golden intentions! What does that mean?! It means I was second loser. That’s all it means kids. Still, not a bad showing for someone who had been away for a while. I came back to help The Forsaken. To intervene on the behalf of Ataxia. To deliver a friend from the clutches of an absolute d-bag. Only to find out that my services are not needed after all. I’m still gonna help Shad, no doubt about that. As for the people in this match, this fatal four way for no apparent fucking reason? Usually when matches like this get booked, they have reason, they have purpose. This match doesn’t, so my response to that? Eat a bag of dicks. 

Did you ever see such a sight
As three blind mice?

{Dallas, Texas - Next Day}

I sit in a chair by an open window. The cigarette smoke drifts through it thanks to a great cross breeze in the apartment. My emotions are still very raw, Marrissa knows it and sits close by stroking my arm. She whispers encouraging words to me, knowing only that I need a kind voice right now. I need someone else in my brain other than Jimmy Allen right now. That’s for damn sure. My phone chooses that time to buzz, I pick it up and see a text message from an unknown number. Normally I delete these but the area code is familiar….

I press play on the video, it shows me a car being driven by Mia Rayne stopping and picking up a passenger. Not just any passenger though….Ataxia. 

Jimmy Allen: Son of a bitch…..

I mutter, softly, so as not to disturb the neighbors. I toss the phone on the couch and shake my head. Rubbing my temples before another headache sets in. Marrissa lays a hand on my shoulder.

Marrissa: She loves him, you know?

I allow a long sigh to escape me. 

Jimmy Allen: I do know, and he loves her. This was not unexpected, but it was all at the same time if that makes sense.

She agrees and drapes her arm now across my shoulders as I bow my head slightly. 

Jimmy Allen: I should try to get in touch with Dorian or Zach maybe. Shad will need help and support right now. He let Mia live there all this time. I know he must feel betrayed right now, I can’t imagine he has opened his home to many people only to have them shit on his carpet. 

“That’s not really the way I would say it at all Jimmy”, the Shadow enters the frame. I stand and shake his offered hand.

Jimmy Allen: You really could just knock on the door, call or something….ya know?

I nods his head in agreement.

Shadow: Yes, I could, but where is the fun in that?

His easy going nature and sarcasm alleviates the tension in the room a bit and we all have a good laugh.

Shadow: I was hoping you could show me what you’ve been working on? I know you were trying to track down who programmed Ataxia. I think it’s probably the same people who have her. 

The two men sit down to go over everything that Jimmy has uncovered which admittedly isn’t much, but it’s a starting point. Marrissa stays near Jimmy to offer input, and technical expertise as the scene fades….
{Dallas, Tx - Later that night}

Shadow has been gone a few hours now, I’m back in my chair, smoking again. The cigarette smoke forms a halo around me as Marrissa enters the room from the bedroom. She fights her way thru the smoke and opens a window.

Jimmy Allen: Sorry about that, got lost in my thoughts….

She waves the apology away.

Marrissa: No problem babe, I got you.

I smile at her, she always has. I’m a very lucky man, our relationship is effortless. I hear stories all the time about relationships are hard. I was taught at a very early age, relationships are like farts, if you have to try to hard it’s just shit.

Jimmy Allen: You are my anchor in the storm my love.

Now it’s her turn to smile and even blush, she waves it away with the kitty paw motion.

Marrissa: Stop it….no...more please.

I laugh at her playfulness. 

Jimmy Allen: I guess I should get this thing recorded before I get fined again for being late.

Now it’s her turn to laugh.

Marrissa: Wasn’t it due yesterday?

I slap my palm against my forehead as she laughs at me. I stick my tongue out at her.

Jimmy Allen: No, it’s actually due before midnight.

Marrissa: Then you better get a move on!

I rise up out of my chair and head to the sound studio in our apartment. Turning on all the lights. The laptop is still on from the last time, so I get the camera going and connect my preamp. I slide the headphones on and do a couple of test samples. Sounding good, levels are good. So I begin.

Well kids, here we are once again. Back in action in the see dubya eff. A fatal fourway match to determine….not a fucking thing. A match for pride? For bragging rights? Just a way to get Ataxia and I in the same ring? Maybe they are in hopes that someone will kick Lyndsey Troy’s teeth out of her mouth, breaking her jaw in order to shut her the fuck up. If the Queen of the ring spent as much time in the ring as she does being butthurt over bull shit….Well, she might be world champion right now instead of that idiot. Mr. I claim to be from Texas but I’m really from Florida. Another day and time for that though.

I shouldn’t have a single bad thing to say about Autumn Raven, I really shouldn’t. She won the impact championship and has defended it time and again. Sadly though, I just can’t seem to get passed the chair shots that I’ve taken from you that cost me title match opportunities. I know that the Forsaken, more importantly my God Daughter Chloe had taken an interest in you personally. That being said, I can and will let it go. Chloe doesn’t stick up for people without a damn good reason. So you and I are square.

My dear friend, the newest in a long line of bag men. Pill poppers are fun aren’t they kids? You can hear a pill bottle in the background being shaken. That’s okay Kid, you don’t have to tell me, I already know.



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