Title: A new Archangel
Featuring: Azrael
Date: 6/18/18
Location: Fireside
Show: Golden Intentions GI- The Road to Wrestle Fest IV


[Azrael is sitting in his chair, next to the fire place.  Fireplace isn’t lit, and there is a somber feel to the room, rather than the cozy feel from previous meetings]


How much is to much?  How much can a man take before he cracks, before he gives up? When does the man crumble under the pressure?  Apparently, I am close. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. One thing after another. Every victory, followed by what feels like two loses.  Every smile I make, is followed by two tears. How is one supposed to find happiness when every step towards it leads me further and further away from it? I am really beginning to question whether this is working and if it's worth it. Time and time again I go out to try and feel something positive. To have set back after set. I unintentionally get my hopes up that I will get that win. That I will find the positive. But no. It's always my shoulders down for the third strike. No matter how entertaining or how much I push people to their best it's not enough for me. Not anymore. I can't be stuck in this rut for much longer. Something is going to have to change. Not sure what will but something is going to snap.


[Azrael pauses and takes a look around the room. Pausing with his head raised looking to the heavens, before it drops down in defeat]


Keep trying the say. It will get better they say. Give it time they say. Easy words from people who aren't in the situation. Easy and simple words that does nothing to help ease the suffering. It's like telling a kid with a broken leg that it will heal but not taking them to get a cast. Yes it will heal but it doesn't help thyme now deal with the pain or any of the other pain since it hasn't been taken care of.


You need to change they say. Stop thinking negatively they say. The problem is within you and you can fix it they say. They say this as if I don't know that I am the problem. They say it like I have chosen this path. I have chosen this outlook. That I have chosen my default thoughts. I haven't, not recently. How can you change a behavior that has been learned for your entire life? It takes time and work. To change who you are at your core doesn't happen like you flip a switch. Just because you want to.


So what is the purpose of this royal rumble?  To get a chance at the world title. What would I do with a chance like that?  The possibilities. That might be the opportunity that I need. The catalyst to propel me towards the life I know.   Yes I can see it, can you?


[Azrael gets up and lights the fire, brightening the room, but not getting rid of the somber feel that exists within the room]


So the wonderful mass of people that will enter and try to toss each other out.  I can’t address them. They are nothing more than sand on the beach. Nameless, useless very similar pieces that I will wash away, like the high tide.  I may have found the inspiration I need to have that extra drive to push me further than I push my opponents. This could be what breaks the apathy I feel.  This could be the death of the Archangel of Apathy, and the rise of the Champion Archangel. That has a nice ring to it don’t you. First it will be Golden Intentions Royal Rumble winner, then onto Wrestlefest.  Watch out folks. It is dawning of a new age. It is time for the Archangel of Championships to rise and take his rightful place at the top of this company. Something I am more than capable of achieving. Something I have experience with.  Omega, Caledonia, and Amber Ryan, whichever of you is successful at Golden Intentions, enjoy your month of your reign. I am coming for you. It is time to shed the apathy, and spread my wings.

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