Title: A History Lesson
Featuring: Stacy Jones
Date: 06/21/2019
Location: Rapid City, South Dakota
Show: Evolution 55

For those in CWF who do not know who I am, it’s time for a quick history lesson if you would be so kind to listen. My name is Stacy Jones, I was born and raised in New York City, New York and ever since I was fourteen years old, it was my dream to become a professional wrestler.

I started training at the same age and by the time I turned nineteen, I was signed to my first professional wrestling company and for the first year, I was nothing more than a manager. By the time I turned twenty, I started to actually perform in the ring and in just a few short months, I won my first championship, the NWA Starlet’s Championship.

After NWA closed, I found myself going to several companies such as WCF and VoW and in both companies, I was a champion.

Coming to the end of 2016 and the start of 2017, I was approached by professional wrestling legend, Eric Donavan, who informed me that he was opening up his own company, HYBRID and that he was very interested in signing me, so with nowhere else to go? I jumped at the opportunity and I have been there ever since.

During my tenure there, I ended up becoming the second ever Evolution Champion and I defeated my own brother to win it. Even though I no longer hold said title, I am still the longest reigning Evolution Champion in the company's history and for a while, I was the longest reigning singles champion in history until that accolade went to the reigning Grand Champion, HYBRID’s equivalent to the World Championship.

Said Grand Champion had never been defeated in one on one competition since HYBRID opened its doors, and since I started my professional wrestling career? Despite holding several championships in the various companies I had been a part of, I had never won the top belt.

But those two things changed at the end of last year when I went one on one with the Grand Champion with the title on the line, and I would finally realise my dream, and almost six months later, I am still HYBRID Grand Champion.

Lesson over? Not quite.

The camera flickers to life as I am here in Rapid City, South Dakota ahead of the final stop before my biggest title defense for HYBRID at Evolutionary War III when Unleashed episode fifty six emanates from the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. Dressed in a pair of black leather high heeled boots, a pair of black skin tight leather trousers, a black “Unbreakable Grand Champ” T-shirt and my black leather jacket, I finish setting up the camera on the tripod and head over to a chair where my Grand Championship lies. Picking it up, I sit down and proudly place my title over my shoulder and focus my attention on the camera.

“At CWF’s historic fiftieth episode of Evolution, I along with nine other women, some CWF legends, some current CWF wrestlers and some wrestlers from outside of the company battled in the Superwoman of Wrestling Battle Royal. The reason why I decided to sign up for the match was because I love this business and I wanted the opportunity to represent HYBRID even more as their current Grand Champion in front of a brand new audience here in CWF. And I did exactly that when I showed up and not only did I eliminate more women in that match but I won the match as well!”

I smirk as I remember how amazing it was to win that match.

“And that was the first time I encountered my opponent at Evolution fifty five in Mia Rayne. After all, we were the final two left in the match. And it’s funny, because I was prepared to sing Mia’s praises… not just for getting to the final two with me in the Superwoman Battle Royal, but also for managing to withstand twenty nine other competitors to win the Golden Intentions Battle Royal. But then she started flapping her gums…”

Leaning back in the chair, I shake my head a little.

“Let me ask you something, Mia? Had it been you who won the Superwoman Battle Royal, would you have still referred to it as a meaningless Battle Royal like you did? I highly doubt it. You’re just still bitter that you couldn’t get the job done against someone who isn’t even a full time competitor here in CWF. And now that you’ve won a bigger Battle Royal, because of that, you believe that I have no chance against you. That’s fine. You’re not the first person to underestimate me, and you won’t be the last either. I’ve spent my entire career being the underdog and I have proved many people wrong.”

I lean forward again, glaring into the camera.

“You talk about Superman because of me winning the Superwoman of Wrestling match, saying everyone likes him except you. Sorry to bust your little bubble, but I’ve never liked Superman, I’ve always been more of a Batman fan.”

Shrugging, I let out a small chuckle.

“And you went on and on and on about my nickname and talking shit about how I haven’t been through enough shit to call myself “Unbreakable”, without even knowing who I am. You’re not all that good at scouting and doing research on your opponents are you? The only research you seemed to fucking do was regarding my most recent match against my brother!”

Now I’m angry.

“First of all, the nickname “Unbreakable” was GIVEN to me by one of my friends and it was because of how much pain and suffering I have endured throughout my entire life, not just professionally but personally as well! I have suffered from depression for most of my life and at one point in my wrestling career, I went over a YEAR without winning a single fucking match! For most of my time in HYBRID, I was embroiled in a war with a man who calls himself Lucifer along with his group known as the Children of Nephilim! During that war, my mother along with many people near and dear to me were kidnapped! Many of my friends were severely injured! I even had my left hand broken!”

I show the palm of my left hand as the large scar going across it is clearly visible.

“That is only just a few things that I have suffered through during my lifetime, and each time I deal with something like that? Like the superheroes you speak of… I kept rising back up stronger and more determined than ever to put the bastards who caused me and my loved ones to suffer down for good! THAT is why I was GIVEN the nickname “Unbreakable”!

Tilting my head to the side, I smirk.

“Do you feel like an idiot, yet? Do you wish you’d actually done some proper research on me so you were actually fully aware of exactly what you’re up against?”

I lift my head back up.

“Another thing you liked to throw around is how I apparently think I’m so great, that I think I’m the best thing to ever step foot into the professional wrestling business! Again, you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about because I am one of the most humble wrestlers in this industry! I don’t do this for money… I don’t do this for fame… I don’t do this for glory! I do this because I LOVE wrestling! I do it because I want to show wrestling fans that no matter who you are, if you have a dream… you CAN achieve it if you put the work into it!”

Leaning forward again, I display my Grand Championship to the camera.

“Things like this… these are icing on the cake for me. This proves that through hard work, you can achieve anything! I worked for almost a decade to obtain this and now that I hold it? I hold it with pride and dignity and respect!”

I place the title back over my shoulder.

“I respect what you are capable of, Mia. You are a former World Champion in your own right, so I already know you are going to be a difficult opponent. But that is what I love about this industry, and it’s what I love about having one off matches in other companies because I love to test myself against fresh faces. I love to test myself against the best of the best that other companies have to offer because wrestling is my drug!”

Stroking my free hand through my long black hair, I let out a small sigh.

“And I was prepared to show you respect for the person you are and tell you that I was looking forward to having a great match against a great wrestler. And then all of that changed when you started running me down and spouting nothing but crap and lies about me without actually knowing just who the Hell I am! You want to say that I am afraid of you? Bitch, please! I have literally battled with Satan himself and I kicked his ass along with his fucking Children inside War Games! So save me your bull shit about me having no idea about true pain and suffering, or how I have never faced someone like you because over the past year and a half I have battled against fuckers EXACTLY like you and suffered more pain and suffering that I care to remember!”

I lean forward yet again, with focus and determination in my eyes.

“So get off your high horse and prepare to discover exactly what it’s like to go one on one with “Unbreakable” Stacy Jones! Prepare to accept that you will NOT accomplish what so many others have claimed they will do so many times before by saying they will “break” me! Prepare to go face to face with the Superwoman of Wrestling!”

Standing to my feet, I make my way over to the camera.

“Mia Rayne? You shall suffer my judgement! Your Final Penance… is coming!”

And with that, I shut the camera off as the scene fades to black.

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