Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: The here and now
Location: A rabbit hole
Show: Evolution 55

THE Mansion:

Of course Mia is resting after Golden Intentions 2019. She bested 29 other people in a horrific test of her endurance and stamina, earning herself a main event spot at WrestleFest when she takes on the ape of a man in Dan Ryan. But... That wasn't the sweet. That wasn't the frosting on the cake.

Mia Rayne: He loves me...

Her words are slurred as the door creaks open some. She turns slightly in her sleep, the bandages on her head evident as she finally took literally EVERYONE'S advice around her, and finally got some rest to heal. No one would blame her. But... That wasn't what was bothering Shadow as he peers in on his Forsaken family member. Since her persona schismed into Loki, and then again into Cheshire, then back into Mia... Well, things have been hectic. Shadow had his own fair share of things to deal with, but after Golden Intentions the mantra of "control what can be controlled" has come into play. He knocks softly on the door and clears his throat.

Shadow: Mia?

She stirs, but that's about it. She has always been a sound sleeper and a violent awakener. History dictated Shadow play things safe. He knocks a little louder and increases his voice a bit.

Shadow: Mia.

A statement, not a question. She had some things to answer for and while she did need her rest, she also owed it to him. Mia slowly stretches in bed and her eyes flutter open. Her eyes widen in shock as she notices Shadow.

Mia Rayne: OH! Shadow... Hey. Just catching some R&R since everyone and their grandmother suggested it.

Shadow: Because they care Mia. I... Care about your well being. You went through a lot at Golden Intentions and now you definitely deserve some time to recoup...

He pauses and Mia squints. She puts her glasses on so she can see a bit more clearly after rubbing her eyes, and stifles a yawn.

Mia Rayne: But...?

Shadow doesn't smile like he usually does when Mia picks up that he has more to say. Usually he smiles. This... This doesn't sit well with Mia.

Shadow: But... I need you to tell me what Golden Intentions was all about. While your intentions in the rumble were made quite golden, your intentions in your match with Ataxia left some to be desired.

She falls silent but doesn't say anything. A gleam enters her eye and it's a look that instantly puts Shadow on edge. A Cheshire grin soon follows, and if Loki was a face instead of a mask, Mia would currently be wearing it.

Mia Rayne: Well... Suppose it's story time isn't it then?
Throughout the course of history, humanity has relied on certain… Let’s call them myths shall we? To get them through the day.

Religion is a popular one, but we’re not going to touch that topic with any length of anything. Nope. Well…

Maybe someday. But that day is not this day.

The myth we’re referencing is of course “superheroes” and the world surrounding them. Fantastic fights that level cities! Ka-Pow! BANG! PLOOIE!

We enjoy the comics, but we always wondered why the villain never got their day. Sure, once in a while a battle would be won here and there. Heroes would be beaten but they would always rise up. Stronger for what they have in common with one another, their opposition weaker because they concentrate on their differences. It’s a really weird dynamic.

And sure, we wouldn’t root for the homeboys that want to enslave the planet, but there are certain heroes that did make sense. Joker had some good points here and there. Ra's Al Ghul is another. However, we digress.

The point here is that in order for a myth to take hold, it needs an origin story. It needs a beginning. It needs a spark to start things off. It needs a “first.” Do some research as we’re positive that there are debates to be had on the subject, but one of the VERY first names that exits anyone’s pie-hole when it comes to this topic is of course, “Superman.” The Man of Steel. The dude that we can only compare to the kid that has to have one of everything and is jealous when he’s at a friend’s party, so his parents get him his own presents so they won’t be an absolute shit head.

Superman is a boy scout. Everyone wants to tout him as the biggest, strongest, best superhero out there, but is he really? He’s stranded on an abandoned planet, though, let’s be honest here; he could have just flown away whenever if he wanted to be a bitch about it. He stuck around though and his arrogance has gotten the better of him. Not a day goes by that someone in Metropolis USA doesn’t thank the heavens above for the all powerful and great Superman.


Where’s the spark of originality? EVERYONE likes Superman but us? WE enjoy watching him get beaten to a bloody pulp. We cheered the day that Doomsday came for Supes. We laughed as he died. We giggled every time a new concept would come through, trying to imitate the original and ultimately failing. They didn’t just fail, but they FAILED, and hard. Kapoot. And…

We jeered when they brought him back.

Now, Stacy, we’re quite sure that you’re confused at this point because, why in the great green FUCK of this lifetime would we come to the “Unbreakable” Stacy Jones, the so called “Superwoman” of all of wrestling; with tales of the oh, so “powerful” Superman?

It’s simple Stacy, but we’ll try to go slow so you can grasp the concept, ya ready?

We hate the Superman. We hate the fact that he was awarded the title of “best” of anything just because he was the first and he has the most powers. We hate his fans who come at you with lists of reasons why Supes could beat the colors off any hero, villain, or any being you could put in front of him. We hate his fucking arrogance. We hate that he’s awarded things just because of name alone instead of proving he deserves it.

Are you following us Stacy? Or did we go too fast for you? YOU have been awarded so much in your young, twenty eight years on this rock we call Earth. What have you really done to earn any of that? What have you done to earn the title of “Unbreakable?” Do you know what it feels like to be broken? Have you really been pushed to that limit?

Are you ready to go down that particular rABbIT hoLE Stacy? Consider us, Mia, Loki, Cheshire, or whatever name you want to call us by, your special white rabbit. Follow the white rabbit Stacy, and be prepared to be changed forever. We PROMISE you that you have NEVER and will EVER come across anyone quite like us. You might THINK that you know what violence is, what leaving everything in that ring is like…


Maybe you already do? Isn’t that right Stacy? Why don’t you ask your brother what’s more important? Blood or pride?

The Mansion (Again)

Shadow: Story time?

Mia blinks sleepingly in his direction and rubs at her head some. She winces as memory of her battle at Golden Intentions against Ataxia comes back to her. Shadow notices and quietly moves into the room, closing the door behind him softly. He remains standing at the foot of Mia’s bed, almost uneasy as she slowly is able to adjust to being conscious. She looks suspiciously in his direction. One thing about Shadow she had always wondered about was his ability to attract and maintain her gaze. She didn’t give anyone eye contact if she could help it, but Shadow was different. He understood her. He gave her everything and in exchange she let him in. It really was that simple, except…

He wasn’t holding her gaze. In fact, he was doing everything in his power available to him to avoid her gaze at all costs. This is… New.

Mia Rayne: I… Yeah, sorry. Just woke up and was having the most wonderful dream…

Shadow’s eyes light up with a fire Mia has only seen from behind the eyes of Loki’s mask. She stops talking and sighs, the same fire that many have feared and only spoken about in hushed whispers coming to Mia’s eyes. Finally, they make eye contact and the friction that is created between the two is palpable.

Mia Rayne: Right. Fine. You want an explanation. We told you that night and we warned you prior. Don’t get involved in matters that don’t concern you.

She stops talking though as she notices his fists clench and she smiles.

Mia Rayne: Right, we know what we promised and now it’s time to turn our attentions to…

Shadow: Don’t.

The word has an air of finality to it, one that causes Mia to stop in her tracks. A stumble she hadn’t anticipated on, and she can barely contain the giggle as she thinks about the sheer audacity of being out maneuvered by Shadow; a walking repeat, a ghost among men.

Mia Rayne: Fine. We won’t. What’s next then oh so fearless leader?

Her tone carries with it a tone of sarcasm that sends a tremor through Shadow. It’s slight, Mia almost didn’t notice it. He was wound up tighter than a rubber band, ready to snap. Another thought that makes Mia smile inwardly.

Shadow: That’s not good enough anymore Mia and I’ve been more than patient with you since you’ve returned. At Golden Intentions you drove me away from trying to help you, why?

Mia blinks at him and get up from bed. She grabs her shorts from where she wiggled out of them the night before and pulls them up over her leggings. A t-shirt goes on over her cami, careful to avoid the bandages as much as possible. The combat boots complete the ensemble.

Mia Rayne: Love will forever and always be important in this world Shadow. Love for the business, love for another, love for an ideal. What happened at Golden Intentions? We finally got a chance to hear the words we’ve longed to hear Ataxia say since we went kaput. He means a lot to us, just like Myf…

Shadow slams his fist against the bedpost and Mia falls silent, jumping slightly.

Shadow: No. You don’t get to brush things off by using sappy sentiments. You turned your back on me and at this point you leave me no choice…

Mia Rayne: What exactly are you saying Shadow?

Her eyes are narrowed, voice a menacing whisper. Shadow doesn’t care, unlike some people (Stacy Jones), he’s fought with and against Mia and has walked out the other side. He knows what he’s doing and as much as it pains him to do so, if he can’t trust someone at his side, then they didn’t need to be there. Their gazes meet for a second time and they understand each other.

Shadow: You are no longer welcome here Mia. Period.

She contemplates things, toys with them in her head as a low growl escapes her throat. It was his house after all, he was well within his rights. Maybe she DID cross one too many lines in her pursuit of a happy ending. Or at least a happier one than what she’s used to.

Mia Rayne: Shadow, we… Sorry?

He shakes his head, turns and leaves the room. Mia looks helplessly around the room that had become such a big part of her life as the click of the door being closed forcibly, yet oh so softly forcing Mia to jump slightly. She gathers up the few things that she has in the room in a bag, and leaves, silently cursing the day that she allowed herself to be fooled by the mirage of a home.
In each and every Superperson story, Stacy, there lies an antagonist. Someone or something that directly opposes that super pooper to the point that they come to arms. Sometimes the source of the dispute is money, power, a game of Chinese telephone gone horribly and terribly wrong. Even still, there are those occasions that the aggressor isn't the antagonist, but the Super themselves for all the good that they do.

Look at it this way Stac. You have given yourself a moniker of "unbreakable" and yet to my knowledge, you have yet to be that tested. You haven't come across EVERY wrestler in this conceivable plane of existence have you? We doubt it very much. So how do you know that you're so "unbreakable?" We get that the marketing for "Unbreakable: Up Until This Point" leaves a little something to be desired, but at the very least it's true. Rest assured though Stacy, you'll have every chance to prove just how "unbreakable" you are when you step in the ring with us. You might think that you've been put through the ringer.

Earned that title shot and have held onto it, clutching it to you like a single mother who just had a baby on prom night, wondering just how impacted her life is going to be. You've held onto that belt through thick and thin, welcoming all comers. Hell, at your last show, you... You freakin' retired your own brother for the sake of your own pride. Selfish really. You couldn't share, you didn't want to give anyone a chance to hold that belt you hold so near and dear. "Unbreakable?" Maybe if we started to call you Gollum and you started to call your belt your, "precious." You could have given that dude, your brother, BROTHER, flesh and blood, the one thing we're pretty sure that you say is could be the only thing more important than the gold; a one last chance to hold that belt. One last chance to feel the warmth of glory as he basks in his victory as you politely applaud and say, "Hey bro, just remember, I have a rematch." See? How freakin' difficult would that have been for you to do Stacy? Yet you had to give into your pride, your arrogance.

Your call to be "super" and "grand."

But... Let's talk about that "super" adjective of yours Stacy! Ever since Supes showed up on the scene, there has always been one constant. He needs a weakness. Hell, since the dawn of time the Greek Gods of old had Achilles to demonstrate the principle of weakness, and Stacy, m'dear, you sweet and naïve child... You're not as good as you think you are and you will fall off that pedestal you have yourself propped up on and when that fall comes child, it's going to be ugly. It's going to hurt and at the end of the day you'll be grateful for the experience. A true competitor, a true CHAMPION, Stacy, learns most from when they lose a match, than when they win a match.

We could give two shits about you coming into CWF, staking your claim, winning an unimportant battle royal that only gave you a cute little moniker to work off of. Hell, we'll overlook the fact that we challenged you to this very match, but at the time, we assume we didn't matter to you. We weren't worth the time of the almighty "super unbreakable" Stacy Jones. That is until we won a battle royal that actually meant something, that PROVES that everything that we do, say, and act upon, isn't only golden, but it's the truth. We say it. We do it. We accomplish it. We move on. You on the other hand, just enjoy bringing up the old stuff, and then relying on that to make it to the next level.

Now, to our CWF loyalists out there, is this beginning to sound like someone we all know and love? MJ Flair, our own little spunky ball of fire, two time world champion, and pretty much unstoppable. Unflappable. Un...Breakable. That is until I hurled the little heroine up and over the top rope, where she planted back first and rolled at the base of the entrance ramp. We remember it well, because we were the ones that went and peeled her up off the floor, tossed her back into the ring, and pinned her with one finger. Boom, we were the champion. MJ, you know we love you, but you know, you KNOW just how much you needed that kick in the pants. You came back and you lit us up like no tomorrow, and look at us now. Friends till the end.

But you Stacy... You... Youyouyou....

You are not a friend. You are a stranger in a strange land. You came in and then you ran for the hills because you knew that deep down, in a regular match... You are nothing compared to us. We are the kryptonite to your Superman, your particular Achilles Tendon. We are the oil to your water, the Murphy to your Law, and mark our words you will experience the sting of defeat by our hands come Evolution. Superwoman? Unbreakable? To us you're nothing but a scared little bitch that doesn't know how much she just chewed off.

Spoiler alert, you're about to choke. Gag. Turn blue in the face. And you will break at our hands. This isn't about brand supremacy, one title versus another title, or the fact that you think that you're something of a champion. This is about teaching you a little bit about respect for OUR brand. You don't get to be invited to events, win them, and then disappear into the night. That isn't how we operate. You want to prove that you're every bit of a fighting champion that you say you are? Wholesome? Great material for families to look up to.

"Look ma at what the 'Unbreakable' Stacy Jones can do!"

Defile those odds Stacy. You go. Now stop and look at where you are, look who you're about to come up against. The one person that struck fear into your heart enough to keep you away until the risk of losing face was imminent. Look how far all of those puffed up accolades have gotten you!

Delivered you right into our awaiting hands. Welcome to your demise Stacy. Our name is Mia Rayne, and we will be the bringer of your destruction. We wonder though...

What are you going to be concerned about the most after we leave you broken and beaten? Will it be how you could possibly go back to HYBRID, with your tail between your legs, a defeated champion, proven that you aren't as "grand" as you might think you are? Is it going to be about your retired brother, retired by YOUR OWN HANDS, might we add, and how your hollow victory just became even more hollow? Or are you going to keep it simple... Stupid, and just accept the fact that you aren't as good as you might THINK you are?

We keep our promises Stacy and we are going to promise you this. By the end of our dance at Evolution, you will respect this brand, and you will regret the day that you EVER thought you could compare to US.

Semi colon.

Right parenthesis.

The night air is cool as Mia finishes loading some of her bags, her vape tank beginning to get dangerously low. Luckily, Shadow's druids were all good people for the most part. She might not know if he had instructed them to help her, but she appreciated it all the same. This wasn't something Mia particularly WANTED to happen, but it was happening, and she made her choice. She smiles at Alistair and gives him a warm hug goodbye, tears coming to her eyes.

Mia Rayne: Thank you all for everything. Tell him no hard feelings ok? And... And we'll do whatever it is we can to find out more information about Myfanwy. Please, stay in touch?

She doesn't get anything more than a somber nod. Maybe they had their marching orders and maybe they just didn't want anything more to do with her. She didn't feel any malicious intent by them though and even Loki wasn't concerned enough to get involved in the situation and make HER opinions known. Mia smiles in what she hopes is a sad and forlorn way, she was never good at expression, and climbs into her car. One thing she notices is that the gas tank has a full tank of gas miraculously and she is grateful enough for that much assistance. She honks as she pulls away, unsure what she was expecting. It wasn't a happy departure but she didn't feel sad about it. She didn't feel mad, maybe just... Numb. She takes a puff off her tank and inhales, enjoying the sensation as she holds her breath, and drives down the long driveway and out the gate before she exhales; the smoke billowing out against the windshield before flowing out of the cracked windows. She drives a couple miles down the hidden path, until she is certain she is out of view of the mansion and any security detail Shadow may have posted. Still, one can never be too sure, which is why she drives an extra mile and then pulls off to the side, turning out the lights, unlocking the doors, and waiting as "Pretty on the Inside" by Bullet for my Valentine plays softly in the background.

Mia takes a few more puffs and casually flicks through her phone, wondering if she made a mistake in turning to social media, but ignoring it for the most part. There's a time and place for that nonsense, and she didn't feel like putting up with it at this very moment. Instead she turns on a random puzzle game and continues to wait ever so patiently until...

The passenger side door opens, the interior dome light never coming on due to Mia long ago turning that switch off. She smiles as she starts the car back up, turns on the lights, and continues down the road. Ataxia takes her by the hand and kisses it gently, softly brushing his other hand over her bandages.

Mia Rayne: It's fine. Really. How's your arm?

She casts a sidelong glance at his bandaged arm, or at least she assumes it's bandaged from where she tore into it with a pair of scissors.

Ataxia: Surface scratches and nothing more. How did things go in there?

Mia sighs, he already knows what's coming, they had planned for this.

Mia Rayne: You were right and it went down almost exactly as you said. He wasn't very... Happy we chose you over him, but what could we do? We missed you and...

She stops the car again at the side of the road, now long away from Shadow's weary gaze. Tears start to flow down her cheeks as she looks at Ataxia.

Mia Rayne: We're... Sorry for hurting you like we did.

Ataxia goes to say something and she rests her hands on his injured arm.

Mia Rayne: No, not that. When we were taken from you and weren't able to come back. We'll make it up to you... Someday, if you'll let us.

She sniffles and he wipes the tears from her eyes, much like he used to do. Their eyes meet and there is little hesitation before their lips meet, finally able to... Display their affection for each other, in what is sure to be different ways. The static, the feelings, the SPARK, is all still there, like it was never removed. And when they separated? Well... The most infectious laugh that the CWF has ever known harmonizes with the most haunting giggle the CWF contains. The resulting symphony of psychosis will forever haunt the poor souls who are silly enough to allow themselves to imagine just how chilling that sound truly is...
We feel like we need to end things here Stacy. Honestly, we're not even sure if you're in the same league as us. You're probably going to fire back with something about how taunting you indicates that we're afraid of you.

Far from the truth. Stacy, we aren't going to just TELL you that we aren't afraid of you.

We aren't intimidated by your accolades.

We aren't swayed by your bubbly personality.


We could give two shits about your past record. This is the here and now chickarito and right NOW? Our sights are set on YOU. You can keep looking behind you all you want and try to tell us all about how you once beat this person, your record speaks for itself, you went so far as to beat the ever living hell out of your own flesh and blood just to make sure that if your name wasn't already cemented in a legacy somewhere, it would be forever listed in your family album as the sister that took her brother's career away.

You can come to our home, Evolution, Stacy, and you can bring all of your monikers, stolen, false, hyperbole, or otherwise. You can bring your accolades and your grand claims that we are scared and talking nonsense. We want you to show up at Evolution Stacy, and we want you to bring all of those things with you.

We want you to get overconfident and arrogant. Cocky and headstrong. Bring it all with you to our home away from home Ms. Jones. We want to see the crushing realization when you realize that all that you bring with you pales in comparison to what we have in store for you. We aren't scared of what goes bump in the night Stacy, we ARE the things that go bump in the night. Feel that fear trickle down your spine, like a shot of ice water flowing through you and electrifying your senses. Feel the fear as you look us dead in the eyes, and realize that we are your demise. We are the thing of your nightmares. And when that charming smile flickers just for a smidge and that one iota of a shadow of a doubt shows its ugly head.

We're going to laugh. And you will be forever haunted by its echo as you try to live with the fact that when it comes to the CWF? The only thing "super" about the "unbreakable" and "grand" champion, Stacy Jones, is how super she looks falling to her back and being pinned by yours truly. No winkie faces. No half hearted promises.

You'll soon realize that this is only the part of show and tell where we don't just TELL you how much you've messed up in coming back here. We're going to show you and you will be changed for the better for it. Welcome to the competition, hope you're ready for our "grand" showing of superiority over you.

We'll see you real soon oh so "unbreakable" one. Enjoy that particular moniker while it lasts, because we plan on pushing it to the very limit and see just how true it really is.

Smooches toots and good luck. You'll need it.

Hashtag winkie face.

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