Title: Down in New Orleans, there's gonna be a fight
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: Ringside
Show: Golden Intentions 6

“Tonight is right

And it happens to be true

No sticks or stones gonna break the bones

Of the man who guns for you…”

Days after Evolution 54….

Location:  Los Angeles International Airport

TIme:  Late afternoon

With a classic rock song blaring over the speakers in between calls for flights and other such things, Autumn pushed the earbuds further into her ears and turned up the volume on some random youtube video about scary mysteries.  Think it was about murders in Hollywood. She chuckled about that fact, thinking back to her own theme song that played when she entered the arena. She’d honestly been to the actual Hollywood maybe a few times in her life, just to wander the streets and visit the walk of fame while doing a little movie star snooping.  It never panned out, but the hunt was even more fun than anything. In just a few hours time, she would be on the hunt herself for a much bigger and more interesting prey than a movie star in the land of jazz music, ghost stories, and good drinks.

Friends and family were being left behind in her hometown for the next few days while she traveled to New Orleans to do press conferences and other such official stuff for CWF to promote the upcoming pay per view and other future events.  Even Phoenix was left behind in Chicago so she could focus mainly on this thing. Not that focusing on him alone was a bad thing, you get the picture.

“Gee, you’re leaving me behind again?”

“Christ, bird brain.  It’s just for a few days.  This pay per view is important to me, dammit.  I need to focus. I’ll be back after all of the shit is done, you know that.  It’s not like we didn’t just see each other a few weeks ago. You can’t come along anyway, you have a show for that promotion there.  Or did you forget that already?”

“Damn, she got me.”  There was a chuckle on the other end of the line.  “I kinda did. You know if I had the time, I’d join ya.”


“I know.  It would have been fun to paint the town red in New Orleans with you.  Get into all sorts of trouble, listen to music, eat some food. The whole nine yards.  Maybe we’ll have to plan for a trip back in the future.”

“Sounds like a plan dear.  I should get going anyway, my head is pounding like nobody’s business.  I thought I would call and say hello, see how things are going, and wish you good luck.  You know I got your back.”

“Course.  I’ve got yours.  Take care.”


That had been the end of that conversation.  The two going off their own seperate ways to do their own thing, whatever that may be.  One of Autumn’s friends had dropped her off here after a long drive of talking about random crap and the music on the radio.  It had been sad to see them go, but Autumn knew it was for the best. The heavy weight she carried in her duffel bag was a reminder of what she was headed out the door for, and what was all at stake.  It sat at her feet, keeping her company in a way while her other suitcase was headed off to some tarmac to be shipped to New Orleans. As much as she tried, it was only this bag or the other, not both, security had told her.

She sighed.

She’d even stayed away from her former teacher for the past few days.  Last she’d heard, he was sick as a dog and didn’t want to have anything to do with people until he wasn’t contagious to human kind anymore.  That’s what he got for being out and about with that cold traveling around. Poor guy. What would he say to her right now if she had that chance to talk to him?

“Give it your best shot kid.  All you can do is try. Never lose sight of your goal and you got this.  Whether your win or lose, just remember that you gave it your all out there.”

That would probably be it, or something like that.

She shifted around in her chair, a pang of nervous-ness racing through her that her flight wasn’t going to make it on time and that she would be late for just about everything.  People would be mad and the whole nine yards. Then she shook her head, dashing that away. Those were thoughts best left behind. Any shred of doubt she brought with her to that ring were going to be exposed and opened to the world by Bryan Ford.  That was the last thing she wanted. At this moment that jackass had the world’s biggest target on his ass that had her name written all over it.

“I said hey... Did you hear what I say

Hey, hey, hey never ever see the light of day

Explanations are overdue

All you said is comin' back to you…”

Everything he had said, or did against her was going to come back to haunt him in New Orleans.  She was more than ready to send him down the bayou with the rest of his Carnage buddies.


“I wanna fight Don't wanna talk about it

I wanna fight I stand in the streets to shout it”

Present day…

Early morning…


Autumn was sitting in the very back of Tipitina’s, listening to a local jazz band play, drumming her fingers along the table in time with the beat.  Sitting open on the seat besides her was her duffel bag with all of her ring gear and the Impact Championship sitting right on top, shining in the lights of the room.  She wasn’t about to set this baby out on the table, just to attract attention to herself. She just wanted the knowledge that she was here, the champ was in town, and shit was about to hit the proverbial fan later tonight.  Bryan, by word of a crew member, was already in town and training somewhere far away from her for their match. Not only would they meet in the street fight, they would also meet in the huge battle royal later that evening as well.

Made one wonder what kind of shape either one of them would be in after the hell they put each other through in the street fight.

“So last week didn’t exactly go as planned unfortunately.  You’re right Bryan, you’re exactly right. That kick to your jaw was enough to drop you, but it took too much out of me to do it and I failed to get back in the ring to stop the count.  You obviously weren’t getting up anytime soon, so it is what it is. I’m not gonna piss and moan about the decision, but you of course did. It was a fucking countout, what more do you want?  Maybe you should have dodged the first few freaking punches and kicks I landed on you and your head would haven’t been in lala land to fail getting back in there. You take whatever you can get in this business, Bryan.  That’s what I’ve learned.

You take the good with the bad, and you learn from all of it.  That’s what I did.  That’s how I got here to this point.  By learning my lessons from all the stupid shit I did in CWF and bettering myself so I could succeed and be a star.  I did it, by god, I did it. I had to crawl out of the shadows and do things for myself once and for all, but I did it.  How did you fix your mistakes in Carnage Bryan, hmm? Were they that bad that you had to come sneaking in here to CWF to make yourself feel like more of a man by picking on the first person who you thought was the most vulnerable?

Boy you sure made a bad mistake pal.  A real bad mistake. You’ll find out how bad it is when that bell rings.”

Autumn chuckles, patting the belt in her bag softly.

“I have to give you a little bit of credit for being...persistent in getting my attention this whole time.  You sought me out, you bellowed and cried about this and that, challenged me to a fight...and...yeah. But you lack the follow-through, the ability to shed your ego and your pride to get the job done.  You want...want...want...expecting everything to fall into your lap like presents. This isn’t how things work pal.  You have to work, and bleed, and sweat to get something like I have.  You already know what it’s like to be in the position I am, with all of your accolades.  Are you really sure you want to be in this position, knowing what issues you have and everything?  You have to be you out there and focus, otherwise you’re gonna end up a bloody mess and on the short end of a losing stick….to which I will beat you with so you learn your fucking lesson.”

She frowns.

“You have no need for this title, you really don’t.  It’s just another thing for you to be selfish about and claim to heal your precious damaged little manhood...if you have any left.  It’s a shame really. A talent such as yourself could go far, but your own issues are going to be your downfall. I know who I am, how I got here, and how to deal with people like you out there.  You sure you wanna end up like the other assclowns who walked into my path? Are you really sure Bryan Ford?”

The music switches to something else, but she keeps going.

“This match is probably the worst way to start your career here in CWF.  Because the scars you get from this match are going to be a constant reminder to yourself, and to everyone who steps into the ring with you from this point on that you got put in your place and got beat up by someone who was one step ahead of you all the way to the end.  I’m not letting this belt go to someone like you with your ideals and bullshit.  This is MINE and I am not gonna let this damn thing go without a fight for it.  You want this, you come fucking find me and I’ll show you why you won’t get it.”

She clenches her fists tightly together.

“Your story of being a newbie and becoming a champion is going to start and end with the Beautiful Psychopath.  I will mark you as a failure, walk away with my title and go into the battle royal triumphant as we battle each other one more time.  I think I’ll take a great deal of pride by dumping your battered ass out of that ring and waving bye bye as you watch your golden dreams fade away and pass through your hands like the grains of sand.  If I win it all, then great. If not, that’s fine too. At least I can shove this belt in your face and say ‘who’s better than who now?’

HUH?  Answer that question.”

She pauses, before continuing.

“Golden Intentions is my opportunity to let my star shine, and shine brightly.  I will showcase everything I have out there in that battle royal and against you bud.  The great legend of Bryan Ford will be going the way of the dodo and disappearing into the sands of time.  Everyone will forget what you’ve done, but they ALL will remember the night you got marked by...ME. Your time is coming, your legend is going to die a slow and painful death.

I’m kicking you out of my yard, but not before teaching you the lesson that you don’t fucking mess with shit you can’t handle.  Don’t come marching into my house and say that shit ever again.

Come and get me or fail trying.

Game over.”

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