Title: Reborn Issue #29 Chapter 8 Is This The End
Featuring: Noah Hanson
Date: 6/8/2019
Location: Night City Medical Center, Night City, CA
Show: Golden Intentions 6

****Footage from June 6th Dystopia***


Roxy breaks the pin but she was forced to get out as the ref tells her. Noah gets up and smirks as he looks at Roxy knowing that Martina's being owned by him. He decides to mock her but she ignores him...for the first couple minutes. Martina slowly rolls to the ring apron but Noah gets out onto the apron as well ironically on the same side Roxy's on with Vixen nearby looking on. Paige isn't moving much as she's recovering but Noah picks up Martina and mocks Roxy again as he uses Martina pretending to be Roxy.

Uhhhh Noah, not smart to do that...It's not cool as it is to use Martina as a prop but having her pretend to be Roxy is a bit much.

He's making an example of her. I like this.

Roxy would have a look on her face as Noah throws Martina over the top rope back into the ring as Noah was wanting Roxy to hit him. Roxy nods slowly and both go for a strike but Roxy ducks under him and she jumps off the ring apron and lands near Vixen and hits The Tramp Stamp once landed and Vixen's down and in pain as she was holding her stomach while Noah turned and realized what just happened. Roxy backs away while Noah gets down and checks on Vixen. Paige slowly enters the ring while Vixen's rubbing her stomach and Noah didn't waste time as he picked up Vixen and starts to carry her towards the exit aisle. Paige was back on her feet and saw Noah leaving the ring with a confused look on her face.

This isn't good. Noah has left the match and taking Vixen to the back and most likely to the hospital after that.

Roxy crossed a line, she hit his pregnant girlfriend!


****End Video Playback***



June 6th,2019

Night City, CA

Night City Medical Center


We are shown a car speed up to the emergency room entrance and Noah basically jump out of the drivers side. He rushes over to the passengers side and opens the door and yells for help....


“CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?!!” Noah yells as he looks at Vixen slumped over in the seat.


A couple of nurses rush out and a doctor and they look over Noah and a different nurse grabs Noah and pulls him back out of the way,


“What happened?” the nurse asked.

“My name is Noah, I work for a wrestling company, this is my fiance Cassandra, she's pregnant about eight months and she took a move during the match from my opponent and now she is complaining of pain in her stomach but she quit talking to me on the way here.” Noah explained as he started to get emotional and tear up.


“Ok Mr. Hanson, let us do our job and we'll take care of this. Now has she been getting prenatal care and taking prenatal vitamins?” the nurse asked.


Noah nodded. “Yeah she is really taking good care of herself, she does all that stuff. Just make sure she is ok...”


An orderly put Cassandra in a wheelchair and the doctor was examining her and as they went by Noah Cassandra opened her eyes. “It'll be ok baby...”


Noah forced a smile out and then pulled his phone from his pants and looked at a message that popped up from the CWF...


“Just a friendly reminder that all talent participating in the Golden Intentions Battle Royal need to be in the arena no later than noon on the twelfth so that talent can sign all the necessary paperwork. We would also like to take some promotional phots with all the talent and get some radio time for each and every star on Sirius. Oh and the whole day will be catered so bring an appetite to the day as well.”


Signed by the staff of CWF


Noah closed his phone, he couldn't even think about the next show at the moment. He buttoned up his shirt, ran his hands through his hair and tried to collect himself a little bit as he walked into the hospital. He approached the help desk and the receptionist looked up.


“Can I help you?” she asked as she looked up from her cell phone.


“Yeah my fiance just came through, she is pregnant and she got injured and was just taken back there I was wondering if I can see her?” Noah said trying to be as polite as he could be.


“Let me check....” the receptionist replied as she picked up her phone and called what can only be assumed was the nurses station. After a few moments she looked at Noah and sorta half smiled. “They are moving her up to a room, seems to be whatever happened has caused her to go into labor. Go to the elevator and go up to the forth floor and they will be able to help you there.”


Noah nodded and started to walk and then he saw a message from Twitter pop up...


Sweet Roxy‏ @SweetRosannaV

I know you're super pissed at me right now for hitting your pregnant girl, @NoahAHanson , but I don't know what to tell you! Why the hell did you bring her to the ring??? #BadParenting @DystopiaWrestle @WWHEFed

11:22 AM - 7 Jun 2019

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And just like that he was immediately pissed up, had to stop himself from putting his fist through a vending machine but he stopped and put some change in it and got a can of Mountian Dew and took a long drink. All he should be thinking about is Cassandra and the baby and hoping that everything is going to be ok but he needed to find out first and that meant taking what would seem like forever to get simply four floors up. Making his way to the elevator he could see it, but it seemed like fifty miles away and then he started feeling queasy and then he saw a chair and sat down. “I must just be getting nervous about being a dad again.”


He sat there trying to collect his thoughts. What was going on? Why was his head spinning? He wasn't hurt in the match. He looks at the can of pop and takes another drink and he seems even more confused as he just stares at the can and then just closes his eyes.


“You don't deserve to be a father again...” a voice barked from the darkness.


“Who do you think you are?” another voice screamed.


His eyes snapped open and he looked around, there was no one there, he rubbed his face and looked around and the only thing there was a TV and it was playing Sportscenter so it was on ESPN which Noah liked. He sat there his head still spinning, could he be having some sorta reaction to something, it almost feels like something that happened to his uncle mark but he was diabetic and that is something Noah has no concerns about but he was around it long enough to know He sat there trying to collect his thoughts, trying to figure everything out. He was burning mad for what Roxy did to his family...he paused for a minute and suddenly a smile sorta crept into view. He said it for the first time in a LONG time he said something he thought he would never be able to say again..FAMILY. After everything that has happened to him in his life he has lost so much and to be able to actually build a family again after losing his last one is something north of amazing and he starts to feel warm and moved all at the same time.


“Everything ok kid?” an old man said as he is shown putting change into the nearby vending machine and out tumbles a can of Barqs' root beer. He pops the tab and takes a long drink. He lets out an audible “AH” as the refreshing liquid seems to quench his thirst and then looks over at Noah. “I saw you as I was walking over here and you seemed to be lost in your thoughts. Anything I can do? People say that I've been a pretty good listener although the older I've gotten not sure if the hearing is what it used to be.”


The old man sat down, placing his cane against the wall and looking at Noah. He almost seems to be studying Noah. He smiles and then shakes his head. “You look happy but there is something else there, a hint of doubt.”


No smirked a little at the comment, didn't know the old ma but he was actually kinda right. He does doubt himself just a bit. He should be able to focus on the Golden Intentions battle royal but to be honest THAT is officially the last thing on his mind but he is sitting there drinking pop with a total stranger and listening to him seems to make things a little bit more clearer and to be truthful there isn't much to it and Noah is barely listening but his voice seems to make everything seem alright. And to think about it, there is nothing he can do about Cass expect be there for her, be there and be the best man he can be no matter what the news is, he HAS to be there for her and for the baby.


“Ya know kid I stormed the beaches of Normandy, watched as friends were cut to shreds by the Nazis. I marched through France, Germany and even fought on the African zone but you know what I never thought for a minute that I would see a time where kids would be afraid to just be themselves and kid you just need to be who you are and screw everything else and stand your fucking ground.” the old man explained and tried to encourage Noah to be better than he was. “But I bet you've been through some tough shit on yer own kid. I mean you're obviously not a kid but to someone my age just about everyone is a kid. But I can see it in your face, in your face that you've been through some shit of your won maybe not war but you've been through some personal tragedies of your own. So what are you going to do kid? Ya gonna let it hold you down, define you? Or are you gonna rise above it like we did during the war and rise above all the hate.” the old man explained.


“Hate...” Noah replied tilting his head slightly at the mention of the last word. “Been hated my whole life. Working from fed to fed, company to company, always successful, always putting what I wanted to do in front of me, like a big gold and leather carrot, always dangling in front of me. Sometimes it would stay outta my reach, those times it would drive me to improve myself, to better myself but there were also times where it cause me to take shortcuts, to break rules, sometimes I did things I wasn't proud of. Hell to this day I still have things on my mind, bridges that have been completely destroyed because of what I did. Do I regret what I did back then? Yep but I can't change any of that, can't go back and fix it either, have to just keep moving forward and try to live in the here and now.”


Noah has just been hated for years, people have tried to take the man down, people have tried to break down the man but Noah is to stubborn to just walk away and just admit that things might work out better that way. I mean Noah doesn't know any better he won't take defeat and just walk away from all of it he will stand there and burned to the fucking ground. He would rather go down swinging than to just stand there and get a dick slapping. So yeah the man has had a lot of hate aimed square at him over the years and Noah has famously fired back at times and now there he is sitting on a bench just trying to figure out what to do with his life and what he is going to do next. He would love to just walk away from everything and maybe this is the signal, maybe this is where everything ends. Maybe this is where fate and destiny have finally met, they have come to the same crossroad and now everything is lined up. Could this be the light at the end of he tunnel that Noah has been looking for? Is this that one moment where Noah finally gets to have his one final walk into the sunset and walk away from everything?


It really is hard to tell, the battle royal is going to be one of those big challenges. Finding time to come out and do things for other feds and working for OCW, CWF and being the top dog in his hometown fed. But is this really the end of the road, is this moment that Noah finally sees that all of this is for nothing really in the big scope of things. I would love to think that this could be the end of the road for the man that has given so much to the business, to someone that lost so much and has given so much so maybe this is a chance for the man to do what he has needed to be done with all this and just be done with all of it. It would give the man the ability to heal, he had given his body to a sport that broke him down, that at times had put him near the end of his life. From falling through a mat, to surviving not one but two airline crashes to being smashed in the head with a cinder block, the man deserves a chance to be happy and NOT be in this business at all. And for once maybe the Lord in Heaven has finally decided to give the man a break but I guess we will have to wait and see...


“Mr. Hanson?” a nurse said approaching Noah and the old man. “We have been looking everywhere for you, your fiance has been calling for you.”


“Is everything going to be alright?” Noah asked with a very concerned look on his face.


“She's going into labor...she needs you there...” the nurse explained.


“Go get 'em kid...” the old man reassuringly said patting Noah on the back as he gets up. “This is really happening...”


The old man watches as Noah and the nurse disappear from view and then the old man pulls out a cellphone and he presses a button and makes a call.


“It's done...”






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