Title: G.I. Beckenhall
Featuring: Wanderin' Will Beckenhall
Date: June 8th, 2019
Location: The Walter Simonsen Professional Promo Recording Studio
Show: Golden Intentions 6

WILL: "Are you sure about this get up?"

William stands in the middle of the frame, wearing a generic looking army outfit, a cheap-looking prop rifle at his side. Behind him is a hastily greenscreened background of a forest that meshes oddly with Will's costume. A man in an expensive suit stands at the side, grinning and nodding before clapping his hands together.

WILL: "Seems sorta... corny, Mr Simonsen."

MR. SIMONSEN: "No, no! Not corny in the slightest! After your defeat at the hands of Kyuseishu, we need to really give people something they'll remember! Get back your much needed momentum!And this G.I. pun, man, it's-it's..."

The man in the suit shakes from excitement.

MR. SIMONSEN: "It's so you! And it's such good shit, too! Have you got your script memorized?"

WILL: "Uh, yeah. I suppose so."

MR. SIMONSEN: "Good, good! Let's get started!"

Simonsen walks out of frame giddily as some stock army music begins to play. William clears his throat before beginning to speak, his words coming off a bit unnaturally.

WILL: "Knowing is half the battle and I already know one of the opponents CWF plans on me taking down at the illustrious Golden Intentions pay-per-view. The rest of the battle is pure instinct and I expect that I am better blindfolded in that ring then most of the other wrestlers normally. And if you can count on one man to dominate the "gee eye" show, it's G.I. Becken- y'know, quite frankly sir, I'm not feeling too good about any o' this. I'm thinking it was a bad idea hirin' ya."

MR. SIMONSEN: "But, Bill! It's so good! This'll really establish your brand! Get you familiar with every CWF fan out there! Just read a little more and I'm sure you'll start feeling it!"

William sighs, shaking his head a bit and powering onward through his doubt.

WILL: "There's only one champ that these fans deserve and it's a guy who can embody what defends them. A guy who can challenge Dan Ryan because he has hope in his country and faith in the system. And Wanderin' Will is the man for that job."

Beckenhall looks around for a second, a frustrated look on his face.

WILL: "Y'know, that really ain't true at all. I hate the system, I think it holds human will hostage every single damn day and no one bats an eye. I ain't here to break Dan 'cause he ain't apart of the system, I want to take him down because he is the system! That's what kids are growin' up, thinking they should just keep their heads low and not try to become anything more than standard! That's horrible and that's why I don't get signed nowhere! Because I want those kids to know that there's a life outside of that end structure! I want-"

MR. SIMONSEN: "Bill! You're ruining the entire take! You just need to stay on script!"

WILL: "You know what?!"

William tosses the prop rifle in Simonsen's direction, beginning to walk off frame.

WILL: "Let's get outta here camera guy. I wanna tell ya bout the real Will Beckenhall!"


The scene cuts directly to Bill in the driver's seat of his truck, the camera focused on him from the passenger's seat as he looks ahead toward the road.

WILL: "Wrestlers didn't used to get treated like prisoners. Hell, nobody was. But it feels everywhere you even glance towards nowadays has some steel bars and a warden waiting to tell you when you're outta line. Just another person with more influence than you tellin' ya how you're supposed to be! It makes me sick when I think about how many fellas live a lifetime of trying to make others happy. Of just sacrificing because they were taught and never taking a second to smell the roses. First, we put em' in factories. Then behind desks. Now we got em' drivin' 18-wheelers. What next? Where are we gonna send these good, honest people next to slave away, trading their futures away for a few more bucks? It ain't right."

Will shakes his head, tears nearly forming in his eyes.

WILL: "Y'know, I once had a lady who made me feel like pure gold. Made every minute I had with her pure heaven on Earth. Coulda sworn I'd be with her till I was bones stuck to flesh. And one day, I found out that she was seeing more than just one guy behind my back, though she swore she was mine. That's why I act this way, why I'm never stuck in one place too long. I'd hate to hurt anyone the way she hurt me just cause I was bored..."

Will wipes his eyes, inhaling deeply.

WILL: "Sometimes, when I look up to the stars, I swear I see the shimmering silver of her necklace, but then I blink... I know it's a bit much to share, it's just a part of me. Who I am. And I'm pretty damn sick of seeing wrestlers get by on name recognition or by trying to force their views or lives on others. Or hell, I'd love to see a champion who really understood why people would want to talk in metaphors. Someone who gave a good god damn about the beauty lingering in this world. Not someone like Dan Ryan or Kyuseishu. Somebody who wants better for the fans. And I think I'm the man for the job! I am going to show the resolve and spirit a man has when he knows he is free from the chains of the system! I am going to show the world what grit you need to have to put your ass on the line even when it feels like the world is crumblin'! But most of all, I'm gonna show em' Will Beckenhall and they'll swiftly understand why they belt is begging for a new owner! So send me out first! Send me out last! Put me right in the middle, it don't matter! I'm going to show that Golden Intentions ain't just a catchy name some marketing man made up to sell tickets, it's a principle you need to hold close to your heart and never let slip! And nobody understands that more than yours truly."

The promo cuts to black.

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