Title: Dreams and Second Chances
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: June 6 - 8, 2019
Location: Memphis, Tennessee - New Orleans, Louisiana
Show: Golden Intentions 6

Memphis, Tennessee

Damn what a day, a long day at that.. Earlier I decided to get a workout in, lift weights, go running, spar.. ya know, all that good shit. To me, it was never a bad idea to stay fit because you never knew the next time your phone would ring with an offer to compete inside of a ring. Thankfully after my suspension from CWF, I was able to pick up more hours at Lowe's and also afford to work a lighter schedule for other companies.

I mean, if I'm being honest.. straight shots to Florida beat being in a different city every week. It also gave me more time to spend with Sierra. She was nearing the final weeks of her pregnancy and I'd missed the majority of it, constantly being gone. I'm thankful that she's an understanding woman because not many are cool with being left alone and ignored.

My humble abode..

It's where I'd been since Tuesday after I left Key West. Spending time with Sierra, just getting back in tuned with us. I had missed shit like this on the road every night, only having the opportunity to come home for a day or two before I was off on the road again.

But she understood, she knew what the end goal was.  We'd talked about it many nights when we discussed plans for the future. She was someone I truly admired, very ambitious, goal oriented and driven to achieve anything she sets her mind on. I had watched her grow from being a club waitress to one of the top promoters in the city, in the span of six to eight months.. While pregnant.. she was an amazing and beautiful woman. Hell it didn't matter that this pregnancy had her almost as big as a house, her glow made her appearance look goddess like. And considering the fact she had two babies inside of her was a testament to her will to workout and stay in shape.

Cause she could've just as easily been as big as a warehouse. But she was a fighter and one of my greatest inspirations to get my knee back to a hundred percent. It was about eighty-five percent at best but I had a huge match coming up June 17th and I didn't need any reasons for this guy giving me shit if I wasn't able to bring a good enough fight.

Sierra and myself occupied our gym area. I mean it wasn't much but it held the tools needed to get the job done. Weight set, incline, squat machine, treadmills, sparring area. Pops had this area built into this house back when I was twelve years old during his glory days of being in the business.

Anyway, Sierra strolled along on one of the treadmills, I jogged along beside her on another one. Earbuds in my ear, "Back Against the Wall" by Kevo Muney jammed through them. Sierra had her own pair but whatever she was listening to was not known knowledge to me.

I jogged at a steady pace, trying to be careful not to throw my knee out. It was getting better day by day. But I kept putting constant strain on it with every match that I accepted. There weren't many, I was always taught to preserve your longevity in this business.. because in an instant.. it could be all over.

Ain't no way I was letting that shit happen.

The hours had passed by without a hitch. By the time we were done, sweat dripped from both of our faces.. t-shirts with 'TBA' stitched on them stained with perspiration. Sierra plopped the collar of her shirt back and forth, trying to cool her body down. Meanwhile I bend down and begin to wring the excess sweat from my locks into a towel that was draped across my neck.

"Where you say you got these shirts from again AJ?" Sierra asked, looking down at the inverted logo.

I place the towel back around my neck. "I told ya, I found a box at tha arena. They were decent shirts an' I gotta idea on how ta make money off it."

She rolls her eyes.

"You do know that you could've just got some custom shirts made from scratch right?"

She's right. But I got these for a deal.

"They were free though.."

She shakes her head in irritation.

"You act like we're broke."

"I kno' we ain't broke but we gotta do what we gotta do sometimes.."

"Have you heard anything back from CWF?"

I shrug my shoulders.

"Not really.. those producer folks keep blowin' me up bout doin' dat reality show.. but ya kno' I'm not into folks invadin' my private life.."

She gives me a funny look.

"Reality show?"


"You haven't told me about any reality show."

I sigh deeply.

"Bae.. look, all they wanna do is film you givin' birth. I'm not cool wit it."

"Why not?"

"Why not…?"

"Yeah negro. Why not, that's money we could've been stacking up."

"They was only talking bout 1,500 an episode."

She rolls her eyes.

"Do you got 1,500 in ya pocket right now?"

"Now you kno' I don't carry dat much money on me.. Plus I just hit big again in tha Sports Room. We don't need ta exploit ourselves fo' money. Shit sound crazy."

"All I'm saying is we need to get things moving around here, hell we got bills!"

"Woman, everythang in dis house paid fo'. I own all dis shit."

"But yet, you still look like you hurting bae.."

She knew I had been more than irritated after losing the CWF World Championship.

"Don't you worry bout dat, everythang slowly workin' itself out."

I move close to her and draw her near for an embrace.

"We got dis shit. I kno' ya scared but we gon make tha best'a it an' keep grindin'. Befo' long, we'll both be at tha top an' it won't be no one there t'bring us down. No matta' what tha fuck they did."

"I hear you baby.."

Since she had become pregnant, Sierra was a feisty female. Snapping at me whenever a word left my mouth. The shit was becoming borderline terrifying. Seriously.. do you know how hard it is to please a pregnant woman?


She proceeded to go take a shower and get ready for her day. Me on the other hand was about to do some catching up. It hadn't really been a secret about my recent vacation from the Championship Wrestling Federation. But I bounced back so quick that I didn't have time to really keep up with what was going on..

So CWF Wired it was too catch a replay of Evolution 54, the go-home show before Golden Intentions. THE biggest rumble of the year and here I was, stuck on the sidelines. The shit stung a bit but I could only blame myself for where I sat. Ryan was the better man that night, even though Byson did wack me across the head with a steel chair…

Gotta love family right?

Going towards the kitchen, I grabbed a fifth bottle of Hennessy off of the counter and make my way towards my personal man cave/office. It was where I studied film, handle my bookings, watch sports, hell even play PS4. Taking a seat on a futon, I twist the top off of the Hennessy bottle and take a swig. Twisting the top back on, I wipe my mouth with my free hand before grabbing the remote and turning on my 55" flat screen television. Luckily, Evolution 54 is the first thing on the screen. I grab a blunt from the ashtray that was sitting in front of me on the coffee table. Setting the end on fire, I press play on the remote control and lean back as the show begins.

Oh shit it's Paradine starting the show. I wonder what he's got to say. I take a drag and listen, hearing him get straight to the point. Loser leaves CWF? Damn.. I barely know this Xander Daniels guy, but the beef has to be real… And here comes Daniels.. I've only seen him a few times backstage, not a guy to take lightly. I continue to smoke and watch on intently as they go back and forth until the match is set in stone. I dump ashes as the scene switches to The Lost Boys..

"Haha.. Sam's always lookin' fo' a blue.."

I laugh again, someone knocking on their locker room door. I watch as the door opens.

"Byson? T'fuck is doin' there?"

I continue watching on as my brother interacts with the tag champs. Saying that he's got a team that can take them out..

How Sway?

Who the fuck does he know? What kinda connection he's got? He didn't tell me shit about any tag team.

"Tha nerve'a dat muthafucka!"

I twist the top and take another shot.

"Yeah.. we gonna have ta talk bout dis shit.."

The scene ends without me realizing, however when I finally do, Jarvis has some dude locked in a Sharpshooter..

"Oh… shit.. T'fuck goin' on here?"

He's tapping like crazy.

"Did he not kno' he was in tha rang wit an Icon? Hell yeah Jarvis!"

When the fuck did he come back? Damn that's right he beefing wit MJ.. Suddenly Jon Stewart is on the scene.

"Dis guy.."

I say mockingly as he strolls out and sweetens up the King/Flair match at Golden Intentions. I'm looking forward to this one, two people I respect in this company. I know it's gonna be a good one.

Shit I'm hungry..

Sierra made chili earlier..


I might work out but I'm no health freak. I head to the kitchen and grab a bowl from the dishrack. Going to the stove, I take the top off a pot, grab a spoon and begin to scoop chili into the bowl. Once reaching my desired portion, I cover it and throw it in the microwave.

I dump the ashes from the blunt into the ashtray on the countertop. My phone buzz.. I check it and the sender is none other than Jon Stewart himself. I throw the phone back in my pocket, taking another pull from the blunt before dumping it again.

The beeping sound of the microwave catches my attention as I go get the bowl. My high ass didn't realize how hot it was.


Thankfully, I'm able to place the bowl on the counter without spilling too much of its contents. I hear Sierra yell down from upstairs.




"no shit sherlock.."



She probably heard me, especially knowing her ass. But I wasn't pushing my luck, I head back to my office. Two guys I've never heard of were going at it. Well one I had heard of from my days in Japan. The other kid looked to be holding his own.

I take a seat and continue to watch as the hoss fight continues. Using a spoon, I scoop a bite of chili into my mouth. The flavors touching my soul in ways I couldn't explain. No way I could smoke and eat this, it would ruin the experience. I put out the blunt.

I know, I know, I know it's just chili but this shit is good as fuck.

The two men went at it, Will Beckenhall and Kyuseishu, I soon learn their names were. Kyuseishu ended up pulling out the win in a good fight. By the time I was done with my food, Ky was in the middle of talking, letting his intentions be known.

I nod…

It's nothing against the guy but religion really bores me and I was super, super, SUPER high.. so high that I had a dream.. I'm not usually the type who remembers dreams but this shit tripped me out.


How did it start? It's not like I can start from the beginning. Seriously who can remember the beginning of a dream? However it felt as if I had already been through it before. Almost like Deja Vu..

When I finally came into realization of my surroundings. I was down on one knee, blood covering different sections of my body. Some seemed to have belonged to me. I look towards my left arm that has an open scar from my wrist that curves around my forearm.  Something tells me to move and I quickly roll to the left as a sword flies past me and strikes the ground.

The wielder of the sword was someone or something I had never seen before. His skin was tan but his face bore six feline type eyes, all with a yellow glow. His hair was styled like a viking, shoulder length, auburn with a braided ponytail. His eyes burn with intensity and passion as he lunges at me again, swinging the sword.

By faith, I'm able to slide across the dirt covered ground and get behind him, getting to my feet and leaping onto his back. I wrap my arms tightly around his neck, squeeze as hard as I can until he's no longer moving. We both fall to the ground, no more breathe left in his body, I release my grip and roll to my back.

I still can't process what exactly is going on but I finally get a look at my surroundings. I was inside a coliseum like area, people surrounding the field in bleachers, watching on in excitement as others do battle just as myself and whoever it was that now lie on the ground.


My reflexes responding just in time. I catch a gun out of the air. It's unlike anything I've ever seen though. It honestly looked like some shit from a Star Wars film. But my real concern was who threw it. I turn my attention to where it came from and spot Byson who shoots his own gun at the other warriors inside of the coliseum. Laser beams fired from the gun, dropping body after body with marksman like precision.

I look to where he's shooting and quickly dodge a beam that was headed in my direction. I guess all my online experience in GTA V was paying off as I hurriedly ducked behind a huge boulder and began to pick guys off like nobody's business. Nothing about this felt natural but my life was in danger and I didn't know why but I damn sure wasn't about to lose it.

Both of our guns finally empty, the playing field looked to have lighten up only a good ten still standing and battling it out amongst each other. Hearing the cheers of these fans for the brutality that took place before them caught me by surprise. I'm a pro wrestler, I'm used to people cheering violence but this shit was something on another level.

I look around, trying to spot Byson though all the chaos and find him trapped with a Minotaur trying to corner him. I can't let him go out like that. I race over trying to help but as soon as I get close, the Minotaur rears his hind legs and kicks me in the chest! I fly back at least ten feet if not more.. I guess that was all the distraction Byson needed, the Minotaur falling dead. He rushes over to drag me to safety.

We take up position behind an overturned carriage. He checks to see if I have any more injuries. Besides the hoof prints in my shoulders, I figured I was good.. I go to sit up. I can't, the wind being knocked completely out of me. I also think that because my head smacked the ground upon impact, it knocked me deaf as I was no longer able to hear.

And boy was I terrible at reading lips.. I could tell that Byson was yelling his lungs out but I was unable to comprehend what he was saying. That was until he was finally fed up, grabbing my torn shirt, he pulls me close to him. Taking two of his fingers, he points at his eyes, then my eyes and then back onto the playing field.

I switch my focus and notice that the ten were now down to four. Byson placed his index finger to his mouth, telling me to keep quiet.

I mean sure, who the fuck yells while they're in a warzone?

But we both ducked down and maneuvered our way towards the four who soon became two. One looked to be of human decent, white chick, she was short but tough. Kinda reminded me of someone, the other looked to be a knight of some kind. He wasn't from anywhere that I've ever heard of. The emblems on his tattered clothing, designed to his native wherever the fuck it was from.. I suddenly feel myself being snatched, Byson yanking me to safety just as a cool looking mallet slams into the ground, spiking it.

What can I say, golden handle attached to a silver eagle's head fashion at its tip. I'm glad he didn't hit me with that motherfucker. But the motherfucker on the other end of the handle was a site to see. His face was covered in a mask, a sack if you will but it wasn't burlap. Whenever he spoke, his neck opening up as a lizard like tongue slithered left to right. He stalks the both of us, slowly, methodically, creepily until a mace sticks into the top of his head. He falls to the ground, behind him a woman with three heads..

How the fuck did I miss her?

All three seem to be talking at different cadences, I wish I could hear them, but I feel Byson tug at my right arm in a panic. I turn to face him and notice the fear in his eyes. I turn my attention back to them and within a flash, they're in my face, everything going black!


I woke up in a panic, not knowing what truly happened. My bottle was knocked over but still sealed. The bowl hanging off of my shoe as I laid stretched out on the futon. The only thing I hear..

"HOLY FUCK! Pardon the language but it's…"

"Jimmy fuckin' Allen! But… Wha? Why? Huh?"

Allen? What the fuck am I watching? I rub my head and yawn. My arms stretching out of instinct, I grind my teeth. Scratching my throat as I check my phone for the time. 3:25am… Damn… four massages.. I click onto it and notice that they're all from Stewart..

I begin reading text after text, my surprise growing with each message. I gotta wake up and see if I'm reading this shit right.. I just can't be..

I sit up on the futon, the ashtray falls to the floor and ashes along with weed roaches are now on the floor.. I'll pick that shit up later. I read the messages from first to last at least three times. I instantly wake up!

A few days later, Sierra and myself had arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana. Stewart wanted to have a meeting about some things and it seemed now… he was talking my language. Decent contract where I wasn't committed to do many shows. Especially since the time for Sierra was steady drawing closer.

The meeting between us took place inside of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, the home site for this year's Golden Intentions. Before I left the arena, I stopped by the promo area, ready to give words to the CWF faithful at home. I get my cue to go and I'm off.

"Three weeks.."

I hold up three fingers.

"It's been three whole weeks since Duce Jones has been on CWF programmin'."

I smile my customary smile.

"Did ya miss me? Hahaaa… Naw y'all ain't miss me but a lot has gone down since y'all last seen my pretty face on an Evolution."

I display my beautifully scarred face.

"I was bein' sent home wit my head held low an' my emotions at an all time high. Frustration y'kno'? But tha thang bout professional wrestlin' is dat it won't let ya stay in tha shadows fo' long.. I knew one day, Stewart would hit my line an' would request dat I make my return.."

I smile once again.

"So y'kno' what dat means? Tha suspension has been lifted an' tha Kid dat Never Dies is back! An' what a perfect opportunity dat awaits me. Golden Intentions! June 12th, LIVE from tha Crescent City.. tha Big Easy, New Orleans, Louisiana… I make my return an' throw my name back in tha hat as I make my intentions golden!

See tha World title an' me were abruptly split apart an' my life hasn't been tha same since. There's dis emptiness.. dis void dat's missing deep within that pit'a my soul an' I need her back. I need her back in my life an' wrapped in my arms again. There's only a select few who feel where I'm comin' from. Dat high… dat thrill.. dat rush. It does somethin' ta ya when it's in ya possession.. I NEED dat back."

My focus is intense as I stare deep into the lens of the camera.

"Dis is my road ta redemption.. dis is MY road back t'tha top.. dis is MY journey ta greatness.. An' there ain't a damn thang dat's gonna ruin dis opportunity fo' me.. don't get me wrong, I see that threats.. Flair, King, Shad…. Mia amongst otha's… all'a 'em wit dat same fire an' passion ta come out on top.

But I had a dream an' dat dream made me realize dat no matta' how bad of spot I might thank I'm in.. There's always a way ta come out on top.. So I don't give a fuck how many muthafuckas I got throw outta dat rang. Bodies are gonna fly as I earn my way into tha main event of WrestleFest V an' my intentions become golden.."

I wink at the camera and exit out of the scene and I'm almost sure that the scene came to an end.

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