Title: What's in a name? (Reprise): Pomme Frites
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: 6/18/2018
Location: Wouldn't you like to know?
Show: Golden Intentions GI- The Road to Wrestle Fest IV


Part 1:


Life on the road is tough. Or at least that’s what most people will have one believe. Time is spent literally on the road at most points, away from a “home” that you’re only able to spend maybe five months out of the year in, away from friends that have their own lives to live and you’re only able to see for half that long, and family that are lucky to get a weekly phone call to inform them that you’re even alive.


For Mia Rayne though, this has been one of the better parts of her “job” currently. Sure, the travel arrangements suck, but most road trips do unless one has people to share it with. That understand that being on the road isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if that quaint idea of a “home” never truly existed in the first place. If friends said that they would ALWAYS be there for you, only to call you once a year on a special occasion. Family who say that they understand your trials and tribulations, but refuse to see any of it from your perspective and squish your innermost motivations. Nah, life away from all of that is good with Mia and having her Forsaken brethren with her for most her life away from the road makes the journey that much better. Now, usually The Forsaken would either carpool, or go about their own ways, always deciding what is best for the team as a whole as a team. This time was no different, but for the first time since Mia joined with The Forsaken, since she became Ataxia’s boo thang; since she became Shadow’s fledgling apprentice shadow; and since Dorian joined to become the big guardian bear that she had always dreamed would be her bodyguard, she spoke up for what she wanted.


“I want to go alone this time.”


The other three had looked at her as if she had grown a head. Sure, she had been acting let’s say, “erratic” lately, but Mia was never one to make her voice heard in group decisions, often just joining in with the majority. Outside of the CWF ring, it was difficult for anyone to get anything verbal from her. Doing so usually resulted in her retreating to a solitary space, putting on a random playlist of random songs, and refusing to see anyone until she was ready. Sometimes minutes, often times hours. There had been times when each of them in turn had witnessed her smacking herself after she mentions an off key joke out loud or she is asked to tell a story and is instantly spoken over, intentionally or not, or speaks her mind out loud in general. They all tense watching her tense up, her gaze flickers and her fists ball up and clench, but she stands her ground and repeats herself.


“I want to be alone this time. I’m sorry, but I just… I have a lot on my mind and I don’t want to bring that kind of bad juju on anyone else. I need to get in the right frame of mind. Mia alone time is what’s going to be best for that. I…”


She stops as Ataxia silences her by putting a gloved finger on her lips. He smiles at her through the mask and they lock eyes. As if opposite poles of a magnet were getting closer…


“Oh fuck, just get a room you two.”


Shadow. He smiles and Mia kisses Ataxia anyways, a short but passionate kiss. Dorian laughs and scoops her up in a bear hug before sauntering off to attend to his own affairs on his way to Golden Intentions.


“You know how to reach us Mia. Don’t worry, we all understand.”


Shadow hops into his car and rides off into the darkening night sky leaving Ataxia and Mia, Mitaxia alone in the parking lot, still holding hands. Ataxia spins Mia around so she has her back to him and together they stare up into the sky filled with stars, a bright moon, and something Mia calls “light pollution,” or the lights from the city that dilute the full glory and splendor of an evening sky. As if he can read her thoughts he proceeds to wrap his arm around her shoulders and lead them to the back into the parking ramp. They take an elevator, both quiet and both happy with this, up to the top most floor of the parking complex and together they head to the darkest corner.


Ataxia helps Mia up onto the wall meant to keep people from doing just that and she lies down on her back staring up into the sky. Ataxia hops up nimbly so they touch heads. As if a massive predatory cat, he affectionately headbutts her before settling down on his elbows and kicks his feet into the air, much like that of a teenage girl about to get the latest gossip about how hot Zach Morris was back in the nineties. Not that he isn’t still hot to a certain extent, but man was he shallow.




Again, with the out loud speaking. This… This wasn’t like her. Ataxia cocks his head to the side, giving Mia space to say more, but she remains silent still looking up into the clear night sky, her right leg crossed over her left and bouncing slightly, the chains on her combat boots jingling with her rhythm. The two lie in silence for several moments before Mia once again breaks the ringing silence.


“I know, it’s different. I don’t like talking, I don’t like the spotlight. I don’t want to be the mouthpiece and I have a stupid voice. But Tax, you HAVE to understand, you…”


She stops herself as the tears start to well in her eyes. Ataxia wipes them away with a gloved hand and she smiles, holding his hand to her face and smiling into it, content with just a small gesture of compassion.


“I’ve gone so long being silent. I’ve watched so many people come and go in my life and I’ve sat and watched bullies spring up and only get worse the more attention they’re paid; like a cancer infecting everything I know and love. I’m everywhere tonight, I can’t focus and I’m having issues with this whole goosfraba, let me center myself and root myself in the Earth stuff. The voices Tax… They don’t like it when I win, they don’t like me standing up for what I believe in, they’re…”


Again, she stops, or at least her voice is muffled by Ataxia’s hand. He stares deep into her eyes, and pecks her lightly on the forehead.


“Just know that I’m trying?”


She looks up into his eyes, a move that she didn’t do often and only when it was serious. Ataxia can’t help but smile as he looks down upon his moonlit Mia. He removes his hand and the two share a passionate kiss. Mia is the first to break things off though, a move reserved for when she had more to say, and as she would constantly put it; make sure she didn’t forget before she had another opportunity to say something. So he instead steeples his hands in front of him and balances his chin on his fingers, listening to Mia speak.


“Of course you know there’s more. Sometimes I just think that you know me better than I know myself. It’s awesome and I love you for it more every day.”


She reaches up for him and wraps her arms around his neck lightly, enjoying just being able to touch the man of so many other people’s nightmares, but the one from her sweetest of dreams. Perhaps “enjoy” isn’t the right word to use; but if one seeing this can think of anything better this omnipotent “voice” urges you to write it down somewhere and bring it up during the next meeting.


“Thank you.”


He cocks his head to the side, but before he can question anything, she is quick to read his reaction.


“Just for being you. I can’t explain it. I can’t put what we have right here and now into words, but they’re the best thoughts and feelings and experiences that I’ve experienced in a long time. I can’t say it enough and I can’t put it into words for anyone to understand, but it’s important to me that you do. And I know that you do.”


Silence, but it isn’t heavy with tension and for once it isn’t ringing in anyone’s ears. It’s… Comfortable. Contentment. All the voices in her head could be screaming out in unison and she would still have Ataxia there to look at, and that made everything infinitely better.


“I have to know though, how do you feel about me dropping out of the Golden Rumbly thing? I…”


She doesn’t get a chance to finish her thought though as Ataxia once again silences her with nothing more than a light tap with his finger.

“Shhh my Sweet. You being double booked is enough to shake a stick at. Being TRIPLE booked and I’d have to stab someone with said stick. Shish Kabob style.”


She giggles and lightly pecks the finger that still rests on her lips.


“You have a lot on your plate and have had a lot to keep balanced. Challenging the bastardized cookies was ballsy I’ll give you that, but dangerous. Still, if anyone can bring Cassandra The False Prophetess that she is, down a peg, I KNOW it to be fact to be my own Psychotic Queen. The conditions are chaotic enough that it pretty much negates any kind of numbers advantage Nabisco may think that they have, AND!


You’ll be at the top of your game and ready to pound some skulls in. Then of course there’s the whole bringing more gold home to The Forsaken with the tag team titles, which when that happens, it proves The Dodo himself to be nothing more than a box of hot air. Psssssssttttttttt….”


He mimics squeezing something as the air comes out of it. This omnipotent voice doesn’t feel more clarification is needed here.


“Not only that but I feel that it should be applauded that you are finishing what you started with Shadow. Finding a tag team partner is tough, acting like a team in the ring right out the get go is even worse. The two of you though? It’s not just like magic, it IS Magik. Never confuse the two but the only way that works is for the bond to be there. Shadow brought you in, Shadow entrusted you with being Forsaken. You have proven time and again that Shadow knows exactly what he was thinking when he brought you into our fold. You my dear are essentially the best thing since sliced bread, and have you SEEN sliced bread?!”


Another knowing smile is shared between the two. An outsider wouldn’t understand this conversation but that… Doesn’t really matter. What does matter, is the fact that between the two of these individuals lies a bond that will never truly be understood except by the two of them. Even then…


That’s pushing it.


The two of them lay in silence, enjoying their time together and the beautiful night sky. Ataxia has since come down from his post above Mia’s head and has instead laid on his back as well, their heads lying next to each other, Mia’s resting lightly on Ataxia’s shoulder.


“Mia. What is in a name?”


Mia freezes suddenly, tensing up but forcing herself to relax. Her comfortable silence shattered by a familiarly intense and annoying buzz. She starts to shake and Ataxia whips around with the reflexes of a puma and holds her close lending her his strength. The tremors stop and she is finally able to look up into his eyes again, his visage blurry due to tears.


“How did you know?”


Ataxia smiles and points to his nose knowingly whilst winking. This elicits a small smile from Mia who is watching him closely.


“My dear it’s me. You’ve made it quite obvious with your attack on Oreos’ name, which is bloody brilliant by the by. However, you have made your stance on the importance of names crystal clear, yet look at the effect when your own name is used when you’re not ready?”


She knows this of course.


“I… I was going to tell you at some point. I was just worried and I’m not quite sure who I am. My name is important and I’m not sure if ‘Mia’ represents who I truly am. I think that I know who I am, but I don’t know if I’m ready for that person to become me. What if I change? What if I change for the worse and become this super obnoxious person that will no longer be wanted around? It’s bad enough I worry about everything all the time, but to add the burden of trying to have everyone re-adjust to someone they thought was me, but isn’t anymore? I’ve done all of that before and it weighs heavily on my mind.”


“Whoever you are Sweet, you will always be Forsaken. That much will be true and should be ingrained as fact in that pretty little head of yours. You fight for everything that we believe in as a unit and still fight after those battles are done for your own reasons, that’s a dedication to a set of principles and beliefs unlike most have ever witnessed let alone experienced. Every step you take whether you’re Mia or some other version of yourself, you will still be the same person that I fell head over heels for.


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you call yourself or what anyone else may try to call you by. You are you and that is why you shouldn’t worry about who you are. You could tell me to call you ‘Ms. Potato Head’ and I’d still do it with a serious look on my face. Or I’d try to at least, but you would TOTALLY be a spud head at that point.”


He falls silent and watches Mia’s reaction. She nods and urges him to continue, a slight smile on her face. If there is one thing that Ataxia is good at, it’s making her smile.


“Point being, you’ve been right all along. Names have power. They have power over others but they also have power over the Self. Once you figure out your name, the ice cold realization of madness overrunning sanity will wash through everyone’s veins. A tidal wave of people will arm themselves with all of the best insults, only to be repelled by your glorious image because you know who you are. It’s a powerful… Erhm, power to have. You are on the verge of something Magikal, be patient and it will come.”


Silence falls between the two but again, it is that comforting silence that Mia craves and one that allows Ataxia to be able to enjoy the moment with his beloved. The silence is quickly broken as the two sit bolt upright, staring at each other directly in the eyes, a move that neither of them take lightly.




That is the only word that can be heard before their joined laughter echoes through the night and haunts even the darkest of nightmares. This isn’t a laugh that is shared by a couple in ecstasy. This is a laugh that would chill even Satan’s blood as this was the war cry of the insane, the psychotic, and the chaotic. Lovers in love? No. The insane and confidant? Well, that’s something that we’re going to have to wait and see about, isn’t that right Amelia?


Of course there isn’t a response. It is safe to assume that M...Amelia has her mind on other things at the moment...


Ataxia and Amelia sitting in a tree…



Part 2:


“I think I made a misjudgment…


I miss having someone else drive this late...”


Mia’s voice rings hollow in an empty car as she blasts her favorite playlist from an old smartphone perched in one of those holder thingies on her air vent. Finally, with a sigh of relief she pulls over next to a small and rundown restaurant, ya know, the best kind of restaurant. Or dive bar, take your pick. Based on experience though, most places like this held the one thing that Mia was looking for more than anything else at the moment. A good hot meal that is affordable and would provide her with enough food to eat throughout the next couple of days. Her stomach made an uncomfortable rumble as she rubs it lightly.


“Yes, I know I haven’t fed you yet today. We’re about to fix that, I promise.”


With that her stomach settles down slightly, content with the knowledge that this will be fixed in the near future. Looking at the clock and noting that it is now 1:30 in the morning outside of a greasy spoon, Mia grabs her oversized hoodie, swings it on over herself, and proceeds to grab her card, cash, and anything else she might need as she goes to quell the anger that her stomach currently possessed. Hopping out of the car lightly she locks it with the keyfob and sticks it in her small clutch. Wrapping herself in the hoodie, she proceeds to enter in through the front door and observe her surroundings.


Apparently, not a lot of people came out to eat at 1:30 in the morning, but there were some patrons there sipping on cups of coffee and talking quietly to themselves or treating the waitress as an old friend and catching up with her. It was a very pleasant vibe to walk into and Mia was quite content to sit at the bar and grab the closest menu that she could get her hands on. She scoots herself back and forth on the spinning stool as she orders, enjoying the awkward looks of the people around her but feeling self conscious at the same time. She stops spinning and waits for her food quietly, her head down and quietly admonishing herself for being so childish.


The food comes, steaming hot. A bacon cheeseburger fit for a king, or in this case a very hungry queen. A side of the most golden and crispy french fries Mia had ever seen with a side of gravy that looked heavenly in its own right. The waitress refills Mia’s coffee cup and Mia fixes it the way she likes absentmindedly as she eyes her now steaming food, feeling like it was all missing something. She slowly takes a sip of her coffee and savors the flavor as the waitress returns with a small cup of mayonnaise. Mia smiles appreciatively and hands the waitress the card after placing a five dollar bill on the counter.


“I’m sorry, that’s all the cash I have on me, but I feel that you deserve as much as you can get. It’s a tough world out there.”


The waitress eyes Mia and smiles back at her while processing her card. Mia takes a big bite of burger but suddenly feels a presence behind her. She spins around just in time for her eyes to widen and to quickly choke down her bite of burger before she spit it out.


“Mia? Mia Rayne?”


Mia puts the burger back down on the plate carefully as she turns towards the voice that seems to recognize her.


“I’m going to get back to you my friend, don’t you go anywhere on me.”


She turns her attention to MJ Flair, standing next to her stool, but her attentions keep flickering back in the direction of the burger. MJ picks up on this and graciously proceeds to sit down in the seat next to Mia.


“Don’t take this the wrong way, but what are you doing here?”


Interrupted again, the burger stops halfway to Mia’s mouth.




MJ smiles. “I’m sorry, that sounded terrible. I’m just always awed when my worlds collide.”


It’s at that moment that the waitress returns.


“How’s everything? Oh, hi Mariella!”


Mia stops, mid-chew, and looks at MJ.


“Hi, Betty! Listen, she’s a friend of mine - no charge, okay?”


“I’ll put it in the books, but Ms. McGinnis will need to okay that, that’s the best I can do.”


She walks away, making a note on her pad, and MJ leans on the counter.


“Thanks Betty! Can I get a cup’a tea? I feel like being sophisticated.”


And MJ catches Mia’s eye again.


“Of all the burger joints in all the world, you walked into the one my family owns.”


Mia stops chewing and looks around at her surroundings really for the first time since she opened up the door to this place and sat down. Family pictures hung in various places where they would fit among all the different sports memorabilia. A booth sits in the corner of the restaurant, well used, but filled with various papers and nothing that would indicate that it was a seat for patrons. Mia takes all of this in while grabbing a fry absentmindedly, dipping it in the mayo, and chomping down on it, earning a questioning look from MJ. Mia smiles as she notices and takes a quick swig of coffee, rinsing her mouth out before speaking.


“I honestly didn’t know this was  your family’s place. A friend of a friend, of someone I used to know told me that while on the road I should check this particular spot out for the best diner type experience. So far I haven’t been disappoint…”

She stops herself as MJ is still looking at Mia’s plate curiously. Mia smiles and slides it between the two women.


“Fry? They’re good here, probably the best I’ve had in a long time, though I think you’d know that.”


MJ looks at the plate, then her gaze catches Mia’s.


“You sure? I mean… I know it’s not poutine, which I’d never take from anyone ever, because I’m not a terrible person or at least I try not to be, but a woman’s french fries are sacred and shouldn’t be shared lightly. Sure you don’t mind?”


Mia shakes her head and urges MJ to help herself. She takes a fry and sticks it in the mayo before chomping down on it. She chews thoughtfully and Mia can’t help but smile as she helps herself to another one as The Forsaken One continues to work on her burger, tentative bite, by tentative bite. She sighs and puts the burger down, helping herself to some fries and gravy. MJ clears her throat and washes down her snack with some water. She sits quietly, something on her mind but not sure how to begin, something Mia picks up on and instantly tenses with apprehension.


“Actually, I’m glad you’re here, sweetie. Was hoping t’talk to you about some stuff.”


Mia remains silent, her face partially covered by the hair that she has in front of her face and her expression unreadable. The only sign that she is listening being that she stops eating the fries and takes another gulp of coffee to wash it down.


“I wanted to just… I want you to know… Wow, spit it out, MJ. I just wanted to say thank you for standin’ up to the Ouro--”


This earns a glare from Mia and MJ quickly backpedals.


“Sorry. The Oreo Bros. I was sorta prepared t’be all by my lonesome - I’m really glad I’m not facing off with ‘em alone.”


Mia bows her head and cocks it to the side to watch MJ as she says this.


Curious. The person that I value as a hero has come to me to thank… Me?


She contemplates everything going through her head carefully, reaching out for her coffee only to discover that she’s almost out. Mia finishes it in a swig and puts the empty glass down just in time for Betty to swing through and fill it right back up for her. Mia does a double take, impressed by both the warmth of the coffee and the speed of Betty predicting her refill. She takes her time, prepares her coffee to her liking and holds it in her hands, as if keeping them warm while she gently spins to face MJ again.


“I don’t look up to too many people, both physically and metaphorically speaking. People have had a tendency to let me down in the past.”


Her gaze glosses over slightly as she gets lost in thought. Her sharpness returns quickly though with a shake of her head and she takes a sip of coffee before continuing.


“Since I joined in CWF I honestly didn’t believe that I’d be as far as I am now. Did you know that in my second week I was thinking about upping and leaving? But… I didn’t. I saw an opening I fit in and I went for it. Anyone would have done the same.


The thing is, I’ve gone throughout my life never really subscribing to any particular belief system. Just, do what I believe is right. What’s good, not just for me, but for anyone and everyone involved in a bad situation. Nine times out of ten, I’ll jump in front of an oncoming train if it means saving someone I care about from being hurt. All that said…”


She takes another swig of coffee, swinging her legs back under the bar so she doesn’t have to make eye contact with the young woman sitting next to her.


How old is this girl? Like… She could be someone’s daughter, well obviously, but YOU knew what I meant, right? She looks so young… But like she is willing to take on the world.


Mia sighs and begins to speak again.


“MJ, I say this with the utmost respect for you and everything that you have done for the CWF, a place that I now consider my home. I came into this fed and I saw you as World Champion. In my eyes you’re this amazing heroine that defends her own home in her own, special way. You don’t need a title belt to show the world that you mean business. Fuck chick, one only has to see your name on the marquee to get goosebumps. You personify the word ‘hero’ in and out. You don’t need to thank me, I should thank you for inspiring me to stand up and fight against a group that stands for everything I’m against.”


Mia’s voice cracks toward the end, which she hides by quickly grabbing her coffee, taking a swig, and trying to work on the remains of her burger. The two sit in comfortable silence for a little while, MJ digesting everything Mia just told her and Mia just trying to get rid of the nagging feeling of not eating for several days. Her stomach rumbles slightly and she once again puts down the burger, annoyed that she can’t bring herself to finish it right away.


“I’ll get you bitch…”


Mia scolds her burger, but MJ overhears and looks at the display questioningly. Fully aware that startling Mia with noise would probably not be in her best interest, she makes a mental note to try and speak in soft tones as Mia stares spitefully at her plate, her hands in her lap and fidgeting, her fingers almost fighting each other for total and complete hand domination.




Even with the quiet tone, Mia jumps slightly and remembers where she is.


“Sorry, got lost in thought for a moment.”


Mia spins her seat back so she can face MJ, then rotates all the way around in a complete circle, a whimsical grin spreading on her face.


“Love going for quick spins too. How may I help you?”


The question takes MJ slightly off guard but she recovers quickly.


“I saw you decided you were skippin’ Golden Intentions, the match itself. I get that, in and of itself - you’ve got a war t’fight and you wanna keep your focus there, and that’s cool… but this is a chance to be the number one contender. I just... “


MJ stops for a moment, like she’s trying to collect her thoughts.


“I don’t want you t’miss out on a once in a lifetime type opportunity because you wanna focus all your anger on someone who doesn’t deserve it.”


Mia smiles sadly, brushing her hair back from her face so she could stare at the former champ, someone she views as a real life “hero” in the eyes, something that she doesn’t do often, and doesn’t necessarily enjoy the experience.


It’s the only way… Eyes being the windows that they are, I can see the person she is and it will be reciprocated. But… She needs to know…


“Listen. I got out of that rumble for my own reasons. Had I stayed in there, I would have had to split my attentions three different ways. Without the rumble I can concentrate on knocking Cassandra and company down a peg and at the same time finishing the quest for tag team gold with Shadow. I refuse to start something and then have to stop, it’s not how I operate. That and…


While the rumble means a promised title shot at the biggest show of the year, it doesn’t change the fact that I WILL have a shot at some point in the future. Titles come and go and I’ve only been around for a couple months now. There are people that have joined up in the rumble that deserve the glory of winning more than I do. Shadow, Ataxia…




Don’t get me wrong, I hope that someone from The Forsaken wins it all, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t root for my own personal favorites. I don’t forsake people, I AM forsaken, there’s a difference. You deserve a spot on that marquee again. In my eyes? You’ve earned that and so much more.


You have your own stuff to worry about speaking of ‘Golden Intentions’ don’t you? Regaining a shot at a belt that you lost in spectacular fashion? I meant that as a compliment by the way. Not everyone enjoys losing, most don’t. People blow up, get angry, take out frustrations on the closest thing they can. You took your lick on the chin and are still coming back strong. Let’s not forget that you are also taking the fight to The Oreos and I only hope that we’ll have more chances to work together to ensure that they don’t get to continue running around like they own the place.


Like they can do anything they want. Destroy… Anything they want. Treat everyone else as nothing more than expendable. Impakt…”


Mia breaks her intense gaze as she closes her eyes and spins in another circle, stopping to grab a napkin on her way by the counter and coming to another stop in front of MJ. She dabs her eyes with the piece of paper, thankful that she decided to wash her makeup off before an all night road trip.


“Look, what I saw from you at Paradise was something special MJ. It was humility and that’s a rare trait to find in people. Cali I’m sure is a worthy competitor, you would know more than me on that subject, but you’re...You’re something different that I can’t just put my finger on, yet. I’m honored that you wanted to thank me for fighting against the evil cookies of CWF, but it should be I that is thanking you. You’re the rallying cry needed to ensure that everyone can unite under one flag to defeat a common enemy. Not to put anything extra on your shoulders, you have enough weight to carry.


But know that I’m here to help take some of that weight off if you ever need it.”


Mia smiles and pats the smaller woman on the head before turning her attentions back to her burger. MJ on the other hand grabs another fry and dips it into the mayo. She looks down while she chews, but looks right into Mia’s eyes as she finishes.


“I… Well, number one I’m flattered. I’ve never thought of anything I’ve done as a wrestler really as anything but me doing me as best I can… the idea that anyone is listening to me is incredible. You, you’ve been doing this longer than me, so the idea that you’re listening to me? Humbling as fuck.”


At that moment, MJ’s tea is delivered, and she’s able to escape into a teaspoon of honey and a slice of lemon. She sips her drink and looks back at Mia.


“Deuce? I get it, with Cassandra. You’ve got a focus, and you’re focused. That’s awesome. But my dad’s been clear on a thing for a long time now, and I wanna make sure I say it while there’s still time, ok?”


Another sip.


“You’re never gonna be guaranteed of a shot at immortality, ever. The moment comes, you take it. And I’m really just lookin’ at, whether you think anyone else deserves t’win Golden Intentions or not, the fact is, if you’re in it and ya win it, you’ve earned it and that’s literally, literally, the only fuckin’ thing that matters.”


“I wanna win this thing so I can do something on par with my parents’ best moments, but if someone legit is better than me? Then that’s that. And if you’re legit better than the rest’a the participants on that night, you should get your due.”


MJ tries to hold Mia’s gaze, but Mia is hesitant about it. MJ smirks.


“But… no. No work talk right now. You and Ataxia, huh? He’s an odd duck, but he totally obvs marches to his own drum. You two doing good?”


Mia smiles into her coffee and takes another swig, only for her eyes to widen as Betty comes over for a third time and fills it up again.


“It’s like magic!”


The two share a quick smile before Mia’s smile only widens.


“Tax and I. Tax, he’s something else. In all honesty he keeps some things from me, but knows that if I didn’t respect the man’s privacy so much, I’d ask. I’ve honestly never been in a relationship prior to this and I’ve been head over heels for the man since day one. The thing about it, is that Ataxia shows people what he wants them to see. If you expect the crazy shenanigans that he’s known for, that’s exactly what you get, EVERY time.


But when I’m around him, there’s something else that I can’t quite explain. There is no question in my mind that he and I click and understand each other on a level neither of us are used to having people understand us on. It’s both comforting and incredibly nerve wrecking at every turn, but he makes up for it. I mean, you’ve seen him you know what he’s capable of. I’ve watched him and know what he’s capable of, but I also know better than to expect what everyone else expects when I see him. He’s...Special to me. I’m sorry, I don’t think that that makes too much sense, but what you’re asking me to explain my feelings on is something that I’ve wrestled with in the past until I just learned to accept it for what it is.


Tax loves me.

I love Tax.


I’m not too sure how else to put it to make that portion clear. Regardless of what we do independent of each other, as a unit nothing can really drive us apart. The conversations last week when we were supposed to have a match against each other were long, lots of coffee involved while ideas were tossed around. As much of a mastermind as he is though, he trusted me to take over the reigns and have our match the way I saw it in my head, minus me ending the show skit a bit early.”


Her voice fades as if she is remembering the memory. Her gaze slackens as she stares off into something that only she can see.


“He trusts me and he showed it last week when he allowed me to do what I did. We COULD have had the match and he might have beaten me, I might have beaten him, that part is unclear, though I’m leaning more toward him having his way with me…”


Mia blushes and tears herself away from the void she was staring into but presses onward.


“Sorry, you meant what I understood. I know as of right now that chances are solid that he would be able to win in a match against the two of us, that’s just how it sits right now. I know where I stand in the ring, I know what I’m capable of. I meant what I said when I mentioned that Mia versus Ataxia would happen, but it’s not going to be until I’m ready and we have control over how it happens. I don’t take kindly to people using a relationship to try and get one up on me and I’d imagine neither does Ataxia.”


MJ smiles, as she looks at her cup of tea.


“I envy you, y’know.”


And she sips.


“Tax is totally into you. I can tell; you probably can, too. But you’ve got a dude that wants you t’reach your full potential, whether that eclipses his own or not. That’s a rare thing for us girls, Mia. I hope you appreciate it - and if I’m misreading, I hope you’re givin’ him no mercy.”


Even as she speaks, MJ spins around so her back is to the bar, and she leans her elbow on the counter while she crosses her legs.


“I don’t think he’s that kinda guy, though… not my type, but he seems like he supports and respects you and you fit with him like a glove… I envy what you’ve got, sweetie, he seems well worth the wait.”


This brings another gleeful smile onto Mia’s face and she finally finishes the burger she set out to destroy what feels like an eternity ago.


Well worth the wait…


Mia nods, wiping any remainder burger crumbs from her mouth, so that she doesn’t spray the former World Champion with masticated pieces of meat.


“Thank you, that means a lot, truly. There are few times in my life that I’ve felt that I’ve been in a position where people envy me or anything that I have or have done. So.. Just… Thank you for being a frand…”


MJ leans into her with a smile.


“You’re golden, girl.”


“Just call me Dorothy chicka.”



They share a laugh and toast over another fry dipped in the diminishing mayo.




“An advent can be described as ‘the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.’ Several ‘advents’ are happening at Golden Intentions should we apply this definition. There’s the arrival of the annual Rumbly in the Ringy Thingy. That’s could definitely be considered a notable event.”


The voice speaks to inky black darkness, nothing can be seen. The Voice in and of itself is enough to make the bravest of the brave feel the icy cold knife of fear with the intensity of the shrillness behind it. A glass shatters somewhere in the darkness as the high pitched voice continues.


“There’s the pay-per-view itself, certainly a notable thing. It’s big, massive maybe being a better word to describe such a thing.”


The voice sounds like it’s getting closer and if one were to listen closely enough, light footsteps could be heard coming closer.


“And then of course you have a notable person. Not to toot my own horn, but...Toot toot.


Amelia has come HOME TO ROOST!


Suddenly lights flair on and underneath the sudden intensity of the fluorescent bulbs stands a figure that looks almost like Mia Rayne took a nice long soak in the vat of chemicals that turned Jack Napier into the Joker. She stands tall Lynk harnessed on her side like a cowboy would holster a gun. Her typical combat boots are shiny, her leggings are ripped, and she is dressed in a tattered dress flowing down to mid thigh and then tapering off into ruffles and puffs. Her face though is what has changed.


A half smile covers half of her face starting where her mouth used to be, the opposite side is mirrored into a nasty scrowl, teeth like daggers bared and ready to dig into flesh. Her palor is pasty white and her eyes are sunken into her skull, whether by effect of crafty makeup artists or some other means is unknown, but the effect is rather unsettling. She twitches her head to the side, curiously looking at the camera as if it is a new comer in her domain, an unexpected bug that needs squished. Her eyes, one blue and one purple center on the lens, still holding their curious gaze as she twitches her head to the other side.


“Ooooooo….Tut, tut, tut…


Amelia doesn’t like it when she’s interrupted, but we suppose that we will have to make due. It’s true, I’m here and I’ve come…..


For Cassandra.”


She spins away and we finally get a chance to view our surroundings. Of course it’s an abandoned building, lack of any life aside from the lunatic prancing in front of a lone camera.




You claim to be the ‘seer of the unseen.’ You claim that things happen and unfold before your eyes before they happen for anyone else.You promise bitches that they’ll see what you’ve already seen and in all honesty Chickarito, I think you’re full of some mystical bullshit. I’ve seen some shit in my time, I’ve experienced my fair share of some messed up circumstances, but when it all comes down to it, you’re all talk and no flair.”


The nails-on-chalkboard voice only grows with intensity as it continues, the figure it belongs to skipping in circles, hands clasped tightly around her back and signing with every skip.




The figure known as Amelia stops, bouncing back and forth on her feet before the camera, smiling down for an unknown audience.


“Oh yes Cassandra, I was hoping you would be the one that accepted my challenge. Did you see that one coming bitch or did the cards just miss that one? What are you going to do when your precious groupies fall outside of the ring, too busy dealing with my Family to protect you hmm? You’re about as intimidating as a lollipop.


And I love lollipops. Love to chew them up that is. I love to listen to that hard exterior crack under my pressure. I love the crunch it makes as I chew it up, enjoying every single bit.






As Amelia mimics eating a lollipop she stares deadpan into the camera, intentionally making eye contact with anyone watching. There is no smile, no mirth, and certainly nothing that would settle any “normal” person watching this. It is truly the personification of “unsettling.” Finishing her imaginary lollipop, Amelia starts pacing in a circle, occasionally hopping, dancing, whatever she pleases, which can only be described by an age old adage, “marching to the beat of their own drum.”


“Only… I’m marching to the music that plays in my head. That’s right oh great and powerful omnipotent voice, I can hear you up there too. I’ve got my eyes on you…”


Well… Crap. Guess I’m stuck on this crazy train as well.


“That’s right you are, now deal. Now where was I?”


Amelia stops in mid step, tapping her chin like she is trying to figure out a riddle. Suddenly, she reacts like she has an idea and runs up the stairs in front of her, only to return a split second later with a hand mirror.


“Oh Cassie. I do wish that our match together was much more soon than it actually is. I look forward to beating your face in. I look forward to watching you BLEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD. That red and gooey life force that everyone on this planet holds and I want yours to drain by my hand.


Now I know, this seems like an immensely tall task ahead of me and I’m pretty sure that I know what you’re thinking, because you’re NOT the only one that sees the unseeable, that gets a heads up when the Fates want to toss a curve ball in the direction of whomever the fuck they please. The makeup, the even more unhinged mentality that I seem to have taken on, do I think for one iota of a second that this will intimidate you?


Negatory ghost writer, I don’t.


I subscribe to the belief that while Mia was fun and exciting and everything that she needed to be at that time, she needed to evolve into something new. Don’t flatter yourself you self centered whore of a bitch, this…”


She gestures at her appearance with one hand and with the other she looks up at the hand mirror.


“This wasn’t for you. This had NOTHING to do with you or Sailor Moon. This has EVERYTHING to do with the evolution of us. This has EVERYTHING to do with me, and Mia, and anyone else that resides in this amazing noggin of mine.


But you’re too busy looking ahead at the things that no one else can see, that you’re missing the big picture. You’re too arrogant to even consider whom you’re facing off against. You blindly follow a leader who has told you LIE AFTER FUCKING LIE AFTER…. Guess what m’dear?


ANOTHER FUCKING LIE! Big surprise, I know. It’s not like you evil archetypes of doom, harbingers of an apocalypse in the name of ‘what’s best’ are super predictable. What’s next on your agenda Oreos, hmmm? Are you going to tie me up in a predictable situation, tell me all of your super secret evil plans of evil, and then allow me time to escape and stop you?”


Mi...Amelia pauses in her preening in the hand mirror and smirks, the creepy smile painted over her lips twitching ever so slightly.


“Damn straight omnipotent voice. By the time I’m done in CWF, you’ll all WISH...Mia was still around. Compared to me? She’s as plain as white bread.”


Her face goes deadpan once again and she gives that creepy and unsettling a gaze that would freeze the blood in the veins of Elisha himself. Oooooo, that’s right, she went there.


“Mark my words Cassie, once I’m done with you, you won’t have to worry about seeing anything that no one else can see. You don’t have to worry about what your cards hold for you in regards to your future, and you won’t have to worry about fucking your way to the top of the Oreo hierarchy using parlor tricks, tarot cards, and I’m sure your incredible wit.”


Amelia once again pauses her mock preening and starts to skip in a circle again, taking her time and allowing her head to swish from side to side.


“Hey… Cassie, can I call you that? How about C, for Cee You Next Tuesday? Whatever, it doesn’t matter, your name, the very fiber of who you claim to be, is of little consequence to me. I need to know though, what do you SEE when you look at your reflection? Do you see the lover?”


In the blink of an eye Amelia “flickers” in front of the camera holding her own set of tarot cards and holding up The Lover. Without looking she replaces it on the bottom and draws another, at random.


“Do you see an Empress, lording over her subjects and demanding that the unhappy ones eat cake?”


She replaces the second card and draws another one.

“Aw snap, maybe you see a witch. Damned if I know. Want to know what I see?


Do ya?






She screams it at the camera and draws another card before she turns and giggles, spinning in a circle and showing the camera. The Fool.


“wHy YES Deck! I agree, I see a fool as well when I look at her.”


She shuffles the deck absentmindedly and draws another card.


“OH DECK! You know me so well. Do you know what deck thinks I am when it comes to you Big C? Or is it Little c? Pick one bitch, I don’t care. You have lost all rights to being called by anything except what you really are. A falsity. A liar. A REALLY bad person that I can’t WAIT to get my hands on. Like, I don’t think that you truly grasp the consequences of your actions when you teamed up on one person, shed his identity and forced him to reveal a secret that he wasn’t ready to reveal, thought you got away with it, and then accepted a challenge from yours truly.


Do you think that you’re untouchable? Do you think that the Oreo Cookie Crumbles are going to take care of you when it’s just you and I in that ring? Newsflash, they will be otherwise...Indisposed.”


Amelia puts the deck back behind her, keeping the last card she drew right in the cleavage of her dress. She picks up the mirror she had discarded before and with so much as a second thought punches the glass sharply. A spiderweb of cracks appears on the mirror and Amelia just laughs as she licks the little bit of blood that runs down one of her knuckles.


“Mmmm…. Asian Cas I hope you’re ready for this. How does it feel to look at  your reflection and see me staring right back at you, the harbinger of your death?”


Without a second though Amelia removes the card from her chest and flashes it before the camera. Death.


“That’s right C. I’m bringing you your death, served with a heaping side of, BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP! You are a shattered reflection of what an actual prophetess is. You are a shattered reflection of a lover, an empress, and god damn I’ve been waiting for someone to come up and force you to really LOOK at everything going on around you. You need to stop worrying so much about what’s going on after this and look at what the fuck you’ve accepted. A match, but not just any match, a fucking lumberjack match.


Bitch, for someone that reads cards and has ‘visions’ you certainly missed the red flags all over that one. I have to wonder though, did you see ME coming? Or were you fixated on Mia issuing a challenge and heartily accepting at the first opportunity? No thinking, no remorse, just another body on your list of people you claim to have...Beaten. Ruthlessly, unfairly, violently.


No. That isn’t what’s going to happen come Golden Intentions. That isn’t what’s in the cards and I don’t know what over biased opinion is giving you visions…”


She pretends to cough and tries to hide the obvious, “Sailor Moon” behind the coughs. She looks up at the camera and it is hard to tell if she is smiling or if its the grin that is now a part of her face.


“But… I have my eyes set on the prize. It isn’t a royally rumbly thing that I have no business being in. It has nothing to do with a physical ‘prize’ that everyone is accustomed to fighting for. Nay, this is more about me finally getting my hands on one of you slippery Oreo fuck faces, cutting off your reinforcements, cut off your weaponry, cut off your means of escape. Bitch, you walked right into a trap that I was NOT trying to hide. A blind, deaf, and overly religious bum could have seen this laid out for you, and you WALKED RIGHT INTO IT!


So much for seeing things and then telling me what you saw. I saw this coming a mile away, did I mention that I was hoping it would be your dumb ass that took me up on my challenge? Sailor Moon can wait, her time will come. No. Before one takes out the main baddy, they have to go through the lesser baddies, and Buttandra, you ARE a lesser baddie. You don’t scare me. You don’t intimidate me, and you will NOT BEAT ME. You may THINK you have the upper hand, but let me bring up something else for you to think about. Something to… Haunt your dreams.


You have gone through a lot of people while here in CWF. You have proved yourself formidable when it comes to mind games and psyching people out with your powers, perceived or otherwise. If there is ONE thing you take from this, be sure that it is this, and trust me when I say that I FUCKING HATE CLICHES, but…


You haven’t faced off against anyone quite like me. EVER. You can predict the predictable all you want. You can wave your false powers in front of the people gullible enough to buy tickets to your particular version of a freak show. You can intimidate and destroy with your mind games and if that doesn’t get the job done, your pitch hitters in Los Oreos Locos come in and clean up behind you. Come Golden Intentions, I’m going to show you EXACTLY what it means to be beaten. No need to try and see it coming though, because I just told you…”


She falls silent and stares into the dark bowels of the camera’s soul.


“Silly, cameras don’t have souls.”


Whoops, my bad. This might take some getting used to.


“So much for omnipotence.”


Harumph. Anyways… Aren’t you…


Amelia cocks her head to the side and smiles her sickeningly sweet, diabetic’s demise smile and focuses once again on the camera.


“Hey Aces, what’s up? Did you think that I forgot about you?


I didn’t. In all honesty this match has weighed on me. Shadow and I have come a very long way in gaining this opportunity and it is only right that I see it through. But…


I have a modicum of respect for the two of you. Granted, I haven’t met either of you in the ring yet, or maybe I have, I don’t remember. It doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is that I firmly believe that the two of you, Duce and Freddie, are amazing champs and you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I respect you two, I do. When you stood toe to toe with the Not So Lost Boys, demanded a stipulation that I think is under utilized in today’s wrestling world, and did what you were there to do, I will freely admit that I cheered. Lynk cheered. Had Navi been there at the time?


Well, bitch probably just would have said something stupid like, ‘Hi’ over, and over, over, and over again. I’ve tossed her across the room several times and she’ll keep coming back and then do that stuff again, so I’ll throw her again right?”


She pauses and backs away slowly from the camera. With little preamble and in one solid motion she smacks herself over the head with the mirror! The cracks grow deeper and Amelia can only laugh.


“Oh Acey Boys, I think you should be concerned about your chances come Golden Intentions. I didn’t forget about my tag title match, no, no we didn’t. You were a priority at one point even, but the cunt of a ass from Oreo Speedwagon took away the fun part for me. I wanted to win the titles and then I wanted to join the rumble. Then Oreos had to go and make things personal. They had to go and make us angry. I don’t do anger well…


Don’t believe for un momento that just because I have the opening match against a sect of falsities, means that I won’t be ready for our tag team match. It’s for the fucking titles guys! OF COURSE I’m bringing my A game to this whole thing!


What you have to remember though, is that this isn’t all about shiny gold belts that aren’t even good at keeping pants up. Life is more about finding your tribe and sticking by them through thick and thin. I applaud you two in the fact that you seem to have done just that, but you should know…


Anything you two can do, I’ll do better. Want to know why? Shadow isn’t just a partner and this isn’t just business. Ataxia isn’t just a boyfriend and Dorian isn’t just another member of The Forsaken. We’re a family and no matter what, we’re all here for each other. Now I can’t speak to the relationship that the two of you may have, but what happens once you lose those titles hmmm?


Do you remain friends? Do ya?


Do you blame each other?


Do you even try to come back after what you once had or do you go your separate ways?


Don’t worry about answering now, I can wait. These aren’t even questions you have to ask until you lose those titles. Doesn’t have to be to Shadow and I, though rest assured, I promise that one way or another, those belts will become Forsaken come Golden Intentions. It isn’t because we make great tag team partners either, but because The Forsaken? We’re family and to us? You’re honestly just in the way, sorry, but it’s pretty much the truth. No hard feelings for when we rip those belts from your hands. I’m sure it will be a fight, nothing worth having comes easy, amirite boyz?


If the roles were reversed, you would be doing the same I’m sure, business as usual, can’t fault you for that.”


She looks carefully at her shattered reflection in the mirror, a look of almost calm serenity passes over her face before Amelia glances back up at the camera and smiles. Her voice is quiet but maintains the same shrillness that makes even Death turn tail and run.


“C. Aces. Caces. cACES.


Golden Intentions.


You will all see the advent of Amelia. You will all see that I don’t fuck around when it comes.






She pauses and rams the glass into her head once again, a small trickle of blood trails down her head which just brings another creepy smile to her face.


“My tribe. My home. My heroes. don’t FUCK with me. You all know my intentions, I’ve made them crystal clear at this point we feel. You could even say that we’re…GOLDEN.




She blows a kiss at the camera and winks smartly before holding up an imaginary candle and blowing it out, plunging the area into complete darkness and ceasing the electronic buzz of those annoying lights that initially lit up the area. Amelia’s voice screeches out through the darkness, piercing everything around with the sheer pitch.



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