Title: The Return
Featuring: The Marksman
Date: 6/8
Location: Chi
Show: Golden Intentions 6

“I used to be a piece of shit. I used to be a drunk. A womanizer. Hell...I even started doing some hard drugs. I fucked around. I used to be successful and all that success brought me all that garbage. It went to my head. Like I said...I used to be a piece of shit. Now? To answer that question...you will just have to stand by and watch.”



The gym just smelled of dick and balls, there was no mistaking it. Jay Mora was jumping rope like a scene out of Rocky 3. Sweat was pouring down his face and staining the cut off grey hoodie he wore. This was a man who looked possessed, a very different man from the one we knew over a year ago in CWF.


“TIME,” a young woman yelled. Jay stopped on command, gently sipping the water bottle the woman just handed him. Her silky black hair was allowed to hang neatly down over her shoulders and the rest of her outfit didn’t exactly scream “trainer.” Jay handed the bottle back to her before looking her over and examining her tan, muscular legs visible thanks to a plaid short skirt and that were accentuated even more by the black six inch heels she wore. His eyes wandered up to see her revealing crop top that showed off her very fit, very cut torso. He leaned in and got a kiss on the lips before wiping his face down.


The woman smiled and seemed pleased that this workout was nearing its end. “Nothing can stop you. Nothing will distract you.” Jay just nodded and smiled. “I know babe. After my last match in Carnage I needed a reset and the rumble,” but he was cut off. “You don’t to make excuses anymore.” She gently put her hand to his cheek which he slightly leaned into.




“For the first time since I started my career I’m clear. I can see. I can stand. I can walk. I can run. That’s what I’m here to do. That’s what I’m back for. To run. Run right through this entire company. Run right through the competition. To run right to the fucking top of the CWF.”




The gray, sweat soaked, cut off hoodie was peeled off of Jay’s body by the black haired woman. This woman first made her appearance before his match with Jack in Carnage. Evangeline was the long lost adopted daughter of a former ex girlfriend, Diamond. Evangeline came to save Jay, not only his career but his life. She handed him a towel and he disappeared into the locker room showers.




“MJF. Jack Michaels. Caledonia. They are all the same now. They all just blend together as the opposition. They are the enemy. The names don’t matter. The appearances may change. Their past accomplishments will earn them nothing. They are all just the same thing under a different guise. They are all road blocks. They are all obstacles. They are all trying to prevent me from doing what I need to do. I need to become the eventual CWF World Champion. It’s not about cementing a legacy like it might be for some. It’s not about finding out if I still have it. It’s not about trying to live a dream or do this because its a way to get back at my mother or my father. This is about necessity. I need to do this. I need to be here. I need to win.


I realize what that means. I have never been one to leave myself a back door so that I can use some sort of excuse as to why I lost. I have never been one to leave myself an out if all goes wrong. No. I need to win the rumble or everything I have worked for since September of 2018 means nothing. Like I said...this is a necessity. It is right there with food, water and breathing. I. NEED. THIS.”




The beard is gone. The awful camo shorts are gone. The terrible shoes are gone. The loads of fake tits and blonde extensions are gone. A black suit with an open white button down shirt underneath and black Magnanni shoes. This was the man that Evangeline remembered. The perfectly tailored suit that clung to a very fit and ripped body.


Jay walked out of the gym looking like a superstar. Even if you didn’t watch professional wrestling if you saw Jay Mora you knew he was somebody. He had an aura about him that very few could carry without just looking like a douchebag. Jay Mora looked like a superstar. A guy who could carry a brand or a company. A guy who could be a spokesperson for anything and get that product over regardless what it was. He had movie star looks and A List celebrity practically written all over him.


Evangeline drove the Aston Martin today and picked up Jay pulling up just in time for him to never really break stride. He hopped in the passenger seat, kissed his woman and they sped off.




“There comes a time in life when you evolve, you change, you become something more or something you’re not supposed to be. It may be intentional or entirely subconscious. One day, you wake up...you look in the mirror and you either hate that motherfucker staring back at you or you’re proud of what you see. People like Jack Michaels, Christian Starr, Jarvis King, Flair, Bryan Ford, Dan Ryan...those people hold their heads high. They love that person that stares back at them. They think about all the things they have done in the past and they hype themselves up into believing they are better than what they actually are. They believe that they are owed something from whatever company they go to. They buy into this false reality that their lives have meaning, that their careers have meaning and it’s the mirror that lies to them.


There is no evolution of Jay Mora. There is no transformation. This isn’t even a rebirth. This is about being true to who I am. Who I am has nothing to do with guns. It has nothing to do with being with a different woman every night. It has nothing to do with this persona that I took on when I joined 4CW and few years ago and decided to make a come back. Jay Mora was a fraud. Now...I'm back. The man who has held championships in multiple companies. The man who is a two time hall of famer. The Marksman is back boys and girls and you know what that means."




The house was enormous. The sun seemed to shine a spotlight onto it through the few clouds in light blue sky. As the car pulled up the wrap around driveway to the front of the house, a great Dane and a rust colored doberman ran up to the car great Evangeline and Jay happily. The couple hopped out of the car, patted the dogs on the head and all four walked up the stairs into the home.


Jay entered the home last closing the door behind him and immediately being pushed up against it by Evangeline. She kissed him on the lips and smiled and she slyly and seductively walked away.


"Not right now," Jay said plainly.


She smiled "I know but I can always tease a little. You'll need to earn what I have in mind for you anyways by winning the shot at the CWF world title."


"Earn it huh?" Jay asked sarcastically as he followed her into the kitchen. She replied with a cute giggle before sitting down on a stool pulled you to a nice granite countertop island in the ornate kitchen.


Jay grabbed a blender and started grabbing ingredients from the fridge. This certainly was a different man. No booze? No vodka on the rocks? No expensive, exclusive scotch? Not even a cigar? Every great man usually has a great woman behind him and it would appear that Jay had found his.




"So here is my redebut. No glitz. No glam. No huge announcement or fanfare of any kind. Why didn't I show up to any weekly episodes to announce myself? Because it isn't necessary. I announced myself for Golden Intentions and that is the only place you will see me. What you see is what you get.


Jay Mora is just a man. The Marksman...now that..is something more. The Marksman is a warrior. The Marksman is the former multi time world champion, former hall of famer and the future CWF champion.


CWF, you've been marked and the second time around...I can promise you that I'm not missing."

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