Title: Future Impact, with some Golden Intentions
Featuring: Bryan Ford
Date: 06/08/2019
Location: Backstage
Show: Golden Intentions 6

Bryan Ford is seen backstage taping his fists and cracking his neck he notices the camera and smirks.


Ford: "Last week... well Last week didn't go how I expected. Double count out? No contest? That's not what Brysn Ford brings to the table. That is not what the Host of the Bryan Ford show gives to the public!


No not at all... but Autumn I must say... you being a fighting Champion does some good in my heart. And I'll be honest last week you were a lot more than I gave you credit for.


You were hungry... you had passion... but you lacked one thing... one little thing... an intent to kill."


Ford chuckles to himself after the realization 


Ford: "See I have no doubt that you dislike or even hate me. I'd be concerned if you didn't. But despite your disdain for me... I don't think you are willing to do all it takes to retain that championship.


Me? I have no ill will towards you at all. But you have something that I absolutely want... no... NEED. I need that title. Not even just for the sake of being a champion. But it's more of a reassured statement to myself.


A statement that Bryan Ford can still come into any company, face any competitor, and become the top guy. Autumn... you are just on the short end of the stick amiga.


Because now I'm thinking what better way to start my career in CWF and send you on the downfall of yours by taking the Impact Champion. Imagine that though... the outsider walks in on your turf... and takes the very thing you worked so hard to achieve."


Ford at this point is sitting down lacing up his boots.


Ford: "You see to me... this is the ultimate come up story. I'm coming in red hot and just know that I am ready to do any and everything to become Impact Champion. I'm going into this knowing that you'll come at me with everything you have but I'm saying that unlike your past opponents that won't be enough to take me down.


And that's the beauty of this whole thing my friend. I'm coming in the outsider and walking out a Champion and winner of the rumble. A two for two situation. Speaking of the rumble..."


Ford finishes putting his gear together as he looks up at the camera.


Ford: "To all you ignoramuses... pathetic parasites... and everything in between let me remind you who the hell I am. I'm a third Generation Ford star. Son and Grandson to Hall of Famers. I have traveled the world. Wrestled in Japan, Canada, The UK, and I plan to go farther as well.


I have been a World Champion... Multi Tag Champ... and I am a guaranteed Hall of Famer for Carnage when my time comes. But that's the generic layout of anybody's career that you all are used to saying. I say screw all of that. Because it's not about the then. It's about the now


And Now is my opportunity to show you that more than all of those things I am a Gotdamned living legend. I will show up, show out, and show off in that ring tonight. Whoever among you thinks no one can hang with them... prepare to meet the damn hanger of professional wrestling.


The Bryan Ford Show is coming at you live and is raking in the ratings. Tonight you get to see your next CWF World Champion. Dan Ryan... Zach van Owen. Don't care which of you it is. Because at the end of the day its gonna be Two Belt Bryan Ford walking around this place.


I know I know... I sound Cocky? Nah I'm a firm believer in speaking things into existence. 


On top of that I get to get my hands on Jack Michaels. The guy who rarely shows up anymore on Carnage but has time to mess around and sign up for the Golden Intentions rumble match. Ooooh its gonna be sweet to toss him over the top rope. 


Because then a true Carnage talent can represent the brand as I head off into the sunset as your future World Champion. So sit back and relax Ladies and Gentlemen. Because you get not one but two.... And I repeat! Two All Star performances from yours truly!


Welcome. To the Bryan Ford Show!"


Bryan gives a wink as the camera fades to black.

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