Title: Family, Friends and Golden Intentions
Featuring: Jimmy Allen
Date: 6/8/19
Location: rebel without a cause
Show: Golden Intentions 6

“There’s a cardinal rule in life, you take care of your family, that’s rule number one. Rule number two, you never, never mess with another man's family.” - Arn Anderson


Family, Friends and Golden Intentions

{Post Evolution - Locker Room}

I have missed this I think to myself. The smells, the atmosphere, the banter between peers. The locker room is pretty empty now, but getting to experience all that again made me smile. I had already showered and I sat there thinking about what had happened. How things were very close to going off the rails and becoming a serious train wreck. I look up and see one of the CWF’s cameraman, the red light blinking as he’s recording my reactions to events.

Jimmy Allen: How many of you guys are there? Does the company even know?

That elicits a laugh from said cameraman.

Jimmy Allen: I guess this shows where I am in the pecking order these days, I don’t even get Tara to interview me after that great reveal. I get….Joe Cameraman.

Again the cameraman laughs as there is a top on the door.




“Can I come in?”

The sound of Tara’s voice always made me smile. She was sweet and professional at all times.

Jimmy Allen: Yes ma’am, everyone’s decent in here come on.

Tara makes her way into the locker room, microphone in hand as always. I grab a folding chair and open it for her. Manners matter. She takes a seat and begins.

Tara: Thank you Jimmy, that was very kind.

I smile at her.

Jimmy Allen: Absolutely Tara, it would be rude not to show some basic respect and kindness.

If she’s shocked by this it doesn’t show, again, always the professional.

Tara: This is a very different side from what we’ve seen in the past. What caused this change or heart?

Again I smile, then leaning back in my own chair I respond.

Jimmy Allen: It’s not really a change of heart Tara, this is who I’ve always been.

She arches an eyebrow at my response.

Jimmy Allen: I guess I should clarify.

She nods in agreement, holding the microphone closer. I’ve never actually understood why interviewers do that. Of course the folks at home can’t see the boom mic above us. I guess they think it makes for good television.

Jimmy Allen: Some of the things you’ve seen from me in the past? A lot of that was driven by my need for revenge. My need to exact a toll on Jon Stewart.

I reach down to the top of my kit, showing her the two Ataxia masks.

Jimmy Allen: The old me would have been the one trying to punch him through the wrestling ring instead of Mia. I was that driven to destroy him, that driven to get a pound of flesh for a pound of flesh. He did a lot to me in a previous company. I’ve made peace with that.

Tara: Which really begs the question, if that’s so, then why return? We all thought you were retired.

I accept that question, because, well inquiring minds want to know.

Jimmy Allen: This is about family Tara. It really is as simple as that.

Again her eyebrow arches as if not really believing me.

Jimmy Allen: I was taught from a very young age that the first rule in life. Forget about wrestling or sports for a moment. The first rule in life is that you take care of your family. Rule number two? You don’t mess with another man’s family. The reason I’m back? It’s simple, my little sister asked me to.

Tara: Your little sister?

Jimmy Allen: Mia.

I say it matter of factly, as if it was a known thing that really requires no explanation.

Tara: I don’t get it, everyone knows of your life long friendship with Dorian.

Jimmy Allen: It’s always been a guilt by association kind of thing with Dorian and I. He treats my friends like family and I do the same. He’s been a brother to me since we were children. This time though it’s about more than Dorian’s love for the Forsaken. It’s about honor, unfinished business and family. They screwed with Ataxia’s family. That young man loved Mia more than anything. When she was hurt by The Glass Ceiling, he never left her side. That’s love in its purest form Tara.

Her eyes well a bit as I continue.

Jimmy Allen: Most of this is not news to the world at large, but I also know this is a more indepth look than people really get at what goes on in our world. As much as I’d like to talk more, I really have to go. I have a plane to catch.

Tara: Of course, thank you for the time.



{Dallas, Texas - Home}

The morning sun was creeping in through the blinds, just enough to obscure what was on monitor that was connected to a laptop. I had been working on something for hours and not making any headway at all.

“Still at it?”, came the quip from Marissa. I sigh and stretch, the audible pop from my shoulders and back makes me grunt but damn that felt good. She takes advantage and leans in over the back of the chair for a kiss. A long kiss, but not unexpected all things considered. We had moved in together shortly after I left CWF. Our relationship was one like I had never known in my life. Everything was effortless, and that’s the way it should be.

Marissa: What is it you’re working on anyway?

Jimmy Allen: Just a work thing.

She arches her eyebrows at me and purses her lips when she sees the “Access Denied” on the screen.

Marissa: Just a work thing? You do remember that my being a systems engineer means you can’t bullshit me on that right?

I smile, blushing a bit I nod my head.

Jimmy Allen: I know, I just didn’t want to alarm you or cause you to worry.

Marissa: James Allen Walker! I’ll kick your ass if you ever try to lie to me again.

Jimmy Allen: Technically I didn’t lie, it is a work thing.

She crosses her arms across her chest and furrows her brow in obvious disagreement with what I’ve said. This amuses me to no end.

Jimmy Allen: If you were a little taller and had bigger arms, you’d be the female version of my father.

With that she begins laughing and so do I. She was such a huge fan of my fathers career, she had watched so many videos of him that it’s really no surprise she used a couple of his mannerisms.

Marissa: Have you heard from Dad recently?

Jimmy Allen: Yeah, turns out he’s not a fan of me going back to CWF. Thought that what I was doing with and for The Forsaken was a bad idea. He’s the one that taught me what family is, what it means, why we honor it.

She smiles at me and kisses me again.

Marissa: maybe it’s time for you to teach him something.

She stands back up, full erect, a small bulge from her stomach. Her pregnancy was starting to show. I stop her, pull her close resting my head on her stomach. I kiss her belly and she giggles.



{Somewhere very dark…}

No lights are present, pitch black...only my voice….

Well Kids, here we are once again. I have been a tag team champion and a paramount champion in CWF. Most people will tell you that my paramount title reign was nothing special. Most people were not in the tournament that I won in order to achieve that title. My loss to Artoria was not something special, the company knew I was leaving so the ending was a foregone conclusion. What was not a foregone conclusion…..my return to this company.

I was done with CWF, the Rishell’s, Stewart and all of the politics that go along with it. Then, that being said, why the hell am I actually here? My family is here. For all of the disagreements we’ve had. The blood shed, the tears shed, the cussing and all of it. They are my family. Unlike in most families where someone like Mia or Ataxia would be considered the black sheep of the family. In this one that would be me. It’s funny when you stop and think about it. I’m the closest to what people call quote unquote normal.

In the family that I’m related to by blood? Same thing, I’m the black sheep of that family as well. Where my father and my brother are brawlers, I’m the technician. The Forsaken are part of my family, and no matter what will always have a chair at my table. They have an auto-rsvp for any time they need anything. There have been those that called them a cancer. How you can possibly plot that course when they were the ones that were keeping this place upright is beyond me. When the oreos were here, it was The Forsaken that fought them every step of the way doing everything they could to not give up an inch of ground. Shad has said it many times, they were not the heroes you wanted, they were however the heroes you deserved.

So, how did I end up as one of them? I was asked to join. I was asked to help our frand. So, I put on the Ataxia mask and did what I did. Now, I know that Taxi had to of been impressed with the compliment he was paid. Tax, I did it out of love and respect for the man you were. Now we just have to fix the man you’ve become. I know that you had to of been brainwashed by Stewart or some other entity. When I find out for sure who, then we can as a family talk about how to fix it. I mean other than hitting you in the head until you snap out of it. We do this out of love Tax, it’s nothing more and nothing less than you deserve.

I’ve been asked many times, how do you strategize for a match of this nature? Well, I’ll tell you what I don’t do. I don’t try to punch my way through things, I actually think about what I’m doing as I go. Most of the apes who’ve entered Golden Intentions are exactly that, overgrown monkeys dancing to whatever tune CWF has put on for them. They come here to try and grab that golden ticket. Why do they do that? For most of them it’s due to the fact that they can’t even sniff a world title in their home fed. So they come here looking for easy money and instant status as the number one contender for our title.

The brass ring; it’s an elusive thing isn’t it? We’re all jumping up to try and grab it but the little bastard in the background keeps pulling the string so it stays just out of reach. So, you get frustrated and want to just quit trying. Instead, perhaps you’d like to try a proper plan. Kick that little bastard in the nuts, cut the cord and take what you deserve. What you’ve earned for putting in the work.

All of these men and women will enter that ring with just that one goal in mind. Kick that guy in the nuts by throwing him over the top and claiming what they think is theirs by right. They all believe that they are somehow owed a title shot just for showing up. They have a sense of entitlement that really makes me want to puke. In a match like this, you would have to think that some of the smaller competitors are at a disadvantage. Of course if you think that way, you’d be mistaken. Just as they are mistaken about a great many things. The powers that be around here have a way of stacking the deck.

Imagine if you will, that this battle royal was not open to outsiders. They cannot run that risk because someone like me or one of the other forsaken would very likely be the new number one contender. They cannot take that risk, so they invite these old men. The wannabes, the never weres, and people who have barely had time in this business to lace their boots. Hoping that one of them will end up being a dark horse winner. Someone that the current champ could dispose of easily. Either because they don’t show up to collect or that he’s just that much better than they are.

That however is not going to happen. Not as long as myself and The Forsaken are around. One of us will be collecting on that world title shot. Before I wrap this up, there’s one more thing that needs to be addressed. It’s become the trendy thing to shout to the rafters, “This is my yard”. Okay, that’s fine, it’s your yard. Real original, I could almost feel the creativity when you stole someone else's shtick. Yeah, that’s fine, it’s your yard. Around here though….

this is our world.

You’re just fortunate enough to be able to breath the same air.

Suck it Trebek.


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