Title: Twas a bloody affair
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Location: Didn't you hear? The fair...
Show: Golden Intentions 6

As houses go, it looks just like any other "normal" house on a sunny street. Children laugh and play outside, the sun, as mentioned is shining bright in the crystal blue sky, and the music in the background? It is sheer creepiness on a chocolate covered popsicle of doom. Plus two. But this house, THIS HOUSE...

Is a very, very, normal house. The woman of the house tends to the garden out front, the male figure cooking on a grill. Two scarecrows play with a ball in the front yard, creepy smiles painted on their winking faces... The lady figure turns and giggles at the new visitors as they come in through the gate, WE come in through the gate. Oh dear reader, did you not realize that we knew you were there the entire time? Tsk tsk... The lady figure's giggle turns shrill and the goosebumps go up and down arms. Just mentioning the noise causes the sensation. Don't deny it because it's there, right.... Underneath... 

"Skin or no skin?"

The lady figure turns, asking such a simple question, but what was she implying? What kind of question was that? Did she hear the thoughts of the timid and afraid as they continue past the lady and into the house? It's a warm house too. Filled with all the smells and sights, the familiar sounds of family floating through the air like the most perfect symphony of noise.

And who sits at the head of a table that boasts a platter covered by a fancy cloche? The hostess with the mostest (and the chick that knew enough to look up the word "cloche") Mia Rayne. She smiles as she invites guests to sit and partake of this happy time meal. The creepy front lawn family make their way into the room, taking their appropriate chairs and sitting in them, their eyes turned in the direction that Mia's gaze is fixated on. She laughs again and the chilling sound is echoed by the family. She steeples her hands and is able to gain control of her laughter, therefore The Family's giggling dying down some, but some snippets, probably from one of the children, keep slipping out. 

Mia Rayne: oNE yEaR...

Her voice is fragmented, high pitched, and one out of a horror film that sends shivers down the most hardened of spines. Tearing cardboard, while playing with Styrofoam, while doing the absolute best to make that horrid chalkboard noise; are really the only things in existence that come remotely close to describing her voice. An eerie silence falls inside the dining room, the only sound is her shrill shriek.

Mia Rayne: We've been here a bit more than a year. We've won, we've lost, and above all, we have proven ourselves to be among the top forces in this federation to be reckoned with. Someone comes into CWF looking for opportunity, looking for a shot at a big shiny that they didn't have the talent to get at their federation they ran away from, looking for this... "Opportunity."

She starts to vibrate. More aptly her leg bounces up and down with such ferocity it almost seems that a tremor is coming. The silverware rattles and the kids begin to laugh so more. Mia shoots them a look and the lady of the house makes a shushing noise with her own mask. The kids persist, lady of the house now has a knife. Get the point?

Mia Rayne: Inside this business, the word "respect" gets thrown around a lot. People cry about not earning fan's respect. the B-List squad complain because they can't earn the respect from the powers that be. Feuds are born and rivalries made all because of that one little word, "respect..." A lot of the people that came to CWF seeking fame and fortune on the list to be tossed over the top by yours truly...

The family lets out a round of applause. This conversation about respect? It isn't for them.

Mia Rayne: We have come to make friends using the same concept of "respect" that many people claim that they adhere to. Yet here we are. Golden Intentions time once again and look what has happened. The riff raff has come out to play. We have people from PRIME, free agents, people seeking glory for the umpteenth time; and we're looking at you Danny Boy, people from Carnage, and the many moons of Endor. Not one of them have come to say that they came here to make CWF a better place. Not one cared about the whole as opposed to their own selfish needs. Mia remembered. She saw all the selfishness. One hangs a shiny prize, a promised spot on the biggest stage that CWF has to offer in front of the masses, and you're bound to catch a plague or two. That's what all this influx is. Duce thinks that we, WE're, WE...

She gestures wildly around the room. The family all seem to agree though their masks don't really show much. Has anyone ever seen an Ataxia mask betray emotion? That's what Mia does after all. She mimics and she claws, and she makes a name for herself...

Mia Rayne: Yet we're the ones who are constantly under attack for being controlled by some greater power. We're the ones that are accused of being a cancer to this place. The proof is in the pudding, it's all around, yet no one is brave enough to SEE it. The cancer was never US. It's the people who think they can show up for a short stint, make a splash, and leave. They don't do the work. They don't put in the time. They just get the rocket pass shit from Disney to get in front of the poor and unorganized, and spring to the very front. THEY are the cancer that seems to keep coming back to the CWF. They are a disease that needs to be cured. It isn't us and it never was... However...

Her voice falls eerily silent, all eyes go from her, down to the platter, the cloche, and her hand that now rests on top of the cloche, as if to take it off, and reveal it was the butler the entire time. Or maybe the janitor. Her hand quivers as she cracks it open, just a hair, and squints into the inky blackness. She smirks.

Mia Rayne: It's almost time. Soon, everyone will see just how deep the madness can lead... Ataxia might be the master of mind games, but little does he know, we enjoy playing games. He wants to make the rules as he goes along? Bend them to his every whimsy? That is fine by us, we flex. We bend. Like a rock on a hill, that is how we roll. But just like any decent main course, the subject of Ataxia will be addressed in due time. 

The cloche rattles suddenly. Mia presses down on it and it calms itself. 

Mia Rayne: Right... But what kind of hostess would we be if we offered the dessert before the main course? Everyone and their grandmothers twice removed are talking about The Golden Intentions rumble, how "big" it is, and how important it is leading to the biggest event on the CWF calendar in a given year... Wrestlefest. It's where names are forged in steel or forgotten about in the sands of time. It's where. RESPECT. Is. Earned! It isn't just given out, that stuff is paid in full after you stand in that CWF ring and you prove to each and every person out there that you're in for the long haul. Are you though? It's questionable. Through all the ups and downs that your respective careers go through...

One by one, the family unmasks to reveal more latex masks... Noah Hanson, Bryan Ford, Kyuseishu, and Johnny Olympus suddenly appear, and Mia's smile only grows.

Mia Rayne: Recently, you all have given us certain reason for us to pay attention to you while we, as you can already see, have our plate full. Our table, is full. OUr arms are full with PUTTING TOGETHER THE BROKEN PIECES OF OUR FAMILY!

Mia's head twitches to the side. She straightens, and it twitches to the other side. She realigns herself and continues.

Mia Rayne: We don't make idle threats. We don't make promises we don't full on well make on keeping. Each of you are nothing more than visitors to this place unless you prove to us otherwise. So far what have you proven? You don't know how to treat women? You can't figure out how to talk to women without trying to get your fists involved? You feel forgotten, so you become a "social justice samurai" to save everyone from... Bad language? Oh and Johnny Olympus, the man who is quickly questing to give Jarvis a run for his money in the "biggest penis" game. You're all here and we invited you all here so you could see first hand, specifically you lot, that when Mia says that she is the gatekeeper and not to be trifled with? You turn tail, and you run. But then again...

She shrugs as she takes the cloche off the platter, revealing a dummy Ataxia head, bloody at the stump, dripping a pool of goo onto the platter. Some revolt but Mia? She starts to use the blood to fingerpaint on the table absentmindedly as she talks.

Mia Rayne: You could all stick around and see just how twisted we can make things. It's entirely up to you, but we warn you now. According to some dumb head...

She looks pointedly at the severed head...

Mia Rayne: We have a tendency to copy every little thing we do. Nothing original, nothing new, nothing to be afraid of. Any of you bitches wanna take your chances with yours truly? Hehehehehehehehehehehehe....
The master of mind games, the man who thinks we needed him as a launching pad to get known around here... Wants to tango with yours truly. Not only tango, but put himself in a position of well... Think something along the lines of trying to do "it" in the back of a Volkswagen Beetle.

It... It just isn't comfortable.

And that is what we plan on making you feel Ataxia. Tax. Oh Knight in Shining Burlap. What, did you REALLY think that was the best we could do for pet names? Puh-leaze. You think that you're the bee's knees, the crème of the crème, cream of the crop, rises to the top, can't stop, won't stop, yadda, yadda, yadda.

You think you know me. You think that we're nothing more than a student that needs to be taught another lesson by a strict teacher. Now, we're not sure if anyone has stood toe to toe with you and looked you dead in the eye recently Tax, but we aren't intimidated by your tactics. Your mind games, your slashing of the arms and the symbology of everything that you have opened our eyes to. You may have opened some doors for us sir, but you did not force us down into the rabbit hole like you think you did. You are not responsible for our current state, if that were the case, where were you when we won the big shiny belt that you claim means so little to your psyche? Gone, disappeared. Poof, blink and you’ll miss it. Don’t worry snoogie woogums, we don’t hold it against you. 

We know that you forgot your footing, you feel like this is the path for you, turning on the people that understand you, that accept you no matter what deeds your twisted and fucked up mind thinks that you deserve to pay for… WE are still here for you. You want to make us bleed Taxi?

You want to make us squirm under your grasp as you try to make that last breath of my humanity escape my lungs? You think that you’re getting into my head when you cut up some dummy with our face on it? Do you believe that we’ll retract in on ourself faster than a dude’s nutsack on a cold and chilly day?

Schwoop! You know the sound.

We have told you time and again. You Ataxia… You PERSONALLY saw to it that our eyes were opened to the madness you thought you would never be able to share with anyone. Do you honestly think that you did such a terrible job that we would stop at the first sign that you were striking too close to what makes us unfortunately human? 

You bash us, mock us, ridicule us because we follow in your footsteps, you think that AtaxiONE and ATWOxia were bastardizations of you?! My dear…

They were symbols meant to HONOR you. Shadow sees our intent and he doesn’t agree, but only because he doesn’t see what it is we see. He doesn’t understand. You would think after the number you did on him… Twice, he would start to understand, but he fails to see this particular thing. You think we live to mock and ridicule you? To spit on everything that you have done for this federation, past, present, and future? 

Dear boy, no. How have you become so blind?

Mia is back now though. You have little to fret. We will beat the brainwashing out of you Ataxia and you will see that together, we are the lifeblood of this entire place. 

People come up against us, they mock what makes us unique. They mock your mask my sweet, sweet knight. They mock our monicker. We wink so they know that at any moment… We could have our way with them. We choose to allow them to continue on their path. You choose to allow the mockeries to continue because you know what is truly important. Mocking what works, what has been around for ages and then some, has gotten all the naysayers where exactly? 

You want us at Golden Intentions in what you anticipate to be a truly mindfuck of a match? That is fine, it gives us more means to ensure that you get your head back on straight. We win no matter what because do you know what Ataxia? Deep down, you already know how this is going to go down. We know this is our proving ground, we know which mindfuck you have in store for us and we have to wonder if you’re ready to get everything you give right back. People claim to have been up to the task before, but where are they now Tax? Where is Danny B., trying to make a name for himself all over again because you couldn’t stay dead?

Jarvis struggling to prove his penis is worth mentioning to MJ.

Jace dead in a hole.

Duce ran away with his tail between his legs.

But Mia Rayne? She isn’t going anywhere Ataxia. You can either learn to live WITH us, or you will find out exactly why when WE promise your destruction, you had better listen. We aren’t like those other ones that you have dispatched and outlasted one way or the other. One way or another Ataxia, you WILL learn…

Right parenthesis.

Back in the house that wholesome family values forgot, Mia is still in front of the severed Ataxia head, her eyes fixated on the mask and the now congealed “blood.” It doesn’t stop our psychotic heroine to absentmindedly continue her finger painting with it though. Why staunch creativity right?

Mia Rayne: So everything that we do, everything that we’ve done in CWF is a direct carbon copy of what someone else has done before us. That’s one crazy person’s opinion and here’s some advice to the new people on the roster, regardless of how long you want to pollute the space; listening to someone else’s opinion is never a good way to get a… HEAD in life. GET IT?! AHAHAHAHAHAAHA!

She pounds her fist in the pool and splatters the creepy family. They don’t seem to mind. Their faces changed from their prior incantations. MJ, Lindsay Troy, Shadow, and Danny B. now join our heroine. Mia looks at them all around her, her eyes falling on MJ in particular.

Mia Rayne: MJ? What the fuck are you doing here?! Our battles will always be legendary and memorable, regardless of outcome. We harbor no ill will, but feel that if we didn’t mention you, it would be a disservice. A lot of people come and go, claiming big things, using big words, shiny things, and bright lights. You don’t have any of that, but you back up what you say with your actions. You’re… Pure, for lack of a better term. You are dismissed, we respect you too much to make you think that we want to injure you… Again. But… Please know that mutual respect is shown at the craziest of times. We are in this to win this year, just like any other year. We know we can expect a fight from you, just as you can expect us to bring the fight to you. Nothing personal and likewise we’re sure.

The MJ figure gets up from where they were sitting and leaves the room. They quickly come back with a Harley Hodge mask.

Mia Rayne: We, wait, what? That old dude is back again too? Is this the year that everyone who used to be something worth noting comes back to, “make a name for themselves?” How ironic. To, “prove that they still have it for one more time around the block?” You barely have enough gas in the tank to make it to the arena. We have put Harley Hodge down in the past. We will do it again. He left how many times because he realized that the times left him high and dry? Yet now he’s back, seeking glory for lord knows whatever reason. Stay dead Harley, your time has come and gone. We don’t care about you anymore.

The figure with the Harley mask falls forward, unmoving. Content with this, Mia continues her absentminded finger painting.

Mia Rayne: Shadow, our battles will always remain mysterious, personal, and memorable. This time we’re sure there is a slight more of a twinge on the personal side when we came back under the guise to help you with Ataxia. In all honesty Shadow, our goal in all this has been purely selfish for once in our rotten existence. Ataxia made us HAPPY Shadow. We don’t expect you to know the feeling, having been shut off from joy apparently since Myfanwy has been… Disappeared. We will help you get to the bottom of her disappearance Shad, we promised that and we won’t break that promise. The trick here is that we’re taking priority for once, WE want happiness. WE want what we were robbed us when the Aces decided to show their true colors and try and spread my brain out across the mat. We deserve a chance at redemption and this is the road we choose to take back that time lost. Look at what happened once we were dispatched of Shadow! LOOK! We went kaput, Dorian and Jimmy went at each other’s throats and then Dorian disappeared. Jimmy felt bad for it, won a belt, lost a belt, and disappeared himself. Ataxia went cray cray and Zach decided to make his own tragedies in a misguided attempt to become Batman… Or something. Look Shadow, look… While we want what’s best for The Forsaken, we also want what’s best for us. Most of the people we have come across since coming back have been veterans in this business, touting resumes filled with accolades for days…

She pauses her painting exercise and swirls while standing up, coming face to face with the Shadow mask. She jabs a finger in the forehead, leaving a red splatter and pushing the person in the mask backward.

Mia Rayne: What do we have Shadow? What did we get for helping you when we first joined your quest? Where did it get us when we did everything for The Forsaken instead of for Mia? We lost the tag belts, we ended up in the hospital, and we lost our knight. You get this, we see your pain and your frustration Shadow, but you have to see ours as well. To be brutally honest, the thing that we’re afraid of? Is falling into that same pattern all over again, where we help the collective and allow our own needs to fall to the wayside. This is why Mia is going after Ataxia first and we hope that at some point, you’ll be able to understand our actions. Heck, maybe one day you’ll be able to forgive us if you try to interfere in our plans again. Always have a backup for a backup Shadow. 

With sudden quickness she turns and smacks the face of Danny B. across the face, leaving a bloody handprint across his cheek.

Mia Rayne: Ah, Danny… This, should prove to be interesting. Not sure if we’ve met in the past, but we’re Mia Rayne, part of the new age of CWF that was ushered in when your old and tired ass was washed away. Then for some reason it washed back on shore again, then went away. Here! And then gone… So much like the ocean tide please forgive us if we don’t get too attached to your presence in the CWF Danny. We’ve been wanting to get our hands on you though. Your many wars against our Knight in Burlap has caused us to raise many an eyebrow. We wonder how you’ll react when you come across us? We promise you one thing Danny, and you had best heed our words. You won’t be able to shrug your shoulders and declare that because we weren’t around during your primetime years, we are irrelevant. Tara Robinsion is our lead interviewer for a fuckin’ reason you intolerant piece of shit! But… At Golden Intentions, we promise you that we will make it our personal mission, to show you just how little you matter in today’s time. If that was truly your worry, you’d be back more than once a year, hoping that your odds hold out. Do you feel lucky this year Danny? Feel like you could win the lottery?

She pushes the dummy away and turns to return to her seat, only to find the Lindsay Troy impersonator there. Mia roughly pushes her out and takes her seat back over.

Mia Rayne: Right, Lindsay Troy, the Amazoness with a chip on her shoulder. “Oh, look at me! I’m Dan Ryan’s sister by marriage, give me title shots!” Yet when it comes to the big one mama, you’ve done shit. We want to appreciate you for the glorious specimen of woman that you represent, we do… But so far LT, you’ve come up short a handful of times and keep coming back with big talk and little bite. We’re sure that you’re coming ready to fight and we’ll be more than happy to oblige you oh so tall one. We’re pulling for you to come all guns blazing on this night, we’re almost counting on it, thirsty for it. You want to take my seat, but first you have to earn it. You want to be seen as our equal? Start acting like it.

Suddenly, a figure dressed to be what appears to be the character, “Carnage” from Marvel Comics’ Spiderman franchise. Only this one has several wrapping paper rolls coming out of the head, each with a face of the representation in the CWF Golden Intentions Battle Royal from Carnage Wrestling. Mia only picks up her finger painting once again, flies beginning to take notice of the head. Maybe it’s fake, maybe it isn’t. Do you really want to be the fly that figures out the answer to that question?

Mia Rayne: Duce wants to talk about us like we’re a cancer, but have you seen this walking catastrophe of a metaphor lately? Like, any kind of invitational the CWF has and all of a sudden we have these Carnage catastrophes walk in like they own the place. Please take note of how many times Carnage has been successful when they come to the CWF, and please take note of Carnage’s record against yours truly. 

The walking catastrophe of a Carnage metaphor squawks, because why not? Mia only snickers as she continues her “art.” 

Mia Rayne: We have all these people coming in from various places, PRIME, Carnage, Free Agents, retired geriatric has beens that want another day in the sun. They’re all here, but how often do they stick around, win, lose, or draw? Andy Murray walked in last year and blasted out all the competition and how long did he last? Oh wait, a couple weeks before he turned tail and ran? We had Eric Dane show up and hold the title for a blink of an eye before he stole it for greener pastures. He disappeared, shows up here and there, but for the most part has become a ghost, a footnote on the back pages of CWF history that essentially says, “Whoops, sorry if you had to endure this time period.” So please, Carnage, monstrous metaphor of a failed budget cut in a promo… Please understand if we do not take your numbers, your competitors, or your words seriously. History has dictated that you haven’t been able to hold a candle to anything the CWF can produce and therefore, you being there is nothing more than a placeholder because the powers that be didn’t want empty spots. We’re sure that you earned those spots, fought hard in whatever tournament you had for them… But just like at Modern Warfare. Just like at Golden Intentions 2018. You’re here, we see you. You are of little consequence. Come back when you’re worth our time.

She stops painting, seemingly coming to a part of her design that requires thought. She squints, sticks her tongue out between her teeth as she thinks. Dabbing her finger in the now dry pool of blood, she now seemingly realizes that her medium of choice currently is out. She takes off the sleeve on her left arm, the one that has been an indiscriminate, unnoticed piece of her entire wardrobe throughout her career. From wrist to elbow, her arm is covered in scars, words of hate, mockery, and self loathing all there, all screaming of inner demons the likes of which that are hardly seen in polite conversation. She takes a blade and draws blood against herself, adding to the pool she was painting from, before continuing on. She makes eye contact with the camera briefly and snickers.

Mia Rayne: OH! Has this been done before too? Well bitches, shit is about to get real for you…
So let’s talk Ataxia.

You’re hatred towards us comes from complete left field to us. We don’t understand what happened that caused you to realize that we aren’t the one for you. If that’s the case, then tell us, at least we’ll know exactly why YOU’RE fighting.

We fight to get you back Ataxia. We don’t fight because we want to stop you, we fight because we need you to realize that we aren’t the that person we were before, that innocent little thing that you claim to have helped out of the shadows and into the limelight you currently see us in. You make all of these bold claims Ataxia, but where is the proof in the pudding?

What string were you pulling when Loki Synn picked MJF up and tossed her over and out of the ring, effectively putting her on the shelf for three months while we held that World title? Was it gravity that you affected, so MJ would fly a little further that day? Did you have an effect on the aerodynamics in the situation? Our strength to perform such a feat?

Were you part of Shadow and Mia winning the tag belts so long ago? If we aren’t mistaken, you were busy defending that Impact Title that you and Zach seem to care so little about. At least you share that in common. When it came down to it, we rescued you when the Oreos swooped in and attacked. We saved you. We would do it again in a heartbeat. 

You can say whatever you want, use whatever imagery, slash whatever pictures, and call us whatever names that sick and twisted mind of yours can possibly come up with. At Golden Intentions, all rules go out the window, insanity prevails, chaos reigns supreme, and you finally realize that the love you have for us will forever and always be more powerful than anything that you could possibly imagine.

Trust us, it’s more than even WE could imagine. We exist on the same wavelength Ataxia, whether you want to believe it or not. You thought you were alone in the world, you were wrong and you found us. You’re scared, we understand, so are we. But we’ll get through this together and be stronger for it. We love you Ataxia, you might have forgotten what that feels like, but that is why we came back for you.

We’re here to remind you so we can move on to bigger and better things in life. Do you really believe you have what it takes to conjure an emotion in us that doesn’t exist? We have our doubts Tax. You’re good, but even you have your limits.

But imagine if you were to find someone that could keep up with you on every twist and turn that you go on? But oh, where would you find such a chick?
Mia continues to paint, the blood from her arm continuing to ooze from several cuts that have been recently made. Even the dummies are starting to get restless with unease. That’s ok though, that’s how Mia knows she hit a nerve. And when nerves get hit? The dominoes soon fall prey to gravity.

Mia Rayne: We are heralded as one of the best CWF has to offer. An experience that the likes of Carnage, PRIME, and several others have yet to find an answer for. We challenged that chickadee that eliminated us from the battle royal, and do you know what we heard? Crickets. No sound, no nothing from the other camp. They took the prestige and they ran with it, afraid of what we could do to them if it were a one on one fight. It doesn’t matter, because in the matter of a couple days, the most important battle royal in the CWF takes place. Not only do we get to worry about the roster that is currently here, but we get to concern ourselves with people who think they can come in, make some waves for a couple weeks, get thrown over the top rope, and then disappear into the mists of time, only to be heard from again when they want to see if after a year on the shelf, things changed in their favor. Or if they feel like they still have something to prove, one last grasp of air, one last sip of fuel in the tank to carry home the big one. Yet these are the same people that when they HAD the big one, they were the first to say it takes work and time to get to where they are. Patience, hard work, all of that. Yet when the time comes for a short cut?

She shrugs her shoulders, licking her bloody finger absently while staring at her work. Her eyes never leaves the product of all of her bloody work. She starts to apply pressure to her cuts. Not that she has done this before or anything…

Mia Rayne: They are the first in line to try and get it. They want to be in that spotlight that people like myself have only dreamt about since being a wee one. All these hasbeens coming and going throughout the year just because they had a famous name once? It all ends at Golden Intentions. There will be no nostalgic ride through memory lane. Danny B. will once again prove why he only shows up when there is a possible World Title shot on the line. Harley Hodge will be shown that no matter how many times he claims to hang up the boots and then come back for one more match to prove that he, “still has it,” he will NEVER have what it takes to best me. 

We have new people flocking from different rosters, thinking that they can cut any other line in their own federation, and cut the people here out of hard earned chances. They will soon learn that the rumors are indeed true. No one out there has an answer for Mia Rayne and no matter which “talent” that you decide to throw my way this year, the result will be more or less the same as in the past. Mia wins, you go home with your tail tucked between your legs.

And then of course, there is the matter of the current roster, the ones that claim to be here full time, but as soon as this rumble happens and they realize they can’t hack it, will disappear like the so called “heroes” of yesterday. This is the year that Mia Rayne gets what she deserves. This is the year that our name will be known to so many different people and federations and that one crazy bitch that one just shouldn’t mess with. It doesn’t matter who you are, who you think you are, or what you think you know about us.

By the end of the night? You’ll all see us obtain two dreams for the price of one. We will walk out of Golden Intentions as the new number one contender to the World Title, and we will have our knight back to get the fairy tale ending we so rightfully deserve back on track. Semicolon…. Well, you know the rest.

She smirks before standing, twirling in a circle, and disappearing in a sea of stage fog, stomping footsteps being heard as the camera zooms in on the artwork Mia has been working on this entire time. A scene depicting her and Ataxia dancing in what can only be assumed to be moonlight. Signed, sealed, and delivered, in blood.




































Or not fin as we are shown the grill from the beginning moments of this promo. There is smoke coming from the contents of it and the lid swings open, Mia's voice rings out hauntingly.

Mia Rayne: It doesn't matter what gold you promise to bring to the table. The armies you promise to swarm. The social injustices you vow yourself against. Your crazy quest for love, a title that doesn't belong to you, or whatever the case might be. Make your big splashes and try to intimidate our friends, assuming that they are just, "another backstage interviewer." At the end of the day?

The smoke clears to reveal the charred masks of Bryan Ford, Noah Hanson, and Ken...Ky...That social injustice samurai dude. Can't we just make him blind and call him Kenshi? Yeah.. His mask is there too. All charred, all burnt, all useless.

Mia Rayne: Everything you bring to the table goes up in smoke and we're left to see what you're really made out of. From what we've seen? Nothing more than useless bits. We'll see you all in a couple days...

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