Title: The Christain STARR Diaries: Chapter Fourteen
Featuring: Christian STARR
Date: June 14, 2018
Location: Los Angeles, California/Parts Unknown
Show: Golden Intentions GI- The Road to Wrestle Fest IV

OOC: Hey guys. This is an incomplete RP, I just recieved a phone call and have a family matter to attend to. Sorry I didn't get more done, and especially sorry to Jarvis, I know this is defientely not how either of us wanted this to go, and I hope you're up for one more down the line when things are less hectic for me. 

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The Christian STARR Diaries: Chapter Fourteen

June 8, 2018

STARR Household

Los Angeles, California


Allison sits on a King sized bed, her eyes once again a waterfall of tears as she looks down at the object in her hands.

A little white stick.

She stares at it, eyes welling up. 

One.. Two little blue lines. Positive.

For most people, a reason to celebrate. A cause for joy and elation. Most people spend their adult entire lives waiting to see those two little blue lines, preparing for it even. The thought of bringing a little bushel of happiness into this world should be enough to put a smile on the face of even the most destroyed of human-beings. 

Then why is it that Allison seems so broken? 

Why are there tears streaming down her face when she should be ecstatic? Why has she locked herself inside of her bedroom away from the world when she should be leaping into the arms of Christain, telling him the wonderful news? This should be one of the happiest days of her life. So, why? Why does it feel like she has the entire world raging a war against her? 

She can't tear her sweet blue eyes away from the pregnancy test that she holds between her shaking fingers. Her entire body trembles as she tries to fold back the floodgates of the pent up emotion overflowing from the pit of her stomach.


A pounding knock at the bedroom door snaps her back into reality, she swallows back the lump in her throat . She uses her free hand to sweep her blonde locks behind her ear, and with the all of her internal strength she wipes away the tears from her face. It's time to be strong, it's time to face reality head on.

"Open the door Ally.." the familar voice of Christian STARR beccons from behind the oak doorway, his voice sounds stern yet somehow still sincere.

As quick as a hiccup Allison leaps to her feet, tossing the pregnancy test into the little white wastebin that sits beside the nightstand on what is clearly her side of the bed. She takes a moment to look at herself in the mirror. Her hair is a ruffled mess, her eyes red and puffy from all the crying, and make-up smeared all down her face. "What a mess" she thinks to herself. 

Allison Hollywood: "Just a minute, babe!"

She flufffs her hair into a somewhat presentable state and uses her white sleeve to sweep away as much of the make-up from her face as she can, leaving black smudges on the wrists of her shirt. With a quick breath she tries to push her anxiety down, bury it away as much as she can, but the tapping of Christian's knuckles on the door again doesn't help.

Christian STARR: "Come on Ally!"

She let's out a sigh and with all of the strength left in her she walks over to the door. Her slim fingers grasp the brushed chrome of the doorknob, and as she turns the click of the lock opening can be heard, and that's all Christian was waiting for. He pushes open the door and barges into the room, pushing Allison backwards and almost off balance as he does.

Christain STARR: "Okay, do you wanna tell me what the hell is goin' on with you!? First you flip out on Eli, which fine, I get it, he can be kind of a douchebag.. But then you go and freak out on Payne too!? That's not like you Allison!"

Allison Hollywood: "I'm fine! I'm just on my period. You can go tell Payne I'm sorry for acting like a bitch, okay?"

Allison does her best to hide her face away from Christain, but he just isn't having it, with a firm hand he grabs the blonde by the shoulder.

Christian STARR: "Nuh uh. That's bullshit Allison! You've been acting like a fucking psycho for weeks, just tell me what's going on!"

He spins the petite blonde around, but she instinctively slaps his hand away at the last moment, creating enough of a distraction for her to tuck her chin into chest, still managing to hide just how much of a wreck she really is from the ever more irritated Christian. She does her best to retaliate, but her voice is shakey and cracking.

Allison Hollywood: "I said nothing, Christian! I'm fine! Just leave me alone!"

Christian STARR: "NO! Not until you talk to me and tell me what your problem is!"

She's had all she can take, she looks her boyfriend dead in the eyes. His face dropping instantly when he sees the state that the poor woman is in, but it's too late to change his tone now. 

Allison Hollywood: "YOU'RE MY FUCKING PROBLEM, OKAY!?" 

With tears once again welling up in her soft blue eyes the blonde shoves Christian through the open door and uses the momentum from the move to pull a full one eighty. She makes a bee-line straight for the open door behind her into the ensuite bathroom, slamming the oak behind her and locking it shut! __________________________________________________________________________________

June 15, 2018

Parts Unknown


Christian STARR: "Oh Jarvis..."

The former Paramount Champion let's out an eerie chuckle through the darkness.

Christian STARR: "You call yourself a champion, you call yourself the man? Where was that man when I laid out the challenge? Where was that man when I made it perfectly clear from the start, Jarvis, that I wasn't going to rest until I got my rematch for the Paramount Championship! Instead of accecpting my challenge like a man you ducked me! Until I took matters into my own hands!"

Christian STARR: "You might have beaten me, you might have been the better man that night, but I was the one there the next week, at Evolution, holding the title above my head. I was the one walking out of Paradise with the belt! If you were half the Champion you say you are, hell if you were half the man you say you are, you wouldn't have taken that lying down! You claimed to be the best Paramount Champion of all time! Where was that when I walked away with the championship? Where was that you sent Rish to take it away from me? Where was all that while I was the one out there proving exactly why I was, am and forever will be the greatest Paramount Champion in history while the Hall of Fame Hallmark was acting more like the Retirement Home Reject!"

Christian STARR: "You've had you're fifteen minutes, and they're quickly ticking away, Jarvis. You should've made the most of it, you should've made it count, but you've squandered you're time. You're reign as Paramount Champion has an experation date now, and it's approaching fast! Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, and you should've held that title a little closer, you should've held your head a little higher! You should've taken me out when you had the fucking chance, old man!"

Christian STARR: "You're gonna finally come face to face with the man that held onto that Paramount Championship longer during your reign then you did, and you're gonna be trapped! There's no more running, there's no more hiding behind management, there's no more pretending like I'm not here, there are no more excuses Jarvis! It'll be just you and me, and we'll find out once and for all who really is the greatest Paramount Champion in history!"



Christian's knuckles rapple against the bathroom door, trying his damnedest to convince the blonde to open it and let him in. The usual cool, calm composure of the King of Wrestling has been offically broken and he is almost as much as a wreck as the sobbing blonde sat on the floor with her back against the door. His eyes show the remorse in his soul, but his lips are curled as if trying to hold back a furrious anger.

Allison Hollywood: "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!"

She hollers between sobs, her voice muffled by the hands she holds in front of her face. Christian slams his head against the door and leaves it there.

Christain STARR: "Just fucking talk to me, Ally!"

Allison Hollywood: "I don't want to talk to you you asshole! LEAVE. ME. ALONE!"

The former Paramount Champion can't do anything but throw his hands in the air. He clentches his fist, he looks like he's ready to put it through the oak, but he holds himself back, instead simply slapping the wall beside the doorjamb. 

Christian STARR: "What did I do? I can't help you feel any better if you don't tell me what's wrong!"

Allison Hollywood: "Why do you even care!?"

Her voice is shrill and cracking, her throat cried raw. She bangs her head against the door with a thud. Christian can't do anything but let out a long, deep sigh. He throws his back against the wood and lets himself slide down into a heap on the floor, burying his head between his hands.

Allison Hollywood: "Just go worry about your stupid fucking title match!"


Christian STARR: "Why Christian, why?"

Christian STARR: "It's the question I've been asked for weeks. Why did I steal the Paramount Championship? Why did I attack Jarvis after his match with Shane Donovon. Why, why, why? But my question is, why would I allow that man to walk around claiming to be a proud Champion, when he already ruined everything I had achieved for that championship in less than twenty-four hours of winning it. When I was champion I didn't take a day off, when I was champion I defended that title at every single opportunity I had to. I made the Paramount Championship mean something. I made people care!"

Christian STARR: "You want to talk about legacies? You want to talk about pride? You want to talk about respect? Jarvis King has done nothing but shit all over all of that since he came back." 

Christian STARR: "Jarvis won the Paramount Championship and vanished back into obscurity, back into retrirement until he had a bone to pick with Shane Donovon, a personal vandetta took president over his legacy, over backing up all his talk and proving to me that my Paramount Championship belongs to him. I begged, I pleaded! For WEEKS for a rematch, he scoffed at the idea of defending the title, he refused, he didn't even so much as show his face until I made it personal. Until I took that precious little title and wrapped it around his fucking skull. It took me stooping to his level to get his attention. So what does that say about you're precious Paramount Champion"

Christian STARR: "I'll tell you exactly what it says. It says that Jarvis King isn't half the man he claims to be. An icon? An enigma? What kind of icon refuses to show up? What kind of enigma is fine with just existing? Jarvis wants to spew off all this bullshit about how Christian STARR is a knockoff? At least this knockoff isn't a fucking coward. At least this knockoff shows up every week and gets in that ring and proves exactly why people should be fucking talking! I have never turned down a challenge, I have never backed away from anything. I haven't so much as taken a day off since I walked through that door! Not like you!"

Christian STARR: "At least Christian STARR proves his claims, at least Christian STARR doesn't hide! At least Christian STARR is man enough to call you out, make his intentions clear. At least Christian STARR doesn't have to stoop to putting on a stripped shirt and screwing you out of the opportunity of a lifetime. At least when Christian STARR says something he has the balls to back it up! I'm the reason that the first STARR vs King match was such a big deal! When you talk about the Paramount Championship there's only one name that comes to mind, and it's mine! Why is that?"

Christian STARR: "It's because despite all the talk, Jarvis King has never given a damn! All he's ever cared about is the fame. All that he wanted was for people to know his name, all he wanted was his name in lights, all he's ever cared about is the viewcount and download numbers for his stupid little podcast! He's never cared about the Paramount Championship. He's never cared about this company. He's never cared about being a wrestler!"

Chrisian STARR: "Not like I have. This is everything to me. This is my life. There's no podcast to fall back on, there's no movie star career to build to. This is all I've ever dreamed of becoming. This is everything I've worked for, and I am disgusted by people like Jarvis King who only want to do this part time. This isn't a fucking hobby! This is a lifestyle. You don't get to pick and choose when you're a fighting champion! Either you are, or you're not!"

Christian STARR: "Either you're up for a challenge, or you're not! At Golden Intentions, you had better hope to God that you're up for a challenge, because I've been waiting for this day for a long, long time, and unless you come ready to kill me, there's no way in hell you're stopping me from ripping you're head clean off your shoulders and taking back MY Paramount Championship"



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