Title: My yard, my rules
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: today
Location: Over there
Show: Evolution 54

Being carried to the back by the referees gave the current champion, Autumn Raven, time to think despite the blinding pain shooting through her back and the rest of her body...but mostly her back.  She hadn’t doubted the dark looming presence that was Silas. Not in one bit. She knew what the man was fully capable of, in every aspect of the word. Both physically and verbally. He hadn’t changed much at all since the last time they met. Still the same ol’ personality, still the same danger lurking just around the riverbend as the song went.  Her mind tried to wrap around that man-servant of his, Hidetaka Ito. That was the first she’d ever heard of the name. Apparently a person from his past that he never mentioned to her at all. Why should he? It wasn’t any of her business to know. Really it wasn’t any of her business to care either.

“Alright, come on Autumn, in ya go.”  The short haired ref on her left quietly told her, leading her into the trainers room so she could be looked at by their guy on staff.  The one on the right smiled, helping her ease onto the long examining table, making sure she was alright before walking off to go back to doing what they do best, leaving Autumn alone with the trainer.

She let out a sigh.  This was going to be fun.

Not really.

Just a bunch of poking and prodding and questions for the next eternity and a half.

“Good match out there A-Ray.”

-Insert image of a cartoon character with steam coming out of their ears-

“Don’t call me that.  Just call me Autumn like everyone else.  I feel like utter horseshit right now dude.  I think I got thrown through a window...and a car roof.”

She could feel him pressing his fingers along her skin, asking her questions in between his probing to make sure he wasn’t pressing too hard somewhere.  She’d answer back with every touch, wincing in pain when he’d hit a tender spot.

“Deal.  Having pain when you breathe in or anything?”


“No.  He messed up my back, not my ribs.  Although with the way he threw me around and worked on me, I would check that to be sure.”

“Not a problem.”

More probing, then he shifted around behind her, opening and closing a fridge door and handing her an ice pack, a bigger one and motioned for her to lie down for a while.

“No broken ribs, but your back is pretty tender.  I’d rest up for the next few days, take some painkillers and take it easy at least before your next fight.”

Autumn sighed, shutting her eyes for a brief minute before opening him, watching the dude clean up a little bit.

“Well that’s good news.  But if you know me, you know I’m gonna push through this pain and keep on moving.  I have Bryan Ford breathing down my freakin’ neck, watching my every move, spyin’ on me like a creeper in the dark.  I can’t let my guard down, not one bit. I’ve gotta fight...I’ve gotta...lay back down. Damn..”

She winced, realizing she had tried to sit up during her speech.  Bad idea.

“If you lay there for 5 minutes with that pack, I’ll let you out of here, but not before then.  Want you to get some ice on that for a little while before you go home.”



The next 5 minutes were gonna suck.


Present day…

Hotel room in the current city for Evo 54…

Autumn sat on the edge of her bed, using one of those rubber pull cord...thingys to stretch her arms and what not.  Thankfully she wasn’t feeling like she had been run over by a giant truck with the name ‘Silas’ painted on it. Those few days of rest had been well worth it, because now she was laser focused on what was coming….Bryan Ford and their upcoming title match.  If it had been up to her, she’d have argued to make it non-title only because of the way the asshat had been so...demanding of her. Wanting everything because he thought he deserved it all.

“Buncha shit.”  She muttered, getting a white knuckled grip on those handles and continuing to pull and relax.  The tv was replaying some old episode of ‘the first 48’, but her mindset wasn’t on finding a murderer.  Not by a long shot. You couldn’t call her lazy if anything. She was focused, as ever, not letting the mindgames and the words eat away at her soul.  The second she did that, Bryan would win and waltz into Golden Intentions with that belt around his waist and god forbid she was not about to let this Carnage Wrestling twit walk into her yard and start barking orders at her.



Quick fumble, and a couple presses of a button, the call was on speaker.


“Come on, Autumn, is that anyway to talk to an old friend?”

“Yes.  I’m busy, what do you want?”

“To wish you luck on Evolution, unless you’d rather me hang up right now and let you to your own bubble.”

Sigh.  At least it wasn’t Jon Stewart calling to check on her.  He had sent her a message earlier in the week about Golden Intentions and whether she had any interest in being a part of it.  She still hadn’t given him a straight answer.

“No, your fine.  I’m just…”

“Have you given him an answer yet?”


“Well are you going to or what?  It’s kind of important.”

“Yeah, so is this title match.  He’ll get his answer when I’m good and ready to give it to him.  When Bryan Ford is lying at my feet a bloody mess, then I’ll march back there and give him his god damn answer.  Right now...I want bloody fucking revenge...and his head on a plate. Is that so much to ask?”

“Not really.  Just leave some for the next person.”

“There won’t be anything left dammit.”

“Sigh...well I’m proud of you nonetheless.  You’ve been doing a damn good job. Ya haven’t let the negativity or the losses eat away at you like ya used to.”

“I can’t, and I won’t do that anymore.  That’s when the darkness wins, that’s when the enemy can march in and take over everything.  Take everything that means something. I refuse to let that happen.   refuse to let him win.  He won’t...he won’t...not ever...not now.”

“Just breathe, and concentrate on what you have ahead of you.  Realize what’s at stake, and push towards the goal. The victory...and Golden Intentions.”

She pushed the button to hang up, realizing he would understand the meaning and wouldn’t be mad that she did it.

“Right.  Victory...at any cost.”


Sitting in the private box reserved for those who were willing to dish out a little extra cash, was Autumn Raven with her belt in hand sitting over her shoulder.  She was sitting there with a calm, resolute look on her face but ready to face the challenge ahead of her.

“So.  Here we are.  After all of the back and forth between us over the past few weeks, we finally officially meet in the middle of the ring at Evolution.  You’re getting what you so desired, what you bellowed to Jon and to the rest of those fans weeks ago.  A shot at me, and the Impact Championship that I currently hold. It’s a nice belt, isn’t it? It really is.”

Autumn brushed a hand over it, dusting it off, smirking.

“It took a lot of sweat, blood, and tears to get to this point.  To have something like this on my shoulder. I had to go through disOrders precious leader to get it too.  I’m damn proud of that fact let me tell you. Very proud. disOrder came marching in here a couple of months ago, wanting to muck everything up, take over and remake the business in their image.  They wanted all the gold, the glory, and the power.”

She brushed her hand over the belt again.

“They, or rather, their precious leader got a face full of my foot.  The whole lot got shown the door. Why? Because when you step to the Beautiful Psychopath and throw your fucking attitude in my face, in my yard, and want want want, then you are gonna get mud stomped into the ground where you won’t ever get up.  I stood up to what was that group and didn’t let them push the door in. I pushed the door in on them.  If that doesn’t say anything about the spirit and the heart of myself, then I don’t know what to tell you.”

She sighed, continuing to watch from her perch above.

“The look in these eyes from facing someone I’ve never seen anymore isn’t a sign of fear, or weakness.  It’s a sign of a new challenge and the thrill of battle. A chance to test myself against someone with the skill and the will to be in there with someone like me.  I take on anyone, doesn’t matter the size, and I will fight to the end and beyond. Through the pain, through the tears, because that’s just who I am. So if you mistake that for something you despise, then so be it.  Hate me, despise me, look at me seeing red. I want that. I want you to snap and come at me.”

She chuckles.

“You can be the best at whatever you do over in Carnage, Bryan.  That’s your perogative. But when you come into CWF, into my yard and start demanding things that you frankly really don’t deserve because you claim to be this and that...running your ego all over this place...then that’s when I have a problem.  I’m not honored to fight you, I’m looking forward to beating you as the Impact Champion.  I want to beat the shit out of you inside of that ring, inside of that place where I do what I do best and send you back to Carnage fucking Wrestling where you belong.  A broken man, a defeated man, and a man without the gold.

This is my gold, this is my belt, and this is my house.  You just got your eviction notice bud.

You have no idea whatsoever what I’m capable of, Bryan.

It’s your funeral out there.”

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