Title: Why me? I'll tell you
Featuring: Bryan Ford
Date: 06/01/2019
Location: Backstage
Show: Evolution 54

5 Am

Baltimore, Maryland 

May 10th 2019

Bryan's apartment 


Ford sat in the dark living room watching his match with JC over and over. Bryan sighed rewinding to the specific point where he threw it all away because of his ego.


Bryan had let the ultimate opportunity slip out of his fingers. Bryan tilted his head back in frustration. When were things going to finally be in his favor?


Just then the phone buzzed on the table. Ford grabbed it as he stared at the phone. The number didn't look familiar and who would dare call at five in the morning? Despite the questions Ford answered.


Ford: "Yo?"


Jon Stewart: "Hello Mr. Ford. I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time."


Ford: "Well... most would probably be asleep at this hour but you happen to have caught me while I'm up. And this is?"


Jon: "This is Jon Stewart. The General Manager over at CWF."


Ford: "I've heard of you guys."


Jon: "Well good, as you may know we're no strangers to Carnage Wrestling"


Ford: "I've seen a few of our guys head that way for events and vice versa."


Jon: "Well Bryan... we're having a special event coming up. Our Golden Intentions Rumble and-"


Ford: "I'm in."


Ford said quickly sensing he caught Jon off guard and a smile on his face.


Jon: "Well... uh great! I'll text you an address and we can work out some more details and other things."


Ford: "Sounds good to me see ya soon."


Ford clicked the end call button and tossed his phone to the side. He paused the tape right where it showed him Standing Over JC and he stared at it intensely as a smirk crept up to his face.


Ford: "Golden... Intentions"




May 12th 2019

CWF Office


Bryan and Jon had been talking for what seemed like hours despite it really being only 20 or so minutes. The two talked about the greats in wrestling. Bryan even was told a hilarious story of the one time Jon had met his father Nick Ford at an event and the two shared beers and were kickout for being nuisances.


But Bryan wasn't just there for pleasantries and old stories. He took a seat across from Jon's desk and leaned in to speak.


Ford: "Listen... I'm all for the rumble... actually excited for it honestly. But.. how do I put this..."


Jon: "What is it?"


Ford: "I'm coming off hot after one of the most intense matches in my career so far... against JC somebody your company knows fairly well... And I just... well anytime I come to a new company... even if for just a one off opportunity... I like to take that same opportunity to... hone my craft.


Look Jon... I want competition. I know it's sudden and I'm sure more paper-work is required. But I truly feel a need to go out there and put on a show."


Jon: "Ah... a young hungry talent. I like that. I'm sure something can be arranged I have a lot of new guys we could have you work with and-"


Ford: "Nah... I want bit fish not guppies."


Jon: "Uh... well Bryan I think-"


Ford: "I've done my research... Give me Autumn Raven."


Jon: "You think you can just demand a Champion? This is our first meeting. I have many People in line for a shot at that Title. What makes you deserve it any more than them?"


Ford: "One reason... Ratings.. hear me out... I'm the hottest wrestler in Carnage right now... and that's without a title. Imagine the story... newcomer Bryan Ford takes on new Impact Champ Autumn Raven for the championship. 


I came here to face your elite not guys just realizing how to do a promo or finally finding their rhythm. I've seen her in the ring she's solid. Let me give her a proper challenge. What do you say?"


Jon at this point is in thought tapping his chin before taking a breath and replying.


Jon: "Ya know what... I'm not opposed to it. Autumn is in need of a challenge and if you think you could be that for her... I don't see why not... but Bryan I know who you are... I know what you do over there at Carnage. No tricks you hear me?"


Ford: "Tricks? Me? No... never"


Bryan smiles giving Jon a firm handshake and leaves the office his face forming a devilish smirk.




Backstage Area

Present day


Ford is seen pacing back in the locker room. The camera following his every movement.


Ford: " Adam you're probably wondering why I have chosen you as my 1st victim in CWF. It's quite simple I see a lot of myself in you. I see the big white eyes after winning that championship title.


I see the spark and your eyes as you come out to those fans. I even see the hunger in your eyes any time you're faced with someone you've never faced before. And it is a look I absolutely despise. I was just like you 2 years ago my whole life I dedicated to the fans and to those who I thought supported me. I gave my all, and still do, for a company that refuses to reward me for my efforts. 


I have seen the light I have seen the truth and I am on my own personal mission to spread that knowledge to fools just like you.


And you're probably asking yourself OK but why Bryan Ford? What makes him any better than anybody else on the roster? Well let me answer your question. I have been to wars with some of the most elite wrestlers in the entire world. I've held multiple championships in multiple promotions and it will be no different here in CWF.


The reason it's ME Autumn is because I am simply the best the world has to offer! And in a world where that's a very rare saying because, let's face it everyone else who's name isn't Bryan Ford is absolute garbage, you should feel honored you get to wrestle me and you should feel honored that it will be me who dethrones you as Impact Champion.


And please don't think that I'm taking lightly at all because honestly I'm not. I know what you're capable of in that ring I know that you have the intensity that I look for in opponents.


Hell if the circumstances were different we could probably even be friends but unfortunately you have the one thing I desire and I will stop at nothing to obtain it. I plan to go into the Golden Intensions rumble Impact Champion the question is Autumn do you really think you have the ability to stop that from being the situation?"


Ford gives a smirk as the camera fades to black.








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