Title: Hypnos.
Featuring: Johnny Olympus
Date: 5/30/2019
Location: Several locations
Show: Evolution 54


Still Jackson, Mississippi. 

Evolution 53 Live.

Laying on the mat in a golden heap after being choked unconscious by Lindsay Troy.

For fans only mere moments went by from the matches ending to Johnny regaining consciousness. But for Johnny Olympus time stood still. 

Here in these moments he experienced a lucid dream and it went;


Voice: What the fock was that Johnny? 

Johnny comes out of it like he’d been hit with water from a pail. Dripping with sweat and choke full of adrenaline. 

If you have ever been choked unconscious there is this moment of unaware euphoric recollection, where your body won’t work, but events come back to you in jumbled order. This didn’t happen here. 

This was not Lindsay Troy and he wasn’t in Mississippi(fuck Kansas Dorothy) anymore. 

He had frantically backed himself into the remains of a garnet stone pillar. His surroundings were that of a beautiful nightfall in Ancient Greece, and he had merely been lightly tagged in the face by The Greek god of sleep, Hypnos, right outside the entrance of his cave at the edge of the underworld.

Johnny: Wha.. th.. fluuug! 

He was going for ‘what the fuck’ there, but when you wake up to a person five times your size crouched over you smiling, shit changes. 

Hypnos was handsome, always grinning, laughing occasionally. Massive hahaha’s like the fucking fat ghost who visited Scrooge, there was no malice in Johnnys trespassing, he was instead welcomed as expected.

Hypnos: (surprise) You made it past the poppies?

King Midas hits a panoramic on the scene. He sees the beauty of great pods of poppies bursting with deadly neon colors, then sees the wake of the beauty beneath their plume, dead bodies lay thick like grass. 

Johnny: Who the fock are you, and why is it you want to die for slapping me peon?

The Mediterranean Massacre’s maw defiant even in defeat and dismay. Hypnos simply laughs as if to just continue where he left off totally ignoring Olympus. Or he simply just knew what he is going to say already.

Hypnos: Don’t worry, only the worthy fall and stand again! 

Maybe his being there had been expected, but mortal resilience was still the ever intriguing drive for the gods.

Voice: (leaning over Olympus): King Midas my gáidaros!

Johnny: (lunging forward from crawl) Fock you!!!

Hypnos puts a bumper size finger to his head as if to be in deep thought or total stupor. He nods to himself in agreement.

Hypnos: There he is! Maybe you will be yet, you made it this far, now I’ll do my part! 

Olympus gets into a defensive stance, fists close to face, elbows tucked. Flabbergasted by the transpiring events, spittle flying from his metal mouthpiece he prepares to react.

Hypnos: Legends don’t sleep..

Johnny grits his teeth and lurches forward as if to attack.

Hypnos: Now wake the fock up and take your destiny!

The gigantic Hypnos, still grinning like he’s in on a joke we aren’t. The god just taps Olympus on the top of his head and he’s back. Really back. Reality. There’s no adrenaline, only questions, and bad news.

He’s in the square circle. He sees Troy. But he can’t remember where he is or what happened, he just knows he was in a fight and that that was what he did. His body didn’t move right away. Though he tried to move it. Everything floods back quickly. Fragmenting back into a whole again.

Evo 53. LT. Submission. A Loss. But in that moment he stands, still grinning those golds, knowing the thrill of victory is only possible in the  challenge of defeat.


Voicemail: Hey brother! When you get this message, know I’m on the first fight out to Alabama from Greece. Bruce Shanahan’s boy Julian Bathory won’t know what hit him!

Johnnys younger brother Theon Leonidas(still of family namesake)hopped a plane to North America shortly after the events of Evo 53 played out to his brothers disadvantage.

His carry on was a small Gucci suitcase of necessities, but also what he considered to be Johnny Olympus game changer as King Midas. 

A prop and an idea created in failure. 

Theon, who, more plainly shares much of his brothers burly physical features, but less broad in both height and girth, boarded the plane in a three piece suit, ready for business.

Theon: I’m coming brother, we’ll make Winston proud this time!

Theon opens his side carryon pouch to peer inside before tossing it into the storage above. 

Contents: 1 item. A Ski-mask with a Greek flag as the face.

Content, Theon zips up the pouch, shoving his bag into the cargo hold and taking his seat.


Somewhere, Alabama.

Spa day vignette.

Massage by Mae Young, though you asked for Gal Gadot.

Voice: Bae caught me sleepin’!

We’d know that imperious gravel mouthed foreign voice anywhere.

Johnny Olympus. ‘King Midas’ in the flesh. 

Mud mask face shot, towel on head, smile like the statue of Zeus at Olympia.

Johnny: Ain’t even take me out to eat first! 

Mannie/Peddie, Greek flag paint on toes motherfucker.

Johnny: Congratulations. I guarantee we’ll run it back! 

Camera shot flickers in.

Blink. Flick. Flick,flick.

A sauna. Barreling floats of hot steam fills all of the space in the room, rolling in every direction like a mad storm.

Johnny: Evolution 54, the final CWF show before we all fight for a shot at the one true crown, I get a chance to show the world exactly what the events of last weeks show awoke in me. 

The camera moves towards Johnnys voice cutting through the heat fog.

Johnny: You see!?

Both a question and a statement. 

I’ve been asleep walking through life for some time. Lindsay Troy whooping the golden egg out of this goose was just the culmination of that realization coming to a head. I needed that siesta! 

We spot the Greek Physique through slight twinkles of golden light reaching through the swirls of steam. 

Johnny: A win at Golden Intentions is still very tangible. I won’t provide any excuses for my recent loss, LT was the better competitor that night, though the anniversary of a mentors death did weigh heavy on me! But the belt is my insomnia! Its why I’ve got the gold bars for eyeballs! I miss the gold strapped around my waste! I miss the fame, the renown! I’ve got to stow away the Ambien that distracts me from my one and only goal! Champion of the fockin’ World! 

Johnny Olympus tattooed body peeks through the curtain of steam. A towel wrapped around his waist as he leans forward on the bench he sits, segregated from anyone else. His confidence sounds denser than before. More sure than what occurred at Evo 53!

Johnny: You can’t teach the big leagues. It’s either in you or it ain’t. Julian Bathory. The New World Savior! Bruce Shanahan cannot save you in there, he can’t offer you any advice that I haven’t seen before. No matter who he is or was. The Sect of Black Wisdom mumbo-jumbo will offer you insight sure, but only as a distraction. And in that moment where you’re still trying to figure it all out, still learning, looking for direction, but it’s been dealt with, just as you’ll be. A puzzle solved before even being fully disassembled. You’ve got your gods and I’ve got mine! The King with the golden touch has finally been disturbed from his slumber! And you know what they say Julian..

He stands and walks away. Engulfed again by the steam before providing a climax thought.

Johnny: Wake not a sleeping Lion.

Fade out.



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