Title: It Takes Two to Tango and Four to FIGHT
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: *Smooches*
Location: You know where
Show: Evolution 53

Post Evo 51: The Mansion

The room. 

It is dark, nothing has been changed since the last time Mia had been in it, and maybe that was the issue. The memories of winning the tag team titles with Shadow flood Mia's head and she has to drop her "Go" bag in order to process it all. The happiness she felt from that morning still lingers in the air. No one else had to know it was there, this particular cloud stayed for her. 

She didn't like it.

It wasn't the memory that perturbed her. It wasn't the setting or the fact that nothing had changed since her departure from sanity. It was a big house and Shadow had a lot more to worry about than making sure her room was... What? Fresh? Slept in by some unknown party to change this overall feeling of... "Happy" that was putting Mia on edge? She signs, banging her head lightly on the door, closing her eyes and picturing the day clearly in her head.

Her romance with Ataxia was always one that was... Unorthodox at best, but that's what she loved about it. Loves? She scrunches her nose as she tries to make the distinction in her head. Romance was something that had always alluded Mia in her life, and it was a topic that wasn't just uncharted territory, but something that she never thought she would have a chance to experience. Her gaze flitters to the source of her sudden discomfort and she gets up from where she's sitting on the floor leaning against the door. She walks over to the bed and flops down on it, enjoying the sensation of sinking down into comfort, but knowing that it probably wouldn't last too long. 


She remembers his embrace, the way that he always made her feel comforted. Assured that no matter what the world might bring, nothing between them would change. The memories in this room are bittersweet for sure, but that's all the more reason to press forward. They aren't a reminder of how things ARE, but what we're fighting for, aren't they? 

Mia continues to ponder everything, soaking in and trying to process the unexpected expected flood of emotion. She came back to the mansion to help Shadow reunite The Forsaken, fight Ataxia's brand of crazy with her own, and hopefully remind him of the man he used to be, the man she fell in love with, and the man she will continue to fight for. 

He just needs to remember right? And renounce the lies that he slandered her with upon Mia's return to the CWF spotlight. Colorful words were one thing, but killing one of the only things that brought her joy in a generally miserable life, a relationship that she thought transcended that of a wrestling ring, was something that Mia just couldn't get over. It bothers her, like the mosquito bite in the middle of your back that you just...



How could one that declared his love for her one day, that stayed over her bedside when she was no better off than a vegetable, and wished upon every star in the book that she would wake up to his charming... Mask. But not the mask, she knows what she would have seen had she opened her eyes when he requested all those months ago. She would have seen his face, the man behind the mask, a face that hardly anyone knew. She didn't care. It was her's. Or at least... Her relationship. Screw the light at the end of the tunnel, Ataxia is her voice in the darkness that offers a cold hand up after she falls down. He is her strength and she'll fight and scream until she can't anymore, just so he'll come back to her. He might not be an Ataxi-table, kind of like a vegetable, but Ataxia unconscious; but he was definitely flailing and yelling for her to help. 

Don't worry Snoogie Boogums. Your Honey Bunches of Oats is on her way to come rescue you...

She smiles at the thought but is interrupted when her phone goes off. It never goes off and the list of people that have her number are few and far between. Looking at the number, the only thing it tells Mia is that it's a number from New York, and that it wasn't anything that was already saved in her phone. Either she gave her number out to someone and never got one in return, she's done that before, or it was a new number from someone she knew, or... She stops as the phone vibrates again. Steeling herself for the worse, like an unexpected conversation with a parental unit, Mia accepts the call.

Mia Rayne: Ewo? Muay Thai Palace, me want to take your order pwease?


Mia Rayne: OH! MJ! No, don't hang up! It's me, Mia! 


Mia Rayne: Yeah... Ah, right... 


Mia Rayne: Yeah, probably a good idea. Message me your address and I'll make the trek to you.


Mia Rayne: It's kind of hard to explain, 'Where I am" right at this very moment. Directions here would be very hard to come by. GPS is still a thing and I can manage to get to where I need to be before the GPS can take over. We're good chickarito, just give me a little bit before heading out. 


She hangs up the phone after saying good bye and tosses it up above her head onto the pillow. MJ wants to have a strategy session to come up with a game plan against a man whose ego trumps only the dearly departed Jace Valentine in Jarvis King; and a man who is almost impossible to plan anything for because he knows that you expect the unexpected, so he'll match it; in Ataxia. But... If there was ever a duo that could do it... Jarvis needed a speaking to since Duce is gone and Freddie hides behind zebra stripes. And Ataxia?

Well... He would understand eventually right? Isn't that how these things work? The whole, "happily ever after" thing?

*Knock knock*

The noise is soft, but loud enough to bring Mia back from whatever thought she had landed on. Only one person had that mysterious power to be able to draw her focus as soon as he enters the room. That and only one person would be willing to open the door without being invited into Mia's room first. So Mia had gotten used to it and used it to predict his presence, and his entry. Without so much as blinking, or moving from her spot, she replies in a soft and silky voice...

Mia Rayne: Good evening Shadow, what's up doc?
In a move that should prove as no surprise to anyone that has been paying attention, this week!

The team of the dastardly Ataxia and the arrogant Jarvis King take on the forever cute and adorable team of Mia Rayne and MJ Flair! LIVE on Evolution!

The idea is exciting and Jar-Head, let us tell you why we have been hoping that Stewart would continue on his predictable ways and book this freaking match. This dream match, this... Chance for us to get our hands on not only Ataxia, but on you as well. It's like Christmas came freaking early, and that dear King, is no joke.

Your friend and confidante Duce Jones, you might remember him right? Do we need a refresher King? Have you already distanced yourself from a guy that, once he lost a World Title, got himself intentionally and indefinitely suspended from this very company? Ring any bells? Yeah, he told us all that The Glass Ceiling, that group that included Duce, Freddie, and some pompous douche, and a dead guy that gets mentioned more by name now, than when he was alive; that The Forsaken, OUR family, was nothing more than a cancer to the entirety of the CWF.

It seems that Duce takes exception to people stepping up to a greater evil and fending it off against our home, instead of sitting back and letting us all get fucked in the ass. We saved this place and he has the audacity to call us a cancer. The best part about this, is that he attached your name to it all. Guilty by association, that is you Jarvis King and that is no joke! You have this idea in your head that you are automatically better than everyone else due to lineage. You think that because you have a royal last name, the world must bow to your feet. But what is any kind of royalty without the subjects that they supposedly rule over Jar Jar? Can... Can we call you Jar Jar? Too late, it's canon.

In all seriousness though, you boasted some pretty big claims once upon a time and then fell to obscurity when you couldn't keep up. You call us a cancer and yet you do what any other American would do and look the other way, because eradicating said cancer does nothing to boost your ego. Why waste the time, right? But see...

Duce reignited everything, he reminded us of every little thing that you did leading up to this point, and how much of a weasel you truly are. Now that your precious Glass Ceiling is cracked, what's left for you Jar Jar? You came back to make a splash against my spunky young partner this week, MJF, and well... How did that turn out for you hmm??? Not the splash that you were anticipating was it?

And now, regardless of the type of match we are in, there is going to come a time Jar Jar when it boils down to you versus us. At that time you will look in our eyes and realize that you are going to answer for all of your past sins. You will answer in blood or you will answer with your sanity. Either way, you will give us what is due. You are nothing but a shell of what you once were, it's time for you to step to the side before you're put there. Forcibly.

Cruel to our elders? Damn straight. You want special treatment Jar Jar, you come to us an you earn some respect, not that you or anyone of your Glass Ceiling compatriots, er... EX compatriots, would know the meaning of the word. It's time to put your money where your mouth is or open wide and eat the shit that you've been spewing out. Either way Jarvis it's going to be rather therapeutic for us to be in the ring with you. 

Not for you though. We plan on making things so very painful for you. It's going to be wonderful!!!!
Shadow smiles as he enters the room and closes the door softly behind him. He takes a seat in a nearby chair as Mia sits up and rubs her eyes, before getting things together for a road trip to New York. Noticing the multiple packs of clothes Shadow finally responds.

Shadow: I was thinking it would be smart for us to try and come up with a plan, to deal with Ataxia, whether we bring him back to The Forsaken or not is still a point to be contended. We also still have to find out information on Myfan…

He stops as he watches Mia, who continues to pack her clothes, a look of torn concentration on her face.

Shadow: Mia? What is it?

Mia blinks slowly and turns toward her closet, throwing a couple selections of outfits onto the bed before grabbing her “Go” bag, emptying the contents, and restocking it.

Mia Rayne: It’s… It’s MJ. She wants me to go down there to come up with a game plan against Jar Jar and Ataxia for this week. Considering the circumstances, I… We… Feel that it is a good idea. We can’t do much for you here Shadow, we came into this fight to hold of Ataxia for you, and that is exactly what we’re going to do so you can concentrate on finding MyFan. 

Shadow blinks slowly and gets up from where he’s sitting.

Shadow: I see. So while you sweep in and take priority away from where it is needed, Myfanwy… I have to take second to whatever you have in mind for… Well, whatever it is you’re here for. I…

At this point Mia has paused in her packing and starts to stare at Shadow quizzically. She can see the exhaustion, the pain of loss, all etched on his face. He needs a win, but it was something that Mia just couldn’t give to him. Not to mention if she wanted any chance to get one up on Ataxia, MJ would be the one to give it to her. Or make her work for it. The work ethic of that child… 

Mia brings herself back to the present and focuses on Shadow. She sighs and finishes what she’s doing.

Mia Rayne: Sorry Shad, but we’re not just another soldier in your stable anymore. We are here to help and we will fight beside you, and be glad for it, until our dying breath. However, we are going to be doing things our way instead of anyone else’s. When we played by other people’s rules? Well… The Aces made sure that we all remembered what happens then, didn’t they?

She taps smartly on her head and winks at Shadow.

Mia Rayne: We’ll get her Shadow, but we’re here to fight our own battles too. We can’t always get wrapped up in what you need us to do. So happens, we need to get our hands on Ataxia at this point. You need him off your hands so you can focus on getting back on your feet. He took a lot out of you Shadow and even more from you. We see it in your face, your actions…

Shadow: Yet even on my darkest day, I’ll still find a way to beat even the staunchest of foes. YOU were one of those foes at one point, and we both know that if the time comes, I could put you down again.

Mia slings her bag over her shoulder, her look turning hardened, protected, and shielded.

Mia Rayne: Right. Well, Mr. Great and Powerful Wise One? Would you like to try to stop me now?

The two stop and they meet eyes, a feat that neither of them have been willing to do for the longest of times. Eyes narrowed, the warm memories that flooded Mia earlier now chased away and forgotten by the icy chill of tension. Mia snickers and blinks first, turning to exit the room.

Mia Rayne: You’re not looking good Shadow and you’re in no position to command us around. We will be proceeding how we see fit and you will have to trust in us to get the job done that we promised. Ataxia is out of your hands and in mine because well… It’s been a couple weeks since Twilight of the Gods and look at you Shadow. You can barely stand toe to toe with us. You can trust us, or not. Either way, we’ll see you at Evolution if not before so we can recap.

Without another word, Mia tries to smile, falters, and turns around to leave. She glances behind her once to see Shadow staring at her. She nods to him and proceeds to head to her car. She had a three day trek in front of her, music to play, weed to smoke, and… She’d be damned if she would allow the man that once called her a “puppet” to pull on her strings.
Oh. Why hello there. Don’t mind us, we’re just fretting. Why you ask?

Well, let us tell you a quick story. Once upon a time, there was a girl who didn’t believe that she was allowed to fall in love. Throughout her life it was proven to her constantly, that no matter what she did to try to earn the love of another, there was something that always drove them away. 

Now, this girl, it’s not like she was a barnyard hog. This chick had it all. Has. She HAS it all. Anyways, this girl right? She’s attractive but she just can’t figure out exactly what she is missing that keeps her from finding love. She does manage during this time though, to find a door to kick wide open in the CWF. She came in, she kicked some butt, and she fell in love with a man. She was pretty sure it was love and she was pretty sure that he felt the same. He even SAID as much at one point and showed her the one secret he wasn’t even willing to show his mother. He once told us that he had to kill his mother because he showed her this secret, but he obviously didn’t kill us.

Why? Was it love Ataxia? When you showed us what lied underneath that burlap shield you hide yourself under so much, did you do it out of love? Or was it something else? Did we fall for the actual Ataxia or for the IDEA of Ataxia, played by the man we fell for? Either way Lucy, you have some ‘splainin to do. But that’s why we came back and made sure that you were aware that we want you back dear baby.

We want you all night long, all day long, and everytime in between. There was something about our chemistry and if you remember one thing Ataxia, ONE THING, it’s that chemistry between us. You were the best bits of us and we were what you need to fill whatever holes you needed filled.

Giggity. Phrasing? Better go easy, don’t need a cease and desist letter upon our thoughts…

Honey pie snoogie boogum? We know that after this week, we are far from done. We KNOW that you and us have a whole lot more to explore, and we all know that the woman in a relationship?

She ALWAYS gets what she wants…

And Ataxia?

Just like any other dickless wonder of a man, you never called. You never messaged, texted, sent up a smoke signal, or a flare to indicate that we were over. As far as we’re concerned? We were never done. Now…

Are you going to be able to convince us otherwise? As we laugh at all the attention, the knees to the face and the “Hai Frands!” that you slap our face with, we are going to enjoy every minute of it. Because again… As we all know…

The longer you hang out with us?

The more.




Semi colon. No, you deserve something else… 



We’re coming for you our Knight in Shining Burlap and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

The night air was a nice sensation. Having worked multiple third shifts in her life prior to being a wrestler, not to mention that she has already adapted to a minimal sleep schedule, Mia preferred to do her driving at night when she could and sleep during the day. Hotels in general, were less crowded during the day to sleep for a day and the roads, less crowded at night. It allowed for a sense of freedom that Mia scarcely felt, so she was going to enjoy it while it lasted; which as it turned out wasn’t meant to be long. She takes a hit of her favorite vape pen, a flavor called Mai Thai that helped with the anxieties of driving, and puts the pen back where she got it from. Out of the corner of her eye she spots a ghostly figure sitting in her passenger seat.


Mia Rayne: Dafuq are you doing here?

Mia’s voice is strange, taking on a harder tone than what she is normally known for. Even Loki put a pillow over her eyes to block out Mia’s dominant personality. Mia chances another glance over to the passenger side to see the ghostly form of Peyton, her former self, a voice from the past that for whatever reason has decided to manifest itself to Mia. Weird right?

Peyton: Don’t be daft. You.. ALL of you, know why I’m here. Someone has to be the ghost of Christmas Present with the three of you running amok.

Mia’s eyes narrow as she takes a long drag off of her e-cig. She was on a back road, the best for loud music and conversations with ghosts that would cause a regular person to crash. If we haven’t figured this out yet, Mia isn’t a regular person.

Mia Rayne: It resolves. But know this ghost-y, we don’t like what you say and we banish you from the car next, mmkay?

Peyton nods and continues.

Peyton: You know Shadow is right, right? He’s worried about the woman he loves. He’s tired, he’s stressed, and the one person left he can rely on, just told him that she’s following her own methods to get her own way. You thought Ataxia was bad currently? What path are YOU, ALL of you, going down?

Peyton stares hard at Mia, who only narrows her eyes some more and takes another drag. Past versions of oneself are annoying.

Mia Rayne: Well, what does he expect from us? We don’t do investigating, we don’t have connections, we ARE a connection. He needs us to deal with Ataxia, fight insane with insane. We want Ataxia back in our arms. It’s a win-win.

Peyton shakes her head sadly and Mia mutters under her breath.

Peyton: No, it isn’t, and you KNOW that. You and Ataxia falling for each other all over again and Ataxia coming back to The Forsaken are two completely different things. Sure, there’s a chance that everything works out alright and everyone ends up getting what they want in the end. But… What if that isn’t the case Mia? What if… This is exactly what Ataxia wants you to do, go all in, full guns blazing, and earn your love once again. He WANTS you at his side because sure, the two of you are a pretty intimidating team. But… What if he’s able to convince you to turn on The Forsaken, just like he did? And please bitch… I’m you. Save the, “that will never happen talk” because we both know that the possibility is there. Consider this your tarot deck bitch slapping you in the face, ready? When the time comes, IF the time comes, do you choose loyalty to Shadow and The Forsaken or do you choose a love shared with Ataxia?

The car fills with nothing but ringing silence as the soundtrack from The Lego Movie 2 plays in the background. Even with it being one of the more catchier tunes, it all seems to become muffled as Mia settles in on her thoughts, allowing Peyton to vanish from sight. Just because Mia is zooming off to rescue Ataxia from himself, doesn’t mean that she will get her take, be able to eat it, and then save a piece for Shadow as well. But then again, The Forsaken was untouchable weren’t they? Nothing would ever be able to tear them apart, nothing except… 

Mia Rayne: Nah…

After all… There has yet to be a cure found for… Cancer.

So, in a move of complete and utter brilliance, Jon Stewart, and please, pardon our sarcasm; makes a tag team match. It’s a logical move and completely predictable.

Mia wants her hands on Ataxia. Yes, that was an innuendo.

MJ and Jarvis was supposed be a match made in heaven and instead turned into Jarvis picking his spots and trying to get one over on a literal legend in the making. Jarvis, ex-World Champ, a Hall of Fame inductee, and someone who isn’t afraid to make mention that he thinks he has the biggest penis in the room.

Go ahead and ask Jar Jar if he has the biggest penis in the room. Bet you he’ll tell you he does. Then he’ll probably wonder why you’re asking about his penis. But that’s ok because the giggle we get out of people asking if Jar Jar believes he has the biggest penis in the room at a given time, it’s… Well, it’s worth it.

Almost brings a tear of joy to our eye.

Our point here Jar Jar, is that you have a big ego but you can barely stand to back it up. What’s the last thing you did that was of note? OH yeah!

You left.

But then you came back and you attacked one of my near and dear buds, MJ. You came back and you made light of a request for a match. Old versus new. Jar Jar, you’re old, your time has come, and no one wants to have to worry about breaking any hips while in that ring. Not that WE would of course. The idea of hearing that pop, your face quickly fill with panic as pain radiates from the spot. You fall at our feet and you know what happens next Jar Jar?

We laugh as we kick you again and again and again and again, AND!


Because that is all you deserve Jar Jar. Your ego has chased away anyone you might have considered a friend at one point and we’re left with whatever you want to call yourself now. Longest reigning Paramount Champ? Ok, but what about after that? You can bring up our lack of a resume Jar Jar when it is compared to your… Massive, phallic, resume. But we still have our entire career stretched out in front of us. You? You’re on a ticking time bomb of retirement that we think is about to go off leaving you high and dry. Come at us flaunting all those beautiful accolades you glorious peacock you!

At the end of the day, you’re just a cock and we will be more than happy to pluck each and every one of those accolades until you are left with nothing but a bare ass. Your past means SHIT when you step into the ring with us. Better concentrate on survival because we WILL run through you, we WILL injure you, and we WILL enjoy every fucking second of your suffering.

But then again, so will your partner, won’t you Ataxia?

You sit there, acting like you know it all when at the end of the day, you are really just hoping no one calls you out on your bullshit. You think you have it all figured out. YOu feel like you have everyone wrapped around each finger as you flitter through the minds of whomever you please, polluting all you pass with thoughts of violence and chaos and… 

Sounds like date night.

You and us. We have business to discuss. We don’t care what mountains we need to climb that you feel like we need to overcome. At every turn until you convince us that there is no hope for you left, we will be there. It isn’t a threat. It isn’t meant to be a violent act of hatred toward you Tax…

It’s because we want you back. We don’t care what it takes, we want YOU. We will take whatever abuse you think you need to throw, we will always be reminding you of who you were with us, because we know that we made each other better people. MY Ataxia. You will be saved from yourself. We promise that for sure. No matter what, we will be there to call you home. 

Until then though…

You have warred against the wrong people this entire time. You have threatened those close to us and we don’t appreciate it. You took our MyFan. Your mind games with Shadow are over Ataxia. It’s time you met someone that can actually keep up with you. You and Jarvis have no hope. No chance, though we are willing to concede that you’ll more than likely have PLENTY of excuses. You’ll know where to find MJ and Mia come Tuesday. Hope to see you there gents… Oh and Jar Jar?

Do you really believe that you have the biggest penis in the room at any given time, or is that just your ego talking? Asking for a friend.
She wasn’t sure what she was expecting. The familiar anxious feeling of the unknown creeps up as Mia checks her phone for the address again. She’s gotten into predicaments before where she had driven to the wrong house and…

No, no she hasn’t. She’s making that up for herself. Doesn’t stop her from rechecking the address in her phone and then squinting at the house number, barely legible from where she sat. She takes a puff from her pen, holds it, and exhales, watching as the smoke trails out the window. She sighs and grabs her bag from the front seat, turning the lights off, and putting her keys in her purse. 

Nervous, she strolls up to the door, pretending like she knows what she is doing when if she really stopped to think about it, this was the first time she had ever been this close to New York City, outside of a hotel and a show here or there. She honestly wasn’t sure what she was expecting, maybe some high rise apartment building, busy streets, a hot dog vendor…

Mia’s stomach turns. Food would probably be necessary sooner rather than later, but it was a feeling she didn’t enjoy. What if she ate too much? Or the last of something that somebody else was saving for themselves? What if she tried to get out of someone’s way and knocked over some priceless heirloom that shatters into a gajillion pieces? 

Ka-choosh. All over the floor. 

First impressions were everything. Everything had to be right. 

Mia checks her phone and notes that it’s pretty late at night, almost midnight. The lights inside were a promising sign, but what if someone was sleeping and they were a light sleeper at that? Mia isn’t exactly the “lightest” on her feet, so what if her stomping around like an elephant woke someone up? 

She checks her phone again and starts to message MJ. It was the safest route, the best route to make sure that she didn’t interrupt anyone’s day to day routine, or caused any kind of disruption or…

Her reflexes force her to stand at attention as the door swings open behind her and she turns, expecting to find MJ. Her eyes meet a formidable chest and they trail upward to the manliest version of a “resting bitch face” that anyone could ever describe to her. She tries to think of something kind of funny to say. Something that would let him know that she has no intention of becoming a new punching bag for Mr. Built to Last - Durolast. Wait…

Mia Rayne: Hi - I…

His voice asks if he can help her. It sounded friendly, but in a harsh, “I’ll kill you with my bare hands if you give me a reason to” kind of way. She tries to recover, her wits firing on all cylinders now.

Mia Rayne: I’m… Mia. Is MJ home?

Yeah. Social adept plus one. That’s Mia. 

**Want to see where this goes? Check out Mia’s partner for the week, MJ Flair to find out what happens next!**

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