Title: A sour note
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: today
Location: Does it matter?
Show: Evolution 52


A week after Twilight of the Gods…


San Jose McEnergy Convention Center, FanimeCon


The scene slowly fades in to one of Autumn walking through the busy isles of the convention center floor, silently side stepping the patrons that were standing at the many booths, looking at what was offered there.  Autumn herself was dressed up as something simple, but completely recognizable. ‘The Bride’ from Kill Bill, in her yellow jumpsuit with black stripes, a hand made sword strapped to her back. Her normal dark hair was hidden under a short blond wig, styled to look like the movie star herself.  Following shortly behind her was Reece, dressed in a Japanese school girl uniform, swinging a plastic looking mace. She, of course, was going as Gogo from said movie.


Reece:  You should have brought your title belt.  Would have gotten us into the joint fer free.


Autumn rolled her eyes, glancing back at her friend, motioning for her to catch up.


Autumn:  How about no, lady, okay?  Today, I’m just being me. Normal, geeky me.  I’ve been looking forward to this for a while.  I don’t feel like hauling that thing around all over this place anyway.


Reece:  Darn. I tried.


Reece shrugged, and Autumn just shook her head as she came up to her side, the two stopping at a booth that was for YesAnime.  Their various goods that they were selling were spread out on the tables for everyone to see. Autumn knew that she was going to drop a good chunk of money here on stuff.  Thank god for that bag from Lolita Charm.


Reece:  Weren’t we gonna hit the main floor after this and buzz around?


Autumn:  Yeah, we are.  We’re gonna buzz around this whole place.  Trust me, we’ll see everything in here.


Reece:  Promise I’ll get you autographs from the people that are gonna be here in the later days.  I know you won’t be around for that, and you really wanted to get JYB’s signature.


Autumn chuckled, shaking her head, looking at the keychains from CardCaptors.


Autumn:  Yeah, and unfortunately I can’t be here to get a picture either.  Sucks to be me I guess. You’ll hook me up right?


Reece nudged her with a smile, a wall scroll gripped in her hand, ready to buy.


Reece:  Duh, you know it.  Maybe you’ll get a gift box of some goodies.


Autumn:  Ooh I can’t wait.


Reece:  ...As long as you get me a car.


Autumn:  No. How ‘bout a replica title belt?


Reece:  Fine. *laughs*




In the stands of the Verizon Center….


Autumn is sitting in the seats of the Verizon Center, leaning back comfortably in the chair with the Impact Championship sitting in her lap.  She’s watching the crew scuttle back and forth, making the final preparations for the show.


Autumn:  I hope you can pull the headphones off of your ears for just a second, Thomas cause you and I are gonna have a long talk.  I wish it could be about your god awful music choice, because it really is god awful. I had half a mind to switch your music with a non-stop loop of Baby Shark when you weren’t looking.


Seriously, change the music.


And what’s with the monkey?  Does he whisper the secrets of the world to you?  Or is it lottery numbers? If the latter is the case, I need to chat with it cause I’ve got a lottery ticket to fill out.


Autumn smiles, tapping her fingers on the arms of the chair.


Autumn:  I was watching your match last week, you know.  Partially out of interest, and partially to see Silas get his ass kicked.  I’m that kind of person. You were so serious out there, focused and intent on winning that gauntlet match because you wanted that title around your waist.  Getting past the bullies, the other guys and holding that title above your head. That was all it was about. Right?


So, what happened.  Ya had that narrow chance, and it all went poof.


I can totally understand your disappointment.


I get it.


Autumn tilts her head.

Autumn:  I think if you would have tuned out the music and just focused a little bit more, you would have given that slimeball a run for his money.  Silas doesn’t know when to give up...well...almost...but that’s me just reminiscing. He’s got a title, and I gotta give him credit for that.  You, well...slight disappointment. Sorry dude, I call it like I see it.


Autumn’s face falls into a more serious one.


Autumn:  So I’m sure you see this belt sitting in my lap here, right?  This Impact Championship I clawed my way through fire and brimstone to get.  Took it from disOrder’s leader myself. Fought a hall of famer to keep it on my person.  And now, I come to you in a non-title match to see what the hell you’re all about. I’m curious, I really am.  I see the talent in you, and I want to test the waters so to speak. See if you possibly have that in you to come fight for this in the future...or any other title here.  There’s so many.


Autumn’s right hand slides off the arm of the chair and comes to rest upon the title, patting it softly.


Autumn:  You’ll have to fight Bryan Ford for it.  Apparently he’s in the neighborhood looking for a chance at gold as well.  Why he decided to pop up before my match and spew all of that, I’ll never know and I’m not gonna address all of that now because I’m focused on you Thomas.  I’ll say this one thing though, Bryan can look, but he ain’t gonna touch this title. Hope he gets rattled good at Golden Intentions.




Back to you.


I fight with every ounce of my being, and I put myself out there every night to do what I do best in that ring.  I may fall, I may stumble, but my ass is sure as hell gonna get up bloody and bruised and ask you for more. That’s just how I am.  That’s what you’re gonna have to deal with out there. Put the past behind you, and just be you. Fight, show me what you have. Otherwise you’re going to end up like Freddie Styles did.


With your lights turned out and the music stopped.


See you soon music man.

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