Title: Mentoring
Featuring: Dan Ryan
Date: 5/18/19
Location: Various
Show: Evolution 52

Two days after Twilight of the Gods….

Dan Ryan’s ranch about fifteen miles Northwest of Houston.

Dan Ryan is filling up a duffel bag with a few things, getting ready for the short flight from Houston to Little Rock. His wife, Alaina Troy-Ryan is sitting at the breakfast table near the kitchen with his daughter Cecilia Ryan across from her.

The CWF World Championship belt is over one shoulder.

Ryan’s wife looks up from her coffee.

“Is it really necessary to wear that thing in the house?”

Cecilia glances over and shrugs. “I kinda like it.”

Ryan though, doesn’t look up and continues arranging his things.

“I’m sending it ahead with Lindsay actually. She’s gonna be by in a few to pick it up.”

This gets Cecilia’s interest. “Aunt Lindz is coming over?”

Ryan stops and stares at his daughter, a little mockingly, but in a loving sort of way.

“Yes, Aunt Lindz is coming over.”

Cecilia smiles. Ryan shakes his head and goes back about his business. “About that.”

The girls’ interest is piqued. 

“Pack something. You’re going with her.”

Alaina smiles a bit at her husband, though he’s still not looking at them. Cecilia, though, is stunned.

“Wait, what?”

Ryan keeps his stoic expression. “She asked if you’d like to keep her company and I said yes. You have other plans or something?”

Cecilia pops up with the quickness. “NO!”

Ryan finishes up, zips up the bag and looks directly at his daughter. “Well then, I guess you better go put a bag together.”

Cecilia lets out the closest thing she does to an excited squeal and charges at her father full speed. He absorbs the impact, of course, as his daughter flings her arms around his torso and gives him a big bear hug.

Ryan grunts a bit in response. “Ugh… the ribs.”

“Thanks, daddy.” Cece smiles up at her dad, then darts out of the room.

Ryan puts the bag over his shoulder and slips his sunglasses over his eye, then heads toward the front door.

Alaina doesn’t look up, but doesn’t let him get away that easily. 


Ryan doesn’t look back. “I hope I don’t regret this.”

Seconds later, Ryan is out the door.

On to Little Rock….

Backstage at the Verizon Arena….

Dan Ryan is sitting in the dressing room, his back to a long row of lockers. He’s sitting on a wooden bench taping his wrists and getting ready for the show.

So Silas Artoria, hello. Dan Ryan here. CWF World Champion. And there you are, the Paramount Champion, with a chance to really make a statement.

So which are you? Are you the guy who saw your booking for this week and got excited about the opportunity?

Or are you the guy who just pissed his pants?

Ryan smiles and looks up slightly.

Because I just have to say, I saw you last week. I was pretty busy, but I still saw you last week struggling with concern over your self-worth. You were concerned about what? That you weren’t going to be able to defend your championship in the most glorious way possible? Only a gauntlet scramble type thing. 

I can see that. ‘I’m sorry. We have nothing for you.’ That’s what it felt like, right?

I get it.

Ryan nods.

And you were probably right. They had nothing for you. You are the Paramount Champion, so kudos for that. I’m not the kinda guy who looks down on people with championships. But hey, you sound like you have decent instincts. They had nothing for you.

But not this week, eh? Not this week.

This week you get to waltz your way up to Little Rock, Arkansas and get into the ring with one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Did you know that? Did you know I’m one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. I don’t think you do. I don’t think you do know just what an undeniable wrestling legend I am or how long I have dominated this business. I’m the closest thing to a professional wrestling God you will ever see. I think the only thing that surpasses my greatness as a professional wrestler is my firm sense of humility over how great I am.

This is a big week for you.

I have to say -- years ago, I stepped away from our sport.

I had done all there was to do in the business and then some. World Championships, halls of fame, and so on and so on. So I stepped away, opened my own company and I ran that company for ten years. 

I featured some of the biggest and brightest names our sport has to offer. I put them in position to succeed, and I beamed with pride when they went on to make names for themselves.

But there’s nothing quite like the call of the ring, is there? So I had to come back. First in DEFIANCE and now in CWF. The domination continues, but my desire to help along and feature fresh new talent remains.

Ryan sits up tall on the bench and looks directly into the camera.

So, that’s what I’m gonna do for you this week.

Ryan points at the camera.

I’m gonna let you step in the ring with me and get a taste of what it’s like to be a competitor at the highest possible level in this sport.

You have time to ask Mr. Miyagi over there. I wouldn’t waste too much time pouting and playing ‘toss the tennis ball against the wall’ though. I’d also consider figuring out how to defend against the soft-ass throws your mentor’s been throwing at you over there.

But look -- I don’t wanna get to hard or serious right now. This isn’t for the gold, and it’s just an introduction really.

I’m looking forward to it. Maybe you look really good and catch the attention of someone. Maybe I accidentally punch you too hard and break your face. Who can tell?

But I think it’ll be okay. I don’t have to hurt you too badly to win. All I have to do is spike you on your head and hold you down for three seconds. After all, I’m a professional.

But I don’t think we’re gonna make this some long, epic classic. I’d like to help, like I said before, but the truth is….. Just like the office…

I have nothing for you.

Ryan smiles.


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