Title: Trash Talk for Trash Men
Featuring: Lindsay Troy
Date: May 11, 2019
Location: Houston, TX
Show: Twilight of the Gods 2019

Fade-in: Lindsay Troy, leaning against a ring apron in a training center. We’d have a lot more exposition here, and a lot more to talk about, maybe even some actual character development ‘n shit, but real life caught up to the narrator this week. You’ll have to excuse them.

Lindsay Troy: It seems to me that nobody can mind their goddamn business anymore.

She huffs, annoyed.

Lindsay Troy: I find it amusing that you, Nathan Paradine, are so concerned with my competition schedule and where I am on any given day. Leigh Boetticher, come collect your mans, please, and remind him of who he is: the dude who was running scared back to the locker room during our Mystery Box Match before landing a lucky cunt punt. The dude who was tanning his hide, catching crabs at Miami Beach, and hiding out from Xander Daniels for two straight weeks for reasons that – literally – only three people know and care about.

Are you concerned with the legalese around my reffing the world title match between Dan and Duce because any in-law you might’ve asked to ref our triple-threat match died along with your chances of actually winning it? Does that make you sad and in your feelings? Don’t make this about a “moral backbone” that we all know doesn’t exist as far as you’re concerned. Men like you who play spy games in Hostility’s backstage, and brag about bedding conquests, don’t then get to turn around and claim “Conflicts of Interest” like you’re a sudden beacon of virtue.

You’re nothing of the sort.

Zach Van Owen’s been real busy running around trying to prove that he’s a man’s man now, and that he’s ready to leave the other Power Rangers behind, but all he’s managed to do so far is look like a real soft batch cookie bitch.

You look hard and tough from afar, Zach, but up close you’re real gooey and messy.

This ain’t a look that suits you, kid. You can mean mug for Marcus all you want, and turn your back on the ghoul man, but when it comes right down to it I don’t think you’ve got the constitution or the depth of faith to go as far as you really need to go.

The mark of a real man? Doing it on his own. Not letting daddy dictate his life’s choices for him, or being too heavy of a hand in guidance. But I’m sure you’ll learn that the hard way.

Kids like you always do.

She smirks.

We fade out.

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