Title: What makes you smile
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: 5/11/2019
Location: Ragnarok
Show: Twilight of the Gods 2019





The scene opens to a shot of a blue sky with a few clouds floating through it, the sun shining over the sandy beach and various other attractions that make the area as famous as it is.  Sitting on the beach itself, amidst the other travelers and city goers that populated the area was Autumn herself.  Around her were a few of her friends, some loud music, and a cooler filled with what could only be something akin to water or alcohol...or soda.  Each of them were laughing and having fun, enjoying the sunshine and the nice weather.  It had been way too long since a gathering like this had been arranged.

??:  So aren't you glad that you got out of that stuffy ol' house of yours Autumn?

Autumn sighed, flexing her toes a little.  The water lashed and receeded from the shoreline, much like her thoughts at the moment.  She shook her head clear, not wanting to worry people much and responded such.

Autumn:  Oh yeah.  You know me, I was just gonna veg and play video games all weekend.  This...this is much better.  I thought we were bringing food?  I don't feel like walking to the Pier and paying for anything.

Reece:  Shane is on his way with stuff.  Apparently my mom found out about our little get-together and made peanut-butter cookies.  There might be other stuff too, I don't know.  She wasn't really forthcoming about that stuff.  Oh and don't worry, we all pitched in for the goodies so Shane-O isn't saddled with the entire thing.

Autumn:  No one brought their own stuff?

A buzzed blond head looked over at them.

Kade:  Yeah, I did.  Mickey did too.  You mean to tell me the famous Autumn didn't even bring her own treats?

Autumn:  I have a bag of smarties in my car, does that count?


Kade:  I guess.

Autumn:  Sorry I didn't really have time to make something otherwise I would.  You know that.

Kade:  I know, I'm just givin ya crap.  We haven't seen that face of yours in a long time so, I've got a lot of teasin' to do.  Lot of time to make up for.

Autumn: Oh goody, you wanna do that....

Kade:  No, nope, not gonna even go there with you.  Last time we tried that, I laid in bed for a few weeks.  Too many throws to the mat.

Reece:  You're such a pussy.  Take a pill and suck it up buttercup.  That's how things work in that world.  Gotta take the bumps to learn anything, gotta stand strong on your own without help.

Autumn went silent at that, staring out at the blue horizon.

"If that ain't the truth."

Shane:  Party's here!  Finally we can get this shit started.  Kade, get up and go get the last of the bags from the car.  I can't carry all of this by myself.

A few bags were plopped down in front of the group, being careful not to tip anything over.

Kade:  Yes, dad..

Kade rolled his eyes and got up walking away silently, kicking the sand as he went.

Shane:  Well, well.  Look who decided to tag along to our reindeer games.  The champ herself.

Autumn shook her head.

Autumn:  It's just Autumn today, dude.  I just want to be me and not think about anything like that.  Today is a day to relax and kick back.  I have plenty to catch up on anyway.  Now what's in the bags?  I need a snack.

"And a way to stand tall above those who would come at me with ill intent."




A few feet above the ocean waves, standing with a cup of ice cream in her hand, Autumn stood, looking out at the now darkened horizon.  Stars were just starting to come out, dotting the inky black sky.  Behind her, the activity of Santa Monica Pier hadn't died down just yet and people were still aiming to get in that last bit of fun before retiring for the evening.

Earlier, she had run into a few people who recognized her from TV and elsewhere and had stopped to take pictures, sign autographs and answer questions.  The usual.  It made her smile, knowing that people were following along with her journey.

There were pockets of fans here and there, not as big as her hometown, but they existed here in Santa Monica.

Los Angeles would always be her safe zone, her go to place to center and relax, cast off everything for a while and just breathe.

Which was the purpose of the gathering earlier today.  Snacks and drinks were consumed, the sun was soaked up, until they dispursed into the night.  Save for Autumn who wanted to stay behind for a while longer.

Her friends had offered to stick around, just to keep her company, but she waved them off.  She needed as little distraction as possible.

In a few short days, she would be heading off and bringing her newly won championship with her.  She didn't need any real distractions, as much as she adored her friends presence.  She had to stand on her own and face the demons under her own power.

Autumn had learned a long time ago that relying on help, wasn't such a good thing.

There were other things going on, but she shrugged them off, turning away from the pier's edge and continuing to eat the rest of her ice cream.

Time to go face the demons again.

...and pack.  Houston was a long plane ride away.


The House of Blues.  Located several blocks away from the Toyota Center where Twilight of the Gods was set to take place.  Famous for its music, food, and drink.  Right now the place was hoppin' as usual, a blues band playing for the enjoyment of all.  Sitting at the bar, nibbling on fries and a beer in hand was Autumn Raven. 

Newly crowned Impact Champion, mind you.

"disOrder is in quite the...disorder right now, don't you think?  After all of Johnny Graves posturing and talking, it amounted to absolutely nothing.  He wanted to change the world with his little group, he wanted it all.  Even the gold.  Look who's not talkin' now."

Autumn chuckles, a smirk on her face.

"I defied the rules, I brought some semblance of order back to the place.  Status quo is alive, tradition is alive, and the future has never looked brighter ya bastard.  You failed.  You failed to deliver on your promise.  I stand...well...sit....you get the picture....with the belt firmly in my possession.  I have triumphed over the demon that plagued the halls, bellowing empty promises.  As much as I respect Scourge, I gave him his walkin' papers.  That was my night, and I made it my night.  No one can take that away from me.  Not even Freddie Styles."

The band finished their song, and the audience clapped in appreciation.  Autumn joined in, although her claps were a lot more slow, almost mocking in a way.

"I should say Hall of Famer Freddie Styles.  Forgive me.  Or don't.  I really don't care.  We haven't formally met yet, you and I.  But we will in the Toyota Center come Twilight of the Gods.  You will experience first hand what many have over the past few months.  What many thought, a long time ago, wouldn't ever happen.  I proved every *single* one of those assclowns wrong.  All of them.  Here I am, on top of the world, and carrying a very...precious cargo with me.  You know what I'm talking about, don't you?  Of course you do.  It's why you came back, right?  It's why you laid out Scourge, busted Johnny Graves's head open like a melon, and then you turned to me.  Had I had the energy, I would have busted your lip open and left you there to sleep with Johnny."

She sniffs, taking a drink.

"Yet you took me to the top and dropped me, just to make a statement.  For what?  A chance to breath life into this division because you thought it was dead?  So tell me, Freddie, if that was your intention, then why oh why don't you have the Impact Championship belt right now?  You had every chance in the world at Vertigo to capture it from Zach, beat Moe into bloody nothing, and send Johnny packing before he got to last week.  But you didn't.  Ya got yer pretty ass flattened by a hurricanrana courtesy of Moe.  You have got to be pretty fucking salty at this point.  I would be."

Autumn sighs, popping a fry into your mouth.

"At least you didn't run off with my title, ya left it right where I could find it.  Right where it's going to be, and stay for the time being for now.  I don't owe you a thank you, frankly for anything.  I won this title fair and square, and to say otherwise would be blasphemy.  I have worked hard to get where I am.  I bet you have too.  I know you have.  But you've got to push yourself to that little more to get past me.  Cause trust me Freddie, this is one ballgame that you're for sure going to strike out on.  I am in a league of my own, and I will stand on my own, ready to face anything coming at me.

So, to go back to the beginning.  Let me formally introduce myself to you.  I am Autumn Raven, the Beautiful Psychopath, and your reigning, defending, Impact Champion.

Game over."

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