Title: A new Direction
Featuring: Tom Marrow
Date: 5-11
Location: The HOOD
Show: Twilight of the Gods 2019

“I need to start being more involved my promos.  They have been getting stale and repetitive. Besides, all I do sit and bark.  I know that is part of the character, but if I want to have a longer shelf life, I have to make sure we don’t get stale.”

“Focus before you hurt yourself. When you are in the ring, keep your focus on the here and now. If you are injured it won’t matter what promo you create because no one is going to see it.”

“Yes Dr. Sweatt”

Tom finishes up his workout, getting better and better in the ring.  He has shown quite a bit of natural ability.  In addition, his ability to take a bump, he has the potential to make it.  Dr. Sweatt doesn’t mention this Tom, as Tom’s work ethic is a big source of that natural ability. 

Tom enters the room, joining Chuck and Amanda at a table.

“Alright Chuck, what new ideas do for us this week?  Its big, since we have the PPV and a title chance on the table.  I really don’t think the same old same old is going to help us get it done.”

“Well, Mr. Marrow, the promo is only a small portion of your success each week.  The in-ring performance is much more important.  So what have you done to prepare for this gauntlet match?”

“Wait, what is a gauntlet match?”

“Well Amanada, a gauntlet match is where the champion has to face an number of different opponents.”

“Oh, like a triple threat match?”

“No, instead of all at one, the champion will face them one at a time, making it a much longer and more dangerous match type.  In this case, Silas the current champion, must have pissed someone off.  The odds of the champion winning are not very good.  On the flip side, he does have some friends, since his opponents are fairly new individuals.  So really it is up in the air.  If he is able to make quick work of his opponents then he has a chance to retain.  If too many matches go on long, he won’t have the stamina to keep it going.”

“So Tom’s best chance is to be the 4th competitor. What happens if one of the others wins”

“Dear, if someone else wins first then…”

“Sorry to interrupt but I think she was asking me.  As far as I know, the match keeps going to until all participants have had a chance.  If that isn’t the case, which it may not be, then it would be beneficial to be first or second”

“Oh, so it sounds like a crap shoot that is really meant to hamper the champion”

“Pretty much.  Now Mr. Marrow, since you haven’t like the work that I’ve produced, let’s hear what idea’s you have?”

“I don’t know.  I haven’t given it much thought, I’ve been focused on the in-ring portion.”

“But you have given it enough thought to be able to tell me that what I’ve come up with is stale.”

“Yes, because it was the same exact thing again and again.  If you give me an hour or two, I can think up something.”

“Well, how about I give it a shot.  I’m the one who has been working with Chuck, and really this is my portion of the team.”

“That is true dear.  So what do you have?”

“Give me an hour, and let me get something together.  I have a few ideas that I need to sit down and sort out.  Put them together in a more cohesive story and to see how they are going to fit together.”

“Well if you have any questions let me know.  I’m that’s what I’m here for.  To help you guys figure this out.  This is my job after all.”

“Thank you Chuck.  No, I think I can do it myself.  At least, I want to give it a shot.”

“That sounds good dear.  Do you need my help with anything?  We are a team.”

“No, this is what I’ve been training for.  Let’s see how good a teacher Chuck is.”

“Damn good if I say so myself.”

Amanda gives a bit of chuckle to that statement.  She gets up and leaves the two gentlemen, to try and work out whatever issues they may have.  They do that by getting up and going their separate ways.

Benji is laying in the grass, in a suburban neighborhood, gnawing on a bone.  Nicely manicured lawns, and short privacy fences.  It looks like a minivan driver’s dream home.  The Game Warden is standing in the yard with a neighbor kid tossing a frisbee back and forth. 

“Should we include Benji in our game here?  He does enjoy a good game of fetch.”

“Sure, it will be fun.”

“Benji, come here boy”

“Woof woof”

Benji comes over and sits at the Game Warden’s feet.  She pats him on the head, telling him he’s a good boy.

“Go ahead Danny, toss the frisbee.”

Danny tosses the frisbee a few feet away.  Benji stays at the Game Warden’s feet, like a loyal foot soldier.  

“Good boy Benji.”

“Why didn’t he chase the frisbee Ms. Warden?”

“Because I didn’t tell him he could.  He has been trained to follow my commands, no matter what.  He has gone through similar training to military and police dogs.”

“Oh wow.  So he’s a specially trained dog.  How did you end up being his owner?”

“That is a long story, which I may tell you one day, if you are good.  But for now, does Benji want to play fetch? Do ya boy?”

“Arf arf grrr woof”

“Ok boy.  Danny go ahead and toss the frisbee again.”

Danny runs over to the frisbee, picks it up and tosses it a few feet in front of the Game Warden.  The Game Warden says her command and Benji breaks on the frisbee, snatching it out of the air, catching it with his mouth.  Danny is amazed and astonished by the display of speed, agility and control that Benji displayed.

“Wow Ms. Warden.  Benji is the greatest dog that I’ve ever seen.   He is so cool.”

“Oh that was nothing.  You know how he has a title match coming up on the pay-per-view.”

“Of course.  My mom has ordered it already.  He is facing Silas Artoria for the Paramount title.”

“He has a chance to face Silas.  It is just unknown who and when he will get his chance at the title.”

“Doesn’t it make it hard for you guys to prepare, when you don’t know exactly who you are facing, or what kind of shape they will be in?”

“Oh sweetie, under normal circumstances it would.  The opponents in this match don’t need much planning and preparation.”

“No way.  Silas is a champion for a reason.  He is good.  He’s won several titles, and took MJ Flair to 58 minutes in an iron man match before she got the winning pinfall decision.”

“Very true little guy.  He has been a part of some amazing matches in his time here.  He even had an epic feud with Autumn Raven.  But there are a few reasons why I am not too concerned with him.  First off, he has not done well in defending his titles or getting victories in the big matches.  He has the ability to make amazing matches.  He just can’t seem to get over the hump and get that career changing victory.  Besides, it might be time for him to let go of this title and focus on something more appropriate for someone of his talent and recognition.”

“That is true, but about Mad Dog.  He is another animal that is just starting out.  He is a bit of an unknown, but he does have some experience with Silas already.”

“There is nothing that gets past you.  Yes, he is another foe, that has some challenges of his own.  I am not worried about that mutt.  Benji has taken down bigger and meaner dogs then that.  He isn’t that big of a threat.”

“What if he beats Silas?  Then he is shown he is pretty good.”

“I’m not worried.  If he does beat SIlas, then he will have wrestled one match already, against a really good opponent.  To win something like that takes a lot out of you, which means he won’t have much in the tank left to put up much of a fight.  He will effectively be muzzled, allowing Benji to put him away easily.”

“You’ve got to be worried about facing Thomas Roll again.  He beat you guys last week.”

“That low life cheater.  He had to resort to terrible tactics to beat us.  He couldn’t stand there toe to toe with Benji.  He knows that he doesn’t have what it takes to beat him fairly, so he had to resort to that cheap shot.  One day, Benji will neuter that pile of garbage and put him away where he belongs. “

“That is true Ms. Warden.  Can we play fetch again?”

“Want to see something even more amazing?”

“Absolutely, but what could be more amazing that what Benji already did?”

“Go head and throw the frisbee as far as you can.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh yeah.  And throw it over some of those fences.  I’ll show you that nothing stops Benji when I give him the command.  Whether it be the frisbee or the Paramount title, if I want him to get it, nothing will stop him. So go ahead, throw it and be amazed.”

Danny whips the disc as far as he could, tossing it over several fences. The Game Warden gives the command and Benji turns and starts to track down the frisbee and stops at the first fence.  He stands up, looks back at Danny and the Game Warden.  She gives the command again, with a little more force, which causes Benji to react.  Benji turns and runs toward Danny, picking him up and carrying him like a football.  Using the poor boy’s head as a battering ram, he breaks through the several of the fences and retrieves the frisbee.  He puts the kid down, picks up the frisbee and returns it to the Game Warden with a look joy that he retrieved the item that she had instructed.

“Good boy.  I knew you could do it.  Now, go get me the Paramount title.  I want the Paramount title.  Who’s going to get me the Paramount title?”

“Woof woof woof woof”

“That’s right boy.  You are.  You are such a good boy, you are going to go get Momma her Paramount title.”

“Ms. Warden, that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!   Can we do that again?”

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