Title: [CD] Hashtag STFU
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: Not on this plane of existence
Location: Your Mom's Rabbit Hole


At the end of the day you realize that you aren't clever right? Like... It's 2019... Urban Dictionary is a thing, so trying to keep up with social media trends? It's kinda lame. But what can one such as us expect from someone who thinks that rhyming "Duce" with "Juice" is a clever use of the English language. We'll try to keep things simple for you Duce. We challenged you, we heard nothing. We've moved on. Don't like it? You know where to find us. We warn you this once though. Pull you're, "it's just da business dawg face!" crap... You will live to regret it, and THAT, we can assure you of.

We are curious though...

What hashtag you would try to be clever with when we told you that we let you win???


See you around Juice. We mean Duce.

Sorry, we're not quite the poet such as yourself, you lyrical fuckin' genius you!

Hashtag, smooches.

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