Title: [CD] Cancer? Wouldn't know her...
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: Oh so soon
Location: You'll see

You were right Duce about ONE thing. You got under my skin with this one. You don't get to point a finger at my family and call us a cancer because we were the only ones willing to help, when no one else wanted to stand up for what they believed in.


This is why Duce, that we officially challenge you. Duce and a partner of his choosing vs. The Forsaken.

Have you learned your lessons yet "kid" or are you thirsty for some more? We promise you, that whole "eradication of The Forsaken" thing that you kids hold so near and dear to your hearts?

We're about to blow that idea into little, itty, bitty, fictitious pieces. And then, when everything is said and done boys? Freddie, we're talking to you too because we know that you want a part of this action too. You want to call us a cancer? Now is the time to prove it, put your money where your mouth is, and come back at us with the time and place. We'll be there with bells, whistles, and we PROMISE you both this. The Forsaken banner you claim to have destroyed?

It will be flying high once again. See you soon Duce.

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