Title: [CD] Rock? It's hard place - Nice to meet ya.
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: Tuesday - What it's all about
Location: The ring?

Which brings us all around to our original point Duce.

You made a bad error when you and yours decided that you would be judge, jury, and executioner. You want to walk down memory road? What were you and Freddie doing while the Oreo Cookie Gang was running rampant? Certainly don't remember you guys stepping up to the plate. Who else was there? The Andersons? Azrael?

Bitch please, you're smarter than that. At least, we had hoped you would be.

You're not backing down Duce, we've already acknowledged that you weren't going to. We already CRAVE this meeting of ours because when we remembered how it all went down last year? We knew that we wouldn't have any issue when the time was right and we wanted your blood on our hands. Leave that belt in the back Duce. We don't need it nor want it. You made this personal. The only thing that represents to us is how much of a liar that you've become. We've owned up to everything we did as Loki, we're righting those wrongs.

You? You admit to doing the wrong and then shrug your shoulders, only to walk away into the distance. When the time comes to own up to it? You admit fault and take your lickings. Where is the pride in that method? Where's the fire you claim to have burning deep kid?! YOU have the power to own up to your mistakes. YOU also have the power to make shit right. Fuck man, after all this, we're not sure if we even want to be in the same building as your two faced ass. You want to call the Rolash-y one Mr. Pancakes? Bitch please, look in the mirror and blind yourself with those metallic teeth of yours.

You defend your misdeeds all you like Duce. At the end of the day, we're still coming for you on Tuesday and we're still going to kick those teeth you hold so near and dear to the cold black hole that used to be your heart, down your fuckin' throat. The time for talk is done Duce. We'll see you in the ring, we'll take whatever you think you can throw at us, and we'll fire back with all the lunacy that is contained in this "cancerous" body that is Mia Rayne. Hopefully, for your sake, we aren't fuckin' contagious.


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