Title: [CD] Hungry? Why Wait?
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: Ain't Shit Changed
Location: Still The Same Place

What do they expect me to do? Sit back an’ not say nothin’? Naw.. C'mon Mia.. I'm a Scorpio too when do this until tha bell rang.. An’ mo’ than comfortable wit steppin’ inside dat squared circle wit ya.. In case ya haven't noticed.. I like ta take tha crazies head on.. An’ yeah, yeah, yeah back then i might've caught ya slippin’.. But Tuesday night.. oh come Tuesday night ya get all tha Duce ya want.. Dis shit like Costco shawty, it comes in surplus..

But I see dat you're tryna poke tha bear as well.. if memory serves me correctly, it was Duce who made a big deal outta payin’ respect ta Jace afta’ he passed on.. What happened between him and Tha Glass Ceiling was ‘business’.. Somethin’ dat I'm sho he undastood fully. An’ Tha Glass Ceilin’ cracked? Chick please… Tha last time we stood as a force we were victorious aside from Jarvis gettin’ tha big belt dat I currently hold..

Which makes me a target. An’ I recognize dat.. An’ I welcome dat, cuz I don't back down from nan muthafucka. I've always been here an’ always will.. ready and willin’ ta face any muthafucka they place across from me an’ Tuesday dat just so happened ta be you..

I knew eventually.. you'd come knockin’.. I mean what reason I have ta knock on yo’ door? I don't. An’ my boy Freddie ain't neva had shit ta worry bout.. me an’ him, we gotta undastandin’.. he kno’s wit'out a shadow of a doubt.. I'll neva cross em, Johnny learned dat first hand..

An’ clearly I touched a nerve when I called Tha Forsaken a cancer.. Accept facts babygirl.. Nobody.. Absolutely nobody asked fo’ Tha Forsaken's help an’ here y'all come bargin’ in like y'all Tha Avengers.. I mean if we are bein’ honest Ms. Rayne, you shudda known I wasn't shit because of how Freddie an’ me beat y'all fo’ tha belts..

Tha motto has always been.. By any means necessary.. an’ come Tuesday night, you'll be eatin’ those words..

Cuz if you're hungry.. Why wait?

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