Title: [CD] Tit for Tat: Snickers, they're more than the most delicious candy EVER
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: Me? You? Tuesday. See you then
Location: Oh, you know

It's like we hit a nerve ladies.

We feel your discomfort Duce. You want it all to end. But yet you keep coming with all that you have and no, we don't expect you to back down. It's why we're almost glad it was you and Freddit that did us in way back when and not your "friend," Jace. Was he your friend?

If memory serves he didn't have a very fond farwell from the company before he departed from this plane of exsistence. You want to come to me and talk about "FRIENDS?" You want to come and point your almighty finger and say, "YOU MISCREANT ARE THE CANCER THAT PLAGUES THIS FEDERATION! RABBLERABBLERABBLE!"


There's a reason we were glad it's you Duce. Because we know for a fact that when we came back, and we were presented with the opportunity to get our hands around your throat; you wouldn't back down and the train analogy would work for something more than just some sort of weird and over complicated math problem.

Still can't get a read on you though. Are... Are you sorry for bashing this pretty little... What was the word you used, "cancer's" face in with a chair? Like, no offense, but if that's how you treat your friends, we're good thanks. Oh and Freddie? RUN!

Seriously though Duce, get down off that pedestal for a moment, take those annoyingly tacky platinum teeth of yours out, and how about you look at things from my perspective? You claim to always be the one to be able to see both sides of a conflict, your very own opposing force as it were. You just lost a tag title match, you get annoyed because these... These chicken shits in masks are running around and doing what they please, and y ou call those chicken shits out. They turn the lights out, they attack from behind, and then they reveal that it was the people that you just beat for the titles. What exactly were you trying to prove?

And who the fuck are you to decide who and what is a cancer here and what isn't? You know what an actual cancer to rally the forces behind would be? Those tacky fuckin' teeth that you think are something to be proud of. But to be honest Duce?

We're quite sure they'll look nice and shiny on my mantle when we knock them from your head. Will we leave it all in the ring? Mayhaps. You keep harping on Loki and MIa being two different people, so let's make things crystal clear.

On Tuesday, Mia Rayne is going to enter that ring against someone that at one point, she had no problem, no issue with. Hell, you were a friend Duce. Were.

You and your boy band decided that it was your God given right to call myself and my family a cancer, trying to implode that which is indestructible.

You and Freddie decided to take a payday to take me out, permanently or not, who knows? Do you care? Nah, we don't think you have any human left in you at this point Duce. You don't have a soul, you don't have heart. You talk a big game but at the end of the day? You're nothing but a set of flashy teeth and a knee that... Tell me Duce, after the last couple of weeks, how has that knee been feeling?

On Tuesday, Mia Rayne makes her return to the weekly grind of Evolution. She makes her return after defeating two people that Duce Jones himself can't say that he has been able to do. You know what they say though, never leave a "kid" to do a woman's job. You can hide behind that weak ass, "No one cares about that mehmehmeh..."

Shh Duce. It's ok that you're scared of me. We understand your need to posture. It be cool.

Yet for someone who likes to cast the first stone so much... Are you so sure that your shit don't stink?


See you Tuesday Duce. We'll see what happens after that. We're still unsure on if you'll ever be able to look us in the eye again. Try to dispute it Duce. You're wrong, and what your precious Cracked Ceiiling stood for? Nothing but putting yourself up on a pedestal and kicking at everyone else that tried to get close. How's it feel to be up there by yourself now that you've cast all your "friends" to the wayside?

Spoiler alert Duce? Your plan to implode The Forsaken? Kill the cancer and all that other bullshit crap that you fed people while we were away? It all ends Tuesday. Mia Rayne, member of The Forsaken? You know how everything kinda fell in your favor when we went to sleep? Be ready for things to take a very wrong turn for you Duce. We know you are coming for us Duce, you want to finish the job. You want to put us down for good, you want to eliminate this cancer from your sight. You think you can point your finger and we will follow your will because why? Because you think that you can call us a cancer because...

We no longer have words for you Duce. Actions speak louder anyways. We have heard you loud and clear kiddo. Now it's time that you get our response.

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