Title: [CD] Prepared For A Collision
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: May 6, 2019
Location: My Hotel Room

The scene springs to life, Duce sits inside of his hotel room. The room is engulfed with smoke, it's apparent that he's just gotten done smoking as he smiles into the camera, his shiny platinum teeth glimmering off of the lights.

Duce Jones: Where I'm from.. friends come a dime a dozen.. Where I'm from… friends are tha main factor of ya downfall.. but I get it Mia.. I really do get it.. Some folks value tha term 'friendship’... They tend ta stick to it like it's some kinda badge'a honor.. but Mia it was in fact Loki… who re-opened my face and caused me ta black out, when I was tryin’ ta help my friend Jarvis gain back tha CWF World Championship in dat Triple Threat Match when Loki gave Shad tha belt....

Just like you fail ta forget thangs.. I do as well.. An’ ya right, when I was name droppin’, I fail ta mention you.. I do apologize.. cause I do respect ya.. But fear is somethin’ dis kid don't associate wit.. I've stepped up ta any an’ everybody who wanted smoke. An’ ya thank cause I've been goin’ about my life as if nothin’ happened between us, means dat I've been scared ta face you.. Then you're sadly mistaken..

The implosion of Tha Forsaken was tha end game.. You were just tha first step. I thank I've already explained dis before.. Maybe not.. But since you need a clearer undastandin’ of how thangs happened.. let me break it down fo’ ya..

Tha Forsaken were a cancer dat needed ta be eradicated from tha CWF. No matta' how much 'good’ y'all thought y'all were doin’. Y'all were only brangin’ dis place ta a slow death.. So… bit by bit.. Duce an’ his friends made tha right business decision an’ did what was necessary ta cure tha company..

An’ yes I happily accepted money ta stomp ya pretty lil face through a chair.. a necessary evil dat had ta be done. Do I feel bad about it? Of course I do.. but am I gonna dwell on it? Fuck no…

There are always repercussions fo’ ya actions, somethin’ I kno' quite well. An’ in turn accept all responsibilities fo’ my actions..

But my blood has been spilled by ya hands on mo’ than one occasion an’ tha archives don't lie about dat.. but it damn sho won't be spilled again.. An’ P.S. nobody gives a fuck bout yo’ punk ass win ova’ Cali cuz… Ya wanna cookie?

Signing off your friend Duce..

Semicolon 'P’

The feed cuts out.

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