Title: [CD] Two opposing trains coming at each other...
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: And you want to talk about being your own opposition?
Location: Das Rabbit Hole

We were going to play nice Duce. We were going to leave things said and we were going to bring everything we are carrying with us to the ring, unload it, and should you decide to stand again after the fact, shake your hand for it. You're right we never went one on one, but Trent Steel must have messed you up worse than Loki ever could. He's the one that bashed your face in, not us.

The thing of it is though Duce, is that you decided to take the pot shots. We thought you were a better person, we thought that as a fellow member of the, "We have mental shit wrong with us" club, you wouldn't go there.

But you did and you opened up a whole Pandora's Box of fuckitudes with your name written all over them.

Talk is cheap, we get it. You are a man of action, motivated by the "greener" things in life. How has that gone for you by the by? How are your friends in The Glass Ceiling? Have you checked up on Freddie lately? Oh wait, he has nothing to do with money, so why would you right?

So... You believe that Loki is champ, Mia is nothing. Let's not forget one thing Duce, go ahead and eliminate my title reign AS Loki from the books. Take it, its yours. Congrats three time friggin' champ! Take that away and what do you have left?

The only person alive to pin Caledonia?

Founding member of a stable that will have another day in the sun and that isn't an IF Duce, it's a WHEN.

Tag team champion with The Shadow and who did we win those belts off of Duce? That's right! It WAS The Smokin' Aces, back when you could believe the words that exited their mouths.


The person that is going to hand you your first loss since becoming a two time champion.

You want Loki out of the equation? That's exactly what you're getting. Mia Rayne is back. You want to complain about my accolades or lack thereof? Go for it. But maybe we aren't the ones you should be coming to. Maybe you should look in the mirror and ask yourself the question Duce. We want you to ask yourself one single, solitary question that is going to turn your world on its head, you little self opposing paradox you! Are you ready?


If Mia Rayne hasn't done anything in the CWF to compare to your two time World Champion reign, why did you feel so threatened by her to take her out of commission when a little cash was floated your way? Money talks sure, but if that's REALLY how you treat your friends... I'll take my chances and walk away after our bout. The ball is in your court... "Kid." We'll see you Tuesday.

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