Title: Ready to rise
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: 5/4/2019
Location: In the backyard of nowhere
Show: Evolution 51


“In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.” ― Octavia Butler




Autumn looked at her hands, flexing her fingers, hearing the crunch noises of the tape wrapped around her wrist and knuckles.  She cursed her lack of a sharpie so she could draw on the back of the tape a raven of some sort or even an X.  Guess staring at a blank white canvas was going to have to do for now.  She flexed her fingers one more time before letting out a sigh and standing up from the bench she was sitting on for the past half-hour maybe, stretching out her limbs properly before walking over to the swinging black bag hanging at the back of the large room.  It swayed there slowly, beckoning to the woman to just take a swing.  For some reason, before matches, she always found herself looking for a gym or something to punch the crap out of.  Here she was, somewhere in the depths of the city of Tokyo, staring at a punching bag with Kanji written on the side of it, obviously denoting where it was made and by who.  She didn't know.  All she knew was just the bare bones basics of Japanese.  Enough to get by.

She trailed a finger down the bag before shifting on her feet and raising her fists to the bag, picturing it as someone...a certain someone...Alex Kharne...waiting for her across the ring in the Tokyo Dome.  It was UWL's yearly trip to the land of the rising sun, and their show was days away.  The hype was building, and those in the country who were already wrestling fans were surely looking forward to an American brand showcasing their talents.  Autumn was just looking foward to this match.

"Man I can't wait to be inside of that Dome tonight.  It's gonna be awesome!  Ugg!"

Autumn took one good swing at the bag and sent it swaying back and forth.  Grinning at her accomplishment, she did it again, and again.  Over and over like a broken record.  She threw in some kicks too just to change things up.  None of the other occupants paid the darkly dressed American woman much attention, they just watched for a few seconds before going about their own way.  By her actions, they knew enough to stay out of the motion of her fists and that punching bag lest they get hit by either.  She just wanted to be at her top condition when she stepped in that ring.  Alex wasn't a pushover by any means, and neither was she.  This was just her opportunity to show off in that ring and give a good performance.  Many eyes were watching this match, and she didn't want to disappoint.

Maybe that would be the night that things would change for the better.





Present day...


Autumn opened her eyes slowly, eyes catching the clouds rolling by as she lay on her towel by the beach.  How long had she been daydreaming about that?  That had been years ago, back when she was a part of her first company.  Next question was, why had she been daydreaming about that?

"Oh.  Now I remember."

She blinked, not moving a muscle.

"That was the night that everything changed for me.  I stopped being the hero that everyone made me out to be, and started to do things for myself.  I became the anti-hero, the menace to everything and everyone that I met and talked to.  People were shocked, mainly because I did this 180 turn and bashed my fists into one Alex Kharne.  Now people in CWF will just be going, who the fuck is that.  Doesn't matter who it was.  Let's just say he was the catalyst to that first change.  I owed him a debt of gratitude for opening my eyes in a way."

A bird flew across the sky, and she tracked it until she could no longer see it as it disappeared into the trees in the distance.

"What I was, disappeared like smoke.  What I became, replaced the old version that was.  Now what you see before you is the truth."

She grinned then her face fell as some dark thought or something else random passed through her head.  Her dealings with Nina over the past few months had taught her a thing or two, and showed her she had...had...


Her eyes narrowed, and she snorted.

She was loosing focus.

"I didn't leave anything on the table at Girl's Night Out.  I told Nina that much.  I wasn't going to come into this match between us with only half of myself going in there.  That would have been just asking for trouble to begin with.  I went into that with no regrets, no fear, and with the plan that I was going to swing my bat for the fences and take Nina out once and for all.  Unfortunately, the ref took my favorite toy and I was left with using just my fists and my feet.  It wasn't an issue and Nina did exactly what she set out to do, she fought, and dare I say, she fought well.  She left her friends where they belonged so we could have this one last little meet up and take care of these loose ends. I stand before you, victorious and happy that such a person has been put to rest."

Autumn was quiet for a while after that, brooding over whatever it was that seemed to be hanging on her mind.  You could see it in her face with each passing moment.

"Now that that whole mess is behind me, I can readily move onto the challenges that lay ahead of me.  I have been placed in a position that's quite familiar to me.  I have the chance to dethrone Johnny Graves of disOrder of his Impact Title.  disOrder has been nothing but a royal pain in the ass ever since they started stomping mudholes in everyone and declaring their desire to destroy everything in this company the stars included.  Both myself and Scourge have been victims of that little group, and were tag partners against them recently.  Unfortunately we lost that little fight, and we nearly lost our heads in the process.  I don't doubt that had we been just a little more there...focused...or whatever the fuck you want to call it...maybe we would have ran them off.

But things turned out they way they did, and that's the end of that story.

I don't doubt either guys ambitions in this match, or what they can bring to the show.  I just doubt the fact that disOrder won't sit backstage like good little boys and girls and watch what happens when their champion gets his ass handed to him.  They'll come running when the tables start to turn and try and save him.  I will warn them now, not to even try anything like that.  This is payback for last time.  You save him now, and there will be no forgiveness for anything.

I lost my title to Nina in Hostility, and I didn't get a chance to gain it back.  This time, I get to have a chance to rip away a title from a guy who frankly can go play in traffic all day long.  Call it redemption, call it whatever you want. I'm just looking to continue...I'm ready..."

Autumn stopped for a second, seeming to lose track of things for a bit.

"Have things become clearer? Are you ready to rise up from the ashes and stake claim to being a legit threat in this company."

"Very clear.  I'm ready to rise up, to cast off the lie and the ashes and stake my claim tonight.  I will be...I will become a legit threat after tonight."

flicker...Autumn rubbed her head...

"Because no more will you attached to anchors that refuse to let you elevate."

"I won't let anyone hold me down.  I refused to let that happen again, ever again..."


Autumn gritted her teeth.

"...a Phoenix will rise from the ashes. You will come to see that all along, that there's a method to the chaos, there's a method to the destruction and there's a method to the madness because when the eyes are finally open.. It's truly a beautiful thing.."

"Rise...like the proverbial Phoenix....and see the Truth.  There is a method in everything..."

The scene suddenly goes dark, but not before a pair of dark eyes open up.

"I see the Truth.  Do you?"

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