Title: [CD] A History of the Spirit Science Research Institute: #19
Featuring: SSRI Exposed
Date: 13/06/18
Location: Saved Souls

Part D: OSA to the Moonchild, 1982-1988

At the start of the 1980s the Spirit Science Research Institute was in a state of flux. They had seen their first major public effort in Pierreville turn to disaster for all involved, followed by a Grand Jury investigation and torrent of mainstream attention that brought the Institute into the public eye for the first time.


In response, the Institute would launch a series of carefully planned public relations schemes, many of which continue to this day - orchestrated by OSA, of course.


Propaganda played as major a role as ever, Reifenstahl and Burroughs together propagating the Institute's vision wrapped up in metaphor and misdirection. As did simple blackmail and intimidation - at the end of the Grand Jury investigation several jurors would find themselves mysteriously rejected for applications for housing and jobs, subject to intense scrutiny from law enforcement.


One woman’s only involvement with the trial was to take the stand and confirm that she had witnessed a man fitting the description of James Hofstadter on a street corner in Washington DC one day - which happened to be the day a large number of documents went missing from twelve different foreign embassies. A week later, she reported, her pet cat was found nailed to her garden fence, crucifix style, with its eyes gouged out and a sign reading “SEE NO EVIL”.


The 1980s would see the birth of the Liaison Committees - groups set up by the Institute with the aim of infiltrating and establishing a foothold in a particular area. Some were limited and temporary - the NOSLC (News on Sunday Liaison Committee), created to bring down the fledgling left wing newspaper after rumours they planned an expose on not just the Institute but Clyde Pierre himself. Others continue to this day.


The decade would also see the Institute's first foray into the land now known as Makhnovia, and ever deeper involvement with territory now known as the Academy, now sadly reduced to ashes.


By the decade's end, the Institute had more than recovered from its past scandals, with a degree of mainstream penetration as never before.


But first, the Liaison Committees.

I: Liaison Committees


Political Liaison Committee


“And so we see the great ideologies of the twentieth century laid bare in their rawest detail, bodies stripped of flesh and blood leaving nought but bone.


The Communists, first in Russia, then across the world, succeeded where others had failed in effecting a total and complete social transformation - in politics, economics, culture, religion, sex, war. Old gods torn down, new ones erected in their stead. 'All that is solid melts into air, everything sacred is profaned’ - so said the apocalypticist Marx.


Yet - what did they do with this awesome power, this state machinery unlike any seen before? Squandered it on sentimentalities, on hospitals and houses, on food and clothing. The most powerful, pervasive state the world had yet seen, controlling both society and economy - wasted on the petty needs of the masses!


The Nazis, too, effected this total social transformation, theirs ably backed by big business who saw in Hitler only a profitable venture, by the churches who saw him as a defender of faith, and by both who saw in the Nazis a bulwark against the Communist threat.


Freed of the socialist's need to buy off the people with social welfare, the Nazis achieved a degree of power and ruthlessness unlike any seen before.


Yet they remained in thrall to the stupidity of racism, according to which the weakest, flabbiest, most worthless white man may feel himself superior to the black or the Jew based only on circumstances of birth. So racism causes the strongest of all peoples to compete against one another, each held back by the weakest of each


In days to come, the strong of all peoples shall hunt the weak for sport.


The theocracies - be they Christian, Islamic, Buddhist; Scientological, Unificationist or Aum - all share in common a view of the world that sees the religious and secular, the sacred and profane, as merely differing parts of one whole, acknowledging no boundary and respecting no border. The state is seen as the arbiter of public and private affairs, the codes of the state faith a requirement on all citizens.


In this there is much to be praised. Yet all faiths - the charity of the Christians, the Zikkat of the Muslims - are poisoned by compassion, driven to mercy and compassion by their scriptures however much one wish otherwise.


Even that dullard LaVey and his so-called Satanism are not immune to this disease, pressing the Satanist to refrain from harm to children and animals, to refrain from theft, to obey arbitrary rules of property and respect. Lucifer turns his face away in disgust!


Last, and perhaps of most interest to the reader,  we have the capitalist democracies that currently rule the western world. It is perhaps these more than any other that truly represent the teachings of Amorality.


The true capitalist is not captive to the humanitarian delusions of the socialist, nor the stupid racism of the fascist, nor the impulse to charity and moral constraint of the theocrat. To the capitalist, there is only profit and the pursuit of profit, without regard for compassion, morality, ethnic and national barriers, social taboos - even the law is a mere inconvenience.


Yet as demonstrated ably by the dullards of the Order of the Oncoming Storm, capitalism alone breeds only a tedious mediocrity, the worship of money for money's sake with no greater purpose or design. A means for the most mundane, feeble, weak and snivelling of men to feel themselves superior through an accident of inheritance.


Such a man - weak, inept, ineloquent, perhaps even clinically insane yet in possession of unearned millions - could feasibly rise even to be head of state of one of the great western nations, ruling over those at whose feet he should bow.


In truth, form matters little. The Amoral state may be capitalist or communist, democracy or dictatorship, religious, secular or anything in between.


What matters is power and the pursuit of power. All else is commentary”.


  • Clyde Pierre, “The Amoral State”, 1982


The Political Liaison Committee was formed in early 1982 in Manchester, England, under the joint leadership of US Congressman, secret Amoralist and member of the Elect Leo Ryan Jones; prospective MP for the Chiltern Hundreds Ian Rucham; and Ralph Pierre, son of the Founder himself.


Then just nineteen years old, Ralph had been groomed for politics from an early age. Born in 1963 to the Founder and his then-wife - the two would divorce two years later and her subsequent whereabouts remain a mystery - he had been raised in the midst of that turbulent decade, deliberately exposed to the worst atrocities humanity had to offer. The My Lai massacre, the Malayan Emergency, Operation Condor and MKULTRA, tales of human experimentation and torture - many of them still officially classified even today.


Then in 1982, as the Institute's legal woes carried on in the United States, high level members gathered in the United Kingdom to put together the first of what would be the first of many liaison committees.


The mission plan was straightforward: to increase the political influence of the Spirit Science Research Institute on every level, from the global (including the PLC’s failed 1992 bid for permanent observer status in the UN, as held by the Vatican) down to national, regional and local levels.


Where Pierreville had failed, as an overt, explicitly Amoralist attempt to seize power, the PLC’s first effort would be far more modest - and more subtle.


Ian Rucham, then 26, was a prospective MP for the Chiltern Hundreds. Despite an academic background in political science and a clear sense of drive and commitment, Rucham had been rejected by all major political parties. One local Labour figure reportedly described him as having “something of the night about him”; a Conservative counselor, in a rare display of inter-party unity, concurred, stating that Rucham was “about as popular as shit in a swimming pool,with half the charisma”.


In the hands of the Institute, Rucham would go it alone, standing as an independent candidate in the 1982 Chiltern Hundreds by-election.


Unusually for such a small affair, Rucham would address large crowds of supporters in the city centre. At the opening of the four-week campaign, most were members of the Institute brought in for the occasion. Their numbers were bolstered by homeless people brought in by promises of a free meal, and by the elderly and mentally ill - members of OSA were sent to work at nursing homes and hospitals, bringing “their” patients out to make up numbers.


Rapidly, the campaign would take on a life of its own, to the point that the only OSA agents present were security there to weed out any potential dissidents - or recruits.


Rucham's speeches were noted for a sense of clear passion and determination, venom and virtiol that would leave audiences shaking and calling out for more. Many of the rallies lasted five or even six hours, Rucham speaking without a pause or mistake. Yet, in interviews carried out afterwards by news crews eager to know what was going on in this otherwise uneventful English town, attendees seemed strangely unable to quote anything the man had said. No policies, no key issues, no slogans or promises or pledges. To the right wingers, he was going to fight to shore up the nation’s future against threats foreign and domestic; to the left, he would stand up for the mounting numbers of unemployed under Thatcher; to the liberals, he was a defender of individual rights in a fractured world.


Opposing candidates found their literature mysteriously tampered with - vandalised, disposed of or replaced by seemingly identical materials that inside featured profanity and hardcore porn. Groups going door-knocking for their preferred candidate found themselves faced with furious residents accusing them of supporting terrorism and paedophilia. Polling stations in areas known to support one party over others were attacked with graffiti - pro-Labour in Conservative areas and vice versa, setting the parties against one another.


In the end, Rucham won the election, a position he holds to this day as Britain's longest-serving independent MP. To most members of the public Rucham is probably best known for his failed proposal prior to the Good Friday Agreement to temporarily legalise murder only for members of the IRA and the UVF, allowing both sides to both settle grudges and make use of the weaponry they had worked so hard for rather than simply give it up. While the proposal gained traction in some circles it was ultimately deemed unworkable and shelved.


Within the Institute, Rucham continues to head the British component of the PLC, allegedly playing a core role in events such as the government's response to the 7/7 bombings, the economic crash and Brexit


In the United States, the PLC was headed by US Congressman Leo Ryan Jones until his passing in 1998. Jones, an independent from California, maintained a quiet profile in public, rarely making speeches or voting in a way that attracted too much attention.


In private, he had amassed an enormous collection of both contacts and blackmail material on everyone from Senators and members of Congress to leaders of religion and business to celebrities, labour activists and more. With this - and with the backing of OSA and the combined machinery of the Institute - he was able to push through whatever political measures were desired, often publicly voting against the very measures he was privately ensuring would succeed.


After his passing in 1998 - shortly after the supposed death of the Founder Clyde Pierre, who had called him to be one of the Elect so many years before - leadership of the American branch of the PLC passed to his daughter Sophia Jones, then 25. While her existence had been known since the 1980s, no mother has ever been identified, creating a number of conspiracy theories. The most common and seemingly most grounded identifies her as Jane Hearst, radical activist and fellow member of the Elect, the child having been separated from the mother as would become Institute policy (see below).


Today, the Institute's Political Liaison Committees exist in at least sixty countries, operating on every level from parish councils to heads of state and international organisations. In every case, they act not in line with any one political ideology, nor with regard to party or personal loyalty or even clearly identifiable goals. Rather they act to increase hostility and conflict, to set people against people and nation against nation, and to break down any and all barriers the state might place in the Institute's path.


Ralph Pierre would remain leader of the PLC globally until his defection from the Institute in 1998. From then onwards, the position has remained vacant, allegedly through fear from the subsequent leadership that a single political leader could provide a magnet for rebellion. Instead, the heads of each national Political Liaison Committee coordinate their activities through their own international organisation - sometimes referred to sarcastically as the United Damnations.


The birth of Ryan Pierre


1982 would also see the inauguration of a practice that remains standard within the highest levels of the Spirit Science Research Institute - the practice of spiritual eugenics.


The growth of the Institute to this point had been extraordinary. Amorality had been written in 1963 and distributed to a handful of people, the twelve hand-selected people known as the Elect. In 1968, the Institute was founded, the teachings of Clyde Pierre going public for the first time. They had immediately attracted a small but fanatical following that grew by the day, expanding into one region after another.


By 1982 the Institute had reached a national platform with a Grand Jury investigation that, while it resulted in some leaders facing jail time, also allowed them to explain the beliefs and practices of Amorality to a mass public audience. Membership skyrocketed - some joining on a whim or a dare, others drawn in by promises of occult power, others simply lost and attracted by the mystique.


With this sudden influx of members came new opportunities. An edict passed down in 1981 required that members practice endogamy - that they should only engage in sex and relationships with other members of the Institute. Those in relationships before they had joined the Institute were required to heavily pressure their partner to convert - and, if they refused, to terminate the relationship and hand over their former partner’s details to OSA as a matter of course.


At the higher levels, rules were even more strict. Relationships were directed by Clyde Pierre himself, marrying off the offspring of key Institute families in the manner of medieval nobility - fitting his occasional claims of having been a European monarch in a previous life.


The first of these arranged relationships involved his own son, Ralph Pierre. In 1982, aged 19, Ralph was united with Jennifer Bates, granddaughter of David Bates, a former member of the Order of the Oncoming Storm and one of the Elect first called by Clyde Pierre.


This union was carried out at a date and time and location determined by Clyde Pierre through the Institute's own form of astrology. Laid out in Pierre's “Spirit Science in the Stars: Amoral Astrology” (1980), the system synthesised the insights of the Chinese, Islamic, Greek and medieval European astrological systems with recent insights from long-range astronomy and the space race.


The product of this union, and the first of a generation that has done so much to shape the Institute of today: Ryan Pierre.


Born 10th March 1982, Ryan was immediately separated from his mother by the Institute in the belief that the bond between mother and child presented an unnecessary risk of sentimentality and compassion. Raised by the Institute, the young Ryan would have only intermittent contact with his father for most of his childhood.


According to some, Clyde Pierre had wished Ryan to be raised to be his eventual successor, bypassing Ralph altogether in the. Relief that when the Founder died, Ryan would be a young man ready to take on a new world while Ralph would already be past his prime. In this model, Clyde Pierre was the Founder, Ralph the King executing his political Will, and Ryan the Prince, groomed to take power.


The reality was somewhat different.


In 1998, Ralph defected from the Institute following the supposed death of his father, taking the young Ryan with him.


This model - arranged unions, conception according to carefully selected criteria, parental separation, children raised by the Institute to fill some preselected role - would serve the Institute from this time on, the fruits of which are still being seen to this day.

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