Title: "Intermission" (Letter to an Idol)
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: *Smooches!* Keep asking
Location: Right here?
Show: Evolution 50

Dear Caledonia,

Is it Calidonia or Caledonia? First and foremost, need to get the awkward part out of the way and it has been a burning question in the back of our mind since we joined up at the CWF. It’s been a long time, we mean… We’ve only been here for about a year.

Did we not introduce ourselves? We’re Mia Rayne, psychotic extraordinaire! Certifiably so as well.

Now, not sure if you were even aware of our presence when you were a big name in these parts. Listen to us, we’re like a freakin’ Western special! Anyways… We know that at the time you were winning world champions, before you know, abandoning the post, so to speak and no offense… We were… Well, to be honest, we can’t recall exactly what we were doing.

Was it fending off the Oreo people that you left us to contend with when you departed? For instance did you see us take out the crazy self proclaimed witch lady in Cassandra?! It was a pretty killer match and deep down, we were kind of hoping you would be there. Not because it would have provided a nice and feel good moment, but because we would have known that you gave two toots about this fed that you feel that you can come in and out of at your leisure.

No offense, but look at things from our perspective Cali. Can we call you that? Does it matter from up there on that pedestal that you have put yourself on? We dealt with cleaning up your mess, filling up all sorts of vacancies your disappearance left. Did you know that at one point we had to deal with Eric Dane winning that title you claimed you held with the utmost respect? Don’t worry, he quit too, soon after winning the title. Must have been the year or something because that’s all that belt meant for the longest time. That legacy that you had worked hard to make mean something? It was trashed when you left that belt high and dry. Dane picked it up and went upon his merry way as well. 

We aren’t bitter Cali, far from it. We’re sure that you had your reasons for such a sudden depart, but you never apologized for it. You just… Kind of expected to come back and have everything be ok. You had your one off matches, participated during the matches you being there would mean something. You came and you went. Not once did you apologize for tarnishing a legacy that, and this sounds crazy even to us, YOU HELPED CREATE.

We aren’t bitter though, promise.

You had it all. You ran. We want to like you Cali, we do. We want happiness and good things for you and most of all Cali? We WANT to respect you for everything that you’ve done for this company. The worst part is that the more we try, the best we can say is that we don’t hate you for leaving how you did. We feel that you cheated not only the up and comers in the back that looked up to you out of a potential match against the great Caledonia Highlander, but the fans as well. World Champion?

Not if you run from your battles m’dear.

So… With all of that said, we hear that you will be in the area for Evo 50. All Ladies Night Special, 50th episode, why wouldn’t you be there, being the pioneering woman that you are? We would challenge you to a match, but we aren’t sure that we are worth your time.

We’re Mia Rayne, former World Champion and working to restore some of the legacy to that company that was lost when you decided to depart. Again, sure you have your reasons, but what does that mean for the people that you left high and dry? 

We know you’re going to be at our show and there is one thing that you need to know and be very aware of this fact.

We have become the official “gatekeeper” for our home, the CWF. It is our Rabbit Hole, and we fight to defend it, tooth and nail. We don’t abandon it when times get tough. The truth hurts doesn’t it? We’re sorry if we sound harsh but you need to know that for the longest time…

You were looked at as a heroine of sorts. The pedestal we mentioned earlier? It was well earned by all of your feats. You gave it all up and we aren’t sure if the juice is worth the squeeze, but… You have to know that we don’t appreciate the fact you feel like you can enter and exit without so much of an explanation. You don’t owe us one, but we would say it would be fair to the CWF-verse to do so. It is up to you, we won’t push you, you’re an adult.

Should you decide to done your wrestling tights again, we’ll be here when you want to fight to regain your honor, because unfortunately, we can’t respect someone who isn’t even here.

Yours in Madness,
Mia Rayne
Right parenthesis.


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