Title: Death of a Raven
Featuring: Nina
Date: Undisclosed
Location: Undisclosed
Show: Evolution 50

Nina: Lost soul.. that's what you are Autumn..

The scene opens up to a close up view of Nina's face which is the only thing visible though the pitch black darkness that surrounds her.

Nina: However I see the light at the end of the tunnel opening up for you. Have things become clearer? Are you ready to rise up from the ashes and stake claim to being a legit threat in this company.

She smiles, flickers of light starting to illuminate her surroundings, yet only the glow of her face is seen.

Nina: The final dance between the two of us will be one to remember. One that I hope will elevate the both of our careers on our destined paths. Yours, I'm sure is to bring you more trouble and hardships, although I'm more than confident you will be able to handle them. Me on the other hand..

Nina looks down, the camera getting a glimpse of the Aversion Championship.

Nina: It seems as if this tool has brought me to the next chapter in my life… Make no mistake Autumn, our battles have skyrocketed us into another gear. Well in a sense, because you fail to get over that proverbial hump.. ¡Mira! That doesn't give me reason to take you lightly.. At Girl's Night Out.. Autumn I want you at your best, don't leave anything on the table.

Her sinister smile returns.

Nina: Tuesday night, I leave my brethren backstage and it will be just you and me.. No complaints and no excuses. No reasons that the Raven will feel that her oncoming defeat was tainted. No, no sister.. this battle started because I wanted to help you. All i wanted was for you to see the truth.. Nothing more, nothing less.. And in doing so, I feel I have accomplished my job. Because no more will you attached to anchors that refuse to let you elevate. But you will be able to stand tall on your own. In defeat of course.. Hehehe… But within that defeat, the surrealness of the weight being lifted off of your shoulders will be much more rewarding. And it will be then..

The room begins to brighten up a bit more, the scenery the surrounds Nina could be a bit unsettling. The floors are covered in slithering snakes, different species of spiders crawl along the walls, crows fly from perch to perch as tree branches and vines extend from the concrete walls. Nina, herself covered in snakes and spiders, Aversion Championship strapped around her waist. An owl sits upon her left shoulder as she strokes her pet recluse that rest in her other hand.

Nina: Any only then will you realize that the Raven died a beautiful death. It's only a metaphorical statement though, because a Phoenix will rise from the ashes. You will come to see that all along, that there's a method to the chaos, there's a method to the destruction and there's a method to the madness because when the eyes are finally open.. It's truly a beautiful thing..

Nina continues to stand amongst all of the madness, calm as ever, unfazed by all of the imminent death that is around her. The scene fading to black.


Fading back in, we find Nina and Omar sitting on a bank, fishing lines, hooked with bait rest in the calming waters as they both look out over the horizon.

Omar: Mì amor, how long do we have to live like this?

Nina: For as long as we live.. we gave our consent in blood and that is what binds is forever..

Omar: I understand, but the thoughts of all the unspeakable things we've done..

Nina: Nothing compared to what Angelo has been through..

Omar nods in agreement.

Omar: Mì amor, the things your brother has been through would break lesser men.. he's strong, clear headed… he's taken everything he's been through in stride.

Nina: I'm just happy he's back in my life.. all these years I thought he…

A single tear rolls down her cheek. Omar embraces her, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Omar: It's okay, mì amor..

Nina: No it's not.. I thought he was dead.. I thought he was shot dead that day.

Omar: I know…

Nina: It's just too much to take in..

Omar: We'll get through it.. one day at a time..

Nina: One day at a time..

Omar wipes the tear from her face, staring longingly into her eyes. Suddenly his line begins to pull as she hops to his feet excitedly, trying to reel his catch in.

Omar: ¡Mira!

Nina looks on gleefully, Omar struggles with the line, cranking with his might. Suddenly the line snaps, the cork covered flying out of the water..

Omar: Mierda..

Nina: It's okay.. we got all the time in the world.

They both embrace in a hug and share a kiss. Omar goes back to his tackle box, setting his pole up again.. Nina stares at him lovingly as the scene fades to black.

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