Title: Through the Looking Glass
Featuring: Ophelia McVeigh
Date: 4-27-19
Location: Parts Unknown
Show: Evolution 50

We open to an unknown location, where we find Ophelia McVeigh standing beside his girlfriend, Alisson Wonderland. She speaks--


"I know what you're all thinking..... who in the hell are you? I've been hiding from the CWF Airwaves, protecting myself from the beasts that are chasing me and my lovely boyfriend, Ophelia. They are trying to stop me from living my life and competing in the squared-circle. Ophelia brought me into the fold, believing I'd best the other nine women in the battle royale... but now I fear I have no chance. Even if I get to the arena, I'll be competing against pros like Amy Jo Smyth and other, far more experienced female fighters. I'm here to show the monsters that I am NOT a little girl, and if I find my fire, they will pay.... and so will the CWF. I have the will-power within me to light this world aflame... I will not step down no matter the odds. I may look feeble, but my heart, soul, spirit and determination.... my aura is mighty, and my sword is ready. Ophelia, myself, and the rest of disOrder will RULE with an iron fist.... pray you live to see that day. Goodnight, and good 'morrow."


Ophelia: Prepare for us..... for even THAT, shall not prepare you for US.....


*end transmission*

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