Title: Final Countdown
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Right now
Location: Over there
Show: Evolution 50








A silent mantra that had been repeating itself throughout Autumn’s head for the better part of an hour or so as she sat alone somewhere in a picture booth inside of a large arcade building.  Kids, parents and teenagers that were hanging out and avoiding going home could be heard outside. Luckily, no one really bothered with this machine anyway. It was out of order to the general public, making it a perfect hiding place for her to sit and just veg out with youtube.  Yeah she could be out there playing games, but this time she just wanted to have her moment to think...to plot...and to plan. Those three words were very important to her, and with what was coming, were going to mean a whole lot more very soon.


Evolution 50 was on the horizon, and this show was going to be a hell of a card.  It was an all ladies affair, featuring the past and present stars of CWF to headline this show.  The guys were sitting this one out for now. Autumn was coming into this after a bitter loss to the members of disOrder last show.  One that still chewed at her because she had hoped for a small victory. Instead the group had decimated every single last one of them, no matter how hard they tried.  Now she had this show to look forward to…


...and a very familiar foe to face one last time.  Nina, with her band of goons aka VENOM to escort her to the ring this time.  The two were scheduled in this last match, a grudge match to put to rest everything that had transpired between the two competitors over these months.  Autumn didn’t know how she was going to put her away this time, but she knew that it had to happen. It had to happen for her sake...and her sanity. Nina was going to fall, and she was going to see to it that she would stay down wherever she landed.


Shadows passed by the curtain, to which Autumn paid no real attention to.  Just a group of kids running by to find the next game they were going to play.  Even the noises that came from that general direction were drowned out by the yelling of the guys from Dude Perfect on youtube.  Nothing too odd, and no music to guide her thoughts. Just simple athleticism. Think whatever you want about this, but this is the way she was going to approach things.  Quietly, patiently, stalking through the grass to study what was before her.


Could you blame her?  Nina would be bound and determined to run rimshot over the Beautiful Psychopath and wave the banner of victory all because she held that notch above her head.  All because she used to have her shiny fucking belt around her waist. Autumn snorted, shaking her head. That wasn’t important right now. This war was going to end, and it was going to end *her* way.


‘I knew this day was coming.  One way or another, we were going to meet again, and it was going to be for the final time.  Do you feel it yet, Nina? Do you feel the tingles of anticipation of standing in that ring across from each other one more time?  I do. It’s an impossible feeling to miss. You could say it’s...eye opening...in a way. Awakening from a dream to know that you have the power to change the reality that’s sitting before you.  No matter how hard you try or whatever dark little web you try and weave around me about the light or the Book of Truth, I will be there to smash you in the head with it. Over and over until I see you drop.  I will make sure your little friends see you fall, so they know how it feels to see it happen.”


Autumn smiles, tilting her head at the screen in her hands.


“This isn’t the first time I’ve had to prepare this much for a war.  I’m sure you remember my little...or rather...big match with Silas don’t you?  Of course you do, I hope. I ran that slime ball all over that fucking arena until he couldn’t stand anymore.  I made *sure* that he wasn’t going to get up from that table because I *knew* that in order to stand on my own, away from him and his lies, I had to end his existence with my own two hands.  I had to. I couldn’t go on living with that existence following me at every step.


I did it, I sent him crashing through that table and down into his own personal hell for the hell he put me through that entire time.  I won the war. There was no better feeling than that. Knowing that you can move and breathe without that shadow following you.”


She sighs, adjusting her position.


“On and on, we’ve been going back and forth with one another.  You have been bound and determined to get me to ‘see the light’ and join with VENOM so you can liberate my soul to see the real truth.  So you drop this book with me, hoping I’ll read it and fall to my knees screaming for salvation from you. For you to show me the err or my ways otherwise this misery will continue.  Each and every time you have come to me with this, I have met you with nothing but my passion and my willpower to resist being dragged down the same fucking road I traveled with Silas.  I would have been stuck in someone else’s shadow, doing god knows what and it would have been the same repeating shit...and fuck it all...I don’t want to be stuck doing that shit.”




“I can hear you laughing.  Listening to my words, telling my tale.  Still trying to weave it as me being the weak one, still wanting to guide me to the light and end my pain and suffering.  I don’t think you want to do that Nina. You really don’t.”


The scene suddenly fades out, and you fear the video has gone dark, cutting off the last of her words.


A few seconds later, things come back to life in a junkyard, with Autumn standing on top of a wrecked car.  Her favorite weapon, a barbed wire bat is held over her shoulder and she’s grinning from ear to ear. Not a happy smile mind you, this is a predatory smile.  The smile of a person who has someone specific in her sights. She lifts the bat off her shoulder and points it at the camera.


“Because the last time some assclown decided to play me for a fool, he got thrown...through...a...fucking...table!”


Her words are punctuated with the bat clanging against the metal top of the car.  She points the bat at the camera again.


“Is that what you want, huh miss Nina?  You want to end up a broken, bloody mess somewhere in that arena in Tulsa because you decided to bring your fire and doom proclamations to my doorstep?  You know what, you just go ahead and try. I’m tired of these games, and I’m tired of playing them just to placate you. I’m running this game now, and you know what…?”


Autumn hops off the car and strolls to the camera with a cold look on her face.

“At Evolution 50, in front of those fans, I’m going to end you.  Game over Nina. Game...fucking...over.”


With a battle cry worth of the spartans, Autumn rears back with the bat and swings at the camera.  It falls over to the ground, flickering then going to static.



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