Title: [CD] Introducing SSRI Exposed
Featuring: SSRI Exposed
Date: 13/06/18
Location: Saved Souls

SSRI Exposed is a website dedicated to exposing the crimes of the Spirit Science Research Institute. Collecting together information from multiple sources, including testimonials from former members, reports from investigative journalists, and leaks from within the Institute itself, SSRI Exposed aims to shine a light on the SSRI’s actions both past and present.

The biggest and most updated resource is A History of the Spirit Science Research Institute, detailing the history of the SSRI from its origins in 19th and 20th century occult and radical movements, through the birth of Clyde Pierre and the atomic bombings that would be his awakening, to the founding of the Institute in 1968 and everything after. The history is now at the 1980s, reaching the births of the generation who have done so much to define the Institute as it is today.


Other entries in SSRI Exposed include:


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