Title: Remember The Name, Stacy Jones
Featuring: Stacy Jones
Date: April 28th, 2019
Location: Tulsa, OK
Show: Evolution 50

The camera flickers to life as I’m here in my hotel room in Tulsa, Oklahoma ahead of CWF’s fiftieth episode of Evolution. Dressed in a pair of black leather high heels, a pair of skin tight black leather trousers, a black Nightwish Imaginaerum T-shirt and my black leather jacket, once I’m happy with the cameras set up, I make my way over to the edge of the bed and sit down on the edge of it. Reaching down to my duffel bag, I take out my HYBRID Grand Championship and place it over my shoulder before focusing my attention onto the camera.

“CWF Universe… and the nine ladies who I will be competing against at Evolution episode fifty, my name is Stacy Jones. I started training to become a professional wrestler at the age of fourteen and I turned pro when I was nineteen. Now, at the age of thirty, I am at the very top of my game. I am the current Grand Champion in the company I work for, HYBRID, the very top championship on offer and it took me over a decade to finally achieve said goal.”

I pat the title over my shoulder a few times.

“I’m no stranger to being champion, I’ve been in many companies over my decade long career and I have been champion everywhere I’ve been. Not only that, but I’m not stranger to testing myself by competing in one off tournaments and matches for other companies. A few years ago, I competed in the King of the Cage tournament for EWC… I flew to Japan to compete in the Pride of Puroresu tournament for NJFC and that’s just naming a couple.”

Stroking my free hand through my long black hair, I smirk.

“I know that despite my accomplishments that most of you ladies don’t know me, and honestly? I’m in the same position as I don’t know any of you except for Amy Jo Smyth. But I can assure you all that by the time we all step into that ring come Evolution fifty that you will all know exactly who I am and why I am the champion that I am.”

I lean forward slightly.

“I also know that some of you won’t give a damn about my accomplishments and you’ll just dismiss me, believing that I’m not going to be a viable threat to any of you, and that’s fine. But the thing about a Battle Royal is that they are unpredictable, you can be the most technically proficient wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots but that doesn’t guarantee victory. Not only that, but with the amount of participants involved, you’ve not just gotta have eyes in the back of your head but you need to have eyes in the sides of your head as well because you’ll never know who’s coming and from what direction.”

Smirking again, I lean back and sit up right.

“I’m no stranger to having the odds stacked against me. I’ve competed against every kind of competitor there is out there. Men and women. People bigger than me, stronger than me, faster than me. I’ve competed against rookies and veterans. People more accomplished than me and people less accomplished than me. I’ve faced off against crazy psychopaths and people who simply just want to hurt people. I’ve competed against some of the best damn wrestlers in this industry all over the globe and whether I won or lost, I gave them my everything and made sure they never forgot who they went to war with.”

I take my championship off of my shoulder and stare at it for a few moments before then holding it up to the camera.

“For over a decade, I scratched and clawed my way up the ladder, spilling blood, sweat and tears because when my Dad trained me to become a wrestler, he always told me that I would one day become a World Champion. The only thing that I wish was different when I finally achieved that goal was that he was no longer alive to witness me do it. I managed to defeat a woman who had been undefeated in one on one competition since HYBRID first opened two years ago to win this very belt! I did it for him! I did it for every single fan who has ever supported me! I did it for my family but I also did it for myself! I wanted to prove that I am the best of the best and I did exactly that and this right here is the proof!”

Placing the title back over my shoulder, I maintain my focus on the camera.

“And now I’m after another title… the title of the Superwoman of Wrestling. Many of my fans, my friends and family, my kids… they would already say that I’m Superwoman because of the fact that no matter what, I always fight harder than ever. I’ve been through Hell, I’ve suffered tragedies throughout my life that would cause many to give up, but there is a reason why I was nicknamed Unbreakable! Because I will not give up… I will not quit… I will not break!”

The intensity in my voice is apparent, I’m not letting this opportunity pass me by.

“You can all bet your asses that I’m going to do everything in my power to have my arm raised in victory and receive the honor of being the Superwoman of Wrestling. I’m well aware that it’s not going to be easy, there is a reason you nine women are involved in this… but there is a reason I am in it as well. I’m not just some nobody who has never amounted to anything… I am “Unbreakable” Stacy Jones, HYBRID Grand Champion and I am proud of that fact and I am proud to be representing HYBRID in this match!”

I once again pat my championship over my shoulder.

“So listen up Angelica, Amber Ryan, Abigail Starr, Amanda The Game Warden, Amy Jo Smyth, Ciara Kennedy, Allison Wonderland, Mia Rayne and Samara Astrid, make sure to take note of the name of Stacy Jones, because I am planning on walking out of the BOK Center as the Superwoman of Wrestling and to do so, I’m gonna have to beat all nine of you which I fully intend on doing.”

Standing to my feet, I walk over to the camera and stare deep into the lens.

“At Evolution fifty, you shall all suffer my Judgement! Your Final Penance… is coming!”

And with that, I switch the camera off causing the screen to fade to black.

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