Title: Frands and Family!
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: There is one, yes...
Location: A theater in the Rabbit Hole. Do you not understand?!
Show: Evolution 50

The theater in itself is lavish. That in itself should have been a hefty clue that something was up, but Mia Rayne wasn't one to kick a gift horse in the mouth, or however that saying goes. She stares in bewilderment at her get up, the elbow length opera gloves in a satin midnight blue. A matching silk gown and a beautiful sapphire blue hair color rounds it all out. She could hardly believe it. The look was one that she only dreamed herself in, another clue, but another one that Mia decided to overlook. It wasn't often that she had the opportunity to be this fancy looking, this... "Pretty..." So... Normal feeling. While she wasn't sure if she liked it or not, she did enjoy the looks she received from passerby. Given the environment, of course she was going to have people staring at her, but again, why look a gift horse in the eyes?

Or however that saying goes.

She smiles at her platform fancy shoes, shimmering in the moonlight and she can't help but bask in the way that she feels at this very moment. Like for once in her life, she was complete, whole, she had finally found her being on this plane of existence and she was going to ride that wave all night long. Knight? Night. Good. Feelings that were so positive always left Mia feeling confused, so it wasn't often that she indulged in them. Confused Mia meant that she was vulnerable from any form of attack. People prey on the vulnerable, thereby Mia couldn't show that weakness anymore. Confusion couldn't be allowed, she had to know for certain, couldn't let anything distract her from her primary goal at the moment.

A figure with a burlap mask flashes through the crowd. She knows he's watching. He always is. In person, in her dreams. It didn't matter if anyone believed her when she said it. If she ever told them during her waking hours that she believed in everything that Ataxia said, everything he does both for his loved ones both psychologically and in the physical form... It was all done for the better. Whether or not anyone saw that didn't matter, but everything Ataxia has done has been for the betterment of the whole until...

Mia's visage falters, her image flickers in and out of existence in her own dream. She knows who the cause of Ataxia's turn has been. She knows the gap she left when Loki took over. She remembers seeing Ataxia struggle from what feels like a lifetime away. She knows the stress he underwent and even the broken can still be cracked. The small and tiny can still be cut up with the proper tools and Ataxia's beautiful mind was no different. The man went through so much and did that much more... No one gave him the respect he des...

???: Miss? You're due inside now. The show can't start without you.

Mia snaps out of her reverie, such a long train of thought just from staring at her formal appearance. Seriously though, she felt like a princess and it was a feeling that she wanted to keep a hold of, no matter what. She feels the top of her head, wishing that her dream self had the sense to give her a tiara, and POOF! A shining tiara, opals and glass reflecting brilliant light and giving Mia a true "Sparkle Princess" motif. Now... Now she is ready for whatever show is about to start. She apologizes profusely to the bellhop, a man that looks suspiciously like Mike Rolash, and proceeds into the extravagant lobby. If she thought the razz and matazz of the outside was something special, something out of a red carpet entrance into the premier of the latest and biggest blockbuster; the inside reminded her of something out of a cheesy coming of age romance movie. You all know the ones. Poor girl meets rich guy and tries to conform to an image that she just can't fit into. He tries to force her into his world and force her to be someone she isn't. Trapped between what she believes to be love and a voice inside of her, screaming for her to stop, it isn't what or who she is... 

The haunting noise of a record starting up can be heard as the scene fades to an inky blackness and we are left with nothing but the ghosty lyrics...

"Life could be a dream...
If I could take you up to paradise up above..."
Deja freakin' vu amirite?

MJ! It's been what? A month since we last met in triumphant warfare so you had a chance to quell my inner demon... Or something like that. Revenge is a silly, silly thing isn't it? You think you want something oh so bloody bad only to find out, the juice was NOT worth the squeeze.

You are awarded no points, you do not collect two hundred dollars, and not even God will have mercy on your soul.

Revenge is an empty thing which is why we ended up being ok with teaching you the lesson. We didn't want you to learn it that way, but if the only way for you to listen was for you to take out a frand in me, then well, who am I to prevent the young from learning a life lesson? Right? I think so.

No matter what though, we always put on an epic when it comes to being in the ring with each other. We don't truly remember too many instances where we have been pushed to our absolute breaking point, multiple times, and in all honesty, it's a rush to be pushed to that extent. It was a blast, an adrenaline junkie's dream. Would I pull out another upset victory or would the young veteran of the business, born and bred to be a champion, get another one over on ol' Mia? 

Sure, We've had our ups, downs, lefts, rights, x's, b's, y's, a's, selects, and of course our starts and it shows because of the unlimited potential Jon Stewart feels he can squeeze from pairing us with each other. Against each other, we're magic, we light the place on fire, and we leave it all in the ring. Why? Because why the fuck not? We thrive off of this MJ, we saw that animal in you come out when you thought Loki would once again slip through your fingers, do you remember that feeling? That overwhelming sensation that you would do anything and everything to taste the blood of the person that wronged you? Yet just like that code we put in at the start of this particular tangent, our flame generates the powers that be the monies. They get the money, we get the bumps and scrapes and find out just how far we can push each other. This doesn't have to be about a belt MJ. Oh no. This is about so much more. Some might call it friendship but us? We? Mia?

We call it family...
If the outside of the extravagant theater and the reception lobby were lavish and beyond that which Mia could imagine, and that was a sizable amount; the theater itself blew everything else out of every proverbial body of water one could possibly envision. But then again, this was Mia's dream, and in all honesty she couldn't remember an instance of being in a dream theater and feeling completely at ease. Sure, every night wasn't a nightmare, but this was something different. This was her place, her safe spot for the time being. She has the control and there wasn't anyone else that could take that away from her. 

She stops midway down the aisle, a place she would consider as close to "perfect" in a theater that is promised to be empty save for her. An usher smiles politely, his figure morphing as her mind's eye tries to settle on something that it wants. She giggles as the figure is left changing forms, male, female, tall, short, familiar, and strange. They were all there and she wondered about each of them but quickly brushes them from her mind. She turns, looking to head to her seat when a small voice forces her to stop and turn.

???: Miss? I'm supposed to offer this to you.

Mia looks at the usher, its form finally settling on that of a small albino man, dressed as the perfect theater usher and wearing a name badge proudly stating that his name is Stan. She smiles, her voice polite.

Mia Rayne: Thank you Stan, is it a message or...?

Stan only smiles and reveals a silver platter covered with a crystal cloche. Inside, standing perfect and pristine is a bloodstained, burlap mask, the same mask Ataxia wore when he was buried alive by "The Ripper" Danny B. and the same one Loki Synn stole. Mia caresses the cloche fondly, her lips turning to a grim yet fond smile. She withdraws her hand suddenly, as if it was pricked by a thorn, and she looks at Stan.

Mia Rayne: No thank you Stan, though I appreciate it. Soon though I think. Soon.

Stan smiles and nods, his bright red eyes briefly leaving hers to stare at her chest. She smiles at his boyish charm and lifts his chin up to meet her eyes again. They share a look before she turns and Stan takes his leave. Focusing on the middle of the row, Mia is surprised to find two seats already occupied, with an empty one in the middle. Cheshire sits on the left, Loki Synn on the right, both waiting patiently for her to arrive. Shaking her head she takes the seat between them.

Mia Rayne: I knew this was all too good to be true. Is this the weekly roulette to determine who gets to be in control and I missed the memo? Do I NEED to remind you ladies what happened the last time?

Both the masks turn to look at her and she tries to keep her composure.

Mia Rayne: Right. I got angry and table flipped all the things. Intimidation no longer works, remember? Enigmatic puzzles and mind games? Not so much. You two are good, I'm all three of us combined into one amazing package. 

Silence echoes throughout the theater at Mia's words only to be pierced by her giggle.

Mia Rayne: Hehehehe... Package.
So let's tally this up shall we MJ?

You have faced off against Loki three times now, Cheshire and myself once. The fans loved what we gave them each and every time, but there was something on the line each of those times. You came back after I shelved you and made things personal, something that is warned against by the lesser beings because they can't handle the emotion that comes with it. We're women MJ! We know emotion and we don't let that stop us... Oh no.

It propels us to the next level of competition and what happens when we make things personal? It's magic. 

Normal people don't understand this type of magic MJ. They don't understand the madness that someone like me brings to this particular table and in all honesty? I was beginning to believe that no one ever would. But then I found my happy little way to the CWF. I found a group of people that taught me what a family is supposed to be like. Not the bastardized version I grew up to believe was real, but an actual... Loving, caring, supportive FAMILY. It meant a lot to a crazy nut job like me, but they were there. Before the CWF I never felt accepted and now?

Now people can't get enough of me. Love him or hate him Jon Stewart knows this and he acted on it. He brought me back to keep my face on CWF television and while he pulled the strings only he knows how to pull, he got me back on the active roster. Did you not know this MJ? I'm back on the roster after Twilight of the Gods but how could he have a special "Women of CWF" event without lil' ol' me? How could he NOT have us once again put on a show the likes of which have been seen by the people of the CWF? We've done it before and I don't doubt that we will do it all over again.

But to me MJ, this time feels different. Those times you fought against Loki? They weren't me, you won one, we won one, you won one. Sure, they were vicious matches that pushed us both to unthinkable limits, but will you remember them facing off against me, or will you remember facing off against Loki Synn?

That time you fought against Cheshire, did you fight against Cheshire? It's hard to remember, everything bleeds together like melted wax. We remember you coming back and demanding another fight against Loki after she shelved you. After she made you realize your mortality, how frail and weak these human bodies can be. But you persevered and not only did you come back with your head held high, you came back to face the demon that tried to make you her bitch. Sure you lost a battle here and there, but you fought back and you were victorious. This life is crazy MJ, you're young but you have those old instincts. We can only tell you what we've experienced in our life to get to this point. You can be the judge from there on what to do with that info.

People have come into my life and made grand promises. Offered great things at minimal personal cost. We bought in hook, line, and sinker. We won't get lost in the details because that is a rabbit hole even we will find issue getting out of, but fact of the matter is that people have often times proven that they can't do anything more for us than suck. And not in that good way either before anyone decides to make a dirty joke out of it. We have learned that people come and go, they are valuable for whatever reason in your life, so you let them into yours. The overall effect on our own has been... Detrimental. How can anyone blame us if we have a natural distrust of people? The point though MJ is that you have proven to us just how much fire is in that little body of yours. You might be young, but god damn are you a powerful entity in this crazy life that we live. There aren't many people that we can say that have come in and inspired us as much as you have and for that you have our thanks.

They want us to make magic again MJ and this time it is different. It isn't about titles, revenge, personal vendettas, or anything that people expect. This is more. This is different. Can you feel it MJ? Do you feel the madness start to creep in? I know you do, because we do too. We feel the need for this match to happen. It doesn't have to be for a pretty shiny strap to hang off your waist like its the newest fashion accessory. We've both held the thing and we both know that when the time is right, we will hold it again in turn. Maybe not won from the other, but our times are far from over in this company. This has nothing to do with revenge for past misdeeds or being jealous of the success that the other worked hard for.

This is about one thing. Sisters in battle coming together to make magic happen. To help the other reach the next level in competition and prove exactly why we are in that main event. Maybe the only men there will be in the crowd and Jim and Ray at ringside. Sure, we can count Mike in there too, even if he's just a hybrid human of some sort crossed with the base parts of the male brain. Regardless, we are two women deadest on proving that this "man's sport" is actually just a people sport. This event means a lot to the sport of wrestling as a whole so why not dance the tango one more time. We know the answer that you'll give, we aren't doubting that. This is no longer about whether or not you have what it takes to look into the Abyss of Mad that we bring to the table. Not only do you look, but you come right back firing on all cylinders. You are truly, someone that gets it. No, this is going to be a game of what you're going to do to take things to the next level, to do something that even we won't expect from you. Do you have what it takes to evolve with us? We are fighting to make it to that next level Mariella, will you come and join us on this climb frand? No... "frand" no longer serves unless we change the definition. Do you have what it takes to become something more MJ?


Right Parenthesis.
The film itself wasn’t anything special by usual standards. The fact that “Cartoon Heroes” by Aqua was the theme for the credits made the entire production for Mia though. As the song finally closed out, Mia stops bouncing in her seat to the music and looks to her masked associates. Cheshire is looking on in interest, as much as one can with a full face mask at least, and for her part Loki was doing her best to behave herself, and to her credit she succeeded until the very last note played.

Loki Synn: What the FUCK was that?!

The other two look surprised by her outburst, Cheshire leaning forward her face pointed toward her.

Mia Rayne: Not sure what you just watched short fuse, but that was a movie detailing the history of the CWF. All in one neat three hour package complete with bonus features! You can get yours at…

Loki Synn: Yeah, yeah… CWF Network and all that. Either way, why does any of that matter to what we’re doing here?

Mia falls silent for a moment, tapping her chin with her finger while looking thoughtfully up at the ceiling. Cheshire puts her hand on her shoulder though as she peers over it and looks to Loki.

Cheshire: It might not have anything to do with our current plans for the future or the match coming up. However, if you noticed, there has never been an event of this magnitude in CWF history. An all woman card…

Loki Synn: Well, not ALL…

She gestures, but realizes her mistake as soon as she says it. With a roar Mia leaps up and grabs Loki by the throat! With amazing power, since it is after all HER dream, she forces Loki back into the closest wall and gets face to face with her. Mia’s voice is low, a dangerous snarl that no one has heard from her before.

Mia Rayne: I went the better part of the last six months chained and under your beck and call. The tide has turned Loki and if you want a part of this ride, you’re going to have to start playing by my rules. You know what you did and if you EVER make mention of that again, there will be consequences that we don’t think even the great Loki Synn could endure. Do we have an understanding?

Mia’s grip tightens around Loki’s throat. Loki tries to swat at Mia’s arm, but she isn’t having it and only presses Loki against the wall harder. Another feat of strength later and Loki’s feet are dangling from the ground, Mia holding up the jester! 

Cheshire: Mia!

Cheshire’s voice was urgent and quiet, but it caused Mia’s spite filled eyes to falter and return to their usual auras. She realizes what she is doing and let’s go of Loki, the jester falling to the ground, coughing and trying to regain her breath. Mia only looks down at her and then returns to her seat, followed by Cheshire. It takes some recouping but Loki finally once again joins them.

Loki Synn: Well that was… Unexpected. When did you grow a set of…

She stops as she catches the glare of Mia and the frantic signaling from Cheshire. Loki falls silent and the theater grows quiet once more. Mia chews thoughtfully on some popcorn before she breaks the silence.

Mia Rayne: It’s like what Cheshire said, Loki. History holds several great moments for the CWF, you are a part of some of them unfortunately. However, the events always have men in them due to the nature of the sport. It happens. But if you look at the tapes…

She gestures at the screens before continuing. Cheshire is hanging onto her every word, seemingly absorbing it all. Loki could care less, but since there wasn’t much of a choice, the jester continued to listen while fiddling with one of the bells hanging off her hat.

Mia Rayne: You see that some of the greatest moments this company has seen have come from women such as Caledonia, Amber Ryan, MJ…

Cheshire: You?

Mia jumps slightly looking back at the emoticon-masked alter ego. It stares back at her, the head tilted slightly to the side, waiting for an answer.

Mia Rayne: I mean, I guess? I… I had some moments, Loki came and had some, and you inspired Shadow through his title reign from afar. Sure, I can be on that list, but it was with the help of the two of you that I made it there.

Seemingly satisfied, Cheshire crosses her arms and nods, before sitting back. Mia falls silent as she realizes the impact of the words that she just said, and Loki? Loki is silent and also falls backward in her seat, also realizing the full impact of everything that had happened.

Loki Synn: So much pain. I… I’m sorry for my part in it all, at least the parts that I need to be sorry for. Tossing MJ like a rag doll probably wasn’t good. Tearing apart The Forsaken probably wasn’t a good thing to do. For what it’s worth, you have my word that I’ll help to make things better.

Mia stares suspiciously at the jester who only offers a hug. Mia accepts and the two embrace. Cheshire stares and starts to get giddy, realizing that this is the first time that the three of them have been on the same page. She jumps up and cheers before leaping on a laughing Loki and Mia.
So MJ, we suppose this is the time that we go over what we’ve learned from our past encounters. Have you learned anything of note? I’m not talking about moves and strategies in the ring either m’dear.

You are good. Probably the best. You have the pedigree to go far and you absorb lessons like a cool little sponge thing. Sure you win the important matches, but when you lose? You lose with grace and dignity.

You pick yourself back up, as evidenced by my recent ass kicking, and you make sure that everyone knows who the fuck you are.

MJ mother truckin’ Flair. Among the best in the business.

But now you come into the ring against someone that has been known to push your boundaries in the past. This person has gone through a couple different transformations, one of them disabling your meteoric rise to glory for a couple months. One of them tried to warn you about the dangers of seeking revenge, and me? I’m just here for the ride.

Or am I?

We mentioned family to you before MJ and this… This is more than just an offer of frandship. We have had people in the past come and go, whispers in the wind, promising change and offering me nothing but taking a piece of me with them when the abandon us. We have found our home in CWF MJ. We consider ourselves to be gatekeeper to this Rabbit Hole. Did you think Cheshire was just a clever name? Oh no… She’s here too. And Loki…

Don’t worry, she’s… Well… You’ll have to see. Rest assured, everything is under control, but I digress.



There has been one group that we’ve come close to acknowledging as family in The Forsaken. We’ve learned a lot since joining, seeing an implosion, and now wondering if picking up the pieces is worth the time and effort. You? You’ve always been there, seeing potential competition and pushing for that next level. You’ve been looking for someone to hang with and we are here to tell you that from here on out, if you want the competition, we’re game. We will chase your title reigns, we will surpass, and we will laugh along with you in the locker room when it comes time to congratulate the winner.

Like it or not chicka-rito, you’ve got at the very least a frand in us. We’re looking to expand upon the inner circle though and in all instances that we have been, heh, CRAZY enough to come up with one such circle? 

Not one didn’t have you in it.

We don’t get honest with everyone MJ but we recognize the potential you bring to the table and that unforgettable ability to push us to the next level. As much as we are one of a kind… You? You’re a diamond in a ruff. Rough? Dog. Awkward place for a diamond… 

At Evo 50 MJ, we do battle again to determine who the best CWF World Champ has been. A battle of queens so to speak. We look forward to it and wouldn’t have it any other way.
Loki Synn: No offense intended, but what does it all MEAN? Yay, we’re a united front, we’re the freakin’ Power Puff Girls…

A gleam appears in Mia’s eye as Cheshire only cocks her head. The three disentangle themselves and take their seats again. 

Mia Rayne: We’re totally the Power Puff Girls! You’re Buttercup! I’m Blossom! Cheshire can be Bubbles! By our powers combined… Wait, wrong franchise. Anyways, what this means is that we have one unified focus. To be better.

The other two nod. Of course they would. Unified, remember?

Mia Rayne: Loki wanted power, Cheshire wanted redemption, and now that the three of us are all back on the same page? We can have it all. We right the wrongs we caused, because it wasn’t just one, it was all of us, and in the meantime, we show everyone exactly why we were put in this match to begin with. They could have literally done ANYTHING for an event such as a 50th anniversary. WE are main eventing this show against an opponent who does nothing but give us the fire to be better. Ladies, we will be better, we have that technology at this point. We are one. We are…

Cheshire: If I may… Whatever happened to Amelia?

Mia pauses slightly, a sad smile appearing on her face.

Mia Rayne: She was the shadow I was feeling from the two of you on my brain. Loved that little spit fire, but she isn’t a personality trait, she was a fashion statement. A way to sell shirts and a way to get the ol’ adrenaline pumping double time. When the time is right? She could come back. Could you imagine it? 

The three fall silent in wishful thinking.

Mia Rayne: Ya know… I wish that there was a way for us to go back and have matches against the likes of Caledonia and Amber Ryan. Could you imagine the battles and the landscape of such a show? Bring back Omega and whamo. Just imagine it…

The three of them fall silent as Mia smiles to herself. When she first started in the CWF, she was a different person. The likes of Amber and Cali were so far out of reach, that Mia never thought she’d be of their caliber to even grace them with her presents. And presence. But… Recent times have proven that she not only has what it takes to step up to the plate, but to hit homers (D’oh!) right over their heads. The true test is unable to be conducted, but if only… 

Mia looks to her left and right, Loki and Cheshire basking in the silence. It wasn’t the ringing and annoying one either, it was nice, dare they say peaceful? Putting out a gloved hand to either side, Mia takes the hand of the others. A flash of bright light later and the only one standing in the ring is Mia, the lights bathing down on her, the audience ringing in her ears, Rolash and Gunt behind the commentary table, and there, standing across from her, was none other than her sister in arms, MJ Flair. A light chuckle and a battle of the ages takes place in Mia’s head as she turns in her sleep and cuddles the stuffed cat closer to her chest. Titles were silly and superficial. REAL women fight for the right to be called the best.

MJ Flair vs. Mia Rayne.

Evolution 50. 

Be there or be a square… That isn’t a ring. HA! 

Hashtag smooches!

Hey! Hi! Us again...

I almost forgot to make an official and declaritive statement. CWF is our home, we are the gatekeeper. As such, if you want to gain entry into the Rabbit Hole that is my home...

You all have to go through me.

As such, we are officially declaring that Mia Rayne will NOT be in the main event on Evolution 50.

She will also be in the opening Battle Royal. We'll be DAMNED if any new faces come in and win a title meant for the women of CWF. You want an opportunity at our things? Come and sign an application and then get your ass stomped by the friendly neighborhood gate keeper. 


Sorry, that was more Loki than me. Here's the thing that we implore you all to understand, so please take this at heart. The women of CWF have worked hard to have this moment. You don't get to come in here and get opportunities without encountering some resistence and we're here to tell you, we don't take kindly to people who want to leave after the first match.

If you want to stay? Please do, sign that app, we'll talk. You want to ghost after you realize that the CWF holds competition that you can't quite hold a candle to? Well, that's where we take issue. 

A wise man once said, "Never fight, unless you're going to win."

Will you win the day and come after me? Will you stick around and prove that you're something more than some random bitch that wants to come in uninvited and steal what isn't yours? Or will you prove us right and leave as soon as both feet touch the ground after you're eliminated?

Come one and come all, Mia is here, she's back, and she isn't going to take any of your shit. 

Semi colon.

Right parenthesis.

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