Title: Clue You In
Featuring: Lindsay Troy
Date: April 21, 2019
Location: Somewhere!
Show: Evolution 49


“How are we feeling?”

Fade-in: Lindsay Troy, wearing a “CHAMPIONSHIP CITY” Boston banner tee, jeans, and a smirk. Now, don’t let her hometown of Tampa fool you; your Queen was raised a New England fan, thanks to her father attending college in Beantown, and with both the Bruins and the Celtics in the playoffs she’s choosing to represent her teams with pride.

“Are you both a little worse for wear? I know Duce is. Helluva match you and Dan had at Vertigo, kid.”

“And a helluva aftermath, of course.”

A wink.

“I know the two of you have unfinished business regarding the big gold belt you’ve got around your waist but my business this week concerns you.”

“You’re right, we’ve only begun to be properly introduced, and yes...you don’t have to worry about what Graves thinks of me, or what my husband thinks of what Graves thinks of me. Y’see, if my husband concerned himself with every man who thought me attractive, then that would be his full-time job, wouldn’t it? He’s retired from this business - God help us all if Tyler Rayne decides to lace up the boots again - because that means Zach Van Owen wouldn’t have a schtick anymore because His Better would be here and he’d be a helluva lot funnier and better looking while doing it.”

“I know you’ve gotta be big mad that I ruined your moment at Vertigo, but let me clue you in on something like my name is Tim Curry: family sticks together. You might have your guy Byson but Dan’s got me, and I’m far more dangerous than B-Byse is. Did you really think I’d let you keep getting away with that chain game? All might’ve been fair in an I Quit match but I gave you a warning on Ye Olde Twitt-arz, kid. You’re lucky I only sent you flying through the air with the greatest of ease because I at least left you breathing.”

“I don’t want to rob Dan of his chance to name his stip and get that belt back. Turnabout is fair play, after all.”

“As for you, Shadow, I’m sure the residual jaw cracking pain I gave you at Evo 47 has all well and healed by now, but since you’re so preoccupied with Myfanwy’s disappearance that you’re overlooking me, I’d be happy to remind you what that feels like. I’ll be sure to built up more speed this time; maybe leave you having to get your jaw wired shut this time, or being reduced to a liquid diet.”

“Do hope you find your girl, though. Such a shame. Good luck with that.”

Fade to black

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