Title: Christian STARR Diaries: Chapter Thirteen
Featuring: Christian STARR
Date: June 8, 2018
Location: Los Angeles, California/Parts Unknown
Show: Evolution 23

Silver Linings Ent. 
A division of Eli Silver Industries
Presents: The Devil Within

The Christian STARR Diaries:
Chapter Thirteen

June 7, 2018
Unknown Area

Eyes full of fire, a gut full with a rage, and a soul fueled by one deep, haunting desire to once again be Champion. Those are the only things driving a man who otherwise has nothing left to prove, and perhaps more importantly nothing left to lose.

When our cameras finally come into focus on today's scene we find the former Paramount Champion sat alone in a dark, empty room. The only source of light is that of a single light bulb dangling about a foot above his head. Christian sits on the cold steel of a folding chair, a trademark on any wrestling promotion. His hands folded between his legs, grasping the cold metal with a death grip. 

For the first four months of his time in the Championship Wrestling Federation, Christian STARR was the definition of a superstar. In with a bang, an impact unlike any other before him. A Championship reign and an undefeated streak. Anyone who stepped up was swiftly cast aside, beaten like a rookie. The rebel leader of an unruly horde of E.G.O. Driven deviants hell bent on taking over the world, or watching it burn down around them. 

And in one fell swoop that all came crashing down. The sky is falling? The sky has fallen.. In a manner of days everything Christian held dear was snatched away from him. Abandoned by his clique. His crown tarnished by the blood of another King. His legacy shot down before his very eyes. 

Christian's head hangs low between his knees, his posture slumped and showing the wear and tear the last month has taken on him both physically and mentally. He runs his hands over the faded denim of his bluejeans as he slowly rolls himself backwards, his eyes becoming fixated on the light. His shoulders rise and fall with a deep breath. 

Perhaps it's true what they say.. 'First pride, then the crash - The bigger the ego, the harder the fall.' A proverb deep rooted in Christian's lifestyle. When your ego can fill an ocean, sooner or later it's bound to spill over. For Christian, that time came not too long ago. Ironically enough, the night of Paradise is when Christian started living in his own personal version of hell.

Christian STARR: "You know, I just can't shake this feeling..."

His head and shoulders sway rhythmically keeping perfect position with the bulb as it swings side to side above him. The dull glow of the UV light radiates off the Reebok logo on chest. The white fabric of the t-shirt is ruffled and wrinkled, an odd sight from the usually well groomed and proper STARR. 

Christian STARR: "Like it's me against the world. Just like it's always been, but it seems like the world has taken everything I can throw at it and come back swinging. I've been backed into a corner, beaten and broken. They've taken everything from me. My streak, my friends.. my title... my legacy."

Christian pulls his hands through his hair like a mad scientist, pulling out the loose strands. He lets his hands run down his face, over his scruffy beard. 

Christian STARR: "I don't have anything left... And if I were anyone else I'd be just inches away from my breaking point."

Just as his fingers reach his neck, Christian lets out a laugh. A maniacal chuckle. His tounge slips between his teeth as his lips curl around them, forming the cocky smirk that we've come to know and love. As his head comes level with the camera, we see a sparkle in his bright blue eyes, the fire that burns deep down inside of him shining through. 

Christian STARR: "But I'm not anyone else, I'm Christian Fuckin' STARR!"


June 8, 2018
STARR Household
Los Angeles, California

This scene is a little more light hearted as we join a trio of familiar faces in what appears to be a rec room of the STARR household. Three replica titles adorn the walls, a trophy showcase of sorts that show all of Christian's accomplishments is his career. However, for today, those aren't important. What is important is the man in the perfectly tailored suit, waving his arms around as he rants and raves his way through a long winded speech. Ladies and gentlemen, the Superagent Eli Silver returns! His bright white teeth almost sparkle in the florescent lighting and couldn't be happier.

Eli Silver: "Half a million for the first season! And if ratings stay strong I guarantee I can renew for a cool mill next year!"

Ahh, of course. A brag session. What else could light up Eli quite like cash? It seems as though Eli has been busy with a new business venture, and of course Payne has to hear about it, and the big man seems quite impressed. However, the third person in the room has quite the opposite impression. Poor Allison appears flustered and annoyed, she can't take it anymore. She flips her bright blue ponytail over her shoulder.

Allison Hollywood: "Oh my god! No body fucking cares! Shut up, already!"

Eli's mouth snaps shut, but only for a moment. He's taken back by the outburst but his quick wit and sassy attitude aren't the only thing that are dressed up sharply today. He turns to face her.

Eli Silver: "Oh, I beg to differ sugar. I care, and my bank account cares. This deal made me a forture overnight! It was quite easily the best thing I've ever done. Soon enough Silver Linings is going to be on the Fortune Five Hundred, I'll be on the cover of Forbes before you know it! Everything has been coming up Eli!"

He lets his big bright smile shine right in Allison's face, ain't nothing going to dampen his mood. Allison can't hold back her disgust any longer though, and takes a small step towards the agent. Her winged eyes narrowing in on him.

Allison Hollywood: "Yeah, and while you've been worrying about your precious little agency, your other clients have been struggling to keep their heads above water! Maybe you haven't heard the news, but D.C. and that little slut Cali walked out on us! Christian's barely been keeping it together since then, and all you care about is making money! I thought we were your friends Eli, but the only friend you've seemed to care about lately are the Benjamins!"

Eli Silver: "Excuse me, bitch!"

He holds up a hand to both stop, and push back the blonde.

Eli Silver: "You've known as long as I have that D.C. is gonna do whatever the hell he wants to do, if he was going to walk out there's nothing I was going to be able to do about it! He's stubborn as a mule.. And wherever he goes, Cali follows along like a lost little puppy dog! Just be happy he didn't drag you down with him when he went!"

Allison Hollywood: "Except for the part where he did! Maybe he didn't blow his lid like he did back in the old days, but he still stormed off like some little brat because he didn't get what he wanted. He fucked us Eli! E.G.O. came in with a bang, and he let it die with a whimper! I don't know if his own ego was bruised or if he was just jealous that Christian was actually outshining him for once, but he walked out on us and it drug us all down. Chris is good at hiding it, but it messed him up!"

Eli Silver: "And I told him to call me the next time he needed my help. He's a big boy Ally."

Allison Hollywood: "Well maybe you should call your clients a little more often then never to see how things are going. What exactly is your job, Eli? Because lately it seems like all you do is sit on your ass and collect a fucking paycheck!"

Eli Silver: "My job is to make sure you and you're butthurt little sweetheart make it to the next town! My job is to keep a roof over your head, I'm the guy that makes sure you're asshole boyfriend still has a job to go to! If it wasn't for me you and Christian would be living in a fucking box in the middle of Westlake instead of in a mansion in the goddamn Hollywood Hills! I'm the reason Allison Hollywood isn't sucking dick for money! So, sorry that I don't have time to call just to chat. I'm a talent agent, not a fucking therapist! You're lucky I still even associate with wrestlers after all the headaches those assholes have put me through over the years!"

Allison Hollywood: "And you're lucky Christian isn't around to hear any of this."

Eli Silver: "Why!? What's he gonna do? Talk me to death!?"

Payne: "Okay, that's enough Eli. Let's go!"

Eli pulls his arm out of the clutches of Payne's massive hand, stretching the fabric of his sleeve out as he does. He looks as though he's ready to turn around and slap the taste out of the giant's mouth, but you don't become the owner of a Fortune Five Hundred company by being that stupid. Instead he coils his fingers into a fist. 

Eli Silver: "NO! Get you're hands off of me Sasquatch, I'm not fucking done!" 

He extends one finger out and points it right at Allison's face. He's fired up, he's pissed off. How dare she? How dare Allison accuse him of being a shit agent and an even shittier friend. As he looks her in the eye all he sees is red, however looking back at him is a woman on the verge of nervous tears. Her eyes are welling up and her stance becomes defensive, submissive even as Eli screams towards her between gritted teeth. 

Eli Silver: "You and Christian both need to remember who's responsible for him even being able to walk! Before I had the heart to take him to my doctor he was a cripple working alumni booths at fucking WrestleCon! If it wasn't for me, and my company, Christian would still be hobbling around on one leg, and your golddiggin' ass wouldn't be anywhere near him. I saved his career, and I saved your relationship! Maybe remember that before talking out of your ass you fucking cu-"

Like a flash of lightning out of nowhere a clentched fist connects directly to the jaw of the super agent, dropping the near fourty year old to his knees in an instant. He grabs his face in agony, and as he pulls his hand away finds his fingers covered in blood. The crimson liquid drips from his mouth, the punch bust his lip open. As he looks up he is shocked to find a fuming Allison standing over him. Her shoulders tense. Every muscle in her body tightened up in anger, and then suddenlying tears. Like waterworks the tears begin flowing down her face, smeering the mascara she had maticulously put on that morning down her face. She quickly covers her face her both hands. In a single motion she twists her entire body and begins running out of the room, tears dripping from her face to the floor.

Meanwhile Payne helps the suited victim back to his feet, using his strength to nearly ragdoll Eli to a verticle base. Neither man's attention leaving the sight of Allison as they both stand in an awkward, stunned silence. 


The pearly white of Christian's sinisterly proud grin is the only thing we can focus on as we return to the same dark room where we had left him. His fingers once again clasping the steel of the chair beneath him, expect now he seems to be embracing it as opposed to resenting his position. He is rocking back and foruth in his seat in excitement. The former Paramount Champion can't seem to sit still. This is the Christian we've come to know. The confident. The cocky. The arrogant. After all, he is Christian Fuckin' STARR. 

Christian STARR: "I have nothing left to lose, and that's a very dangerous thing. You might have put this dog in a cage, but he's ready to bite back. Nothing will stop me from doing what I want, when I want. Nothing will stop me from taking what I want, and what I want is to light this place on fire."

Christian STARR: "You can back me into a corner, you can knock me down, you can kick me and spit in my eye... But there's one thing that you can't do, and that's keep me down. I always bounce back! You can take everything I have and set it on fire, but there's one thing you can't take from me, and that's my pride. If nothing else than Christian Starr is a very prideful man. I'm not afraid to admit that, and I'm not afraid to admit that my pride has taken a hit as of late."

Christian STARR: "Twelve minutes and fifteen seconds."

Christian STARR: "Do you know what that does to a man? Not only to lose to a fucking walking disaster like Duce Jones, but to do it in the shortest time of the night? It eats at you, it sits in the pit of your stomach and festers. It replays over and over in your head, every single time you close your eyes. It's enough to drive a normal man insane, but you know as well as I do that I'm more than the average man, so you can only imagine how much that eats at me. I'm supposed to be the best wrestler in the world, and I can't even hold my ground against a stoner wanna-be like Duce? You made the King out to be nothing more than a court jester, but I'm more than just a king. I'm a warrior. I will stand tall again. The pheonix can't rise from the ashes if he doesn't burn to the ground first!" 

Christian STARR: "So Duce, Jarvis. Thank you."


Allison stands leaned over the glossy countertop, the painted nails of her left hand tapping nervously on the marble. To her left are a half empty bottole of Jack Daniels whiskey and a short glass filled to the brim with the amber nectar. With her left hand she traces her fingertip around the rim of the glass, debating internally weither or not she dares to take that first sip of the liquid. Although her face is out of view, there's a certain weight in the air that tells the whole story of what exactly is going on. Eyes red and puffy, her cheeks still stained in streaked make-up and dried tears. 

From behind her the massive frame of Payne slowly and softly approaches, he gently places a comforting hand on her left shoulder that immediately lifts the weight of the world off of her shoulders. The tension in the room breaks. The ever growing kinship between the two people who have stuck by Christian's side through everything hasn't been more apparent since their time in Tokyo. 

Payne: "So.. Do you want to talk about what all that was about?"

Allison let's out a light hearted giggle as she delicately wipes away at the remaining tears in her eyes, being ever so careful not to push any eyeliner into her eyes. Taking a few deep breaths the irratic blonde calms her nerves. 

Allison Hollywood: "I'm just sick of both of those egotistical jerks always making everything about themselves. It feels like I've got to be some sort of mega-bitch just to get a word in."

She pivots on the heels of her feet to face the big, bearded man. She hops and pulls her small frame up onto the counter top, her eyes almost level with Payne's, who places his elbows on the marble and leans over beside the blonde. 

Payne: "They've both just got a lot on their plates right now. They aren't trying to take it out on you. Between Eli's new TV deal and Christian having a title match soon it's hard to focus on anything else."

Allison Hollywood: "Uhhggh.."

Cue the eyeroll of the century, her eyes damn near roll into the back of her head. She can't believe it, was this big oaf really trying to defend those assholes? 

Allison Hollywood: "I'm so sick of hearing about that stupid belt! I swear to fuck if he wins that thing back I'm gonna toss it in the garbage disposal! He cares more about that stupid title then he does about spending ANY time with me! He's become so obbsessed with being the fucking Paramount Champion that he's forgotten that he's supposed to be, like, you know. My fuckin' boyfriend!"

She carelessly grabs the glass of whiskey and brings it up to her face, her pale blue eyes focus in on the murky reflection of the beautiful disaster she has become in the alcohol. She swirls her glass around in perfect little circles, watching the amber dance around like fire water. She lets the pungent fumes of the alcohol fill her nose, but she is reluctant to let it touch her lips. Payne gently places a hand on Allison's leg, but the brash young woman pulls away. 

Payne: "Ally.. He's just trying to be a success. I'm sure it's all to make a better life for both of you."

Allison Hollywood: "And I'm sick of you defending him!"

An aggressive flick of the wrist and Allison dumps the entire drink down the drain and drops the glass into the stainless steel of the sink. If the 
shattering of the glass wasn't enough to make the big man jump, then Allison leaping down off the counter and stepping right up to his chest is. She is not in the mood to deal with people, she is a bull seeing red.

Allison Hollywood: "You just don't get it... Ugghh! I miss Lindsay!"

And with that five feet of fierce blonde storms away, leaving a three hundred pound mass of confusion staring off in her direction. All that Payne can do is shrug his shoulders and let out a deep sigh. All he was trying to do is help, what the hell is this bitches problem?


We come back to the darkness to find Christian rocking back and fourth in his chair, snickering to himself like a madman. Why in the world would he be thanking the two men responsible for him having to enter the Golden Intentions rumble in the dreaded number one spot? Maybe the King has finally reached rock bottom, perhaps he's watched his kingdom burn down around him for too long. Or maybe there's more to it..

Christian STARR: "Thank you. Because you two have unleashed a side of me that I was trying to keep at bay. You've uncaged a beast from deep inside, and he's been starving for a long time. He's hungry for blood, he's hungry for flesh, and nothing is going to satisfy that hunger until I have Jarvis King's head on a golden platter. If you thought that Christian STARR was a handful to deal with before, wait until you meet the Devil you've awaken."

Christian STARR: "You're going to see a different Christain STARR. A more aggressive Christain, a more ruthless Christain. The time for fun and games is over. Never before and never again will I mean this more, I will stop at absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, to get what I want. I don't care if I have to steal, I don't care if I have to bleed, and I don't care if I have to kill. Which is very, very unfortunate for the Maple Leaf Disgrace."

Christian STARR: "Did you think I forgot about you, Silas? You couldn't be so lucky."

Christian STARR: "You've flown under my radar for this long Silas, but sooner or later you were sure to make a big enough wave to catch my eye, and you now you have, and that's definetly a very bad thing for you. Especially now, especially that you're the one thing left standing between me and my Paramount Championship rematch." 

Christian STARR: "You see Silas, there's a fine line you've been walking. Between being a contender and a pretender, and you may have fool everyone else, but not me. I see you for what you are. A child, an amature thrown into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. You're a hell of an athlete Artoria, but you just don't live up to the hype that surrounds you. You don't have what it takes to be a champion. You don't even have what it takes to be a star. You're all flash and no substance. Eventually, someone has to embarass you before you embarass yourself."

Christian STARR: "Because let's face the facts, who the fuck are you?"

Christian STARR: "You're no one. You're no body. The only reason people know your name is because you follow around the Ouroboros with you're nose so far up their asses that you're feet stick out their backside. You've done nothing on your own. Sam's been a tag team champion, Amber's on the run of her life, and then there's you.. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride."

Christian STARR: "You're being outshined, and it eats you alive, but the thing about you Silas, is that you need to learn where you stand. You're not the starting quarterback, you're the head cheerleader. You're better on the sidelines then you are on the frontlines, and everyone but you can see it. That's why despite all the opportunities you've squandred you still think you belong. And I'm afraid for you Silas, because that mindset is a very dangourous thing. It means you don't know when to give up, it means you don't know when to quit, and that's going to make for a very volatile combination when you're thrown into the ring with me at Evolution. It means that I'm going to have to rip you're stupid little head off of your goddamned shoulders! It means I'm going to have kick your fucking teeth down your throat!"

Christian STARR: "It means I have to make an example out of Silas! Because you and Jarvis King have the exact same problem. You just don't know when enough is enough. So say your prayers,pay the piper, do whatever it is you have to do to come to terms with your God. Because you're the unlucky son of bitch that's standing between me and my Kingdom, and this King is going to take you're fucking head!"


Allison sits on a King sized bed, her eyes once again a waterfall of tears as she looks down at the object in her hands.

A little white stick.

She stares at it, eyes welling up. 

One.. Two little blue lines. Positive.

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